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MSS 533 Al Kennedy Collection: Inventory

MSS 533 Al Kennedy Collection

Al Kennedy Collection

(Mss 533)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

June 2019




Biographical Note

Series, Subseries


Container List

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Size: Approximately 32.5 linear feet

Geographic Locations: Primarily Louisiana (New Orleans), but also including Little Rock, Arkansas.

Inclusive Dates:    1900 - 2019

Bulk Dates:           1980 - 2000

Summary: The Al Kennedy Collection contains material related to Kennedy’s personal and professional life, including historical materials from the New Orleans Public Schools, memos and operational papers from his work with the Orleans Parish School Board, interviews and photographs from his research into public education in New Orleans, interviews and photographs related to the music and culture of New Orleans, and research materials for books and other publications.

Related Collections: Orleans Parish School Board Collection (Mss 147); United Teachers of New Orleans, Local 527 Collection (Mss 135); Joseph Logsdon Collection (MSS 316)

Source: All materials came from the personal and professional files of Al Kennedy.

Finding Aid Date: June 12, 2019

Finding Aid Author: Al Kennedy

Processed by: Al Kennedy, with assistance from Aneesa Bibi, Nabeela Bibi, Madison Hazen, Jenidza Rivera, and Makenzee Brown

Access Restrictions: No restrictions

Copyright: Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.

Citation:  Al Kennedy Collection, Louisiana and Special Collections Department, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.

Biographical Note

Al Kennedy, born in 1953 in Little Rock, AR, worked for the New Orleans Public Schools for 21 years in the school district’s public information office (1977 – 1998). He initiated the Orleans Parish School Board Collection at the University of New Orleans in 1982, and when New Orleans suffered tragic losses due to the federal levee failure of 2005, many of the historical records of the city’s public schools survived. The collection has grown to the length of five football fields.

Kennedy taught American, Louisiana, and New Orleans history at UNO (1999 – 2017), and in his research he documented the link between public school teachers and the music and musical economy of the city. He identified for scholars the dates of some of the earliest educational debates surrounding issues such as integration, corporal punishment, and prayer in schools.

As Co-Principal Investigator, he worked with UNO graduate students on a Louisiana Board of Regents grant to review the handwritten minutes of the various New Orleans school boards from the 1840s and 1850s to locate and index educational precedents for issues such as corporal punishment, textbook selection, and school construction. He also helped develop a pilot project for the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park to preserve the personal photos of area jazz musicians.

Kennedy's books include Chord Changes on the Chalkboard: How Public School Teachers Shaped Jazz and the Music of New Orleans (2002); Big Chief Harrison and the Mardi Gras Indians (2010); and Chief of Chiefs: Robert Nathaniel Lee and the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans, 1915 – 2001 (2018). He also has authored two booklets about New Orleans Public School music teachers and other publications.

Kennedy earned a B.A. from Loyola University (2003), followed by a master’s degree in public administration (1987) and a Ph.D. in urban studies/urban history (1996) from the University of New Orleans.



Series, Subseries

SERIES 1: Orleans Parish School Board

        Subseries 1.1: Public Information Office

        Subseries 1.2: History of the New Orleans Public Schools

        Subseries 1.3: New Orleans Public Schools Documents

SERIES 2: Music

Subseries 2.1: Music in the Schools

Subseries 2.2: New Orleans Music

Subseries 2.3: New Orleans Musicians

Subseries 2.4: Interviews with Musicians

SERIES 3: Music Teachers

Subseries 3.1: Yvonne Busch

Subseries 3.2: Clyde Kerr, Sr.

Subseries 3.3: New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA)

Subseries 3.4: Mercedes Tucker Stamps

SERIES 4: Publications

Subseries 4.1: Chord Changes on the Chalkboard

Subseries 4.2: Big Chief Harrison

Subseries 4.3: Chief of Chiefs

Subseries 4.4: Other Writings

SERIES 5: History

Subseries 5.1: Southern History

Subseries 5.2: Louisiana & New Orleans History

SERIES 6: Personal

Subseries 6.1: Personal

Subseries 6.2: Photographs

Subseries 6.3: Photographs on CD/DVD


Series 1: Orleans Parish School Board

Subseries 1.1 includes materials related to Al Kennedy’s employment in the New Orleans Public Schools’ public information office from 1977 to 1998. Materials show the areas in which the public information staff worked to share information, promote the public schools, handle media requests, and participate in community events. The series includes reports, routine information, construction issues, correspondence, newspaper articles, school programs, and photographs. It also includes some personal material, various folders regarding some aspect of the history of the New Orleans Public Schools, and news clippings and other public-school-related material beyond the years of Kennedy’s employment. Subseries 1.2  is a general category of materials related to the history of the New Orleans Public Schools, including historical and contemporary articles, news clippings, books and booklets, and correspondence.  Subseries 1.3 includes directories, annual reports, and other official school district documents from the early 1900s, projects related to documenting public school history, and information about a 2010 effort to recover boxes of folders from the 5th floor of the 3510 Timbers administrative Center which had been abandoned after Hurricane Katrina.

Series 2: Music

Subseries 2.1 contains news clippings, photographs, publications, and scripts of presentations related to music programs in the public schools or former public school students or teachers. Subseries 2.2 includes general information about music in New Orleans such as publications, news clippings, materials about the New Orleans International Music Colloquium, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival (and festival programs). Subseries 2.3, the largest subseries in the collection, includes folders of newspaper clippings, photographs, performance programs, correspondence, and interview summaries of  musicians and other artists Kennedy met, photographed, or interviewed as part of his research into New Orleans music or New Orleans Public School musicians and music teachers. Subseries 2.4 is a placeholder for the future deposit of oral history interviews conducted by Kennedy of musicians and music teachers employed in the New Orleans Public Schools and taped conversations with local musicians regarding memories of their years in the public schools.

Series 3: Music Teachers

Subseries 3.1 focuses on Yvonne Busch, with interview notes, photographs, correspondence, background information, educational influences, musical influences, and awards. Subseries 3.2 is devoted to Clyde Kerr Sr. (and Clyde Kerr Jr.) and includes information about the Kerr family, education, musical training, military career, educational career, bands he performed in or served as leader, and research notes. Subseries 3.3 details the history of the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) with information and documents discovered through research and interviews, and photographs of NOCCA events and activities. Subseries 3.4  focuses on Mercedes Tucker Stamps, including transcripts or summaries of interviews with Stamps and her former co-workers and students.

Series 4: Publications

Subseries 4.1 includes materials, correspondence, research notes, and photographs used in the preparation and publication of Chord Changes on the Chalkboard. Subseries 4.2 contains a broad range of research material, correspondence, photographs, funeral programs, and news clippings that informed the writing of the manuscript Big Chief Harrison. In addition, the subseries includes material about the Harrison family, the Guardians of the Flame, neighborhood locations, death notices of members of the masking tradition, and publication information. Subseries 4.3  is related to the above subseries on Big Chief Harrison but is focused on Robert Nathaniel Lee and the publication of his biography Chief of Chiefs, including news clippings, artifacts, and information about New Orleans history. Subseries 4.4 includes articles or drafts of articles about music, music education, or the history of public education.

Series 5: History

Subseries 5.1 includes articles and other materials documenting diverse aspects of southern history from Reconstruction through contemporary voter suppression cases. Subseries 5.2  contains political campaign materials, photographs, ephemera, articles, publications, an artist catalog, a literary journal, and pop culture materials that show another side of New Orleans history.

Series 6: Personal

Subseries 6.1 is a biographical collection of booklets, correspondence, and background information on Kennedy’s life from Little Rock to New Orleans, including education, employment, life, Boy Scouts, and friends. The subseries includes publications on Catholicism in Little Rock, from minstrel shows to an essay on the morality of segregation, and folders on the John Birch Society. Subseries 6.2  is comprised of photographs of people and events in and around New Orleans and Metairie, Louisiana. The photos are indexed in the finding aids. Subseries 6.3 includes photographic images stored on CDs or DVDs from a scanning project for the National Jazz Historical Park, New Orleans International Music Colloquium presentations, and from materials collected for Chord Changes on the Chalkboard, Big Chief Harrison, Chief of Chiefs, and Yvonne Busch and Mercedes Tucker Stamps booklets, and other publications.



Container List



Sub-Series 1.1 – Public Information Office – Folders 0001 - 0064

BOX 1 Folders 0001 to 0011

Folder 0001

All Congregations Together (ACT), Education Research Summary and accompanying controversy, 1998. News clippings, memos, and reports related to critical report All Congregations Together (ACT) made about the public schools. School board and superintendent. Also, report issued in response to ACT demands. 1998.


Folder 0002

All Congregations Together (ACT), Morial & Mintz, UNO Arena. Photographs. All Congregations Together held a forum (ca 1994) to have mayoral candidates Marc Morial and Donald Mintz sign the ACT pledge committing them to specific actions if elected.


Folder 0003

Amato, Anthony “Tony”. This folder contains newspaper clippings and articles about former New Orleans Public Schools Superintendent Anthony “Tony” Amato. (Folder includes clippings that need to be photocopied).


Folder 0004

APPLAUSE Correspondence, Stories. (Note: A bound volume containing all of the issues of APPLAUSE is in the Oversize Box, Box 70). This folder contains letters about and articles from APPLAUSE, the employee publication of the New Orleans Public Schools, produced by Al Kennedy. The APPLAUSE articles include stories about the “heroes” who were a part of strengthening the New Orleans public education system and the struggles they faced and the victories achieved.


Folder 0005

Citizens’ Oversight Committee controversy -1996. Folder contains clippings and correspondence related to charges made by the Citizen’s Oversight Committee and subsequent efforts by some members of the Orleans Parish School Board to limit the Oversight Committee.


Folder 0006

Contract for Photographers. Two copies of contracts used to hire photographers for the Department of Information & Community Services.


Folder 0007

Correspondence, Agenda Items, Kennedy, Al, 1 of 2. Letters regarding public information duties, Board Agenda items regarding APPLAUSE, the New Orleans Public School District’s 150th Anniversary in 1991, Sesquicentennial, and other work-related notes.

1) Draft of retirement letter – Mr. Duncan Waters, District III Superintendent (6/27/1978)

2) Letter to Robert M. Haas and OPSB, re) need for public relations director, and recommendation of Theodore P. Diaz (5/29/1946)

3) Orleans Parish School Board Agenda, “Women in Communications Honors Applause,” Al Kennedy (7/13/1987)

4) Letter from Donald J. Lemieux, Director of Louisiana State Archives, to Al Kennedy (1/14/1993)

5) Orleans Parish School Board Agenda, “Applause Wins Top Award in IABC Contest,” Al Kennedy (2/9/1981)

6) Orleans Parish School Board Agenda, “Applause Receives National Honor,” Al Kennedy (12/14/1981)

7) Letter from Dr. Mack Spears to Al Kennedy (3/9/1978)

8) Letter from Elizabeth Rack to Al Kennedy (3/3/1980)

9) Orleans Parish School Board Agenda, ”Applause Wins IABC Award” (1/14/1980)

10) Letter from Nancy K. Marshall, Director of Community Relations, New Orleans Jazz, to Al Kennedy (1/24/1979)

11) Letter, Ila K. Monteleone to Rose Drill-Peterson, (7/1/1990)

12) NOPS Stationery, Al Kennedy, Communications Coordinator

13) Confirmation of speaker for conference, Rosalynne Dennis to Al Kennedy (10/16/1991)

14) Letter from Susan Tucker, Curator of Books and Records for Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, to Charles D. Sischard (4/15/1994)

15) Letter from Dr. Everett J. Williams to Al Kennedy (3/5/1990)

16) Orleans Parish School Board Agenda, “American Association for State and Local History Award” for Crescent City Schools (10/12/1992)

17) Board Minutes (not dated), “Publishing Contract History of the New Orleans Public Schools 150 Years,” Crescent City Schools (faxed on 9/20/1994)

18) Letter from Gail Glapion to Roslyn Smith (3/30/1994)

19) Memo, Professional Staff Meeting Retreat, (10/17/1996)

20) Memo, Rosie Jackson, Southeast Area Meeting – Al Kennedy “Tips on Interfacing With Media” (9/18/1992)

21) Memo from Morris L. Holmes, “Paper cutdown” (8/28/95)

22) Letter, Rosalynne Dennis to Al Kennedy, “Sharpening Your Image in Print,” (10/16/1991)

23) Letter, Rose Peterson to Al Kennedy (3/29/1991)

24) Letter, Dr. Everett Williams to Al  Kennedy, Crescent City Schools & Sesquicentennial (6/27/1991)

25) Letter, Mrs. Frances M. Crist to Al Kennedy (2/21/1983)

26) Note to Dr. Brenda Hatfield about calling radio stations at 4)30 a.m. (9/18/1995).

27) Letter from New Orleans Public Library to Superintendent Dr. Barbara Ferguson requesting copies of New Orleans Public Schools Superintendent/Board Communique (4/13/1993 & 4/14/1993)


Folder 0008

Correspondence, Agenda Items, Kennedy, Al, 2 of 2. Letters regarding public information duties, Board Agenda items, APPLAUSE, the New Orleans Public School District’s 150th Anniversary in 1991, Sesquicentennial, reports, Orleans Parish School Board Collection at the University of New Orleans, related news clippings, certificates,and other work-related notes.

0) Report of Al Kennedy for the 1986-87 School Year

1) Gene Geisert to Mr. Albert Kennedy (5/24/77)

2) Rudolph J. Detiege to Dr. Jerry Hart (8/26/77)

3) Sharon Litwin to Mr. Kennedy (12/15/97)

4) Margarita Romero, Julianna Boudreaux, & Lynne Rawls to Mr. Albert Kennedy (4/18/79)

5) New Orleans Magazine “Punch” (5/1979)-Praise for APPLAUSE

6) Ernest N. Morial, Mayor, to Mr. Al Kennedy (6/5/1979)

7) International Assc. of Business Communicators (01/1980)

8) Jeannie Simpson to Mr. Al Kennedy (11/24/1980)

9) Madeleine Littrell to Mr. Al Kennedy (12/9/80)

10) Vicki Hicks to Dr. Charles E. Martin (12/11/80)

11) Henry L. Smith to Editor of “Applause” (12/15/80)

12) John H. Wherry to “Colleague” (7/1/81)

13) Shelley A. MacNary to Dr. Maxine Copelin (4/23/82)

14) Helen Brown to Mr. Al Kennedy (10/28/82)

15) Lloyd & Carol Rittiner to “Al” (12/15/82)

16) Donald J. Lemieux to Mr. Al Kennedy (1/14/83)

17) Mrs. Elva Blum to “Whom it may concern” (1/25/84)

18) Susan Mintz to Dr. Charles Martin (2/3/84)

19) WDSU – Thank you to Mr. Al Kennedy (6/6/84)

20) Art Greene to Mr. Kennedy (2/25/85)

21) Lorraine P. Wilson to Al Kennedy (3/31/85)

22) Lorraine P. Wilson to Al Kennedy (3/31/85)

23)  Frank A. Silvestri to Mr. Robert L. Staehle (6/14/85)

24) Al Kennedy to Ms. Angela Hill (1/6/86)

25) Simonia E. Milton to Al Kennedy (3/11/86)

26) Lorraine P. Wilson to Albert Kennedy (3/31/86)

27) Tulane University A.B. Freeman School of Business to Al Kennedy (3/18/88)

28) Julia Hughes Wyllie to Mr. Kennedy (4/8/88)

29) John H. Wherry to “Al” (3/27/89)

30) Everett J. Williams to Al Kennedy (4/7/89)

31) Principals’ Association of New Orleans to Al Kennedy (3/9/98)

32) OPSB Board Agenda (4/10/1989) “Al Kennedy honored by National School Public Relations Assc.”

33) Gordon Cawelti to Al Kennedy (4/15/89)

34) Dianne S. (for Nelson Scott) to Mr. Al Kennedy (6/26/89)

35) Public Relations Society of America to Henry Joubert & Al Kennedy (6/14/89)

36) Floyd Landry to Al Kennedy (10/17/89)

37) Aaron F. Broussard to Mr. Al Kennedy (11/29/89)

38) Delgado Community College to Albert L. Kennedy (05/1990)

39) Joe Carmichael, Governmental Liaison, to Al & Vicky (5/18/91)

40) Lafayette Elementary School to Al Kennedy (11/12/94)

41) Professional Personnel Association to Al Kennedy (5/25/1995)

42) Sharon Litwin, New Orleans Museum of Art, to Mr. Al Kennedy (6/22/99)

43) Al Kennedy to Mrs. Irene Himel (4/5/04)

44) Dr. Maxine J. Copelin to Al Kennedy (No Date)

45) Total Applause Distribution

46) Applause- Internal publication of the N.O Public School District (No Date)

47) Women in Communications- Marcy Meffert (No Date)


Folder 0009

Correspondence, Notes, by Al Kennedy. 1 of 2. Office correspondence, employment information.


Folder 0010

Correspondence, Notes, by Al Kennedy. 2 of 2. Office correspondence, employment information, retirement, details of job, daily reports, and photo of Al Kennedy with Tina Perrin.


Folder 0011

“Developing A Media Information Management System In A Public School System,” Kennedy, 1987. Thesis, UNO. Albert L. Kennedy.


BOX 2 Folders 0012 - 0024

Folder 0012

Founder’s Day, McDonogh Day

1) May 4, 1955- Parents, Children “Snub” McDonogh Day “Jim Crow” (Louisiana Weekly)

2) May 7, 1955- Parents, Children Urged: Not to Bow to McDonogh Day “Jim Crow” (Louisiana Weekly)

3) April 21, 1956- Fear McDonogh Day Observance to Face Third Consecutive Boycott Here May 4 (Louisiana Weekly)

4) May 25, 1982- Letter to Mr. Al Kennedy From: Henry M. Morris, Superintendent, City of New Orleans Department of Police

5) May 18, 1988- Letter to Mr. Al Kennedy From: Warren G. Woodfork, Superintendent, City of New Orleans Department of Police

6) Blank NOPS 92nd Founders’ Day Certificate

7) March 27, 1990- Letter to Mr. Al Kennedy from City of New Orleans Mayor Sidney Barthelemy

8) Blank NOPS 93RD Founders’ Day Certificate

9) Cabinet Action Item Document regarding Founders Day - Document Submitted By Dr. Brenda Hatfield and Al Kennedy – to discontinue Founders’ Day (3/5/92)

11) Newsletter from Center for Instructional Media & Technology – CIMT Media Tips

12) Map of Redevelopment of Duncan Plaza, 1986

13) Map of Redevelopment of Duncan Plaza

14) Memo, To Principals from Dr. Everett J. Williams, regarding final Founders’ Day (4/6/1992)


Folder 0013

Grammar Error, PR Issue

1) Original copy of Letter to the Editor of Times Picayune by Sonya Bivens (1/29/97) – Grammar error

2) “Grammar oops from one at the top,” Times-Picayune column by James Gill (1/29/97)

3) “Takes blame for bad grammar” – Sonya Bivens’ printed letter in Times-Picayune (2/2/97)

4) “Bad grammar, quick apology,” Printed Letter to the Editor, Times-Picayune, by Roland Guerin 93/9/97)

5) “Taking umbrage,” column by James Gill in Times-Picayune (2/10/97).

6) “To our readers,” 10/4/97)


Folder 0014

Gunshot Wounds, Display, 1993. This folder contains photos and articles about a display created by Al Kennedy to document murders of young people in New Orleans in 1993. This display was titled: “gunshot wounds.” There are several news articles about a vigil to remember the victims. The prayer vigil included pictures and obituaries of all the victims.


Folder 0015

Hatfield, Charles, Professional Personnel Association (PPA). Photographs.

A: Charles Hatfield, PPA President, addresses Superintendent Dr. Barbara Ferguson and members of School Board on GIA insurance issue (See PPA Newsletter)

B: Professional Personnel Association (PPA) meets at Nelson School with Dr. Morris Holmes, Superintendent – Dr. Holmes and Charles Hatfield. (11/15/93)

C: Professional Personnel Association (PPA) meets at Nelson School with Dr. Morris Holmes, Superintendent – Dr. Holmes addresses members of PPA. (11/15/93)

D: Professional Personnel Association (PPA) meets at Nelson School with Dr. Morris Holmes, Superintendent – Dr. Holmes addresses members of PPA. (11/15/93)


Folder 0016

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Assignments for Al Kennedy & others. Misc. editing and writing assignments from Dr. Morris Holmes for Al Kennedy and others. Also, assignment to become staff photographer.

Folder 0017

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Assignments, Memos, Reports

1: Draft – An Instructional Delivery System That is Accountable for Student Achievement

2: How the New Orleans Public School District Will Work for Creatively and Effectively to Deliver Learning to Students (n.d.)

3: Morris L. Holmes, Jr.- Resume/Professional Vita (n.d.)

4: Letter – [Rhoda Barlett] to Dr. Morris Holmes, Charter school concerns (6/5/1997)

5: Holiday Message for the Students & Staff in the New Orleans Public Schools (n.d.)

6: Letter, Monique Cossich to Dr. Morris Holmes, Commendation for Focus Area and Six Simple Measures of Success booklets (11/10/1995)

7: Opening of School Address from Dr. Morris L. Holmes, Superintendent of the New Orleans Public Schools (ca. August 1996)

8: Letter – Julie Schwartz to Dr. Morris Holmes, Student testing on Rosh Hashanah (10/3/1997)

9: Letter – Paula B. Duckett, National Science Foundation, to Dr. Morris L. Holmes, Deliverables for cooperative agreement between New Orleans Public Schools Urban Systemic Initiative and National science Foundation (10/30/1996)

10: Reorganization and Arrangement of the Central Office Over the Next Three Years, 1994-97 (8/9/94)

11: Form – New Orleans Public Schools Report on Membership for State Minimum Foundation Program Session 1993-94 (ca 10/1/1993)

12: Memo – Dr. Morris Holmes to Cabinet Members, Where You Can each Me During the Holidays (12/15/93)

13: Letter – Merlin Gilyot, Jr. to Dr. Morris L. Holmes, Commendation to Woodson Middle School (3/29/1996)

14: Fax – Judy Miller to Al Kennedy, Draft of news story: “Pooling” Option for Title I Services to Private school Students Sparks Controversy in New Orleans – Notes indicate news story never published (9/11/96)

15: Fax of assignments to Al Kennedy and attached Superintendent’s Cabinet Meeting Agenda (5/6/1996)

16: Letter – Dr. Morris L. Holmes to Friends of the N.O. Public Schools, Graduation poster and graduation statistics (ca. 5/1996)

17: Memo – Dr. Morris L. Holmes to Al Kennedy, Assignments related to district accomplishments and Annual Report (6/27/1995)

18: Notes, Al Kennedy’s scribbled notes following meeting with Dr. Holmes (Fall 1993)

19: Notes, Al Kennedy’s scribbled notes regarding reorganization following meeting with Dr. Holmes (8/9/94)

20: Notes, scribbled notes following meeting with Dr. Holmes regarding Six Simple Measures of Success and other topics (11/15/1993)

21: Printer’s Proof of document – “An Explanation to the Community About: The Graduation Rate and Allegations of Pressure to Promote Students, The Status of Discipline in our Schools, and the Real Reason Alternative Schools Have Not Been Implemented. (6/10/1996).

22: Memo, Dr. Morris L. Holmes to Members of the Superintendent’s Cabinet, Challenges for our Five-Year Plan (2/6/1996)

23: Return fax to Superintendent Holmes from Al Kennedy, Edit of comments regarding “Challenges for our Five Year Plan” (2/5/1996)

24: Press Release, Dr. Holmes considers lagging school attendance a community emergency, facts about enrollment, outline of remarks (9/14/93)

25: Letter – Dr. Morris L. Holmes to Students and School District Employees, encouragement to vote in  March 5, 1994 election – and attached flier: “It is your civic responsibility to vote” (3/2/1994)

26: Memo – Dr. Brenda Hatfield to Principals and Department Heads, Superintendent’s Opening of School Broadcast (8/23/1994)

27: Publication – Pocket Guide, Orleans Parish School Board, Sexual Harassment Policy (n.d.)

28: Memo, Dr. Morris L. Holmes to All School Principals, FY 1993-94 Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) Process (9/23/1993)

29: Referral Memo – Dr. Brenda Hatfield to Al Kennedy and Henry Joubert regarding the attached memos:

29-A: Memo: Dr. Morris L. Holmes to Superintendent’s Cabinet, Early Childhood Education (Position Notes or Position Paper) – It is the position of this superintendent that… (9/5/1995);

29-B: Memo: Dr. Morris L. Holmes, Utilization of Instructional Time (Position Notes or Position Paper) – It is the position of this superintendent that… (n.d.)

