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Genealogical Resources: Newspapers

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Available in cabinets 11A-11D in the Multimedia Collection

The Courie/Le Courrier. (New Orleans: 1826-27; 1839)

Daily Crescent (New Orleans: 1848-1869)

Daily Picayune/Times-Picayune (New Orleans: 1837-Present)

Daily Tropic (New Orleans: 1842-?)

Daily True Delta (New Orleans: 1849-1866)

Jeffersonian (New Orleans: 1846)

Jeffersonian Republican (New Orleans: 1845)

Louisiana Advertiser (New Orleans: 1840)

Louisiana Gazette and New Orleans Advertiser (New Orleans: 1804-1826)

Louisiana Herald (Alexandria, La.: 1820-1825)

Louisiana Journal (St. Francisville, La.: 1824-1828)

Louisiana Weekly (New Orleans: 1925-1983 Microfilm; Newspaper Stacks)

Morning Star (New Orleans: 1868-1930)

New Orleans Daily Creole (New Orleans: 1856-57)

New Orleans Observer (New Orleans: 1835)

New Orleans Price Current (New Orleans: 1835-1861)

New Orleans Republican (New Orleans: 1870-1876)

New Orleans Times (New Orleans: 1863-1881)

New Orleans Tribune (New Orleans: 1864-1867)

New Orleans Weekly Crescent (New Orleans: 1851-1864)

New Orleans Weekly Delta (New Orleans: 1848-1856)

New Orleans Weekly Picayune (New Orleans: 1838-1854)

Weekly Gazette and Comet (Baton Rouge: 1856)

Weekly Louisianian (New Orleans: 1870-1882)