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Marketing: Researching an Industry

Resources for the study of Marketing


Researching an industry can be overwhelming.  Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started.


First, it is good to know the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code for the industry you are researching.  When researching an industry prior to 1997, you will need the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) code.  You can use a couple of sites to find the NAICS (or SIC) by keyword. 

NAICS Association or Census NAICS site

While the code will be important as you research your industry, the terms connected to that code will also be useful in your quest.


Next, you can search our eJournal Advertising Age's Business Marketing for information in that field.


You can also browse our Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage.  With NetAdvantage, you can search a specific company (using their company name or their ticker symbol), or you can browse reports on particular industries.


Next stop on the magical marketing tour is Value Line.  The library subscribes to the print version of Value Line, which can be accessed at the Circulation Desk.  However, just because we don't subscribe to the digital content does not mean the site isn't useful.  The Value Line site offers some information without a subscription.  Try searching the site for the industry you are researching.


Another great resource (to which we actually subscribe) is Mergent Online.  With the NAICS code that you found earlier, you can find out information about specific companies in the industry you are researching, including company financials and competitor information.