29-C: Position Notes – Topic: Utilization of Instructional Time (n.d.)

29-D: Position Notes 0 Early Childhood Education (n.d.)

30: New Orleans Public Schools Technology Enhancement Proposal (9/21/95)

31: New Orleans Public Schools – School Sites Teacher Capacity Building (n.d.)

32: Agenda, Central Office Staff Meeting, Six Areas of Focus for Project Respect (10/12/1995)

33: Letter – Jo Ann Bell to Mr. Holmes, Poem by student of Morris Jeff School about Principal Clarence A. Becknell (6/30/97)

34: Letter from Theresa Nash, Supervisor of School Nurses, to Reginald A. Parquet and Ernest Charles, Community Collaborative Institute, regarding “conspiracy” and “possible cover-up” regarding HIV/AIDS (1/23/1996) – and positive response from recipients.

35: Fax – Carl Coleman to Area I, II, and III, Minimum Foundation Program Cover Letter, 2nd Enrollment Count (9/16/93)

36: Note – Al Kennedy to Dr. Morris L. Holmes, Report on series of articles from Sun-Sentinal (Broward County, Florida) regarding planned four-year report (n.d.)

37: Note – Al Kennedy to Dr. Morris L. Holmes,Times-Picayune story on Dr. Holmes’ first four years as superintendent (7/9/1997)

Folder 0018

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Cabinet Agendas, Memos, 1993


Folder 0019

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Cabinet Agendas, Memos, 1994


Folder 0020

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Cabinet Agendas, Memos, 1995.


Folder 0021

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Cabinet Agendas, Memos, 1996


Folder 0022

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Cabinet Agendas, Memos, 1997


Folder 0023

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Communications Comprehensive Plans, 1993, 1994, 1996. District-wide Communications Plans 1993, 1994 & 1996 prepared for Dr. Morris L. Holmes by Dr. Benda Hatfield and the Center for Instructional Media & Technology. Includes memo from Dr. Morris L. Holmes stating his views on media coverage, and plans for a Market Campaign for Revenue Election.


Folder 0024

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Memos, Project Respect and More. Folder contains a stapled copy of memos from Superintendent Holmes regarding: Project Respect, a discipline initiative; Six Simple Measures of Success; Security Incidents; Paperwork; Communications; Staffing; Strategic Plans; Parental Involvement; Grass Cutting, etc.


BOX 3 Folders 0025 - 0033

Folder 0025

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Memos to Al Kennedy. This folder contains several memos and correspondence by Morris L. Holmes. For example, Dr. Holmes wrote to Mr. Al Kennedy about an article to release to a National Education journal. This folder also includes a packet about price quotes on printing written by Al Kennedy to Dr. Brenda Hatfield.


Folder 0026

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Newspaper Articles, 1 of 2 In addition to news articles about Superintendent Dr. Morris L. Holmes, the folder also includes general education articles.

1: Task of canning a superintendent (6/19/98)

2: Franklin principal on public school needs (2/24/98)

3: School board must give answers (3/4/98)

4: Holmes buyout sparks lawsuit (2/6/98)

5: Teacher raises delayed (9/17/97)

6: The paradigm pattern (3/4/98)

7: Gambit Volume 19 #7-“winnas and loozas” (2/17/98)

8: Connick free to grill School Board (2/27/98)

9: Stop the subterfuge (2/11/98)

10: Board gets heat, but ratifies Holmes deal (2/10/98)

11: Board invites Holmes feedback (2/7/98)

12: Where Holmes went wrong (1/15/98)

13: White officials bias suit may be settled (1/13/98)

14: Commentary- Golden Opportunities (12/23/97)

15: Flak rises on deals for 3 Holmes aides (1/13/98)

16: Holmes ouster blamed on year of woes (12/21/97)

17: School system target of outrage (11/1/97)

18: Short tenure- Times Picayune 1997

19: Superintendent not the problem (12/22/97)

20: Gambit - N.O’s biggest secret (12/23/97)

21: Gambit – Speakeasy Robert Rivard (12/23/97)

22: School Board should quit too (12/21/97)

23: Time for a master plan for Orleans public schools (12/23/97)

24: Filling school leadership void (12/29/97)

25: Gambit – What a week! (12/23/97)

26: Crisis of Confidence (11/4/97)

27: Gambit – D.H Holmes’ clock back where it belongs! (11/4/97)

28: Gambit weekly – What a week! (11/4/97)

29: Teachers pick the cream of the crop (10/29/97)

30: Holmes gets show of support from board (10/28/97)

31: Holmes doesn’t make cut in Texas (10/31/97)

32: Flip-flopping on Morris Holmes (10/29/97)

33: Orleans School Board criticized (11/1/97)

34: Gambit “winnas and loozas” (10/28/97)

35: Gambit – Revenge of the Fourth Estate (11/4/97)

36: School chiefs not easy to find (12/17/97)

37: Holmes losing support as schools chief (10/23/97)

38: Reaction mixed to Morial idea for schools (10/25/97)

39: Picayune ‘toons about New Orleans schools (10/27/97)

40: LA Weekly readers not impressed with Dr. Holmes’ performance (11/2/97)

41: Contract haste makes waste (10/26/97)

42: Holmes walking a tightrope (10/26/97)

43: Gambit- Boissiere Weights Council Options (10/21/97)

44: Holmes’ discredited reputation (12/12/97)

45: 100% pass rate pledged (12/27/95)

46: School Board’s ‘good news’ gets bad reviews (6/1/97)

47: Picayune ‘toons about Holmes (10/20/97)

48: Shabby lawns the least of it (10/15/97)

49: What is Holmes really paid? (10/12/97)

50: Schools: Criticized for not filling posts (10/4/YY)

51: Civil rights anniversary points to unfinished tasks (9/21/97)

52: Public schools not improving (9/28/97)

53: Board extends Holmes’ contract (4/9/96)

54: Questions school chief’s raise (1/24/97)

55: Jeff task force takes aim at improving test scores (7/2/97)

56: Holmes refusal to resign lands him $210,000 sum (No date)

57: Holmes bows out (12/16/97)

58: After raise, it was all downhill (12/16/97)

59: Holmes will give up top school job July 1 (12/16/97)

60: Union, Holmes aim for battle (1/15/97)

61: Board- Federal team is in city to investigate (1/10/97)

62: Woman wins suit alleging school bias (11/23/96)

63: Comic on Morris Holmes (12/17/97)

64: The school superintendent selection process (12/18/97)

65: School proud of race relations (9/26/97)

66: School Board- Holmes given ‘performance raise’ (9/16/97)

67: Holmes in top rank of salary (9/11/97)

68: School Board gives Holmes a raise (9/8/97)

69: Administrator accuses Holmes of discrimination (7/2/97)

70: Flip-flopping on Morris Holmes (10/29/97)

71: Taking umbrage (2/10/97)

72: Holmes asks for public’s RSVP (2/27/96)

73: Gambit – Holmes p. 17 (12/23/97)

74: Gambit – Holmes p. 22 (12/23/97)

75: N.O schools job hinged on man’s race, suit says (2/23/95)

76: Gambit – Dr. Holmes must go (12/15/97)

77: Holmes’ exit the only start (10/17/97)

78: Schools- Get tough policy (8/16/95)

79: Seniors heed schools’ call (3/28/96)

80: Schools candidate tops after interview (4/4/93)

81: Sound off on schools (12/18/97)

82: Proper talk, extra gravy (10/23/95)

83: New school superintendent (1993)

84: Rising scores=rising hope (6/17/94)

85: Memorandum- Presentation to Orleans Parish School Board

86: Nine still in race to become head of N.O schools (1/23/93)

87: New School Board tackles health pact (3/1/93)

88: Holmes’ raise (2/4/96)

89: Fraud: School Board guilty of overbilling for insurance

90: Auditor- School Board may sue Peat Marwick (10/25/98)

91: School Board is incompetent (6/26/98)

92: School Candidates discuss wins, losses (3/19/93)

93: In their own words: Fixing N.O schools

94: 3 urban educators left in contention to run N.O schools (3/4/93)

95: Interim superintendent enjoying the honeymoon (7/2/98)

96: N.O schools to reassign, appoint 20 principals (7/1/94)

97: Board approves shifting principals (6/30/94)

98:” Schools- Education foundation…” (3/26/98)

99: Students at first integrated schools faced hatred (1/24/09)

Articles 100 to 130 moved to Folder 0042: “Newspaper Articles, Kennedy Al, Spokesperson”

131: Bus stop- Youths injured (No date)

132: Don’t fleece the taxpayers (10/13/97)

133: $325,000 award upheld in school system bias suit (4/3/97)

134: Clinton applauds Holmes (6/24/97)

135: Schools cleared of fraud (6/26/98)

136: Sweep school system out (10/16/97)

137: Holmes a finalist for Texas school job (10/22/97)

138: School busing costs rev up, Pastors pay for lobbying bus trip (3/7/09)

139: Charters cut ties with partners (4/25/09)

140: Orleans school board wants back in game (3/18/09), Task force urged on school boards (3/12/09)

141: Bickering holds back school reforms (7/22/09)

142:Teachers ask Jindal’s help with Pastorek (8/1/09)

143: Recovery district tightens budget proposal (5/18/09)

144: Improved access to school board is sought (5/20/09)

145: Applicants flocking to Teach for America (3/3/08)

146: Rumble coming over who runs schools (2/25/09)

147: Board refuses to extend teachers union contract (6/15/06), Right role for school boards (5/21/09)

148: Let’s work together (2009)

150: Chamber Music (10/21/83)

151: First woman on board (11/29/92)

153: Remembering ‘Bumpy’ Doucet (No date)

Articles 149, 152, and 154 to 164 Moved to Folder 0042: “Newspaper Articles, Kennedy Al, Spokesperson”

165: Vallas might run for office in Illinois (2/5/09), Role of local school boards up for debate (3/15/09)

166: 3 of 5 for-profit firms have split with boards (No date)

167: School Board sworn in (1/11/09)

168: Goal is to get N.O schools back, Kilbert says (No date)

169: Orleans schools superintendent quits his post (4/13/05), “Committee seeks ways to coordinate school systems” (3/28/08)

170: School Board changes urged (3/20/09)

171: Gambit- Is public education even worse than it looks? (9/17/98)

172: Jammed Calendar- Bruce Elliott (No date)

173: U.S secretary favors appointed boards (3/21/09)

174: Left to decay (No date)

175: Left to decay (No date)

176: Left to decay (No date)

177: Chief- Schools face a tight market (12/17/97)


Folder 0027

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Newspaper Articles, 2 of 2 . This folder contains information about the hiring of Dr. Morris Holmes in 1993 and attempts by the Orleans Parish School Board to fire him in 1997. In addition, there are misc. news articles, staff memos, drafts of announcements, and Dr. Holmes’ statement that he will be stepping down on June 17, 1998.


Folder 0028

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Nomination for Richard Green Award. Notes and preliminary materials for nomination of Dr. Holmes for the Richard R. Green Award sponsored by the Council of Great City Schools.


Folder 0029

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Pamphlets, Flyers. This folder contains brochures, pamphlets, and flyers regarding Dr. Morris Holmes, including the official welcome invitation from the City of New Orleans, invitations, reports, and publications such as Six Simple Measures of Success.


Folder 0030

Holmes, Morris, Photographs & Resume. This folder contains photographs of Dr. Morris Holmes, Superintendent. Photographs include Dr. Holmes giving speeches, being interviewed, and speaking to students. Also includes resume and newspaper clipping.


Folder 0031

Holmes, Morris, Review of 1995 - 96 Annual Report. This folder contains the draft of the 1995-96 Annual Report of New Orleans Public Schools (NOPS). Based upon information submitted by staff, the report stated there were “no major injuries incurred by students or district employees because of a violent offense.” News reports challenged that statement, and this became an issue for the public information department. Enclosed is the memo for department heads to verify the information.


Folder 0032

Holmes, Dr. Morris, Superintendent Search. This folder contains press releases, Board Agendas, flyers, and other material related to the search process that identified Dr. Morris Holmes as the Orleans Parish School Board’s finalist for Superintendent of the New Orleans Public Schools. 


Folder 0033

Invitations/Events. Includes photos of NOPS 150th Anniversary exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

1: Sam Scarnato’s hospitality suite (2/28/82)

2: NOPS Department of Informational Services Brunch (8/10/82)

3: Louisiana School Boards Assc 48th annual convention (2/14-16/1985)

4: Mack Spears NSBA ’85 Convention & Exhibition (3/30-4/2, 1985)

5: 1985 Convention Clinics

6: Au Revoir to Mr. Berthola E. Lumzy (5/29/80)

7: Preview Gala of the 150th NOPS Anniversary (4/13/91)

8: Free Public Lecture on History of Public Education in N.O (4/19/91)

9: Free Public Lecture on History of Public Education in N.O (4/19/91)

10: New Orleans Museum of Arts Exhibition Previews (3/20/91)

11: Save our Youth Summit Public Rally (3/16/92)

12: Saving our Youth Summit Breakfast & Convocation (3/19/92)

13: Public Relations Meeting (10/7/92)

14: North Carolina Teaching Fellows Visitation (1/13/93)

15: Sunday 6/13/93 Conference

16: Feedback ’93 Conference

17: NOPS Communications Advisory Committee (5/9/96)

18: Arthur Ashe School 2nd Annual Arts & Education Celebration (5/5/97)

19: Jazz Legends- Yvonne Busch Lunch-time slideshow (10/16/97)

20: Crossman Elementary School Round Table Discussions (12/1/97)

21: Principals’ Assc of NOPS Management Conference (6/7-9/98)

22: Orleans Parish School Board 2013 Inauguration Ceremony (1/14/13)

23: Orleans Parish School Board 30th anniversary (2/28/13)

24: Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy Commencement (3/12/13)

25: Music Workshop Schedule (4/22-29/YYYY) Includes schedules for Max Roach, The Winans, Benny Powell, Wynton Marsalis, Tito Puente, B.B. King, Danny Barker, Wardell Quezergue, Adella Adella The Story Teller.

26: WYES-TV documentary of the NOPS 150th Anniversary (1/13/YYYY)

27: L.A.P.S.I.A Liason Committee- Mr. Kennedy speech on NOPS Archives (12/8/YYYY)

28: Invitation to a Meeting with Dr. Holmes (7/9/97)

29:  Photo: Preparing for NOPS 150th Anniversary display at the New Orleans Museum of Art - 1991

30: Photo: Preparing for NOPS 150th Anniversary display at the New Orleans Museum of Art - 1991

31: Photo: Preparing for NOPS 150th Anniversary display at the New Orleans Museum of Art – 1991


Box 4 Folders 0034 - 0050

Folder 0034

Kennedy, Al, Information and Community Services. This folder contains articles written by Al Kennedy in the Department of Information and Community Services, Kennedy’s letters to the editor, drafts of remarks for others, remarks, correspondence about awards and community service, and research information. Includes photo of John Clif Roland, staff photographer, and two novelty photos for APPLAUSE, the employee newsletter of the New Orleans Public Schools, and Gambit news clipping about Kennedy’s retirement in 1998.


Folder 0035

Lakeview School – Legal Challenge of Ownership. This folder contains information regarding the 1996 legal challenge to the ownership of Lakeview school.


Folder 0036

Legal Opinion re: July 15, 1995 Bond Election & Election Flyer (E. D. White School). Legal opinion from Board Attorney Robert Rosenberg to Dr. Brenda Hatfield regarding July 15, 1995 bond election (6/14/1995). Also, flier inviting community to join second line to support bond issue -from E. W. White School.


Folder 0037

Mardi Gras Band Incident. Correspondence, news clippings.


Folder 0038

Memos. Includes memos regarding Al Kennedy’s work responsibilities, projects, or activities in which he was involved.

1: Leah J. Pointer to Katherine Behrman (9/8/97)

2: Turner C. Thomas to Dr. Carol Allen (2/23/84)

3: Rose Drill-Peterson to Al Kennedy (5/5/87)

4: Rose Drill-Peterson to Al Kennedy (3/13/90)

5: Al Kennedy to Everett J Williams (3/19/90)

6: Al Kennedy to Brenda Hatfield (8/12/91)

7: Brenda G. Hatfield to Rosalynne Dennis (10/12/91)

8: Memo, To Principals from Everett J. Williams, regarding final Founders’ Day (4/6/1992)

9: Barbara Ferguson to Charles Hatfield (3/26/93)

10: Kenneth J Ducote to Al Kennedy (4/23/93)

11: Kenneth J Ducote to Al Kennedy (4/23/93)

12: Al Kennedy to Division Heads/Department Heads (6/30/93)

13: Al Kennedy to Wyatt Dejoie (11/11/93)

14: Morris L. Holmes to Brenda Hatfield (2/4/94)

15: Al Kennedy to Roslyn J Smith (6/30/93)

618: Morris L. Holmes to All Central Office Personnel and All Office sites (12/11/95)

622: Morris L. Holmes to Cynthia Williams (4/26/96)

23: Morris L. Holmes to Al Kennedy (6/6/96)

24: Morris L. Holmes to Cabinet and Instructional Staff (8/26/96)

25: Professional Personnel Association to Payroll Department (No date)


Folder 0039

Mobilizing New Orleans to Save Our Youth, Final Report. Mobilizing New Orleans to “Save Our Youth” Summit – Final Report and recommendations submitted to Mayor Sidney J. Barthelemy, September 16, 1992. Folder includes news clipping (9/24/1992) and editorial (9/26/92). Al Kennedy served as participant and photographer.


Folder 0040

Newspaper Articles – General, 1 of 2. Includes newspaper articles about superintendent searches, school buildings, and other school issues. The break in the numbers reflects death notices moved to another folder. The Public Information office reviewed daily and weekly newspapers for education-related news stories. In addition, Kennedy collected articles after leaving the public schools. In cases where numbers are skipped, the clippings were moved to the Obituary folder.

2: School Board is set to appoint Davis today (5/2/99)

3: School Board and auditors: Who’s to blame? (11/20/98)

4: Who can lead schools? (12/6/98)

5: Renew superintendent search (12/11/98)

6: Board has 2nd list for top job (No date)

9: School Board terminated union contract after Katrina

10: Schools full of heroes (2/12/09)

11: Final antics of School Board laid bare (8/23/09)

12: RSD: Building can’t meet today’s standards (6/18/11); Historic Treme school meets the wrecking ball (6/18/11)

13: Judge rules in favor of fired teachers (6/21/12)

14: Questions remain after school board vote in Orleans (11/9/12)

16: Vallas is expected to unveil budget this week (5/18/09)

17: Happy 150th, New Orleans Public Schools (No date)

18: Employee rescues N.O. schools’ history (No date)

19: Schools return to regular schedule (9/24/80)

22: Al Kennedy awarded a 1989 National School Public Relations  Assc Golden A. Award (No date)

23: Schools dig for history, uncover racist wounds (2/5/90)

24: T-P Tops List of Nominations – (4-17-79)  Al Kennedy

25: This School Official is Paid not to take his job seriously – Al Kennedy & Henry Joubert (Aug. 15)

26: School Calendar Al Kennedy (10/9/78)

27: “Letters” Al Kennedy (4/1991)

28: Parents rap cutbacks in school budget (6/2/92)

29: “Panel” –From B-1 (No date)

30: Wiretaps used in probe (No date)

31: Walker Middle coping with fall overflow (8/27/97)

32: School clinics deliver care to students, Expelled students disappear in records (2/9/09)

33: Public schools 101 Article Part 2 (No date)

34: Public schools 101 Article Part 1 (No date)

35: Martin: 2 Years to start School construction (11/6/80)

36: Scholars focus on N.O jazz (4/18/01)

37: Yvonne Crespo Laprime (6/30/11) Moved to Folder 5

38:Chief: Safety top goal (8/30/93)

39: Schools- Chief Rips irresponsible parents (1/14/97)

40: Group hopes to save 9th ward school (2/5/09)

41: Union debate absent in N.O schools (9/24/12)

42: A leader for Orleans schools (8/30/98)

43: Retired general shows outsider can help Seattle schools work (8/30/98)

44: Schools seek deal on $30 million judgment (10/20/98)

45: N.O tries to sell school property (1/10/07)

46: Right direction on schools (10/21/09)

48: Jefferson’s request to delay trial denied (6/26/09)

51: Plessy and Ferguson unveil plaque marking their ancestors’ actions

52: Candidate quits; one left seeking N.O school post

54: Educator’s benefits are under scrutiny (6/9/93)

55: Schools candidate nets record of work, respect (4/18/93)

56: Progress in the public schools (10/11/93)

57: Candidate drops out of school chief race (3/16/93)

58 Politics-: ‘Its Gotta be a Crusade’ (No date)

59: $30 million verdict gives School Board nightmares (10/17/98)

60: Descendants stand together (2/12/09)

61: Many students withdraw to avoid expulsion (2/9/09)

62: Public Schools searching for photos to preserve history (10/21/89)

63: School chief digs into new job (7/2/93)

64: New School superintendent (5/11/93)

66: Texan takes post as N.O schools chief (5/8/93)

67: Record- candidate praised (4/18/93)

68: Bethune High holds 40 year reunion (9/3/92)

69: Judgment time for School Board (11/20/98)

70: Teens face issues during transition to adulthood (2/9/09)

72: BESE to vote today on school takeovers (1/15/09)

73: Group would target schools struggling to help students (5/11/09)

74: Schools Chief Recalls 1960s (1/5/14) Dr. Carl Dolce

75: School- Decision expected Monday (5/23/99)

76: Education chief gives high marks to N.O (3/21/09)

77: McKenna out of running (5/22/99)

78: House bill ties to corral School Board speakers (4/15/99)

79: “Their enthusiasm makes new teachers attractive hires but many say they could…” (2/15/09)

80: ‘Optimal choice has a cost’ (3/7/09)

81: Schools- Decision expected by March 1 (No date)

82: “Don’t wreck parochial schools,” Letter to the Editor (2/1/07) & “In defense of public schools,” and “The future of vouchers,” Letters to the Editor (2/5/07)


Folder 0041

Newspaper Articles – General, 2 of 2.

1: “School Board made fiscally prudent choice,” Letter (3/6/2011)

2A “Schools lose grant worth $3 million,” News Story (4/13/1999)

2B “Schools: N.O. can seek new grant,” Cont’d from 2A

3: “Reform team salaries approved by School Board,” News Story (4/13/1999)

4A: “Reform plan for schools reassigns duties,” News Story (5/4/1999)

4B: Reform: Board to study plan Cont’d from 4A

5: “Committed to school reform?” Editorial (5/14/99)

6: “Teachers pushed to pass, they say,” News Story, Not dated.

7: “School Board absurdity,” Letter (4/10/99)

8: “Keep public input on schools,” Editorial (4/7/99)

9: “Bill could limit talk at school meetings,” News Story (4/6/1999)

10: “Union, Holmes aim for battle,” News Story (1/15/97)

11: “Changing the school system,” Letter (7/1/1998) & “No outsiders at Ben Franklin,” Letter (1/15/97)

12: “Public schools chief of staff is leaving,” News Story (7/12/2000)

Folder 0042

Newspaper Articles, Kennedy, Al, Spokesperson

100: Between the lines (6/13/93)

101: Schools’ good news (8/28/81)

102: Look at schools (12/30/82)

103: Employee rescues N.O School’s history (1/10/83)

104: Gambit- ‘Zero-tolerance’ public schools (8/20/96)

105: Teen held in rape at N.O school (9/30/97)

106: National student testing debated (8/24/97)

107: School evicts bats (12/1/97)

108: Gang rape reported at school (10/30/96)

109: He picks up the pieces of public school past (7/31/96)

110: School Board authorizes its President to borrow Million (3-25-22)  - request for reporters to leave

111: Gambling near schools object of Board probe (2/23/27) – Allegation by community

112: Public school vice quiz opens Feb. 23 (2/20/97) Call for proof of allegations

112 B: School Evils to be probed, Item-Tribune (2/20/1927)

112 C: Rumors of Vice in Schools Turn Out to Be False (2/24/27)

113: Use of school buses called illegal (3/13/96)

114: Walker Middle coping with fall overflow (8/27/97)

115: National student testing debated (8/24/97)

116: Students urged to be ready for school (8/21/97)

117: Bus stops get patrols after student fights (10/17/96)

118: Lack of heat shuts Bradley (12/18/96)

119: Fifth-grader with knife expelled (4/29/97)

120: Schools (No date)

121: Schools dig for history, uncover racist wounds (No date)

122: 5 school openings delayed (8/24/92)

123: A new way- listening to the public (No date)

124: Pressure rises as N.O area thaws (2/7/96)

125: Bond issue to fund essential Orleans school improvements (6/15/95)

126: 3 schools close for heating repairs (11/13/95)

127: Teacher booked with hitting child (12/DD/YYY)

128: This school official is paid not to take his job seriously (8/15/YYY)

129: 2 killed in New Orleans flood (5/4/78)

149: He picks up the pieces of public school past (7/31/86)

152: Letters to the editor (5/29/82)

154: School Calendar- Al Kennedy (No date)

155: 2 Killed in New Orleans flood (5/4/78)

156: School Officials optimistic sales tax hike will pass (11/2/80)

157: Heat wave forces change in school classes (9/16/YYY)

158: Student, 11, Beaten ‘Unconscious’ at McMain is in Fair condition (1/4/78)

159: Developing positive picture of school (6/23/85) Henry Joubert, Al Kennedy

160: Public schools searching for photos (No date) 161: School worker saves history (1/10/83)

162: Schools’ good news (8/28/81)

163: Look at schools (12/30/82)

164: Al Kennedy Article (No date)


Folder 0043

Obituaries, Funeral Services, NOPS Employees. Includes death notices from newspapers and programs from funeral services.

