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The Louisiana and Special Collections Department seeks materials that contribute to our understanding of bygone times. Of particular interest are materials that uniquely illuminate local business activities, ethnic groups that settled in this region, and other portrayals of life and culture in Louisiana generally and the New Orleans area particularly. Gifts such as the following may be appropriate for inclusion in special collections:

star Manuscripts—personal and family papers, including but not limited to letters, diaries, and scrapbooks

star Archives—the records of businesses, agencies, and organizations, including minute books, correspondence, operations manuals, memorabilia

Homer Hitt accepting a manuscript collection





From its earliest years, the University welcomed donations of library materials. Founding Chancellor Homer L. Hitt (right) accepted the Higgins Industries Collection from representatives of Equitable Equipment Company, which absorbed Higgins Industries.

star Certain printed materials—sheet music; ephemera (a broad range of minor—and sometimes major—everyday documents intended for one-time or short-term use) such as broadsides, product labels, advertisements, trade cards, billheads, carrier’s addresses, greeting cards, invitations, menus, political campaign giveaways, timetables, etc.

star Publications by UNO Faculty Authors—copies of contributions to scholarship, including articles, textbooks, and works of fiction and nonfiction, written by faculty members while teaching at UNO.

star Visual and three-dimensional materials—photographs, postcards, slides, posters, prints, original cartoons, and Carnival memorabilia, including parade papers, ball invitations, dance cards, and favors

star Rare books and pamphlets—those which survive in limited number, yet remain significant to today’s researchers because of their intellectual content or research potential. Particularly desirable are nineteenth-century pamphlets printed in New Orleans, many of which contribute to our knowledge of daily life in an ever-changing milieu

boy on bridgepostcard

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To donate to Special Collections, please contact the interim Dean of Library and information Services, Ms. Lora Amsberryaugier, or the Special Collections Librarian, Ms. Connie Phelps.

Out of Print, Perhaps, But Not Without Value

The library welcomes books, audio CDs, and DVDs in usable condition that can be added to the general collection in support of the academic programs at UNO. Please refer to the library’s Gift Policy.

To donate to the general collection, please contact Library Administration at (504) 280-6556 or the Collection Development Librarian.

gifts are tax deductible