    1. Mary L.P Grant (November 27, 1998)
    2. A)  Carmen B. Gregoire (October 1, 2006),
  1. Leonard Charles Benton (July 9, 2007)
    1. A)  Mary Kate Scully (January 23, 2008)
  2. Dr. J. Richard Shenkel (January 27, 2008)
    1. Ovide Vitol Verneuil (February 25, 2009)
    2. Rose Mary Billips Loving (August 11, 2009)
    3. Louis H. Meyi (January 21, 2011)
    4. Arnold Milton Radel (August 11, 2011)
    5. A)  Dolores T. Aaron (January 18, 2012)
  3. Dr. Gene Catherine Hassinger (August 20, 2012)
  4. Nancy Carey Gilmore (August 31, 2012)
    1. A) Lucille Lloyd (April 11, 2013)
  5. Paul Elliot Trouard (April 26, 2013)
  6. Judee Bourgeois Morovich (September 30, 2013)
  7. Allen J. Webre (September 11, 2013)
    1. A)   Dr. Everett Joseph Williams, Jr. (July 28, 2013)
  8. Anthony Amato (December 2, 2013)
  9.  Judee Bourgeois Morovich (September 30, 2013)
    1. Dr. Joseph W. Davis (August 2, 2013)
    2. Carl Arthur Deroche (August 28, 2013(
    3. Feliz “Zoo” James (September 18, 2013)
    4. Marie Louise Piece Jones (March 21, 2013)

(In previous organization, items 7-1 to 7-8 moved to this folder)

    1. “Duncan Waters, Retired Educator” (December 28, 2006, Times Picayune)

7-1-A) Duncan August Waters Memorial Tributes –

7-1-B) Receipt for enlargement of photo of Mrs. Vorice Waters donated by Al Kennedy to be displayed in the Vorice Waters School

    1. “Dr. Alvin Aubry, 92, Longtime Educator” (July 3, 2007)
    2. “Mary Kate Scully, 71, Inspiring Educator” (January 26, 2008)
    3. “Elliot Willard, former School Board member, dies at 81”  (December 28, 2012)
    4. “Velma Benjamin, beloved educator” (2012)
    5. “Mary Louise Pierce Jones, educational trailblazer” (March 27, 2013, Times Picayune)
    6. “Ex- N.O. school chief dies at 66” (December 3, 2013, Advocate)
    7. “Anthony Amato, former leader of N.O. public schools” (December 4, 2013, Times Picayune”

 (In previous organization, items 8-1 to 8-7 moved to this folder)

    1.  “A Celebration of Life of Mary-Kate Lorenz Tews” (April 5, 1937-July 17, 2008)
    2. “A Celebration of Life of Mary-Kate Lorenz Tews” (Summary of Life)
    3. “Mass of Christian Burial for Myrna Janice Bright” (July 1, 1935-October 5, 2008)
    4. “A Celebration of Life for Wyatt Marietta Vandergriff Dejoie” (May 13, 1938-October 3, 2010)
    5. “Mass of Christian Burial of Cynthia Eucharist Carter George” (March 13, 1936-July 3, 2011)
    6. “In Loving Memory of Gene Catherine Hassinger M.D.” (December 3, 1926- August 20, 2012)
    7. “Celebrating the life of Marie Louise Pierce Jones” (February 25, 1918-March 21, 2013)

 (Contents of Folder 10 from original organization moved to this folder) 

10-7: Alice R. Geoffray (8/5/09) –

10-8: Willard ‘had faith’ in students, colleague says (12/29/12)

10-15: Cynthia Carter George, teacher (7/8/11)

10-37: Yvonne Crespo Laprime (6/30/11)

10-47: Rose Loving, former school board leader (8/14/09)

10-49: Judee Morovich, educator dies (10/4/13)

10-50: First black N.O school chief Williams dies (7/31/13)

10-53: Pioneering New Orleans educator dies at 82 (7/31/13)

10-65: Williams was N.O’s first back superintendent (7/31/13)

10-71: Dolores Aaron, champion of kids (1/21/12)

+ More Obituaries:

A-1: James E. Dean Jr., 89 school administrator (8/22/2004)

A-2: Jackie Leonhard, 86 journalist, civic activist (4/13/2004)

A-3: Joyce Dombourian, a longtime teacher (2/17/2004) – also reference to Peter Dombourian, Music Supervisor

A-4: Ina Claire Watts Gex, 67, noted educator (6/17/2004)

A-5: Frederick Charles Palumbo Sr. (7/1/2004)

A-6: Samuel Scarnato, 85, former Orleans deputy superintendent (2/20/2015)

A-7: Samuel A. Scarnato, A Celebration of Life, September 25, 1929 – February 16, 2015, Funeral Programme

A-8: Betty Ann Jacques Francis, (2/27/15)

A-9: In Memoriam, Betty Ann Jacques Francis, August 28, 1938 – February 20, 2015, Funeral Programme

A-10-A: Aurolyn Liuzza Castigliola (!0/16/2014)

A-10-B: Alphonse John Guma Jr. (11/20/2014)

A-11-A: Dr. Norward Roussell (10/16/14)

A-11-B: Dr. Gino Gautreaux (11/22/2014)

A-11-C: Dr. Sara Louise Foulks (11/16/2014 – online)

A-11-D: First black superintendent of Selma schools dies at 80 (Norward Roussell) (10/18/2014)

A-12: Dr. Anita Concha Prieto (11/18/2014)

A-13: Lorenzo Gunn (5/20/98)

A-14: Paul William Kluchin (7/6/07)

A-15: In Memory of Mr. Victor A. Gordon, Sr.

A-16: Constance “Connie” Yeaton

A-17:Samuel Scarnato dies at 85.

A-18: Andrew Rinker, MD

A-19: Dr. Edward Reed Washington, Dr. Julianna Liles Boudreaux

A-20: Victor Anthony Gordon Sr., Carmen Rogers Morial

A-21: Melva D. Borris Williams, Robert Edgar Wall

A-22: Former OPSB president, pediatrician dies – Dr. Andrew Rinker

A-23: Lorraine Poret Wilson, Dolcina Geldersma, Maurice Geisel Jr.

A-24: Dr. Lorraine Wilson, Funeral Arrangements

A-25: Mechtild “Medy” Friderici Cazzetta

A-26: Dr. Olympia Eaglin Boucree

A-27: Calvin Peter Casmier.


Folder 0044

Official Motto, Six Simple Measures of Success, Publications

1: Designs for School System Logo (8/18/93)

2: Resolution: The Official Motto of the New Orleans Public Schools (5/8/95)

3: Overlay of Respect for Life, Property and Learning (8/16/93)

4: Rough design for motto button (8/5/93)

5: Memo – Trademark Patent for NOPS Logo & Motto (12/14/93)

6: Letter --  Copyright for Publications (10/25/93)

7: Letter -- Re. Logo Stickers from Leslie Jacobs (8/8/1994)

8: Booklet – Six Simple Measures of Success (1993)

9: Booklet – The Superintendent’s Report to the Community: 90 Days and Beyond, (11/22/1993)


Folder 0045

Photographs, Central Services, 4300 Almonaster, Print Shop, Food Services

97-A: Print Shop Staff: Darwin Glapion, Claude "CJ" Boyd, Gilma Pavon, Cynthia M. Farinas, Viola T. Johnson, Sandra Langlois, Glenn Fontenot, Diane Hampton, Joseph Wallace, Patricia Vallery (stooping).

97-B: Child Nutrition (Food Services) New Orleans Public Schools, Easter 1993. Margaret Dobbins (left).

97-C: Child Nutrition (Food Services) New Orleans Public Schools, Easter 1993. Margaret Dobbins (left).

97-D: Roof leak in the 4300 Almonaster Central Services building by Print Shop. (5/26/93)


Folder 0046

Photographs, District Rally, Joe Brown Park, 1993. District Rally, Joe Brown Park (9/25/1993). Color 35mm slides. Superintendent Morris Holmes and Sammie Holmes with School Board staff


Folder 0047

Photographs, Holmes, Dr. Morris, Announcing Stepping Down as Superintendent (12/15/97), Last Day, (6/17/1998)

Folder contains:

A)  4” X 6” prints of the evening Dr. Holmes announced he would be stepping down as Superintendent. Includes shots on the dais with the members of the School Board, greeting Board members, answering media questions, talking to Cheron Brylski and Dr. Linda Stelly (12/15/97)

B) Dr. Holmes’ last day as Superintendent (6/17/1998 – 4” X 6” prints), after which he took a lesser position as an administrator in the school system until his agreed upon departure date. Photos include shots in his office and a meeting with other administrators: Cynthia Williams, Charles Hatfield, Reggie Zeno, Cynthia George, Rosalyn Dennis. Holmes’ Secretary, Carole Chevalier,


Folder 0048

Photographs, Misc NOPS, 1 of 2. Miscellaneous photographs of New Orleans Public School staff or events.

93-A: Marcus Christian Circle and Press Street, New Orleans (near Moton School)

93-B: Gloria Boyd, Center for Instructional Media & Technology (CIMT) NOPS

93-C: CIMT staff – Evelyn Monjure, Deane Scott, Gail Young, Althea Goodall, Ireland Tuckerson (two photos)

93-D: Dr. Brenda Hatfield – CIMT Director

93-E: Judge C. Hearn Taylor at Kennedy graduation (5/93)

93-F: Student in Homework Assistance Program, CIMT

93-G: Alfred Richard as Klingon in CIMT Studio (Channel 48), Halloween, CIMT (fragment)

93-H: Dr. Everett Williams, Superintendent, with Francis Nguyen, Rosenwald School, 1987-88 school year – with halftone negative

93-I: Dollars for Scholars (9/7/95) New Orleans Centre, Ray Cresson, former manager of K&B camera, sold film supplies to NOPS Public Information Office.

93-J: Dr. Martin Luther King Parade 1989 – Carl Galmon, Dorothy Mae Taylor, Edwin Edwards

93-K: Dedication of Lawless High Health Clinic – John Breaux, Cheryl Cramer, Mother Griffin, Dr. Barbara Ferguson

93-L: Page from Fillmore School/McDonogh 16 book showing occupations of parents – in OPSB Collection at UNO

94-A: Tommy Morgan, CIMT, in Channel 48 studio, 4300 Almonaster

94-B: Tommy  Morgan in Mardi Gras Parade.

95: Dr. Matthew Proctor named Interim Superintendent of the New Orleans Public Schools, June 26, 1998.


Folder 0049

Photographs, Misc NOPS, 2 of 2. Miscellaneous photographs of New Orleans Public School staff or events.

96-A:  Mack J. Spears Funeral, Central Congregational Church. Dr. Spears was a former President of the Orleans Parish School Board. He died on October 28, 1998.

96-B: Charles J. Hatfield, teacher, union leader. (Hatfield’s papers are at the Amistad Research Center)

96-C: Dr. Everett Williams, NOPS Superintendent, and Mrs. Beatrice Owsley, archivist, UNO, Special Collections, viewing items from Orleans Parish School Board Collection.

96-D: Driver, Transportation Department, 4300 Almonaster Ave., Central Services, New Orleans Public Schools. – Part of Photo Exhibit of Central Services employees. (identifying information might be with original photos in OPSB Collection, UNO).

96-E: Member of Dixie Arts Supply putting up display at New Orleans Museum of Art for New Orleans Public Schools Sesquicentennial exhibit (150th Anniversary – 1841-1991)

96-F: Elizabeth Shannon, artist who served as curator of the New Orleans Public School District’s 150th anniversary exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art – Sesquicentennial, in her studio on Spain Street.

96-G: McDonogh 36 becomes Mahalia Jackson Elementary (10/22/93). Mahalia Jackson’s older sister, Pearl, and younger brother Johnny, with Dr. Morris L. Holmes.

96-H: Dr. Morris Jeff at the 50th anniversary of Booker T. Washington High School, (9/6/92) – Booker T. Washington Auditorium.

96-I: Arts Council Panel Discussion at Gallier Hall, (12/10/91) (two photos)

96-J-1: Shirley Corey, Arts Supervisor, Retirement Party at the Aquarium, (11/10/91) - Friends gather for the party.

96-J-2: Shirley Corey, Arts Supervisor, Retirement Party at the Aquarium, (11/10/91) – Guste student group waits to perform

96-J-3: Shirley Corey, Arts Supervisor, Retirement Party at the Aquarium, (11/10/91) – Guste student group performs

96-J-4: Shirley Corey, Arts Supervisor, Retirement Party at the Aquarium, (11/10/91) – Shirley Corey and John Otis

96-K: Announcement for surplus property auction at School Board headquarters, 4100 Touro Street, (1/25/92)

96-L: Scene of McDonogh 15 Fair, View from the Street (5/9/92)

96-M: Alvi Mogilles, Director of Purchasing, New Orleans Public Schools (ca 1989)


Folder 0050

Photographs, Warren, Mrs. George Ethel, King Elementary. George Ethel Warren (wheelchair) attends anti WWL rally at King Elementary following series by WWL’s Bill Elder (8/15/1996) Three photos.


Box 5 Folders 0051 - 0064

Folder 0051

Professional Personnel Association (PPA). PPA News – Newsletter of the Professional Personnel Association, October 1991 – June 1996. – Also contains subpoena for “Ovide Verneuil, Jr vs Orleans Parish School Board,” a case involving GIA Insurance. PPA challenged GIA Insurance in its newsletters. Photos of Al Kennedy’s presentation, and Charles Hatfield, President.

Folder 0052

Public Information Activities. Includes research, correspondence, and reports.

    1. NOPS Media Report-January 1st-December 31, 1988 – Special research report by Al Kennedy based upon a content analysis of 1763 news articles
    2. Women in the School System-Dates
    3. NOPS Division of Communications

3a) To: Ms. Thelva Brown (June 14, 1996) – Plaster bust of John McDonogh

3b) Receipt of Marble Bust of Samuel J. Peters (February 7, 1997) – Never removed from Peters School.

3c) To: Dr. Ken Ducote (July 9, 1997)

3d) List of portraits and busts Stored (December 9, 1997): General Pershing, Woodrow Wilson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John McDonogh.

3e) Confirmation of Received Books (December 18, 1997)

3f) Receipt of Plaster Bust of John McDonogh loaned to Gretna Historical Society (July 2, 1998) (2 Copies)

    1. Letter to Mr. Frank Williams-January 10, 1999
    2. NOPS Alumni Times!-Volume 3, Edition 2
    3. To: Dr. Al Kennedy from G. Leighton Ciravolo (November 13, 1997)
    4. Letter from Superintendent Gene Geisert to Al Kennedy (2/29/1980) Commendation
    5. 8 A-I) Memo from Dr. Alice Geoffray to Dr. Morris Holmes defending Al Kennedy’s work performance (7/23/1996) – with supporting information.
    6. The Hester Report, Vol 1, Issue 3, May 10, 1999: “Lessons We Haven’t Learned from Littleton or Elsewhere.”

Folder 0053

Public Relations Consultants. This folder contains suggestions for media strategies, and other information issues from media consultants.


Folder 0054

Ragan Report, 1978 – 1980. A Weekly Survey of Ideas and Methods for School Communicators, references to Al Kennedy’s work on APPLAUSE.

1) The Ragan Report (10/16/78)

2) The Ragan Report (11/6/78)

3) The Ragan Report (11/6/78)

4) The Ragan Report (12/4/78)

5) The Ragan Report (2/12/79)

6) The Ragan Report News & Views (4/16/79)

7) The Ragan Report News & Views (10/8/79)

8) The Ragan Report News & Views (10/8/79)

9) The Ragan Report (12/22/80)


Folder 0055

Retreat Notes, September 16 & 17, 1994. Notes from two-day retreat to discuss issues related to the students and schools


Folder 0056

School Name Changes, PANOPSI Files. Two copies of the Principals’ Association of New Orleans Public Schools, Inc. (PANOPSI) newsletter, The PANOPSI Files – related to school name changes (January, 1994 & February 1994). All of the files on the whole name-changing process were left with the information office and lost in the federal floods following Hurricane Katrina.


Folder 0057

School Tax Election, 1990, Analysis. Analysis of loss of March 3, 1990 school tax election to build two high schools and replace 300 dilapidated temporary classrooms.


Folder 0058

Subpoenas, Freedom of Information Requests. Media freedom-of-information requests, and subpoena information from District Attorney Harry Connick to Morris L. Holmes.


Folder 0059

Teachers’ Strike, 1990. Includes timeline, Strike Information Updates, news clippings.


Folder 0060

Thank-You Notes

1) Thank you note from Louis G. Riecke to Mr. Al Kennedy

2) Thank you note from Tom Tews to Al (11/11/82)

3) Thank you note from Joan Garvey (1/14/83)

4) Thank you note from [Carlo Ostello] to Al (4/1984)

5) Thank you note from Letty Jane Clark, Gregory Cafeteria Manager (10/4/84

6) Thank you note from Art Greene, LSBA, to Mr. Al Kennedy (1/9/85)

7) “Dear Big Brother” - From Tina Perrin (1/15/85)

8) Simonia E. Milton to Mr. Kennedy (2/25/86

9) Julianna Boudreaux to Al Kennedy (8/2/86)

10) Thank you note from Myrna Bright  to Al (8/9/89)

11) Thank you from Betty H. Lala (9/8/1989)

12) Betty W. Carter to Mr. Kennedy (9/15/89)

13) Al Kennedy to Rose Peterson re) Mrs. Hodding Carter (8/30/89)

14) Thank you note from Dixie Sanders Harney to Mr. Kennedy (8/14/91)

15) Happy Holidays from Julianna Boudreaux & “Doc” (No date)

16) Thank you Note from Dr. Brenda Hatfield to Al (2/4/96)

17) Thank you from Campbell Hutchinson, KidsmART, for service on Board (7/1/2002)

18) Thank you from Collin Hamer, New Orleans Public Library, for Grace King High school yearbooks (8/28/1992)


Folder 0061

Vitter, David, urges criminal prosecution, Public School Millage Parade, 1998. On May 1, 1998, students and teachers from five schools participated in a parade through the community urging support for four tax proposals on the ballot on May 2. Folder includes: news story about the parade; press releases from State Rep. David Vitter urging prosecution of school officials; statements from school spokesperson Cheron Brylski; editorial from the Times-Picayune; a resolution by Peggy Wilson, City Council member, regarding use of “yes” language on buses; flier for election victory party; and thank-you note from Dr. Linda Stelly to election workers.


Folder 0062

WWL-TV SERIES, School Construction, 1996, 1 of 3


    1. August 7, 1996 - From: Morris L. Holmes (Response to the Show Aired on Channel 4)
    2. August 9, 1996 - From: Morris L. Holmes (See that a watch dog..)
    3. August 14, 1996- From: Warren Bell Jr. (Video for NOPS Campaign to Counter WWL-TV News)
    4. August 15, 1996 - From: Morris L. Holmes (Citizens Oversight Committee)
    5. August 19, 1996 - From: Warren Bell Jr. (Production of: 30 Minute Video)
    6. August 20, 1996 - From: Warren Bell Jr. (Thirty-Minute Video)
    7. August 20, 1996 - From: Warren Bell Jr. (Attendance at NABJ Convention)
    8. August 23, 1996 – From: Kenneth J. Ducote (Bill Edler’s Story)
    9. October 21, 1996 – From: Morris L. Holmes (Factual Information on School District Construction)
    10. Undated- From: Al Kennedy To: Linda (Fax Bill Elder Fact Sheet)     


    1. July 30, 1996- Transaction Report
    2. August 8, 1996- From: Warren Bell
    3. August 8, 1996- From: Warren Bell
    4. August 11, 1996- From: Rose Drill-Peterson & Frank Peterson
    5. August 12, 1996- From: Al Kennedy
    6. August 13, 1996-From NOPS Secretary (Notice)
    7. August 13, 1996- From: NOPS Secretary (Notice Cancelled)
    8. August 15, 1996- Transaction Report
    9. August 30, 1996- Fax Transmission

Construction Costs:

    1. Martin Luther King Elementary School
    2. Chester Elementary School
    3. Acquisition of Ganus in Lieu of Acquisition of Portables
    4. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School
    5. Medard Nelson Elementary

Other Documents/Photos:

    1. School Walls Called Unsafe (May 25, 1996)
    2. Video Highlights of Bill Edler (August 12, 1996)
    3. Transcript-WWL TV Channel Four (August 14, 1996)
    4. Martin Luther King Rally Internal Agenda (August 15, 1996)
    5. Agenda of Upcoming Events
    6. Response to Bill Edler-Newsletter
    7. Notes on Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary School
    8. Rebuilding Our Schools- A Progress Report to the Community
    9. Citizens Oversight Committee Press Release
    10. The School Board is NOT failing our Children!
    11. Our Children Deserve a Bright and Beautiful Martin Luther King Elementary School!
    12. PHOTOS: Undated- 7 total (1-36a until 1-36g – includes Dr. Ken Ducote, Bill Elder, Maudelle Cade, Ron Leone)

Folder 0063

WWL-TV SERIES, School Construction, 1996, 2 of 3


2) August 9, 1996 From: Kenneth J. Ducote (Claims Made by Oversight Committee Members)

3) August 9, 1996 From: Kenneth J. Ducote (Request by Members of Citizens Oversight Committee)

4) August 14, 1996 From: Dr. Linda J. Stelly (Re: Recent WWL Allegations)

5) August 15, 1996 From: Morris L. Holmes (Re: Do Large Charts...)


6) August 7, 1996 From: Warren Bell Jr. (Re: Bill Edler at Timbers…)

7) August 13, 1996 Transaction Report (MLK Released Flier)

8) August 14, 1996 From: Kenneth J. Ducote (Call From Bill Edler Today)

9) August 19, 1996 From: Warren Bell Jr. (Re: Draft Script)

NOPS Budget Reports:

10) Orleans Parish School Board- Capital Improvements Program and Budget Draft (November 13, 1995)

11) NOPS Department of Facility Planning- Capital Projects Status Report (May-June 1996)

Text of WWL Newscasts:

12) Text of “Is the School Board Failing Our Children” Part 1 (August 5, 1996)

13) Text of “Is the School Board Failing Our Children” Part 1 Copy (August 5, 1996)

14) Text of “Is the School Board Failing Our Children” Part 2 (August 6, 1996)

15) Text of Board Response to Bill Edler Series (August 14, 1996)

16) Text of Report on Martin Luther King Rally in Response to Bill Edler Series

Newspaper Articles:

17) School Walls Called Unsafe- May 25, 1996

18) Construction Winds Down on Big New Library in Jeff- August 14, 1996

Other Documents:

19) Facts about Martin Luther King Elementary School (Response to WWL Series)

20) Facts about Chester Elementary School Project (Response to WWL Series)

21) Rebuilding our Schools- Response to Claims Made Regarding the Chester Roof Replacement, Project No. 89007

22) NOPS Division of Communications- Ninth Ward Community to Hold Support Rally for King Elementary- (DRAFT) August 15, 1996

23) NOPS Division of Communications- Ninth Ward Community to Hold Support Rally for King Elementary- (FINAL) August 15, 1996

24) Rebuilding our Schools- Schools Set WWL-TV Straight! (Final Draft)

25) The School Board is NOT Failing our Children!- Informational Flier

26) Construction Costs- Untitled                                                                                                                

27) Agenda- “Rebuilding Our Schools” – June 4, 1996

28) News Notes- Area Principals Meeting- August 15, 1996

29) Video Highlights of Bill Edler/ WWL- Interviews- August 14, 1996

20) Rough Draft of Response to Claims

31) Letter from Roslyn J. Smith (Principal) to Mr. Mike Early (General Manage, WWL-TV) –August 19, 1996

32) Postcard to Mr. Early Regarding Bill Elder Series


Folder 0064

WWL-TV SERIES, School Construction, 1996, 3 of 3


1) August 5, 1996- From: Kenneth J. Ducote (Questions Posed by Bill Edler to Dr. Brechtel Two Weeks Ago)

2) August 7, 1996- From: Kenneth J. Ducote (Portable Classrooms Estimated Cost)

3) August 9, 1996- From: Kenneth J. Ducote (Claim Made by an Oversight Committee Officer)

4) August 13, 1996- From: Morris L. Holmes (Re: Communication with Media, Parents and Public, Especially at the School Site)

5) August 28, 1996- From: Morris L. Holmes (Re: Warren Bell’s Special Tape)

6) August 29, 1996- From: Morris L. Holmes (Re: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School for Science and Technology)

7) August 30, 1996- From: Dr. Linda J. Stelly (Re: WWL Broadcast Response)

9) September 20, 1996- From: Morris L. Holmes (No Subject)

10) September 24, 1996- From: Morris. L. Holmes (Re: The Draft of Rebuilding Our Schools)

11) October 7, 1996- From: Morris L. Holmes (Re: Channel 4 and the Citizens Oversight Committee)

12) October 8, 1996- From: Morris L. Holmes (Re: Drama and Skits)


13) August 30, 1996- From: Citizens Oversight Committee

14) September 5, 1996- Transaction Report

15) September 12, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

16) September 12, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

17) September 17, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

18) September 17, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

19) September 17, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

20) September 17, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

21) October 21, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

22) September 4, 1996- From: Leonard C. Washington

23) September 13, 1996- From: Al Kennedy

24) September 19, 1996- CC: Al Kennedy


25) August 8, 1996- DRAFT To: Mr. Michael Early From: Maudelle Cade

26) August 11, 1996- To: Citizens Oversight Committee From: Kenneth J. Ducote

28) August 16, 1996- To: Dr. Morris Holmes From: Kim & Bettye DeLarge

30) August 28, 1996- To: Dr. Morris Holmes From: Leonard C. Washington

31) August 29, 1996- To: Ms. Roslyn J. Smith From: J. Michael Early

32) October 16, 1996- To: Mr. Paul Pastorek From: Kenneth J. Ducote

33) October 21, 1996- To: Mr. Jim Moroney From: Mr. Mike Early & Mr. Phil Johnson

34) April 9, 1997- To: Mrs. Doris Riley & Mrs. Rosie Jackson From: Al Kennedy

Other Documents:

35) Citizens Oversight Committee Press Release- August 30, 1996

36) Resolution of the Project Priority Subcommittee of the C.O.C

37) Construction Costs for NOPS (Elementary Level)

38) Vision 2000- Strategic Facilities Plan- Capital Improvements Program III


Sub-Series 1.2: History of the New Orleans Public Schools

BOX 6 Folders 0065 - 0079

Folder 0065

150th Anniversary of the New Orleans Public Schools, Sesquicentennial Exhibit, New Orleans Museum of Art, 1991. Includes brochure “New Orleans Public Schools 1841- 1891, A History of Achievement, A Future of Hope – Sesquicentennial Display, New Orleans Museum of Art, April - June 1991”; and “Shannon shows eye for beauty in her sculptures and photos” (4/18/97) – Review of an exhibition by Elizabeth Shannon, artist who designed NOPS Sesquicentennial Exhibit in the New Orleans Museum of Art, April 14-June 30, 1991. Also has guide for portraits of persons after whom schools were named displayed at the New Orleans Museum of Art.


Folder 0066

African American Principals in the New Orleans Public Schools. “Greetings from the Principals of the First District,” Louisiana Education Association – Printed photos of African American Principals in the New Orleans Public Schools.


Folder 0067

An Exceptional Approach to Education, Conference Program, 1996. Program for “An Exceptional Approach to Education,” Conference sponsored by the New Orleans Public Schools Department of Exceptional Children’s Services at which Al Kennedy made a presentation on the history of the New Orleans Public Schools. (8/15/1996)

Folder 0068

Butler, Al, U.S. Marshal. Federal Marshal Al Butler was assigned to New Orleans in 1960 to help protect Leona Tate, Gail Etienne, and Tessie Prevost as they entered McDonogh 19. The articles in the folder describe the ceremony when, at his request, some of his ashes were scattered at the site of McDonogh 19 school building site. Folder also includes program for the memorial service.


Folder 0069

Carlson, Oscar and Little Woods Bus Service

1: Photograph of children sitting on the Oscar Carlson Little Woods bus

2: Oscar Carlson and Little Woods Bus Service

3: Article on W.H Luck Wooden School Busses


Folder 0070

Carver Senior High School, Errors by School Counselors, Notes, 1989. During the 1988-89 school year, school counselors made some errors in advising students causing the school to inform the students in late spring they would not be able to graduate. The hastily scribbled notes, some intelligible, came from a meeting with school officials and parents.


Folder 0071

Children of Crisis, Coles. Book. Children of Crisis: A study of Courage and Fear, by Robert Coles, 1967, Dell Publishing. Sections on Ruby Bridges, who integrated Frantz Elementary School in 1960.


Folder 0072

Crescent City Schools (Book) – Publication Information. This folder contains the original grant for Crescent City Schools: Public Education in New Orleans, 1841 – 1991, the book documenting the history of the New Orleans Public Schools by Donald E. DeVore and Joseph Logsdon. Also, correspondence, sales and distribution information, a clipping from the Historic New Orleans Collection Newsletter with a photo of Al Kennedy visiting the McDonogh exhibit, Kennedy’s article in the New Orleans Museum of Art newsletter, notification from the AASLH that Crescent City Schools had won an award, and a clipping from the Urban Educator describing the OPSB Collection at UNO.


Folder 0073

Documentary Film, History of Public Education in New Orleans, 2009. Documentary film on the history of public education in New Orleans by Lloyd Dennis, with some scripting by Al Kennedy. Produced through Orleans Public Education Network. Folder includes images from Crescent City Schools and the locations of the images in area archives, correspondence, costs for using photos, copyright term and public domain information, permissions.


Folder 0074

Documentary Film, History of Public Education in New Orleans, Script, 2009. The script is broken up into the following segments: Introduction; Getting started – 1841; Race and Education; Governance/Board; Discipline; Social Services; Social Services; Yellow Fever-Influenza; Buildings; Financing Public education; Community in Schools/parents; Teachers; Goals of Public Education; Illustrated Lectures – Lantern slides are too old-fashioned; Board Bans Jazz; Caterpillar Killing Contest; Swimming in the New Basin; Lafon and the 1900 “race riot”; MISC; Public Education in Post-Katrina New Orleans; Conclusion; Piece on OPSB Collection at UNO; Credits.


Folder 0075

Eddy Oliver, Oscarlene Nixon and Mildred Goodwin, et al versus Orleans Parish School Board. Beginning with a petition filed October 28, 2005, the folder contains “Selected Pleadings and Exhibits” of the legal challenge to the firing of more than 7000 School Board teachers and other employees following the federal floods caused by Hurricane Katrina. Willie M. Zanders was the lead attorney. Presents history of the takeover of the city’s public schools. 


Folder 0076

Edmunds, E. J., Math Teacher Who Integrated Central High School During Reconstruction. E. J. Edmonds [Edmunds], Math Teacher Who Integrated Central High School During Reconstruction – Clippings from: APPLAUSE, The Employee Publication of the New Orleans Public Schools;  (n.d.), New Orleans Times (9/14/1875); The Weekly Louisianian (9/18/1875 & 9/25/1875)


Folder 0077

Fashioning the Souls of a People, McKenna Museum. Publication of the McKenna Museum for “Fashioning the Souls of a People: Honoring New Orleans African American Iconic Public School Female Educators.” 2018.


Folder 0078

First Street United Methodist Church, History, 1833–2005. One-page history of the First Street United Methodist Church in New Orleans.


Folder 0079

Freedmen Schools in New Orleans. This folder contains a “Report of the Board of Education for freedmen, Department of the Gulf for the year 1864” regarding the Freedmen Schools in New Orleans, and a copy of one page of “Report of Colored Schools for the West,” 1864, showing P. M. Williams, A. P. Williams, and Mary Williams on the roster. Also, information about “Records of the Superintendent of Education for the State of Louisiana, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1864 – 1869,” from the National Archives, and “The Yankee Schoolmarm in Freedmen’s School’s: An Analysis of Attitudes,” by Sandra E. Small.


Box 7 Folders 0080 - 0093

Folder 0080

Goslings, The, A Study of the American Schools, Sinclair, 1924. Book makes several references to former New Orleans Public Schools Superintendent Joseph Marr Gwin, p. 119, 254, 270. See index.


Folder 0081

Lafayette Elementary Yearbook. Copy of the Lafayette Elementary School 1980-1981 Yearbook, and Adventures of a Gerbil Family – Lafayette Elementary School student publication, from Sue Hall, teacher.


Folder 0082

Legacy of John McDonogh, Ciravolo. The Legacy of John McDonogh, G. Leighton Ciravolo, 2002.


Folder 0083

Lessons Learned, WYES Documentary on the History of the New Orleans Public Schools. Project headed by Lyn Adams in which Al Kennedy assisted, based, in part, on Crescent City Schools by Dr. Donald DeVore and Dr. Joe Logsdon, January 1992. Includes promotional materials, photos, and some pages from NOPS directories showing listings for E. A. Christy Architect.


Folder 0084

Life and Work of John McDonogh, Allan. By William Allan, LL.D., 1983, Jefferson Parish Historical Commission. Reprint.


Folder 0085

McDonogh 15: Becoming a School, Carmichael, Book. McDonogh 15: Becoming a School, by Lucianne Bond Carmichael, 1981, Avon Books. “The magnificent true story of a principal’s dream that became an outstanding public school in New Orleans.”


Folder 0086

McDonogh, John, General Information. Norman O. Wright, Texas Bank Executive, says his grandmother related to John McDonogh. Misc papers and APPLAUSE story about family. 1980. Correspondence from Frayda Cohen, McDonogh School, McDonogh, Maryland.


Folder 0087

McDonogh Memorial Mothers Remove Equipment from Building Slated for African American Students, 1924. Times-Picayune news story from August 9, 1924: “School Mothers’ Club Disperses Equipment, Fund.”


Folder 0088

Names Over New Orleans Public Schools, Meyer, Abridged. 1973. Autographed by Robert Meyer Jr.


Folder 0089

New Orleans Public Education History, Three Articles/Chapters. Three articles/chapters on New Orleans Public Education History:1)  “History of Education in New Orleans,” John R. Ficklen, in Standard History of New Orleans, edited by Henry Rightor, 1900; 2) “Education in New Orleans,” John P. Dyer, in The Past as Prelude – New Orleans 1718-1968, edited by Hodding Carter et al.; 3) Protest against consolidation of school districts in 1852 in The Administration of Public Schools in New Orleans, 1841-1861, pt. 2, Dissertation, A. Peterson, pp. 732-735


Folder 0090

NOPS Talk/Slide Show, Timeless Heroes, Trying Times, 1991. NOPS Talk/Slide Show – “Timeless Heroes, Trying Times.” Presentation made by Al Kennedy at Historic New Orleans Collection (4/19/1991) and at other venues. Folder includes rough transcript (by Lyn Adams) of Kennedy’s presentation, and notes on School Board history.


Folder 0091

Orleans Parish School Board Collection, MSS 147, UNO. Depository Agreement, Brochures describing collection, news articles, 2013 letter to the editor, general correspondence, and correspondence regarding 30th anniversary of the collection in 2012; Photo on day of signing, February 1983 – Freda DePolitte (Board Secretary); Dr. Rose Loving (OPSB Member); Dr. Leon Richelle, (UNO Chancellor); Al Kennedy (NOPS); D. Clive Hardy (UNO Archivist).


Folder 0092

Paupers and Public Education, Searching for Source. Correspondence regarding a search for 1818 source of information cited by Thomas Conway that in New Orleans “few children were educated due to the unwillingness of parents to submit to a pauper’s oath.”


Folder 0093

Politics and Reality in a American Crisis: The New Orleans School Crisis of 1960. A publication of the Center for Urban Education, 1969.


BOX 8 Folders 0094 - 0101

Folder 0094

Public Education in Louisiana After 1898, Transportation. This file contains copies of an excerpt from the book, “Public Education in Louisiana after 1898.” The pages that were copied are related specifically to transportation to Louisiana schools during the 1900s.


Folder 0095

Public Schools and the Civil War. Photocopied pages from the Report of the State Superintendent of Public Education to the General Assembly of the State of Louisiana, October 1864; Tabular Statement of Private Schools in the City of New Orleans, Department of the Gulf, giving names of teachers regarding their loyalty to the Union and general remarks, such as “Makes evasive answers generally.”


Folder 0096

Reconstruction and the Public Schools of New Orleans – Articles. This folder contains various articles that focus on the issue of segregation during reconstruction in New Orleans. Listed below are the five different articles in this folder that relate to this topic.

1: The Segregation Struggle in Louisiana (1862-77)

2: Desegregation in New Orleans Public Schools During Reconstruction

3: An Analysis on Some Reconstruction Attitudes

4: Louisiana Reconstruction (1863-1877)

5: The Freedmen’s Bureau in Louisiana


Folder 0097

Religious Practices in the Schools. Copy of City Council resolution from February 18, 1851, in which the council resolved that “no religious service shall hereafter be introduced in the public schools.”


Folder 0098

Rice, Bernardine, Wright Girls High School 1911 – 1914. Submitted by John C, Rice Jr., the folder contains copies from the class book of Bernardine Rice, a member of the first class to graduate from the Sophie B. Wright Girls High School and a teacher at Crossman Elementary for 38 years. Notes discuss pranks in school.  Includes a photo and bio of Principal Harriet A. Suter. The original material is in the OPSB Collection at UNO.


Folder 0099

Southern Women in Politics and Education. Conference agenda featuring Leslie Parr, author of biography of Sarah Towles Reed, and teacher-union pioneer, Veronica Hill, April 19, 1996.


Folder 0100

Stack, Chris. Correspondence regarding manuscript on desegregation of the New Orleans Public Schools.


Folder 0101

State Takeover Not Working For New Orleans High Schools, Dr. Barbara Ferguson, 2008. “State Takeover Not Working For New Orleans High Schools” – Report prepared by Dr. Barbara Ferguson, November 2008 – 10 pages - Folder also includes articles related to the reform efforts, and a program from “Lockdown,” a theatrical production sharply critical of the paternalistic policies of the charter school movement in New Orleans.


Sub-Series 1.3: New Orleans Public Schools Documents

BOX 9 0102 - 0117

Folder 0102

150th Anniversary of the New Orleans Public Schools, Commemorative Doubloon, (Oversize Box). Metal, in plastic case. Doubloon created for Sesquicentennial of the New Orleans Public Schools, 1841 - 1991. Found in same envelope in Oversize Box with Nagin, C. Ray, Mayor, Commemorative Keychain & Pen.


Folder 0103

150 Years, New Orleans Public Schools Sesquicentennial Calendar (Oversize Box) celebrating the history of the New Orleans Public Schools, 1841 – 1991.


Folder 0104

Annual Report, 1902-1903. New Orleans Public Schools Annual Report of the Superintendent of Schools Session 1909-1910. Listed as “Annual Report.”


Folder 0105

Annual Report, 1903-1904.


Folder 0106

Annual Report, 1904-1905 (Paperback).


Folder 0107

Annual Report, 1904-1905 (Hardback).


Folder 0108

Annual Report, 1905-1906.


Folder 0109

Annual Report, 1906-1907.


Folder 0110

Annual Report, 1907-1908.


Folder 0111

Annual Report, 1908-1909.


Folder 0112

Annual Report, 1909-1910.


Folder 0113

Annual Report, 1910-1911.


Folder 0114

Annual Report, 1911-1912.


Folder 0115

Annual Report, 1912-1913.


Folder 0116

Annual Report, 1913-1914


Folder 0117

 Annual Report, 1914-1915.

BOX 10  0118 - 0135

Folder 0118

Annual Report, 1915-1916 (Hardback, Part I)


Folder 0119

Annual Report, 1915-1916 (Paperback, part II Two copies).


Folder 0120

Annual Report, 1916-1917.


Folder 0121

Annual Report, 1917-1918.


Folder 0122

Annual Report, 1918-1919.


Folder 0123

Annual Report, 1919-1920.


Folder 0124

Annual Report, 1920-1921.


Folder 0125

Annual Report, 1953-1954.


Folder 0126

Annual Report, 1955-1956.


Folder 0127

Annual Report, 1956-1957.


Folder 0128

Annual Report, 1962-1963.


Folder 0129

Annual Report, 1987-1988


Folder 0130

Annual Report, 1988-1989


Folder 0131

Annual Report, 1989-1990.


Folder 0132

Annual Report, 1993-1994.


Folder 0133

Annual Report, 1994-1995.


Folder 0134

Annual Report, 1995-1996.


Folder 0135

Annual Reports, Excerpts. New Orleans Public Schools Annual Reports excerpts. Many complete Annual Reports can be found in the Orleans Parish School Board Collection, Mss 147, also in Special Collections in the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.

1: Annual Reports of the council of Municipality Number Two of the City of New Orleans - 1845

2: Annual Report of the Board of Directors and of the Superintendent of the Public Schools of New Orleans 1906-1907

3: Annual Report of the New Orleans Public Schools of the Parish of Orleans 1914-1915

4: Division of Attendance Annual Report Session 1914-1915

5: “The Distribution of Eighty Thousand Children in New Orleans” by Paul B. Habans 1915

6: Annual Report of the New Orleans Public Schools 1918-1919

7: Annual Report of the New Orleans Public Schools 1919-1920

8: “Penny Lunch Room: Paulding School,” from 1914-1915 Annual Report

8-B – Map showing approximate location of Paulding School. Includes photo copied from Annual Report of Paulding students.

9: Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the public Schools City of New Orleans 1866-1867

10: Report of the Chief Superintendent of the Public Schools of New Orleans LA to the Board of School Directors 1884

11: Report of the Chief Superintendent of the Public Schools of the City of New Orleans, LA. To the State Board of Education 1886

12: Report of the Chief Superintendent of the Public Schools of New Orleans to the State Board of Education 1882

13: Report of the Chief Superintendent of the Public Schools of New Orleans to the State Board of Education 1882

14: Report of the Chief Superintendent of the Public Schools of New Orleans to the State Board of Education 1879

15: Acts passed at the First Session of the Fifteenth Legislature of the State of Louisiana, Began and Held in the city of New Orleans, January 4, 1841. See p. 21 – [No. 20] – An Act (to establish public schools).  And, [No. 43.] – Resolution relative to sixteenth  section of School Lands.

16: A New Digest of the Statute Laws of the State of Louisiana, From the Change of Government to the year 1841, Inclusive


BOX 11 Folders 0136 - 0144

Folder 0136

APPLAUSE, 1978 – 1991. Oversize Box. A Publication of the New Orleans Public Schools. Employee newsletter, edited by Al Kennedy. Bound volume in Oversize Box.


Folder 0137

“Birth Certificate” of the New Orleans Public Schools. Photographic copy of the first paragraphs of Ordinance 159 “For the Establishment and Organization of Public Schools Within  Municipality Number Two of the City of New Orleans.” Original in New Orleans Public Library. Signed March 26, 1841.


Folder 0138

Board Members, List, Orleans Parish School Board, 1851 – 1861. Terms of Office of Directors of the Four Municipal Districts of the Public Schools of New Orleans, 1852-1861, from “The Administration of Public Schools in New Orleans, 1841 – 1861, P. 2,” pp 739-745, from1964 dissertation by A. Peterson.


Folder 0139

Directory, 1921-1922.


Folder 0140

Directory, 1924-1925.


Folder 0141

A: Directory, 1925-1926. (Volumes 1925 – 1926 through 1930 – 1931 in 0141 envelope.)

0141 – B: Directory, 1926-1927.

0141 – C: Directory, 1927-1928.

0141 – D: Directory, 1928-1929.

0141 -  E: Directory, 1929-1930.

0141 – F:  Directory, 1930-1931.


Folder 0142

A: Directory, 1936-1937. (Volumes 1936 – 1937 through 1942 – 1943 in 0142 envelope.)

0142 – B: Directory, 1937-1938.

0142 – C: Directory, 1938-1939.

0142 – D: Directory, 1939-1940.

0142 – E: Directory, 1941-1942.

0142 –  F: Directory, 1942-1943.


Folder 0143

A: Directory, 1944-1945. (Volumes 1944 – 1945 through 1950 – 1951 in 0143 envelope.)

0143 – B: Directory, 1945-1946.

0143 – C: Directory, 1946-1947.

0143 – D: Directory, 1949-1950.

0143 – E:  Directory, 1950-1951.

0143 – F: Directory, 1950-1951 (Duplicate).


Folder 0144

A: Directory, 1951-1952 (Volumes 1951 – 1952 through 1953 – 1954 in 0144 envelope.)

0144 – B: Directory, 1952-1953.

0144 – C: Directory, 1953-1954.

0144 – D: Directory, 1953-1954 (Duplicate).


BOX 12 Folders 0145 - 0149

Folder 0145

A: Directory, 1954-1955. (Volumes 1954 – 1955 through 1955 – 1956 in 0145 envelope.)

0145 – B: Directory, 1954-1955 (Duplicate).

0145 – C: Directory, 1955-1956.

0145 – D: Directory, 1955-1956 (Duplicate).

0145 – E: Directory, 1955-1956 (Duplicate).


Folder 0146

A: Directory, 1956-1957. (Volumes 1956 – 1957 through 1959 – 1960 in 0146 envelope.)

0146 – B: Directory, 1957-1958.

0146 – C: Directory, 1958-1959.

0146 – D: Directory, 1959-1960.


Folder 0147

A: Directory, 1960-1961. (Volumes 1960 – 1961 through 1962 – 1963 in 0147 envelope.)

0147 – B: Directory, 1961-1962.

0147 – C: Directory, 1962-1963.

0147 – D: Directory, 1962-1963 (Duplicate).


Folder 0148

A: Directory, 1963-1964. (Volumes 1963 – 1964 and 1971 – 1972 in 0148 envelope.)

0148 – B: Directory, 1971-1972.


Folder 0149

A: Directory, 1972-1973. (Volumes 1972 – 1973 through 1974 – 1975 in 0149 envelope.)

0149 – B: Directory, 1973-1974.

0149 – C: Directory, 1974 – 1975


BOX 13 Folders 0150 - 0156

Folder 0150

Directory, 1975-1976.


Folder 0151

Directory, 1976-1977.


Folder 0152

Directory, 1976-1977 (Duplicate).


Folder 0153

Directory, 1980-1981.


Folder 0154

Directory, 1982-1983.


Folder 0155

Directory, 1983-1984.


Folder 0156

Directory, Feb. 1995 (Listed as Confidential – for limited use).


BOX 14 Folders 0157 - 0166

Folder 0157

Homecoming Project – Bell School, Fan. Promotional fan for Junebug Productions’ Homecoming Project for Bell School, 10-26-18 (Oversize Box).


Folder 0158

Indexing OPSB Minutes, Grants. Details and reports of “Unclaimed History: The Orleans Parish School Board Collection at the University of New Orleans – Pilot Project,” funded by a Board of Regents grant (2010). Also, reports and correspondence related to two follow-up projects sponsored by the Midlo Center New Orleans Studies. 2014, 2015. Researchers went page-by-page through selected volumes of Orleans Parish School Board Minutes, recording names, summarizing meetings, and highlighting key issues. Material should be part of Orleans Parish School Board Collection (MSS 147) finding aids.


Folder 0159

Living and Learning in the New Orleans Public Schools, 1937. Promotional booklet showing images only of white children in the New Orleans Public Schools. In 1937, there were 57,496 white children in the public schools; however, the 29,062 African American children in the public schools were not represented in the book.


Folder 0160

Logo, New Orleans Public Schools. (In Oversize Box) “Working to Build Respect for Life, Property & Learning,” approximately 17” X 17,” printed by the NOPS Print Shop.


Folder 0161

Microfilm List, Orleans Parish School Board. List of NOPS documents on microfilm in the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Folder 0162

Operating Principles of the Orleans Parish School Board, 1986. Operating Principles of the Orleans parish School Board and Dr. Everett J. Williams, Superintendent (Board Member Harwood “Woody” Koppel refused to sign the document). Also includes 1974 campaign flyer listing the candidates: Rev. Edward A. Kennedy, Harwood “Woody” Koppel, Mrs. Rose Mary Loving, and Dr. Mack J. Spears.


Folder 0163

Recover OPSB Documents, 3510 Timbers. Unfunded project conducted by Al Kennedy, with assistance of James Lien (UNO Special Collections), to remove historical records of the Orleans Parish School Board from the 5th floor of 3510 Timbers, the New Orleans Public Schools administrative Center, which had been damaged during Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Folder contains correspondence from 2010-2011, notes, and hold-harmless forms, as well as additional information about the former McDonogh 16 site which was emptied before materials could be saved.


Folder 0164

Recover OPSB Documents, 3510 Timbers, Photos. 8X10 photos of project to recover New Orleans Public Schools records from 3510 Timbers Administrative Center. Includes images of “saved” materials that were boxed, placed in a place of safety, then flooded with 2 inches of water on the 5th floor. James Lien and Al Kennedy. Also several images of OPSB collection at UNO.


Folder 0165

Rules and Regulations, 1930. Rules and Regulations of the Orleans Parish School Board and the New Orleans Public Schools, 1930.


Folder 0166

Spelling List, 1930. The New Orleans Public School Spelling List, 1930.


SERIES 2: Music

Sub-Series 2.1 : Music in the Schools

BOX 15 Folders 0167 - 0175

Folder 0167

Delta Blues Education Program, 1993/94. Student Workbook and Journal, and Delta Blues Map Kit, 1993 – “descriptive notes on historical sites, jook joints, and blues festivals.”


Folder 0168

History of NOCCA, New Orleans International Music Colloquium, 1998. Presentation on History of NOCCA at the New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC) 1998. Includes: program of conference (Miss Busch honored); tentative schedule; and program for “The Roots and Revolution: New Generations in Jazz” field trip performance featuring Carl LeBlanc, Next Stop, and Donald Lewis.


Folder 0169

Music, Educational Benefits. News stories about the educational benefits of music programs for children.


Folder 0170

Music in the Schools, 1 of 3


    1. Musicians’ Guild of New Orleans-Article (Daily Picayune, November 1890)
    2. Music to be introduced in the Schools-Article (The Daily Picayune, November 15, 1890)
    3. List of Music Teachers in 1912- Clipping (Woods Directory, 1912)
    4. Orleans School Board Puts Ban on Jazz Dancing-Article (Times Picayune, March 25, 1922)
    5. Jazz Piano Playing Taught-Article (September 1926)
    6. Music in Catholic School-Article (La Weekly, April 1926)
    7. Community Singing-Article (La Weekly, April 1927)
    8. Lyric Packed to Witness Songfest- Article (LA Weekly, May 1927)
    9. New Orleans’ Greatest Musical Demonstration-Ad (La Weekly, April 1927)
    10. New Music School Opens on Rampart St.-Article (La Weekly May
    11. Music In the Colored Schools-Article (1939)
    12. Musicians Differ on Future of New Orleans Jazz-Article (Nov 1955)
    13. Public School Music Department Held Picturesque- Article (La Weekly, May 1955)
    14. Annual Public School Music Festive May 10-Article (La Weekly, May 7, 1955)
    15. No Auditions Scheduled for Negroes-Article (La Weekly Feb 1959)
    16. NOPS Negro Instrumental Music Teachers- List (1964-1965)
    17. Bands March in Suburbs- Article (Vol. 2. No. 11, 1979)
    18. Danneel Music-Article (Vol. 2, No. 11, 1979)
    19. Harte Sings (And How!)-Article (Vol. 2, No. 14, 1979)
    20. John McDonogh Outfoxes Nash Roberts-Article (Vol. 2, No.16, 1979)
    21. Emile Robichaux-Article (Vol. 2, No. 16, 1979)
    22. Nicholls Music-Article (Vol. 2, No. 16, 1979)
    23. From the Parade Route to the Concert Stage-Paper (Kennedy, Al 1985)
    24. Wavelength Article- (Al Kennedy, 1985)
    25. Rhythm and Blues-Article (Broven, John, 1988)
    26. Education Life-Articles (The New York Times, November 6, 1988)
    27. Louis Armstrong and Opera- Article (Berrett, Joshua, 1990)
    28. Major Jazz/Blues Artists in New Orleans-Listing (Earth Search Inc. April 16, 1990)
    29. The Church, the Family, and the School in the African American Community-Article (Billingsley, Andrew and Caldwell, Cleopatra, 1991)
    30. Gospel and Jazz on Carrollton Avenue-Flyer (Lafayette Elementary, November 16, 1991)
    31. Dillard University Choir-Messiah Program (December 8, 1991)
    32. New Orleans Map-Bunny Matthews, 1991
    33. An Interview with Rebecca Bower- Article (Johsen, Gladys, March 1992)
    34. An Interview with Ellen Taaffe Zwilich- Article (DeLorenzo, Lisa, March 1992)
    35. An Interview with Catherine Comet- Article (Scanlan, Mary, March 1992)
    36. NOPS Music Department Meeting- Agenda (February 21, 1992)
    37. Jazz Takes to the Waves-Article (September 25, 1992)
    38. Gospel Extravaganza-Programme- (Booker T. Washington HS, May 31, 1992)
    39. The Superintendent’s Music Festival-Flyer (April 23-24, 1992)


Folder 0171

Music in the Schools, 2 of 3

    1. NOPS Mardi Gras Parades: (February 1992)
  1. Marion Abramson High School- Memo
  2. George Washington Carver Junior-Senior High School-Memo
  3. Transportation Department Bus Schedule-Memo\
  4. Warren Easton Parade List-Memo
  5. Alfred Lawless High School Band-Memo
  6. Edward Livingston Middle School Parade Schedule-Memo
  7. Francis T. Nicholls Senior High School Parade Schedule
  8. Samuel J. Peters Middle School Parade List
  9. Sarah T. Reed Senior High School Parade Schedule
  10. Fannie C. Williams Middle School Parade Schedule
    1. “Bands to Keep Parade Dates”-Article (February 22, 1992)
    2. $11 million in Cuts OK’d for Schools-Article (August 1993)
    3. Raizin’ Kane for Kids (1993)
    4. Superintendent’s Musicale-Schedule (December 1993)
    5. Bands Squeak by on Little Money-Article (Times Picayune, January 11, 1993)
    6. School Halts Dances after N.O Shooting-Article (Times Picayune, January 26, 1993)
    7. Music Authorized in Colored Schools-UNO Archive (May 1994)
    8. Teacher Certificates Results-Record (1994)
    9. Renowned Mississippi Music Teacher Dies-Article (Times Picayune, July 11, 1994)
    10. Boys Choir of Harlem Saenger Theatre-Admit Card (February 25, 1994)
    11. Mardi Gras Parade Schedule for School Bands-Memo (Holmes, Morris 1995)
    12. Band Music? –Article (Rolfes, Annette, March 1996)
    13. Workshops Bring African Music to Chorus- Article (Faciane, Valerie,  Feb 1996)
    14. NOPS Superintendent’s Music Festival- Brochure (1996)
    15. NOPS Superintendents Music Festival-Schedule (March 22, 1996)
    16. Surprise Play-Article (Times Picayune, November 2, 1997)
    17. Jazz Workshop- Thank You Letter (1998)
    18. New Generations in Jazz Field Trip-Brochure – Roots and Revolution (LeBlanc, Carl, 1998)
    19. New Generations in Jazz Field Trip-Student Responses (1998)
    20. Jazz Workshop-Study Guide (Music Department NOPS, 1998)
    21. Jazz Workshop-Evaluations (1998)


Folder 0172

Music in the Schools, 3 of 3

    1. Cultural Resources News- Publication (May 1998)
    2. Deep in the Heart of Texas- Newsletters (Geoffray, Alice, 1999)

63a) First Edition

63b) Second Edition

63c) Third Edition

63d) Fourth Edition

    1. Teacher Magazine-Magazine (January 1999)
    2. School Taught Unique but Necessary Skills-Article (July 2000)
    3. Secretarial School Faculty, Alums Reunite- Article (July 2000)
    4. Battle of the Bands-Crescent City Crunk-Ticket (Nov 2004)
    5. Concerts Schedule-Article (Times Picayune, November 12, 2004)
    6. Giving Back to Our Bands-Article (Gambit Weekly, February 24, 2004)
    7. Leading Jeff Parade, Orleans Band Faces Insults-Article (Times Picayune, February 28, 2004)
    8. April 2005 NOPS Jazz Studies Program-Flyer (April 1, 2005)
    9. Alice R. Geoffray- Address
    10. School Bands Strike up Blaze of Sound-Article (Times Picayune, February 13, 2007)
    11. Most Bands Bounce Back Strong-Article (Times Picayune, February 13, 2007)
    12. I’m a Marcher, not a Walker-Article (Times Picayune, February 13, 2007)
    13. A New Realm of Jazz – Article (Bennett Elizabeth)
    14. Up From the Cradle of Jazz-Article (Berry, Jason- Foose, Jonathan & Jones, Tad)
    15. D. Antoinette Handy- Article
    16. Schooling and Early Musical Influences- Article
    17. Some Facts Concerning the B-Sharp Music Club- Article
    18. In Our Schools-Article
    19. Why We Teach Music-Article (Hurley, Martin & Caronna)
    20. The Music of the City-Flyer
    21. Biographical Questions-Paper
    22. “Jazz Sounds Death-Knell of Opera”-Article
    23. Danny Barker-(Excerpt from book, pg. 220-221)
    24. “Minutes”-Note Cards
    25. Music in Schools “Minutes”-Index from Orleans Parish School Board Minute Volumes


    1. Students Perform at Carver Debutant Ball-Photo (December 1989)
    2. Superintendents Music Awards- 2 Photos (April 1989)

4-90a-b) Choir

    1. Colton School Band Performing for Gayarre Mardi Gras Parade- Photo (1989)
    2. Choral Music Festival- 9 Photos (March 16, 1990) held at Sarah Towles Reed High School

92a-h) Students Performing

92i) Cheryl Tolbert-Bell Choral Director

    1. Performance – artists unnamed (1990-1991)
    2. Livingston-Photo Music teachers  in classroom (1992-1993)
    3. SUNO Homecoming- 2 Photos (1993)

95a) Band in the Rain

95b) Cheerleaders in the Rain

    1. Ivory Coast musician- (October 1993)
    2. Dr. Alice Geoffray with CIMT Staff (1995) – Lenoir Encalarde, Dr. Alice Geoffray, Alfred Richard, _____Gloria Boyd, Robert Kitchen, _______, Wilson Joseph.
    3. Dr. Alice Geoffray with Dr. Al Kennedy (1995) – Almonaster Ave. Office -
    4. Dr. Alice Geoffray Honored for her Work (1995)
    5.  “Another New Orleans Public School Band” - Mardi Gras Banner- McDonogh 35 Band (1986-1987)
    6.  Lusher Chorus Makes Tape (1988-1989)
    7.  Wheatley School  - student holding trumpet - Music (October 20, 1989)
    8. Copy of image of John McDonogh High School Orchestra (1936)
    9.  Member of “Adolescents” at Jazz Festival (1979) -
    10.  Bands Performing-3 Photos

105a-c) Student Musicians Performing (with symphony)

    1.  Jazz Outreach at Orpheum Theatre 2 Photos

106a-b) Audience in Theatre  - Shirley Corey, Peter Dombourian

    1.  Gentilly Terrace-Photo (Students Practice in Schoolyard)
    2.  Loyola University- Group
    3.  Loyola University- Performer
    4.  Students Practicing With Music Teacher Paul Batiste
    5.  Music Therapy at Charity Hospital-Federal Program
    6. 1993 Louisiana Jazz Federation Jazz Notes.
    7.  Kennedy Band in Rain – parade

Additional loose clippings added.


Folder 0173

Music Legislation. News clippings.


Folder 0174

Music Teachers, ca 1999. This folder contains information provided by music teachers (ca 1999) regarding how long they had been teaching music, who inspired them, and the schools where they taught.


Folder 0175

Scripts, NOIMC, OPSB. Includes presentations for the New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Orleans Parish School Board, and other events. These were the narrations for slide-show-and-PowerPoint presentations on educators, local musicians, and New Orleans Public School history.

1) Elias Barreiro Script- La Tarde- Queen of the Flowers  - New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Old Mint

2) Germaine Bazzle Script- New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Old Mint

3) Don Marquis Script - New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Old Mint

4) Big Chief Donald Harrison Script- New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Old Mint

5) Gerald Adams Script- New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Old Mint

6) Joe Logsdon Script- New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Old Mint

7) Joseph Logsdon Founders’ Luncheon, narration for: A. J. Guma and Michael Guma; Dr. 8) Bert Braud; Dr. Ernest Chachere; Stanley Mendelson; Lionel Ferbos.

8) Lecture for Louisiana State Museum,- November 20, 2008 – Public School Musicians

9) NOPS Public Schools PowerPoint- Timeless Heroes, Trying Times – Tulane University, Dec. 14, 2007

10) Alcide “Yellow” Nunez Script- 

11) Script about Lloyd J. Rittiner, retiring President of the Orleans Parish School Board

Yvonne Busch Slide Show- Script

12) Jazz in the Schools lecture, Dr. Connie Atkinson’s Class, 2-22-99.


Sub-Series 2.2: New Orleans Music

BOX 16 Folders 0176 - 0191

Folder 0176

Jazz in the Pass. Program for music festival in Pass Christian, MS, 2000. Correspondence from Jennie Lou Mintz.


Folder 0177

Jazz, Negative Stories. Local stories from the Times-Picayune or Louisiana Weekly presenting jazz as negative, including “Orleans School Board Puts Ban on Jazz Dancing,” 1922.


Folder 0178

Jazz, New Orleans. Includes newspaper articles from the Times-Picayune and other publications. (Folder includes clippings that need to be photocopied).


Folder 0179

Jazz New Orleans 1885-1963: An index to the Negro Musicians of New Orleans, Samuel B. Charters. Jazz New Orleans 1885-1963 – An index of the Negro Musicians of New Orleans by Samuel B. Charters – copy


Folder 0180

Jazz Photographers, Photo by Al Kennedy. Photograph of jazz photographers published in The Jazz Archivist, A Newsletter of the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive, Vol. XV (2001), p. 22.


Folder 0181

Lollapalooza ’96 Magazine. (IN OVERSIZE BOX)


Folder 0182

Music Calendar, 1997-98, New Orleans Music Industry Foundation. The 1997-98 New Orleans Louisiana Music Calendar. Nita Ketner, Project Coordinator. Five photos by Al Kennedy.


Folder 0183

New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC). This folder contains articles and newsletters about the New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC) showcasing recent research on New Orleans music. Includes the Ellington Centennial Colloquium, and Kennedy’s presentations on Clyde Kerr Sr. Big Chief Donald Harrison, and other New Orleans Public School musicians.


Folder 0184

New Orleans International Music Colloquium (NOIMC), Presentation Slides, 2000. Folder includes 11 sheets of 35-mm color slides of presentations made at 2000 New Orleans International Music Colloquium. Also see “Scripts” file. Includes various images of Harold Battiste, Germaine Bazzle, Don Marquis, Joseph Logsdon, Alcide “Yellow” Nunez and Nunez Family, Elias Barrairo, Gerald Adams,  Clyde Kerr Sr. and Clyde Kerr Jr. Includes photos from family scrapbooks. Additional images of McDonogh 35 (Rampart & Girod), Fannie C. Williams, Dr. Mack J. Spears, Osceola Blanchet, Sam Henry, Clarence Ford, Wilson Turbinton (Willie Tee),  Earl Turbinton, Danneel School, A. E. Perkins, Dave Bartholomew, and Louis Nelson performing at Lafayette Elementary.


Folder 0185

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Participation by Al Kennedy. Credentials, contracts, parking passes, and interview notes for Al Kennedy’s participation in the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival as a panel moderator, interviewer, or author in the Book Tent. 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2009, 2012. Interviews with Ronnie Kole and Wendell Brunious, and panelists, including Ellis Marsalis, Alvin Batiste, Clyde Kerr Jr. (cancelled because of rain), Joseph Torregano, Wilbert Rawlins, and Wardell Quezergue; and panel with Dr. Maurice Martinez and Kalamu ya Salaam. Panel photos: Dr. Joyce Jackson, Dr. Connie Atkinson,


Folder 0186

NOJHF Program 1970 (New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival). Photocopy.


Folder 0187

NOJHF Program 1975


Folder 0188

NOJHF Program 1976


Folder 0189

NOJHF Program 1980


Folder 0190

NOJHF Program 1982


Folder 0191

NOJHF Program 1983


BOX 17 0192 - 0207

Folder 0192

NOJHF Program 1984


Folder 0193

NOJHF Program 1985


Folder 0194

NOJHF Program 1986


Folder 0195

NOJHF Program 1987


Folder 0196

NOJHF Program 1988


Folder 0197

NOJHF Program 1989


Folder 0198

NOJHF Program 1990


Folder 0199

NOJHF Program 1991


Folder 0200

NOJHF Program 1992


Folder 0201

NOJHF Program 1993


Folder 0202

NOJHF Program 1994


Folder 0203

NOJHF Program 1995


Folder 0204

NOJHF Program 1996


Folder 0205

NOJHF Program 1997


Folder 0206

NOJHF Program 1998


Folder 0207

NOJHF Program 1999


BOX 18 Folders 0208 - 0223

Folder 0208

NOJHF Program 2000


Folder 0209

NOJHF Program 2001


Folder 0210

NOJHF Program 2002


Folder 0211

NOJHF Program 2003


Folder 0212

NOJHF Program 2004


Folder 0213

NOJHF Program 2005


Folder 0214

NOJHF Program 2006


Folder 0215

NOJHF Program 2007


Folder 0216

NOJHF Program 2008


Folder 0217

NOJHF Program 2009


Folder 0218

NOJHF Program 2010


Folder 0219

NOJHF Program 2011


Folder 0220

NOJHF Program 2012


Folder 0221

NOJHF Program 2013


Folder 0222

NOJHF Program 2014


Folder 0223

NOJHF Program 2015


BOX 19 Folders 0224 - 0230

Folder 0224

NOJHF Program 2016


Folder 0225

NOJHF Program 2017


Folder 0226

NOJHF Program 2018


Folder 0227

NOJHF Program 2019


Folder 0228

Nicknames in New Orleans Music. Article from May 1999, Offbeat.


Folder 0229

Remembering Song, Turner, Frederick, 1982. This folder contains a photocopy of Remembering Song: Encounters with the New Orleans Jazz Tradition (Frederick Turner, 1982), from the Professional Library of the New Orleans Public Schools.


Folder 0230

Second Line. New Orleans Jazz Club. Winter 1990 issue, and Fall 1988 “The Second Line 1980-1987 Index” issue.


Sub-Series 2.3: New Orleans Musicians

BOX 20 Folders 0231 - 0262

Folder 0231

Abraham, Wilson. Obit.


Folder 0232

Adams, Darryl Anthony “Lil Jazz.” Funeral Program.


Folder 0233

Adams, Dolly. Articles.


Folder 0234

Adams, Gerald. 35mm color slides, photos, news clippings, obit.


Folder 0235

Adams, Johnny. Articles, death notice.


Folder 0236

Agents, Managers. Correspondence, promotional materials.


Folder 0237

Ahmed, Babatunji. James Tucker. Memorial program, death notice.


Folder 0238

Albert, Don. Photos, news clippings.


Folder 0239

Alcorn, Alvin. Death notice, portrait, photo of Don Marquis, Alvin Alcorn, Clyde Kerr Jr., Al Belletto.


Folder 0240

Alexander, Adolphe. Obit.


Folder 0241

Alexander, Elliot Allen. Death notice.


Folder 0242

Alexis, Lucien V. Photo, news clippings, notes.


Folder 0243

Algiers, Exhibit. Correspondence, notes related to planning portable exhibits, LEH grant applications.


Folder 0244

Algiers, Jazz Walk of Fame. News clipping.


Folder 0245

Algiers, Musicians. News clipping, brochure for free walking tour by Kevin Herridge.


Folder 0246

Allen, Carol. Invitation to Allen’s book-signing, photo with George Dureau, Allen’s interview with Ernest Gaines, invitation to reception for Allen’s Leah Chase: Listen, I Say like This.


Folder 0247

Allen, Dick.  Richard B. Allen. Death notice, memorial invitation, resume, and tribute letters in The Jazz Archivist (Vol. XIV, 2000).


Folder 0248

Allen, Henry “Red.” News clippings.


Folder 0249

Allen, John Wesley III.  Death notice.


Folder 0250

Allen, Lee. News clippings, death notice, 1992 photo performing with Clarence Ford, Earl Palmer.


Folder 0251

Allie, Nonc. Photo: performing at Fireman’s Hall, 6-27-93 – Rand Speyrer’s Fais-Do-Do; news clipping.


Folder 0252

Always for Pleasure, Film.  Promotional materials, press releases, and publicity photos showing Joe Torregano in jazz funeral, Chief of the Black Eagles, Professor Longhair, St. Patrick’s Day parade, the Wild Tchoupitoulas.


Folder 0253

Ancestro. Photo showing Ancestro performing in French Quarter, news story.


Folder 0254

Anckle, Himas “Flo.” Death notice.


Folder 0255

Anderson, Carl. Brochure for Jazz Journey, UNO and Jazz Fest, 1997.


Folder 0256  

New Orleans in the Booker T. Washington Auditorium.


Folder 0257

Andersson, Theresa. Photo performing in the WWOZ studio.


Folder 0258

Andrews, Darnel “D-Boy.” Death notice.


Folder 0259

Andrews, James. Photo with band in hotel hallway, and in WWOZ studio.

Folder 0260

Armstrong, Louis 1 of 2. News clippings, tribute concerts, commemorative stamp, photo of stamp celebration showing Doc Cheatham, Kermit Ruffins, Nicholas Payton,  Centennial celebration, Includes stories about Louis Armstrong’s appearance in the 1949 Zulu parade.

Folder 0261

Armstrong, Louis 2 of 2. News clippings, tribute programs, photo of dedication of Armstrong Elementary School and program for the Official Name Change Ceremony from McDonogh 19 to Armstrong Elementary; copy of letters from Armstrong to Chris Clifton given by Chris Clifton;  printed handkerchief from the ceremony naming the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, August 2, 2001.

Folder 0262

Armstrong, Louis Satchmo Jazz Camp. News clippings, photos.


BOX 21 Folders 0263 - 0289

Folder 0263

Armstrong, Maude. News clippings.

Folder 0264

Arrested Development. Photos from Armstrong Park.

Folder 0265

Arriola, Marlon. Photo of Marlon performing in New Orleans Centre.


Folder 0266

Arthur Ashe School, Arts & Education Celebration. Program for celebration, April 27, 1998; Invitation for May 5, 1997; Photos of James Rivers and Cynthia Dewberry.


Folder 0267

Atkinson, Connie. CV; Correspondence; publication; letter to the editor; program for UNO Graduate School’s History of New Orleans Lecture Series, 1-23-07; photos: David Horn at Arthur Ashe School, Connie with Tony Bazley, Connie with Lois Dejean.


Folder 0268

Attorneys for Musicians. Brochure: Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.


Folder 0269

Aubry, Dr. Albert Joseph. Death notice.


Folder 0270

Aubert, Tyronne. Performed with the Aubry Twins. Death notice.


Folder 0271

B- Sharp Music Club. News clippings, correspondence, news clippings; funeral program for Mildred Robichaux Rousseve; Robert Perry Singers honor Rev. Dr. Robert F. Harrington; Recital, The Opera Guild.


Folder 0272

Baby Dolls. Walking Raddy Book Launch; 2nd Annual Black Storyville Cultural Heritage Awards.


Folder 0273

Bachemin, Johnnie. Death notice.


Folder 0274

Bachemin, Moe. Death notice.


Folder 0275

Bad Oyster Band. Flyer for band’s performance at Donna’s.


Folder 0276

Badie, Peter “Chuck.” News clippings, notes from conversations, photos from the flood-damaged Ninth Ward in and around Badie’s home, Musicians’ Village homes under construction, friends helping Badie, honor at Xavier University and photos of event, copy of photo of Badie’s wife from Badie’s flooded home, list of Habitat for Humanity home owners in Musicians’ Village, bio, 1956 photo of Badie in The Jazz Archivist, copy of New Orleans Heritage, Jazz: 1956 – 1966 by Harold Battiste.


Folder 0277

Ball, Marcia. Photos, Kenner Fest 1990.


Folder 0278

Balfa, Dewey. Death notice.


Folder 0279

Bands and the New Orleans Public Schools. Article: “The Marching Bands of Carnival,” by Bunny Matthews, Wavelength, 1982; program for Superintendent’s Music Festival, 1996; photos of students carrying “Another New Orleans Public School Band” banner in parades; public school student groups performing in public venues, Paul Batiste with students; Con Brio Chorale. See also “Sedries 2: Music,” in this collection.


 Folder 0280

Baptiste, Othello. Death notice, funeral photo newspaper clipping.


Folder 0281

Baquet, Eddie Sr., and Lawrence Baquet Sr.  Death notices for Eddie Baquet Sr., restauranteur, and Lawrence “Larry” Earl Baquet Sr., New Orleans Public School District truck driver.


Folder 0282

Barbarin, Louis and Lucien. Death notice for Louis Barbarin. Photo of Louis Barbarin and Danny Barker at 4th Annual Jazztown Awards, Snug Harbor, 10/2/93; Photo of Lucien Barbarin, and bio; news story on Barbarin family tomb.


Folder 0283

Barberot, “Pat.” Ladner Joseph “Pat” Barberot, Jr. Death notice. Pat Barberot orchestra.


Folder 0284

Barker, Blue Lu. News clipppings, death notice, business card, correspondence, and photos from the Lafayette Elementary with Oliver Thomas, Doc Cheatham at Gospel & Jazz on Carrollton Ave., early 1990s.


Folder 0285

Barker, Danny 1 of 3. 1991 interview transcript, funeral program, bio, articles, tributes, photo by Bryan Hithe,


Folder 0286

Barker, Danny 2 of 3. Article in Cultural Vistas, Photo: wake service at Gallier Hall;  10/16/91 - Jazz Awareness - McMain (music) Gregg Stafford, Danny Barker, Walter Lewis, Jonathan Bloom, David Grillier; with Myrna Bright in NOPS studio; with Adam and Jennie Kennedy; with Gayarre Jazz Babies, 11-7-88.


Folder 0287

Barker, Danny 3 of 3. Photos from funeral. Gregg Stafford, Wanda Rouzan; Babatunji Ahmed;


Folder 0288

Barnes, Sunpie. Bruce Sunpie Barnes. Articles, performance photos, and appearance with Willie Dixon at Gregory Junior High 3-25-91.


Folder 0289

Barnes, Wade. New York based drummer with The Brooklyn Four Plus One. Worked with New Orleans schools. Includes: “Final Project I – Opportunities for Growth – Creating a Cultural Infrastructure,” and “The Metaphysics of Music: Essays on Music and Education.”


BOX 22 Folders 0290 - 0318

Folder 0290

Barrett, “Sweet Emma.” Articles. Photos from honor and performance at New Orleans City Council, late 1970s.


Folder 0291

Barriero, Elias. News clippings, rough interview notes, photos.


Folder 0292

Barry, Rebecca. Photo fragments from WWOZ studio.


Folder 0293

Barthe, Doris Duvigneaud.  Listings in 1940s NOPS directories.


Folder 0294

Bartholomew, Dave. News clippings, bio, business card, program from 1998 Project Prodigy Band Concert. Photos: Old Mint Performance with Sam Henry, Wardell Quezergue, Steve Teeter, Clinton J. Scott, Charles “Chuck” Siler, and Don “Big Moose” Jamison; performance in Blue Room; performing with students 7-11-98 in band led by Jerry McGowan; and with Clyde Kerr Sr.  Big Band in the Tic Toc Club.


 Folder 0295

Basha, Alberta. Former secretary at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Notes, news clipping.


Folder 0296

Bass “Sticks.” Cornelius C. “Sticks” Bass. Death notice.


Folder 0297

Batiste, Alvin 1 of 2. News articles, research notes, ’72 – ’73 “School Day Programs” from Cultural Resources;  Photos from NOPS Cultural Resources: “… University Jazz Ensemble performance at the University of Cameroon, Yaounde’. (torn); photo from NOPS by Roy Trahan of Earl King and Earl Turbinton; and “Batiste learning Togolese dances at his clinic on jazz in Lome’. Also includes notes from June 27, 2000 phone interview with Edith Chatters Batiste, former student of Yvonne Busch at B.T. Washington Senior High, and wife of Alvin Batiste.


Folder 0298

Batiste, Alvin 2 of 2. Notes from March 19, 1996 interview; business card for Alvin Batiste and the Jazzstronauts; listing as guest artist in letter from Shirley Corey; death notice; news stories, performance announcements; Photo of Alvin batiste in a classroom from New Orleans Public Schools Office of Cultural Resources;  Copy of photo of “Adolescence” with Stanley Stephens, Ben Singleton, Julius Handy, Alvin Batiste, Tony Dillon, Chris Severin - early 1970s; at Snug Harbor;


Folder 0299

Batiste Brothers. Notes from Gospel & Jazz on Carrollton Ave. at Lafayette Elementary; performance announcements; business cards; 1995 photo with Joe Mills, Jonathan Bloom, Paul Batiste, Frank Richard; Photo with Brian Joseph, Paul batiste, Emille Hall, and Steven Johnson.


Folder 0300

Batiste, Joseph Q. Death notice.


Folder 0301

Batiste, Lawrence. Notes, articles, two signed oral history permissions; interview notes; correspondence; photo with Riverwalk Jazz band with Freddie Lonzo and Lars Edegran.


Folder 0302

Batiste, Lionel. One photo of “Uncle” Lionel Batiste singing while Don Vappie looks on.


Folder 0304

Batiste, Milton. Death notice.


Folder 0305

Batiste, Paul. Interview notes, 1995; 1995 photo with Joe Mills, Jonathan Bloom, Paul Batiste, Frank Richard; Batiste poses with piano in school classroom; photos of Jazz Fest performance; photo in WWOZ studio;


Folder 0306

Batiste, Harold 1 of 2.  Funeral program; correspondence; Photo performing at Bultman Funeral Home 1-23-94 with Ellis Marsalis, Germaine Bazzle, Jason Marsalis, Jason Marsalis, Delfeayo Marsalis; performance photo; interview in WWOZ; cover story in Cultural Vistas; news clippings.


Folder 0307

Batiste, Harold 2 of 2. “Compact Disks as Historical Documentation,” by Harold Battiste; tributes; performance at Bultman Funeral Home; interview notes; cover story for OffBeat; performance photos; news clippings; program from UNO Metropolitan College – Center Austria, “The New Orleans/Salzburg Session,” 2000; copies of photos of UNO students honoring Battiste at Vista Shores Assisted Living Center.


Folder 0308

Baumgartner, Fannie. Former member of the Orleans Parish School Board who recommended that jazz be banned. Gravesite location in Hope Mausoleum on Canal Street.


Folder 0309

Bauer, Nicholas. Copy of 1902 New Orleans Public Schools official report from Nicholas Bauer to Warren Easton stating that the “natural ability” of African American students “is of a low character.”


 Folder 0310

Bazile, Bridget. News clipping.


Folder 0311

Bazley, Tony “Oulaboula.” Also, Anthony “Bebop” Bazley, (Oulabula).  Funeral program; programs for “A Gospel Musical Extravaganza”; Interview transcript; news clippings; notes; photos; prints of “New Orleans Second Line,” “Jazz Jam Session,” and “Rose,” autographed.


Folder 0312

Bazzle, Germaine. Notes, news clippings, articles, interview notes, photocopy of Xavier Junior School of Music identifying  Ed Frank, Ann Bouise, Germaine Bazzle, Joe Myers, Frank Gonzales, Ellis Marsalos, and others; photo of Satchmo Summer Jazz Camp faculty, including Alvin Batiste, Wynton Marsalis, Jonathan Bloom, Kent Jordon, Clyde Kerr Jr., Edward Kidd Jordan, and others.


Folder 0313

Beal, Elliot. Death notice, news clipping, notes.


Folder 0314

Beasley, Kenyatta. News clippings.


Folder 0315

Beatle Bob. News clippings, photos at Tower Records and 1999 Jazz Fest.


Folder 0316

Beau, Jocque. Article, photo from 1993 Jazz Fest.


Folder 0317

Be Bop. 1949 Times Picayune article: “The Battle Against Bebop.”


Folder 0318

Bechet, Sidney, Conference. 1997. News clippings, conference program. Photos:  Babatunji Ahmed interviewing Daniel Bechet (son of Sidney Bechet) – with Tommy Morgan; Joe Logsdon and Daniel Bechet; Harold Batiste and Joe Logsdon; band featuring Michael White, Gregg Stafford; other photos with John Chilton, parade with Joe Logsdon, David Horn, Ellis Marsalis, Connie Atkinson, Brass Band parade.


BOX 23 Folders 0319 - 0362

Folder 0319

Bell, Warren Sr. Notes, death notice, and tribute by Henry Lacey.


Folder 0320

Belletto, Al. Death notice, notes.


Folder 0321

Bellvie, Albert Jr. Death notice.


Folder 0322

Bemiss, Al. Notes, news clipping.


Folder 0323

Benevolent Societies. News clippings.


Folder 0324

Benford, Tommy. Death notice.

Folder 0325

Benjamin School. 1936 Louisiana Weekly article about parent attempt to change name of Judah P. Benjamin School to Mamie Conrad School. Board opted to call it Booker T. Washington.

Folder 0326

Bennett, Lillian.  Death notice.


Folder 0327

Bennett, Wayne. Photo contact sheet showing Wayne Bennett at WWOZ, 4-8-92; Photo of Bennett’s funeral; funeral program; death notice.


Folder 0328

Berenedt, Joachim-Ernest.  Death notice.


Folder 0329

Berfect, Sammy. Samuel Berfect Jr. News clipping and death notice.


Folder 0330

Bering, Charlie. Death notice, news clipping.


Folder 0331

Bernard, Annabelle. Opera singer. Clippings about her career and death notice.


Folder 0332

Berthelot, John. Teacher, musician, composer. News clipping, promotional post card, and death notice.


Folder 0333

Bess, Julia Doyle. Death notice.


Folder 0334

Bickham, David. Death notice.


Folder 0335

Big Jack Johnson. Photos at Jazz Fest.


Folder 0336

Birmingham Jazz. Information about Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, and booklet: “Birmingham Jazz Greats.”


Folder 0337

Bishop, Walter. Death notice.


Folder 0338

Black Eagles. Promotional photo from Always for Pleasure film.


Folder 0339

Black Hawk. Flier about Black Hawk, Indian Spirit Guide.


Folder 0340

Black History- Cemetery. Copy of flyer for New Orleans Black History Tour.


Folder 0341

Black, James. News clippings, info from New Orleans Heritage booklet by Harold Battiste.


Folder 0342

Black Men of Labor. Fliers for parades, New Orleans Legacy Awards (1998); news clippings.

Folder 0343

Black Menace. Photo of students holding band posters.


Folder 0344

Black Music Hall of Fame. Photos and clippings about groundbreaking for Black Music Hall of Fame in 1994. Groundbreaking photo shows Ernie K-Doe, Wanda Rouzan, Harold Battiste.

Folder 0345

Black New Orleans. Article on Black New Orleans (American Legacy Summer 2000) by Keith Weldon Medley. Article in 1881 in Weekly Louisianian, “Growth of the Colored Population in the South.”


Folder 0346

Blackwell, Ed. News clippings and death notice.


Folder 0347

Blanchard, Terrence. News clippings about Blanchard’s career, photo of Blanchard and Donald Harrison Jr. at NOCCA Jazz Workshop, 1988; and funeral program for Oliver Joseph Blanchard, Terrance’s father.


Folder 0348

Blanchet, Osceola.  Copy pages from 1930 McDonogh 35 yearbook, The Roneagle; correspondence; news clippings; copies of B-Sharp Music Club programs; copy of McDonogh 35 Hi Smile (1928); information about the Osceola Five, and Lord Beaconsfield Landry, who was a member of the Osceola Five; copy of McDonogh 35 School Bulletins, 1966; Photo of Anona Blanchet Bulls and Jocelyn Patricia “Patsy” Blanchet Pierce (daughters); death notice for Cleolus Leonidas Blanchet; partial list of Blanchet references in Tulane’s Hogan Jazz Archive; articles; listings in New Orleans Public School Directories; Photo of Blanchet gravesite in Mt. Olivet Cemetery; Photo s of Osceola Blanchet playing the organ in Central Congregational Church, ca 1985; photo copied from Blanchet’s daughter of opera rehearsal at Blanchet home; photo of Osceola Five; Copy of Paddio photo of McDonogh 35 students with Mr. Blanchet; photo copy of photo of operetta cast from McDonogh 35.


Folder 0349

Blind Tom.  Copy of notice from 1950 Pittsburgh Courier’s National Edition about Blind Tom, the stage name for musical prodigy Thomas Bethune.


Folder 0350

Bloom, Jonathan. Interview transcript, 1996; business card; news clippings; research notes; program for Jazz Outreach Workshop, 1990, Orpheum; and information about Harmon International Music Education Program.  Photos: Doc Cheatham gives trumpet mouthpiece to Christian Scott; Bloom conducts student band with Doc Cheatham; Bloom performs at opening of Hibernia bank at corner of Phosphor Avenue and Veterans Blvd., Metairie; with Olympia Brass Band; with Earl King and George Porter; Others in photos: Maynard Chatters, Mark Chatters, Elton Heron, Emile Vinet; 10-17-2000 - JazzTown Awards from Jazz Federation - Group shot - Frank Parker, Cafe Brasil owner, Al Kennedy, Robichaux, Jonathan Bloom


Folder 0351

Blouin, Charles Jr. Death notice.


Folder 0352

Bluebirds. Photos from 2003 Jazz Fest.

Folder 0353

Blues. Articles and news clippings about the blues (in New Orleans and elsewhere), blues festivals, blues performers,


Folder 0354

Blues Traveler Bassist Bobby Sheehan. Death notice.


Folder 0355

Bo, Eddie. Death Notice; Performance at Jeff Fest in Lafreniere Park, 10-17-92, and performance Schedule for Jeff Fest; performance photo at Jazz Fest 1993.


Folder 0356

Boggs, Grace Lee. News clipping and announcement of speaking engagement at UNO’s Woman’s Center.


Folder 0357

Bolden, Buddy. Flyer for Buddy Bolden Jazz Funeral and unveiling of Memorial Marker in Holt Cemetery, September 6, 1996; event program; news clippings; press release; correspondence; Photos of memorial marker, participants in jazz funeral, guests, jazz funeral procession entering Holt Cemetery.


Folder 0358

Bond, Julian. News clipping and flyer announcing lecture at the University of Texas  Law School, notes.

Folder 0359

Boogie Kings. Photo at 1993 Jeff Fest.


Folder 0360

Booker, James. OffBeat article, and photo of gravesite in Providence Park.


Folder 0361

Books- Music. Article about New Orleans R&B books.

Folder 0362

Borders, Florence.  Interview transcript (1994); photo at Southern University.


Box 24 Folders 0363 - 0416

Folder 0363

Boswell Sisters. Correspondence regarding book, news clippings.


Folder 0364

Boudreaux, John. Notes from phone interview, death notice.


Folder 0365

Boutte, Lillian. Interview notes, news clippings, biographical sketch.


Folder 0366

Boyle, Jeanne Iris. Death notice.


Folder 0367

Brass Bands. Two news clippings from The Louisianian (1881 & 1882) referencing the Pickwick, Excelsior, and Assumption brass bands.


Folder 0368

Braud, Dr. Bert.   List of students Dr. Braud taught, clubs played in, musical influences; business card; bio; interview transcript; NOCCA opening session (1974)  listing Braud among the faculty;  NOCCA newsletter; correspondence; Photo: New Orleans International Music Colloquium 4-22-98, Al Kennedy, Sam Scarnato, Shirley Corey, Kent Jordon, Tom Tews, Bert Braud; Early NOCCA photo showing students with Lorraine Alfaro, Bert Braud, and Ellis Marsalis.

Folder 0369

Braud, Mark. Two photos performing at Nickel-a-Dance at Café Brasil.


Folder 0370

Breaux, McNeal. Correspondence, bio, phone interview notes, and two transcript pages of interview from Hogan Jazz Archive.


Folder 0371

Brent, Charlie. Death notice.

Folder 0372

Brereton, Mick. Memorial program.


Folder 0373

Bridges, Ruby. News clippings; notes; correspondence; Request for Proposals for Scientific Studies on the Subject of Forgiveness; booklet for the “Ruby Bridges Statue Unveiled” ceremony on 11-14-2014; Photo of Ruby Bridges re-entering Frantz School 11-14-95; “First Day of School: A Celebration of Courage.”  


 Folder 0374

Brimmer, Elijah. Notes; Photos in Fortier band room, students, and with Don “Big Moose” Jamison.

Folder 0375

Brister, Jermaine. Death notice.


Folder 0376

Broadcast Arts Museum. Information about New Orleans Radio Theatre.


Folder 0377

Brock, Jerry. Notes about Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore; photos from Brock’s tour of Treme.

Folder 0378

Brown, Clarence “Junie Boy” “Mule,” Jr. Death notice.


Folder 0379

Brown, Gatemouth Clarence. News clippings; articles; announcement for jazz funeral for “Gatemouth” Brown; Contact sheet of images of “Gatemouth” Brown cooking red beans – negatives in possession of Keith Calhoun; “Gatemouth” Brown at Laurel School, 82-83; One print of “Gatemouth: Brown at home making red beans (by Keith Calhoun).


Folder 0380

Brown, Harold Ray. Business card.

Folder 0381

Brown, James. News clipping.

Folder 0382

Brown, Kerry. Photos in Louisiana Music Factory, Jazz Fest, in WWOZ studio with Earl Palmer, John Sinclair, Herman Ernest, 2-5-93; with Leon Russell at Jeff Fest, 1993.


Folder 0383

Brown, Pud. Albert “Pud” Brown. Death notice; bio; memorial program; performing with Lionel Ferbs at Lafayette Elementary; funeral procession; memorial at Palm Court;

Folder 0384

Brumat, George. Death notice.

Folder 0385

Brunious, Wendell. News clippings, interview questions; notes, photos of Al Kennedy interviewing Brunious at Jazz Fest (4/24/99), and performing at 1999 Festival.

Folder 0386

Bryan, Aubry. News clippings.


Folder 0387

Bryan, Courtney. Performance flyers.


Folder 0388

Buck, George.  

Folder 0389

Buildings, Jazz Clubs, Lost or threatened. News articles,including one referencing Bulls Aid and Pleasure Club, flyer for Cradle of Jazz Tours.

Folder 0390

Buras, Gilbert. Death notice.


Folder 0391

Burbank, Charles. Death notice, funeral program.


Folder 0392

Business of Music. Article


Folder 0393

Butera, Sam. Article, and photos from 1992 performance in City Park. Also photo with Frank Davis WWL.


Folder 0394

Butler, David. Information from Butler’s exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art, also bio.


Folder 0395

 Butler, Henry. Correspondence related to Butler’s work at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, news clippings, interview transcript, notes, photo of Butler being interviewed in WWOZ tent at 92 Jazz Fest; photo of school performance; flyer for TRAC Creative Music & Jazz Camp for blind and visually impaired teen musicians,


Folder 0396

Butler, Kenneth. Death notice.


Folder 0397

Butler, Sid. (Syd) Notes; news clipping; photocopy of personal photos overwritten with some identifications (copy negatives in personal collection of Al Kennedy): – bands at Vance AFB in Enid (ca 1951); Jerry Bennett with Booker T. Washington Band (ca 1954); program cover from Gospel Chorus at Tulane Memorial Baptist Church (1983) with Thomas Hebert, Moses Hogan, Mark Brooks; Roy Montrell Trio with Butler on drums, Lawrence Guyton (ca 1954); childhood photos; and Booker T. Washington Band (1949-50 school year) with Doris Duvigneaud Barthe, Harold Seals, Alvin Batiste, Edith Chatters; Jazz Fest 1992  with Edith Chatters Batiste and Ms. Jordon.


Folder 0398

Byrd, Charlie. Death notice.


Folder 0399

Byrd, Mildred. Death notice.


Folder 0400

Byrd, Syndey Photos. Article, business card, bio, list of her photos.


Folder 0401

Cachao. Israel "Cachao" Lopez - pioneer of the mambo.  6/19/94 – Two photos from performance at Carnival Latino.


Folder 0402

Caesar, Warren. Death notice.


Folder 0403

Cahn, Jules. Death notice, funeral article.


Folder 0404

Caldwell, Dr. Joe L. Funeral program.


Folder 0405

Calhoun, Keith. Photo at concession stand at Jazz Fest, and newspaper clippings.


Folder 0406

Caliste, Lester. Bio.


Folder 0407

Calloway, Cab. News clipping about Calloway suffering a stroke.


Folder 0408

Campo, Murphy. Death notice.


Folder 0409

Candomble Blessing, Mae Stella. News clipping.


Folder 0410

Carbo, Chuck. Photo from 1993 record-release at Louisiana Music Factory; news clippings; death notice.


Folder 0411

Carver High School. News clipping from 1955, 1959 (Sock Hop) and copy of 2005 program form Wonderful World of Jazz Foundation’s presentation of instruments.


Folder 0412

Cassanova, F. A. Death notice.


Folder 0413

Castille, Hadley. News clippings; photos from 1988 performance at Jazz Fest and in Lafayette La in 1982.


Folder 0414

Catalano, Charlie “Cat.” News clipping.


Folder 0415

Catrin, Finch. Harpist. News clippings, performance program and admission ticket.


Folder 0416

Celestin, Oscar “Papa.” News clipping, and death notice from 1954.


BOX 25 Folders 0417 - 0450

Folder 0417 Central Congressional Church. Booklet: Our Centennial Year: An Historic Past, A Dynamic Present, A Challenging Future, 1872 – 1972. Booklet includes many  names (list of church pastors) and photos, such as Florence Annie Dunn Swan, Lucille Hutton, Gladys Jones Hill, Rev. Henderson Dunn, Dr. Mack Spears, Dr. and Mrs. George Thomas; also draft of “A Historical Sketch” used in booklet.


Folder 0418

Chachere, Dr. Ernest. Photo, notes, letter to the editor about Edwin Hampton.


Folder 0419

Chaffe, John. Death notice.


Folder 0420

Chaligny, Paul. Listed in Samuel Charters index; notes from Hogan archive.


Folder 0421

Charles, Erving Jr. Death notice.


Folder 0421

Chase Family. Edgar “Dooky,” Leah Chase, Leah Chase-Kamata. Photos of Dooky and Leah together; Dooky in bar area of restaurant, Leah with stove that fed the Civil Rights movement 5-15-06 before it was put in museum; Leah entering FEMA trailer, Carol Allen at Louisiana Book Festival with Leah Chase; Leah Chase Kamata performing in French market; news clippings from 1959 Louisiana Weekly, flyer for dedication of Leah Chase Louisiana Gallery in Southern Food and Beverage Museum, 2009; notes, correspondence.


Folder 0422

Chatters, Maynard. Business card; photo from 1995 performance at Gregory Junior High, schedule of 1995 performances with Jammin’ With Jazz, and death notices for Orleane Hughes Chatters and Rutherford Hayes Chatters Jr.


Folder 0423

Chavis, Boozoo. Death notice, and 1999 OffBeat article.


Folder 0424

Cheatham, “Doc.” Adolphus Anthony “Doc” Cheatham. Articles, news clippings, correspondence, press releases, invitations, programs, flyers, memorial fan, death notice, Al Kennedy’s remarks for memorial celebration, and photos: recording with Nicholas Payton at Ultrasonic Studio, 1996; Doc Cheatham’s grandson performing at Nickel-A-Dance; performance photos at Lafayette Elementary School-and interactions with students; House of Blues – Jazz Awareness; Sheraton Jazz Outreach; at private party. Included in the images are Blue Lu Barker, Jonathan Bloom, Tom Jacobsen, Nicholas Payron, Ernie Elly, Peter “Chuck” Badie, Les Muscutt, Brian O’Connell, Andrea Duplessis; and, wearing Doc Cheatham’s ties: Lionel Ferbos, Willie Spoden, Al Kennedy, Sue Hall, Brian O’Connell.  


Folder 0425

Chenier, Clifton. Death notice.


Folder 0426

Children’s Art Fest. May 28,1994. Flyer. Also includes several listings from “Arts in Education” page from index of New Orleans Public Schools photo negatives.


Folder 0427

Chilton, John. Author. Correspondence.


Folder 0428

Christian, Marcus. Article: “Marcus Christian: The Man and His Collection,” by Marilyn S. Hessler, Louisiana History, Winter 1987.


Folder 0429

Clarinet Mural. News clipping about dedication of the clarinet mural on the side of the Holiday Inn Downtown Superdome, 1996. Article mentions Walter F. Harris, music director at Kennedy Senior High.


 Folder 0430

Clarinet Workshop. Flyer for 1997 Jazz Clarinet Workshop hosted by Alvin Batiste at the Nelson Elementary School, and sponsored by the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park.


Folder 0431

Clark, Joseph S., High School. 1950s era news clippings.


Folder 0432

Clark, Thais. Bio and photos from Jazz Federation Workshop, Lafayette Elementary, 4-10-95.


Folder 0433

Clark, Warren and French Quarter Jazz Band. Photo - French Quarter Fest. Bob, NOPS Administrative Center 4100 Touro Street Engineer, plays sax.


Folder 0434

Clement, Bernard Francis “Benny.”  Death notice.


Folder 0435

Clifton, Chris. Magazine articles, news clippings, business card, correspondence (with Louis Armstrong), copy photos from Clifton (enclosed labels identify the copy photos); also photos from Clifton’s appearance on Jazz Fest panel, performing at Andrea Duplessis Mardi Gras party, and speaking at dedication of the Armstrong International Airport, August 2001.


Folder 0436

Clinic – New Orleans Musicians Clinic. News clipping, 1999.


Folder 0437

Code 6. Louisiana Jukebox press release mentions CODE 6 (Second-Line Hip-Hop), former student at L. B. Landry High School.


Folder 0438

Colar, George “Kid Sheik”. Death notice.


Folder 0439

Colindres, Julia Lejarza. Death notice.


Folder 0440

Collins, Albert. Death notice.


Folder 0441

Collins, Charles. Artist, truck driver for the New Orleans Public Schools. Interview transcript, 1998; news clippings about his 1991 Zulu poster; photo in Neighborhood Gallery with Sandra Berry.


Folder 0442

Collins, Mary J. Death notice.


Folder 0443

Coltrane, John. News clippings about the St. John Coltrane African Orthodox Church in San Francisco; program for “John Coltrane’s Landmark Suite: A Love Supreme,” 2-27-08, Holy Name of Jesus Church.


Folder 0444

Colyer, Ken. News clipping.


Folder 0445

Coman, Rene. New Orleans Public Schools District Superintendent. Listed among performers at First Annual LSU Jazz Festival, ca 1963.


Folder 0446

Congo Square. News clippings about listing Congo Square on the National Register pf Historic Places, 1998; and article by Jerah Johnson.


Folder 0447

Connick Jr., Harry. Correspondence and minutes of the Orleans Parish School Board regarding Connick’s admission to the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts (NOCCA) as a non-public student, (1980), bio, news clippings,


Folder 0448

Coolbone. News clippings, background information, performance flyer, and photos: performance at Lafayette Elementary music festival 11-14-98, and Opening of School rally 8-14-99 (New Orleans Public Schools)


Folder 0449

Cooper, Nat. Death notice.


Folder 0450

Corey, Shirley. Material in this folder related to Suberies 3.3: New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA). News clippings, correspondence related to the New Orleans Public Schools and Arts in Education (historical material on NOCCA), index of Corey’s papers in the Orleans Parish School Board Collection - MSS 147, research notes, transcripts of interviews conducted on 2-22-96 and 3-16-96, bio, and photo of Shirley Corey and Edwin Friedrich.


BOX 26 Folders 0451 – 0492

Folder 0451

Costa Jr., Anthony. Death notice.


Folder 0452

Cottrell, Louis. Photos from Jazz fest 4-27-96 with mother, Carol Chevaliar, secretary to Superintendent of the New Orleans Public Schools. Also info on Cottrell family from NOJS Jazz Central – December 1995.


Folder 0453

Country Music Hall of Fame. Brochure from Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Nashville, and post cards.


Folder 0454

Copyright. Folder from BMI (including Music Performance Agreement), and booklet: Performing Rights in Music and Performing Rights Societies, 1986.


Folder 0455

Cowboy Mouth. Photo – 1993 Jazz Fest, band member climbs to stand above speakers on stage – distant shot.


Folder 0456

Cox, Curtis, Jr. Death notice.


Folder 0457

Coycault, Jerome. Death notice, 1928 Louisiana Weekly.


Folder 0458

Craig Elementary School & Joseph Craig.  1923 &1927 news clippings about Craig School, and 1879 clipping about Joseph Craig (possibly from The Louisianian). Photo showing “Restore the Oaks Celebration.” 2003, parade passing by with school building in the background.


Folder 0459

Crawford, Davell. News clippings, correspondence, 1993 graduation program for Kennedy Senior High, and photos: 1992 Jazz Fest; Sung Harbor 5-28-92; Gayarre/Haley Elementary 10-22-92; Tipitina’s 9-18-92; graduation from Kennedy Senior High in UNO Arena 5-28-93; Summer Jazz Concerts Armstrong Park/Congo Square with Tom Dent 8-23-97.


Folder 0460

Crawford, David. Death notice.


Folder 0461

Crawford Jr., James, “Sugarboy.”  News clippings and death notice; announcement for locksmith business; business card; transcript for interview with Crawford and Alvin “Nat” Cooper and Yvonne Busch, 4-20-95; correspondence; Photo from Jazz Fest 1992 with Davell Crawford; with Dr. John at Lafayette Elementary 11-14-92; performing with Davell Crawford at Jazz Fest 4-30-94; Gospel Music Extravaganza at Haven Methodist Church organized by Tony Bazley; Mahalia Jackson Lifetime Achievement Award, 10-27-10; envelope of photos from Crawford.


Folder 0462

Crawford, Paul.  Death notice, news clippings.


Folder 0463

Crescent City Big Band. Photos of performance at Lafreniere Park 5-13-99, Wilber Philips on saxophone.

Folder 0464

Crescent City Blues Club. Correspondence; program for “Blues Who’s Who – Blues in the Schools concert, Livingston Middle School, October 28. 1994 – featuring T. J. Wheeler; photo of Jan Ramsey at table at Crescent City Blues Club benefit for music in schools at Jimmy's  - 6/17/95; Crescent City Blues Club Newsletter; Ready Teddy, performer and WWOZ DJ making an introduction; Corey Harris.


Folder 0465

Crescent City Symphony. Copy of photo from Clyde Kerr Jr. Four members identified by Percy Humphrey on July 15, 1995. (Left to right, standing): 1) Henry Pritchard; 2) William Eli Humphrey; 5) Clyde Kerr Sr.; 7) Oscar Henry.


Folder 0466

Crocker, Lawrence Doresmond. Educator. Death notice, news clipping, and correspondence.


Folder 0467

Crosby, Richard. Newspaper clippings, research paper.


Folder 0468

Crusto, Manuel. Death notice.


Folder 0469

Cuban Connection. News clippings, and article: “Cuban Influences on New Orleans Music,” in Vol. XIII (1988-1999) of the Jazz Archivist,


Folder 0470

Cubanissimo. News clipping.


Folder 0471

Cutting Edge Festival. Programs for 1998 & 1999 Cutting Edge Music Business Conference, news clippings, photo of unidentified musicians performing on 8-28-99.


Folder 0472

Dabney, Sullivan.  News clippings, bio, performance announcements, business card, transcript of 1995 interview, death notice for his father, Sullivan Jacob Dabney (1997). Photos: photo in Carver yearbook; performances; Riverside Ramblers with Gene Scaramuzzo in Audubon Park 3-14-93, and in French Quarter Tomato Festival 6-6-92; promotional photo.


Folder 0473

Dagradi, Tony.  Program for “At the Solarium – New Orleans Saxophone Quartet,” at Bultman Funeral Home.


Folder 0474

Dalmado, Tony. Trumpet. Single photo of trumpet player believed to be Tony Dalmado, 11/26/00, St. Philip Street Tent.


Folder 0475

Darby, Rev. Andrew. News clippings, death notice, interview notes (1996), and two photos of Rev. Darby in Easter procession.


Folder 0476

Dankner, Stephen. News clippings.


Folder 0477

Danneel Pre- Vocational School. Program (5-9-96) for Arts Education Celebration featuring Lois Dejean, James Rivers, Porgy Jones, Michael Ray (Arthur Ashe School)


Folder 0478

Dantin, Lloyd. Death notice.


Folder 0479

Darling, Grace. Photo: 11-23-97 WWOZ Benefit Redfish Grill, Grace Darling.


Folder 0480

Darnell, Tara. News clipping and photo performing with the Batiste Brothers at Lafayette Elementary 11-13-93.


Folder 0481

Davenport, Wallace. Death notice and photo with other trumpet players Porgy Jones, Clyde Kerr Jr., 3/26/96 Jazz Fest’s One-Month-Out celebration, Theatre for the Performing Arts.


Folder 0482

Davis, A. L., Playground. Flyer for Hot 8 Foundation program, undated.


Folder 0483

Davis, Clarence “Bo” Jr. Death notice.


Folder 0484

Davis, Jimmie. News clippings.


Folder 0485

Davis Jr., George. News clippings and notes from phone interview, notes.


Folder 0486

Davis, Gregory. Interview in Gambit, 1998.


Folder 0487

Davis, Joe “Cool”. Correspondence, and photos: six photos – 5-15-93- of gospel competition at Rabouin High School – Joe “Cool” Davis presents awards, and view of the audience; 8-8-92 – Mahalia Jackson Gospel Fest at Woldenberg; Jazz Fest ’93.


Folder 0488

Davis, Ossie and Dee, Ruby. Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis with NOCCA students, 87-88 school year – student Darren Bagert. Negatives should be in New Orleans Public Schools 35-mm negative binders in UNO Special Collections.


Folder 0489

Davis, T. Leroy. Note about possible contact for Edward Golden, friend of T. Leroy Davis.


Folder 0490

Davis, Peter.  Death notice, 1971.


Folder 0491

Davis, Wadsworth. Educator. Photo of Davis snapped in his home, Dec. 2000. Also death announcement in TRSL Newsletter.


Folder 0492

Deacon John Moore. Business card; News clippings; Photos: Jazz Fest 4-30-93 Deacon John lifted onstage; Performing at 1992 Jeff Fest; WWOZ Studio with John Sinclair, David Friedman 3-22-95.


BOX 27 Folders 0493 - 0547

Folder 0493

De Droit, Johnny. News clipping and death notice.


Folder 0494

Dejan, Harold.  News clippings and death notice.


Folder 0495

Dejan, Henry. Death notice.


Folder 0496

Delta Blues Museum. Correspondence; Delta Blues Education Program 1993-94 Student Workbook and Journal; news clippings; photo of Sid Graves, museum founder; photo of Muddy Waters cabin and sign warning against defacing the cabin; photo of “Sonny Boy” Williamson gravesite; brochure for museum.


Folder 0497

Dent, Tom. Death notice.


Folder 0498

Desdune, Clarence. News clippings, including “Prof. Desdunes Kills Hunted Man in Home,” 1928.


Folder 0499

Despas, Arnold.  May 2001, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival performance at Booker T. Washington Auditorium with Arnold Despas (?), Benny Powell, Jonathan Bloom


Folder 0500

Devore, Donald. News clipping.


Folder 0501

Dew Drop Inn.  News clipping, and chapter “Dew Drop Inn: A Liminal Place,” by Dr. Connie Atkinson.


Folder 0502

D’ Gerolamo, Joe. News clipping, death notice.


Folder 0503

Dickerson, Darryl. Performing with T. J. Wheeler at Livingston Middle School for Blues in the School program 10-28-94.


Folder 0504

Dickerson, Roger. Composer. News clippings. Photo taken at his home in January 2003 for Mercedes Tucker Stamps booklet.


Folder 0505

Diddley, Bo.  Bo Diddley at WWOZ studio, 1-27-93, with Ready Teddy.


Folder 0506

Dillard Institute of Jazz Culture. News clippings, correspondence, and brochure.


Folder 0507

Dirty Dozen. News clippings.


Folder 0508

Diton, Carl. News clippings, 1920s.


Folder 0509

Dixie Cups. News clippings, business card.


Folder 0510

Dixon, Norman. Sr. Death notices.


Folder 0511

Dixon, Richard “Tricky D”.  Business card.


Folder 0512

Dixon, Willie. 3/25/91, Willie Dixon at Gregory Junior High as part of a harmonica promotion - performs with Bruce SunPie Barnes, and J. Monque'D poses with Willie Dixon, students practice with harmonicas.


Folder 0513

D. J. Jubilee. News clippings.


Folder 0514

Dludlu, Jimmy. Two small images of Jimmy Dludlu performing at 2003 Jazz Fest in WWOZ Jazz Tent.


Folder 0515

Dodd, Buddy. Gospel singer. Death notice.


Folder 0516

Dodds, Baby. Magazine article.


Folder 0517

Dolliole, Milford. Death notice, funeral program, photos: possibly 1992 Jazz Fest; performing in the French Market, 3-14-93; photos from funeral procession from St. Augustine, 5-7-94; and photo as 1989 Couvent Elementary School Mardi Gras honoree – NOPS photo by Linda Rosier.


Folder 0518

Dombourian, Peter.  Notice about Peter Dombourian Hall of Fame at Craig Elementary, 4-3-04. (Also Yvonne Busch Music Library, Lucile Levy Hutton Resource Center, and Moses G. Hogan Recital Hall.)


Folder 0519

Domino, Fats. News clippings; notes; bio of Louis Barthelemy Macarty; Photo of Domino receiving Mahalia Jackson Lifetime Achievement Award, 10-27-10 with James Sugarboy Crawford in the background; Fats signs autographs at Tower Records; parade passes in front of Fats Domino’s home; photo of 1719 Caffin Avenue, Sq 816 Lots 5 & 6 – note on envelope says purchased from Fats Domino for MLK School site.


Folder 0520

Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans.  News clipping, info on band, and notes from Doreen Ketchens appearance at Haley Elementary, October 21, 1998.


Folder 0523

Doria, Alvin Lucian. Death notice.


Folder 0524

Dorsey, Willie Percy. Death notice.


Folder 0525

Down & Dirty Brass Band. Undated photo. Ray Manning on trumpet.


Folder 0526

Dr. Daddy- O. Vernon L. Winslow Sr. Death notice.

Folder 0527

Dr. John. News clippings, articles, and photos: Lafayette Elementary School – Dr. John with Jennie Kennedy; Tipitina’s 9-18-92; Jazz Fest 4-30-93; WWOZ Studio – man gives “rugulator” to Dr. John.


Folder 0528

Drum Summit I. 2-8-92, Grand finale - Earl Palmer, Kerry Brown, Herlin Riley, Johnny Vidacovich, Alfred Uganda Roberts, Willie Green; Johnny Vidacovich and Jason Marsalis. At CAC.


Folder 0529

Drum Summit II. 2-6-93, news clipping; Photos of drummers, including Earl Palmer, Kerry Brown, Willie Green, Johnny Vidacovich, Herlin Riley, Shannon Powell. At CAC.


Folder 0530

Dreyfous, Ruth. Death Notice.


Folder 0531

Dryades YMCA. News clippings about fire in 2000.


Folder 0532

Duke, George. Autographed publicity photo.


Folder 0533

Dukes of Dixieland. News clippings.


Folder 0534

Dunn, Oscar. News clippings, and program for “Grave Site Restoration Ceremony of Oscar James Dunn,” February 12, 2000.

Folder 0535

Duplessis, Andrea.  Correspondence, invitation to party with design by George Dureau, photo with Gerald Adams, August 2000; and with Uncle Lionel Batiste 11/05.

Folder 0536

Dupont, Ronnie. Business card.


Folder 0537

Dupre, Benson.  Notes – contact information for friend of Sullivan Dabney and former student of Yvonne Busch.


Folder 0538

Dupree, Jack. Death notice.


Folder 0539

Durant, James. Death notice.


Folder 0540

Dylan, Bob. Photos of performance at 1993 Jazz Fest.


Folder 0541

Eaglin, Snooks. Death notice, article, and photos: 4/29/93 - Jazz Fest,
George Porter with Snooks Eaglin; piece of photo from WWOZ studio 6/16/93; Black History at Couvent School, March 1982.


Folder 0542

Easton, Warren, High School.  Article by Curtis Dale Jerde: “Warren Easton High School and the Academies of Jazz and Blues Enculturation in New Orleans,” and news clipping about Jeff Zapata.


Folder 0543

Ebbert, Tom. Drafts of article about Ebbert, some with his edits; Ebbert’s handwritten notes; bio; news clippings correspondence; death notice; text of Al Kennedy’s remarks at Ebbert’s birthday celebration at Palm Court; photos: Jazztown Awards, Café Brasil, 10-26-97 – with Bruce Raeburn; Tom with Dorothy Ebbert; 9/11/99 - Al makes presentation for Tom Ebbert's 80th birthday - Palm Court; copy photos from Ebbert identified in notes.


Folder 0544

Edwards, Albertha. Text for slide show; listing in 2005 New Orleans International Music Colloquium newsletter and program; notes; list of students taught by Edwards; news clippings; correspondence;


Folder 0545

Edwards, Gary.  Correspondence; and two photos of Edwards at the sound board.


Folder 0546

E- LA- TE.  News clipping; publicity photos at New Orleans Centre; 3/19/93 (or 3/14/93) - E-LA-TE performs at Black Heritage Festival at Audubon Zoo; with Viola Johnson 3-20-93.


Folder 0547

Elise (Sister M. Elise) News clipping, 1953.


BOX 28 Folders 0548 - 0566

Folder 0548

El, Kabong. Performance flyer.


Folder 0549

Ellington, Duke. Press release, news clippings, and announcement for exhibit at the National Black Music Hall of Fame Museum (Formerly Perseverance Hall in Louis Armstrong Park).


Folder 0550

Ellis, Lloyd. Death notice.


Folder 0551

Elly, Ernie. Magazine article, business card, bio, interview notes. Photos:
4/10/95 - Jazz Federation Workshop – Lafayette Elementary, Ernie Elly signs autographs; photos at Jazz Fest and Café Brasil, on Bravo television screen.


Folder 0552

Entremont, Philippe.  With New Orleans Symphony on May 20, 1993.


Folder 0553

Ernest, Herman. News clipping.


Folder 0554

Eschete, Ron. Performing at UNO’s Jazz at the Sand Bar, 9-24-97, with Steve Masakowski and Hank Mackie.


Folder 0555

Eugene, Wendell.  News clipping and two photos performing at Gregory Junior Highy, April 2001.


Folder 0556

Evangeline. Band’s first performance at Jazz Fest April 1988.


Folder 0559

Evans, Ruth Barnes. Death notice.


Folder 0558

Evil Nurse Sheila. Article.


Folder 0559

Farmer, Julius. Death notice.


Folder 0560

Fasnacht, Dixie. News article.


Folder 0561

Fazola, Irving. Irving Fazola Prestopnik. Bio, notes, info in book chapter, correspondence; photo of gravesite in St. Vincent’s Cemetery (Soniat Street, behind Newman School) taken on 9-1-92.


Folder 0562

Federico, Frank. News clippings; correspondence; pages copied from 1929 High Ways, yearbook of Samuel J. Peters Boys’ High School of Commerce, and 1927 Eastonite from the Warren Easton Boys’ High School; copy photo of Commy Hi Jazz Band from 1929 yearbook – Federico on banjo; interview transcript 1-24-94; performing at the St. Philip Street Tent 11/26/00; 6/19/94 performance at City Park – joking with head-wrap.


Folder 0563

Ferbos, Lionel 1 of 4. Correspondence, performance announcements, and photos: performances at venues around the city; attendance at parties; social occasions; copy photos from family scrapbooks.


Folder 0564

Ferbos, Lionel 2 of 4. Photos: performances at venues around the city; attendance at parties; social occasions; copy photos from family scrapbooks, shots of workshop behind home showing rusted equipment following the federal floods of Katrina. Bio notes on Marguerite Ferbos, draft of obituary for Lionel Ferbos, notes on conversations.


Folder 0565

Ferbos, Lionel 3 of 4.  News clippings; articles; Al Kennedy’s remarks at presentation at Palm Court 2001; performance announcements and programs; Al’s remarks at funeral for Lionel Ferbos; correspondence; press releases; awards; funeral program for Marguerite Gilyot Ferbos; Al’s remarks at funeral for Marguerite Ferbos; funeral programs for Clea Gilyot Williams and Jeanne Gilyot Reimonenq (Marguerite’s sisters), and Lionel Charles Ferbos, Jr.;


Folder 0566

Ferbos, Lionel 4 of 4. News clippings, death notice.


BOX 29 Folders 0567 - 0620

Folder 0567

Ferbres, George. Death notice, photos from memorial service in St. Louis Cathedral 6-22-96, and photo of gravesite in St. Louis # 1, 1-8-2000.


Folder 0568

Ferdinand Ken. Notes from interview, 1996.


Folder 0569

Fernandez, Frances. Death notice.


Folder 0570

Filiberto, Roger. Death notice.


Folder 0571

Finola, George. News clipping, death notice.


Folder 0572

Fireman’s Hall, Westwego. Photos: 6/27/93 - Fireman's Hall - Westwego Nonc Allie Young (and Bastille Cajun Band) - Rand Speyrer’ Fais Do-Do – Mary Ann and Robert Kennedy Sr. in front of building - dancers in hall.


Folder 0573

FISK/A.P. Williams School, Neighborhood. Photocopies of Fisk/A. P. Williams School, aerial view, appraisal – 1947, view of home where Louis Armstrong grew up, correspondence – from Wayne Everard in New Orleans Public Library. Also, notes from Orleans Parish School Board Minutes regarding Fisk and McDonogh 13 – early 1900s. Notes from Nicholas Bauer on “frightful” conditions around school, 1903-1906).


Folder 0574

Fishelson, Julie. Correspondence.


Folder 0575

Flamingoes. News clipping showing photo of band with Allen Toussaint and Snooks Eaglin.


Folder 0576

Fletcher, Aaron. Correspondence, news clippings, press release, photos: performing in St. Augustine Church – Rev. Jerome Ledoux also shown; Aaron Fletcher meets French Ambassador – Clyde Kerr Jr. also shown. 5-5-97.


Folder 0577

Floyd, King III. Death notice.


Folder 0578

Foley, Sue. Photo: Po Boy Blues Fest, 11-3-90.


Folder 0579

Fontenot, Canray. Death notice.


Folder 0580

Forbes, Sonny “Pretty Boy”. Photos: At 1999 Jazz Fest – With Vickie Kennedy, and 1997 Jazz Fest.


Folder 0581

Ford, Clarence. Bio; death notice; notes from funeral; notes from conversations; interview 1994; correspondence; correspondence with Louis Ford;  copy photo of the Clyde Kerr Sr. Student Band, with Wardell Quezergue, John Fernandez, Alvin Red Tyler, Clarence Ford, Phillip Batiste; 3/4/94 - Tribute to “Big Moose” at the Riverboat Hallelujah - Clarence Ford, Wardell Quezergue; 2/10/94 Clarence Ford at Marriott gig, Gerald Adams on bass; 2/14/94 -Lundi Gras - Zulu celebration at Woldenberg Park; 10/18/92, Jeff Fest, LaFreniere Park, Earl Palmer, Clarence Ford, Lee Allen. Also, photo of Louis Ford, band director at Sarah Reed High School.


Folder 0582

Ford, Frankie. Two photos of Ford performing at Armstrong airport, ca 8-2-01.


Folder 0583

Ford, Gerald. Death notice.


Folder 0584

Forest Sales & Books. Local book distributor. Information.


Folder 0585

Fortier High School. News clipping.


Folder 0586

Fortier, George. News clipping.


Folder 0587

Fortner, Mildred Francis. Correspondence; copy photo of Osceola Blanchet rehearsing opera in his house with (l to r) Dr. Blanks, Mildred Fortner, and Estelle Costello Hill.


Folder 0588

Foster, Stephen. Business card.


Folder 0589

Fournier, Vernel. Death notice.


Folder 0590

Foucher, Edmond J. Death notice.


Folder 0591

Fountain, Pete. Notes, news clippings, bio, article, photos: portrait by Rick Olivier (chalkboard with musical notation behind Fountain), and Pete Fountain with Anthony Valentino – also by Rick Olivier, for Wavelength article 1985; Pete Fountain autographs his book for New Orleans Public School students 10-16-91 – in his club at the Hilton; Tommy Morgan with Pete Fountain in background 10-16-91 in Fountain’s club in the Hilton;  Copy of Fountain with McDonogh 28 Band 1938 and copy of Warren Easton Band, and as a member of the Lawrence Welk orchestra – copied on 10-16-91 from photos on wall of Fountain’s club in the Hilton;  Photo of Fountain with bust of Warren Easton, 1988-89 school year, by Bryan Hithe; Fountain in Mardi Gras costume, 2-20-93, in French Quarter; 1988-89 school year, Pete Fountain donates horns to Warren Easton.


Folder 0592

Frances, Louis. Interview transcript, and portrait, 6-8-94.


Folder 0593

Frank, Edward. Death notice; funeral program; Copy photo from Martha Francis - in photo - Ellis Marsalis, Gonzalez, Germaine Bazzle, Cynthia Carter George, Ed Frank; performance at Jazz Fest, ca 1996.


Folder 0594

Franklin Ave. Baptist Church, Revelation. Flyer for Jazz Fest Jazz Journey at Dillard featuring Revelation, a singing group from Franklin Avenue Baptist Church.


Folder 0595

Franklin, Nat. Photo of Nat Franklin outside of Charlie B’s for “Raizin Kane for Kids” program’ business card; Cutting Edge Music Business Conference information.


Folder 0596

Franks, Michael. News clipping.


Folder 0597

Freche, Edward. Death notice.


Folder 0598

Freedom Songs. Note: citation on “Freedom Songs” from display at Birmingham Civil Rights Museum.


Folder 0599

French, Bob, George, Gerald. 10/20/98, WWOZ studio, Bob French (drums), Gerald French (drums), George French (guitar). Business card, news clipping (missing first page).


Folder 0600

French Quarter Festival. 1998 brochure, and business card for Sandra Dartus.


Folder 0601

Friedrich, Edwin. Death notice; notes, interview transcript; correspondence; news clipping about Orleans Parish School Board and educational television (1953); Friedrich’s intellectual biography; and transcript of audio interview from WYES “Lessons Learned.”


Folder 0602

Full Gospel. Explanation of Full Gospel.

Folder 0603

Galladora, Al. Death notice; business card; news clipping; bio; performance photos – with Johnny Vidacovich.

Folder 0604

Gardner, June. Photo: Fall 2000, June Gardner with Frank Parker; June Gardner with Don “Big Moose” Jamison; business card; and death notice for Gardner’s son, Albert “Lil June” Gardner.

Folder 0605

Garibaldi, William & Hatfield, Charles. Death notices for William V. Garibaldi Jr. (and obituary), and Charles J. Hatfield; portrait of Charles J. Hatfield (ca 1993).

Folder 0606

Gary, John. Death notice.

Folder 0607

Gauthe, Jacques. Press release; photos: Gauthe at Teachers’ workshop, 2-22-97; and photos at Cafe Brasil, October '99, Jacques Gauthe band – Jon Pult, Lionel Ferbos, Les Muscutt,  - Lionel Ferbos talks to the band; photo of Claude Luter putting clothespin on Jacques ear – Bechet Conference reception, Cabildo, 5-5-97.

Folder 0608

Gayarre School. Photos from music events at Gayarre Elementary School. School’s name changed to Oretha Castle Haley Elementary during the 95-96 school year. Photos include Cherice Harrison Nelson, jazz funeral for Leroy Lowdowne with Soul Rebels – 10-29-93; Carl LeBlanc at Gayarre - Jazz Awareness Month, 10-4-93.

Folder 0609

Gayten, Odile. Paul Gayten Memorial Celebration, St. Peter Claver Hall,
1/29/97 - Odile Gayten and Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Dolores Aaron and husband, Lillian Dunn Perry; copy of Odile Gayten faculty photo from L. B. Landry yearbook; includes flyer for celebration and “Sharing Memories of Paul Leon Gayten.”

Folder 0610

Gentilly Folk Festival. Marie Windell sells desserts, 4-17-94.

Folder 0611

Geoffray, Rudolph Caesar. Death notice.

Folder 0612

Geronimo. Apache warrior. Photos of Geronimo’s gravesite in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, June 2002; also, news clipping.

Folder 0613

Gert Town. News clipping, origin of Gerttown.

Folder 0614

Gilbert Academy. News clipping and article by Joe Logsdon: “A History of Gilbert Academy, New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Folder 0615

Gillespie, Dizzy. News clippings and photos of Ellis Marsalis and Dizzy Gillespie – Belongs to Orleans Parish School Board photos.

Folder 0616

Gibson, Banu. Two photos performing at Nickel-A-Dance, Café Brasil, Oct. 2002.

Folder 0617

Gilmore, Gail. Opera singer. News clippings, promotional materials. Photo with mother, December 1992, and photo at Smith’s Records with Jennie & Adam Kennedy.

Folder 0618

Girard, George. News clipping and section of I Remember Jazz.

Folder 0619

Glapion, Gail. News clipping from 1961 Louisiana Weekly.

Folder 0620

Glapion, Roy. News clipping about Glapion’s election as Zulu King.

BOX 30 Folders 0621 - 0674

Folder 0621

Glass, Nowell “Papa”. Death notice.

Folder 0622

Goines, Victor. News clippings, article, bio, and photos of Victor Goines Quartet at Moton School, 4-19-95.

Folder 0623

Golden Star Hunters. Jazz Fest 1989, portrait of unidentified man.

Folder 0624

Goldman, Matthew. Correspondence.

Folder 0625

Gonzales, Francis. Interview notes; handwritten bio notes from Gonzales; list of students he taught; flyer and program from 2004 New Orleans International Music Colloquium at which he was honored – and images of his life from Powerpoint presentation; 

Folder 0626

Gospel. Gambit article on Gospel, 1994.

Folder 0627

Gospel Festival – Woldenberg Park. Mahalia Jackson Gospel Fest, August 1, 1992, The Traveling Souls.

Folder 0628

Gospel Soul Children. Death notices for Norman Joseph Shepard and Pamela Thomas; news clippings; and photo of Wilson Joseph, member of Gospel Soul Children, 1-23-95. Flyer for “Walking Up the King’s Highway,”  a concert under the direction of Veronica Downs-Dorsey featuring Isadore Jackson.

Folder 0629

Gould, Robin. Business card for Robin Ligon-Gould. (Manager of Wayne Bennett).

Folder 0630

Gourrier, Mike. Photos of Michael Gourrier with Geraldine Wyckoff, Donald Harrison Jr.;

Folder 0631 Greggs, Isaac. News clipping.

Folder 0632

Green-Faust, Lyndia. Interview transcript from 2000; death notices and funeral programs for Jerome Greene and Irene Greene; copies of photos from Lyndia Green-Faust of her father (with bass) and with family, and as an elderly man.

Folder 0633

Green, Noah Herbert. Death notice.

Folder 0634

Greer, Goff. Note about Greer Goff’s play that she wrote and choreographed.

Folder 0635

Grey, Al. News clipping; photos: Al Grey at F. C. Williams School practicing with students (10-20-97, and in the Palm Court (10-19-97).

Folder 0636

Grillier, David. Business card.

Folder 0637

Grisaffe, Joe. Photos performing in French market with Tony Delmado, and business card for his daughter, Charlotte G. Eschman.

Folder 0638

Grunch, Benny & The Bunch.  Photos of performance at Café Brasil, 12-15-02.

Folder 0639

Grunewalds. News clippings; reference in article to German immigration; Dillard University presents “Grunewald Music School,” 1950; and listing from New Orleans Public Library on Grunewald’s and Educational Gateways.

Folder 0640

Guitar Slim. Rodney Armstrong. News clipping.

Folder 0641

Guma, Michael. Interview notes.

Folder 0642

Guma, Paul. Listing in book; image in 1959 Eagle (Warren Easton), listing in 1962-1963 public school directory; death notice.

Folder 0643

Gushee, Lawrence. Notes and program from New Orleans Jazz Centennial Celebration, September 15, 1995, Old Mint. Photos of panel featuring Bruce Raeburn, Lawrence Gushee, Kathy Ogren, Michael White.

Folder 0644

Guthrie, Woody. 1993 article in The Californians: “In Touch with the Human Spirit: On the Road with Woody Guthrie.”

Folder 0645

Haile Selassie.  Reference in book to visit by Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia to New Orleans.

Folder 0646

Halfway House Night Club. News clipping.

Folder 0647

Hall, Andrew. News clipping, and business card for Andrew Hall’s Society Jazz Band.

Folder 0648

Hall, Emile. 1/29/99, Lafayette Elementary: Brian Joseph, Paul Batiste, Emille Hall, Steven Coolbone Johnson, Emille Hall; 11-14-98, Lafayette Elementary, Emille Hall and Irma Thomas; announcement for New Orleans Vintage Band.

Folder 0649

Hall, Sue. Correspondence; interview notes, 1996; flyer for block party; photo of people dancing in front of her house across the street from Battistella Seafood; photos of house party – Lionel Ferbos, Peter “Chuck” Badie; photos of Sue Hall with her Lafayette Elementary students in Palm Court; photo group in Café Brasil – Sue Hall, Steve Teeter, Julie Fishelson, Bruce Raeburn; correspondence; flyer for 1998 Jazz Awareness Month; program for 1999 Louisiana Jazz Federation 1999 Jazztown Awards; flyer for Nickel-A-Dance (which she helped organize);

Folder 0650

Hall, Robert Sr. Death notice.

Folder 0651

Hampton, Edwin “Hamp”. Interview notes, 1995; notes from conversations with Hampton, Henry Kimball, Dave Bartholomew, Joseph Torregano; business card; photo from French Quarter on December 31, 2005; photo in office at St. Aug., 12-14-96.

Folder 0652

Hampton, Lionel. News clipping, and photo of Lionel Hampton at Kennedy Senior – see APPLAUSE Vol 7, No. 10. Cover of live recording from 1954.

Folder 0653

Hamrick, Graham. Death notice.

Folder 0654

Handy, D. Antionette. News clippings; notes from conversation; death notice; photo by Keith Calhoun of Handy performing at the Macarty Transitional School, Marc h 1985; photo of her book Black Women in American Bands & Orchestras; photo 4-23-98, D. Antoinette Handy - at Loyola, New Orleans International Music Colloquium;

Folder 0655

Harlem, Boys Choir. News clipping, and background information.

Folder 0656

Harney School. Edgar P. Harney Elementary School Dedication Ceremony program, May 8, 2004.

Folder 0657

Harris, Eddie. News clipping.

Folder 0658

Harris, Lloyd. News clippings, notes, and photo of Lloyd’s brother, Walter Harris from 4-3-04.

Folder 0659

Harrison, Kelvin. E-mail about honor given to Kelvin Harrison.

Folder 0660

Hawkettes. News clippings, notes, and death notice for August Joseph “AJ” Fleury III.

Folder 0661

Hawkins, Dale.  News clippings.

Folder 0662

Hayes, Hunter. News clippings, and photos from 10-5-97, Swamp Fest, Audubon Zoo - Hunter Hayes/ performing, signing autographs (probably around 5 years old).

Folder 0663

Herbert, Jacques Joseph. Death notice.

Folder 0664

Heitger, Duke. Photos of performance at Nickel-A-Dance at Café Brasil.

Folder 0665

Henry, Clarence “Frogman”. News clippings; interview transcript; photos: Jeff fest 10-18-93, also with Kerry Brown; at his home 10-19-93; performing from wheel chair at 1991 Jazz Fest; performing at Lafayette Elementary 11-16-96; With former Landry High School teacher Odile Gayten 1-29-97; Copy photos from Henry’s Landry yearbook of his high school photo, teacher Odile Gayten, and a photo fragment of him in the Landry band.

Folder 0666

Henry, Sam. News clippings – some copies of newspapers in which, as a child, he was featured – some have his handwritten notes; business card; 1991 interview transcript; bio; promotional materials; death notice and funeral program; death notice for Sam Henry’s father, Samuel Henry Sr.; notes from conversations; Photos: Landry String ensemble 1967-1968; detail from Landry String Ensemble photo; Lafayette Elementary, Sam Henry and Dr. Barbara Dauterive, principal of Easton, November 1992; copy photo of Craig School Band of the 1940s; Sam Henry at piano, Clarion Herald, 1991; Old Mint, Sam Henry, Wardell Quezergue, Johnny Angel, 11-99; Sam Henry playing with Wardell Quezergue band at Old Mint 10-2-99; Tennessee Williams Fest Blues Session, Palm Court, Sam henry, Wanda Rouzan, 3-25-94.

Folder 0667

Herrera, Manuel Jr. Note for research.

Folder 0668

Hezekiah & House Rockers. News clipping.

Folder 0669

High Demand. Photo: Raizin Kane for Kids at Charlie B's, 3-20-93, High Demand, New Orleans Public Schools.

Folder 0670

Hill, Estelle. Correspondence.

Folder 0671 Hill,

Gladys Jones. News clippings 1935, 1936, 1941.

Folder 0672

Hill, Jessie. Death notice, and photos pf gravesite in Holt Cemetery.

Folder 0673

Hill, Lance. Notes.

Folder 0674

Hill, Veronica Brown. News clipping, notes, death notice, and funeral program.

Box 31 Folders 0675 - 0714

Folder 0675

Hines, Earl. News clipping, selection from book.

Folder 0676

Hirsch, Godfrey. Death notice.

Folder 0677

Hirsch, Manuel. Death notice.

Folder 0678

Hirt, Al. News clippings, correspondence, and copy of article in the Spring 1988 issue of the Journal of Band Research.

Folder 0679

Hoffman, John W., Elementary School. News clippings 1926, 1927.

Folder 0680

Hogan Jazz Archive. Correspondence, information about the archive, and 3 issues of The Jazz Archivist.

Folder 0681

Hogan, Edwin. Death notice and listing in B-Sharp Music Club’s 1968 Annual Carnivale Musicale.

Folder 0682

Hogan, Moses. Business card, news clippings, performance announcements amd programs, Memorial Service program, notes from graveside service, and photo: Moses Hogan performs at Municipal Auditorium for swearing-in of Revius Ortique; and Moses Hogan’s parents at Craig Elementary for the dedication of the Moses G. Hogan Recital Hall, 4-3-04.

Folder 0683

Hollingsworth, Otis.  News clipping about Fortier teacher Otis Hollingsworth and his daughters, Tarita and Lolita.

Folder 0684

Hot Eight. Hot 8 Brass Band, Dinerral Shavers, Rabouin. News clippings.

Folder 0685

House of Blues. Business cards, news clippings, correspondence.

Folder 0686

House of the Rising Sun. Internet links to newspaper articles about House of the Rising Sun.

Folder 0687

Houston, William. News clippings, ads for school of music, copy of page from McDonogh 35 yearbook, possible yearbook photo.

Folder 0688

Hubbard, Alma. B-Sharp programs, news clippings, reference in book.

Folder 0689

Humphrey, Percy. News clippings, funeral program for Percy Humphrey and card; death notice for Gloria Humphrey Scott; article on Humphrey family in 1981 New Orleans Jazz Club The Second Line; performance announcements; Photos: 1-12-95 – 90th birthday party for Percy Humphrey, Palm Court; Gloria Humphrey Scott; card for 1995 Mayor’s Arts Awards; performing in wheelchair, Jazz Fest, 5-7-95; band at funeral, July 1995, with Michael White, Narvin Kimball.

Folder 0690

Humphrey, Willie. Listing of James Etta Humhrey in 1924-25 NOPS directory; funeral program and card; correspondence; genealogy, photos at Lafayette Elementary.

Folder 0691

Hunter, Ben. News clipping.

Folder 0692

Hunicke, Kim. Letter to the Editor.

Folder 0693

Huntington, Bill. News clippings.

Folder 0694

Huntley, Marleen. Notes.

Folder 0695

Hutton, Lucille. Funeral program; B-Sharp programs; Bio – Lucille Levy Hutton – background use only – other uses only with permission of Amistad Research Center where file is located; news clippings; listing in church bulletin; transcript of interview for “Lessons Learned”; Program for dedication and grand opening of the Lucille Levy Hutton Resource and Archive Center at Craig Elementary (also includes tributes to Yvonne Busch, Peter Dombourian, and Moses Hogan); photos of speakers at funeral.

Folder 0696

Iguanas - & Derek Huston. Performance flyer, correspondence with Derek Huston.

Folder 0697

Improvisation. Internet comments about improvisation.

Folder 0698

Inez – “Miss Inez.” Photo. 

Folder 0699

Inner Circle. Photos of band either from 6-10-90 performance at Reggae Riddums, or 4-30-92 performance at Jazz Fest.

Folder 0700

Interfest- Oct-31-Clarion Hotel. Schedule, brochure, and Wavelength November 1991 issue with complete schedule.

Folder 0701

Irene & The Mikes. Photo from 1993 Jazz Fest.

Folder 0702

Iroquois Theater. Article in the Jazz Archivist, 1994.

Folder 0703

Ivey, Lois. Death notice.

Folder 0704

Jackson, Alma Lewis. Death notice.

Folder 0705

Jackson, John. News clipping.

Folder 0706

Jackson, Kenneth. Death notice, news clipping.

Folder 0707

Jackson, Mahalia, Elementary School. News clippings, death notice, articles, tributes, dedication program for Mahalia Jackson Elementary School 10-22-93; Photos: gravesite in Providence Memorial Park; Lloyd Lazard at gravesite 10-24-97; notes from Jennie Kennedy – 1991; photos at school dedication with Gwendolyn Lightner, Copolia Lightner, Dr. Morris Holmes, and Mahalia’s siblings Pearl and Johnny Jr.

Folder 0708  

Jackson Five.Photo by Jim Wilks of Jackson Five members (Germaine, Randy, and Tito) to Danneel Elementary -also Troy Vincent.

Folder 0709

Jackson, Milt. Death notice.

Folder 0710

Jacque, Beau. News clipping, death notice.

Folder 0711

Jacquet, Illinois. Death notice.

Folder 0712

Jamal, Ahmad. News clipping, flyer for Jazz Journey, photo of Mike Gourrier and Ahmad Jamal.

Folder 0713

James, Elmore & Homesick. Article.

Folder 0714

James, Etta. Photo, Jazz Fest, 4-29-94.

Box 32 Folders 0715 - 0745

Folder 0715

Jamison, Donald, “Big Moose”. Death notice; news clippings; business cards; business card for Bernard M. Johnson; funeral program; cover of photo booklet; interview transcript 1994; correspondence; Photos: Tribute to Big Moose, Wardell Quezergue & Clarence Ford; onstage with lost child, 8/29/93;Carrollton Street Festival, Palmer Park; 4/5/94 - Marc Morial and Don "Big Moose" Jamison at WWOZ; Summer 2000, photos at Fortier Senior High of Big Moose and Elijah Brimmer with band students.

Folder 0716

Jampole, Les. Neutral Ground, 7-21-96.

Folder 0717

Jan & Dean. Distant photos - 5/99 - Treasure Chest Casino - Kenner - Jan and Dean.

Folder 0718

Jazz Centennial Symposium. 1995.  Program, schedule, clippings.

Folder 0719

Jazz - Churches. News clippings and selections from book.

Folder 0720

Jazz Club (New Orleans) & Jazz Museum. News clipping, Second Line – Jazz Club Newsletter.

Folder 0721

Jazz - Covington. News clipping.

Folder 0722

Jazz Curriculum- NOPS. Jazz Lives to Swing Another Day, 1996 – 1997, a Unit of Study for Jazz awareness Month, Prepared by Linda Pierce, NOPS Music Department.

Folder 0723

Jazz - Europe. News clipping.

Folder 0724

Jazz Federation. 1995 – 1999. News clippings, schedules, brochures, Jazz Awareness Month information; Jazz Centennial Celebration information; 9/23/95 - Louisiana Jazz Federation presents special program at House of Blues, Harold Battiste watches Blake Whalen dance/ Group photo – Bruce Raeburn, Steve Teeter, Sue Hall, Julie Fishelson.

Folder 0725

Jazz Fest. News clippings and other general information about the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival; Photos: mud photos from 1993 Fest; image of Deacon John being lifted unto stage in 1993; student band performing at Fest; Norman Mailer walks down Port-o-Let steps; muddy shoes following 1991 Jazz Fest; Jay Sims dances at 1993 Fest; Unloading ice at 1992 Jazz Fest.

Folder 0726

Jazz Foundation.  Correspondence, clippings, business cards for Khalid Hafiz and Bright Moments; correspondence from New Orleans Jazz Education Foundation (Berkeley CA); Photos: 4/8/93 - Jazz Poster unveiling at Gallier Hall, Marion Owen with Professor Longhair's daughter and Emilio Joseph “Monk” Dupre.; 9/12/92 Creative Music Festival, Coker Room, Municipal Auditorium, Tom Dent addresses group, Kidd Jordan performs with students.

Folder 0727

Jazz Journey. Flyer for performance of Carl Anderson at UNO, 1997.

Folder 0728

Jazz Landmarks. News clippings. See also “Jazz Preservation.”

Folder 0729

Jazz Park. New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park, news clippings.

Folder 0730

Jazz Photographers Association. 1997 list of photographers.

Folder 0731

Jazz Preservation. News clippings. See also “Jazz Landmarks.”

Folder 0732

Jazzland. News clippings.

Folder 0733

Jazz Photos & Books. Brochure.

Folder 0734

Jazzy Gents. Nov. 1, 1995, Jazzy Gents, part of Armstrong Stamp Dedication, Armstrong Park, Ken Ferdinand.

Folder 0735

Jeff Fest. 1993. News clippings, photo credentials, cover of photo booklet, business cards for Dottie Belletto and Eileen M. Hodgins.

Folder 0736

Jeff, Morris F.X., Jr. Death notice.

Folder 0737

Jefferson Community Band. 3/29/99 - Jefferson Community Band at Lafreniere Park.

Folder 0738

Jefferson Schools/Music. News clipping.

Folder 0739

Jeffries, Herb. News clippings of visit to Nickel-A-Dance, 1999; photos of Herb Jeffries at Café Brasil, October 1999.

Folder 0740

Jerde, Curtis Dale. News clipping and bio.

Folder 0741

Jessogne, “Ronnie”. Ronald “Ronnie” Scott Jessogne. Death notice.

Folder 0742

Jewish Music. News clipping.

Folder 0743

Johnny Angel. Performance at the Old Mint. June 1999.

Folder 0744

Johnson, Al “Carnival Time”. News clipping and performance photo from the Ashe Cultural Arts Center, January 2012.

Folder 0745

Johnson, Bunk. News clipping and photo of gravesite  - 8/18/99.

Box 33 Folders 0746 - 0785                                                                            

Folder 0746

Johnson, Clarence. News clipping.

Folder 0747

Johnson, Delmonte. News clipping.

Folder 0748

Johnson, J. J. Death notice.

Folder 0749

Johnson, Jerah. Profile in UNO’s Driftwood; Photos: 11-10-00 - Jerah Johnson - smoking – UNO; 11-1-95 - St. Louis Cemetery # 1 - All Saints Day - Jerah Johnson working on his grave and Livaudais grave.

Folder 0750

Johnson, Ralph. Death notice, photos.

Folder 0751

Johnson, Robert. News clippings.

Folder 0752

Johnson, Smoky. News clippings; correspondence; death notice; Photos: with former teacher Yvonne Busch in Busch’s 9th Ward home, July 2000; Tipitina’s, 1-15-05 with Earl Palmer, Tony Bazley.

Folder 0753

Johnson, Tommy (Blues). News clipping.

Folder 0754

Jokers. News clippings.

Folder 0755

Jones, LeRoy. 2002 performance at Nickel A Dance at Café Brasil.

Folder 0756

Jones, Porgy. Correspondence; death notice; funeral program; performance programs; interview transcript 2000; resume’; business card; Photos: Armstrong Jazz Camp, 7-23-97, with Wynton Marsalis; photo when Porgy was a student at Clark High School – photo by Lyndia Green Faust; photos from A Night of Inspirational Music, First Street United Methodist Church, with Henry Lacey

Folder 0757

Jones, Quincy. PHOTOS: 4/1/93 - John Otis/ actress Natasha Kinski - Robert Kitchen on camera and Alfred Richard, Dr. Ernie Chachere; John Otis; Also, photo from 90-91 school year by Brian Hithe (Bryan) of Mayor Sidney Barthelemy, Dr. Everett Williams.

Folder 0758

Jones, “Scoop”. Joseph Madison Jones Jr. Death notice, funeral program.

Folder 0759

Jones, Tad. Business card; correspondence; Photos: 8-12-95, Ceremony to mark name change of McDonogh 19 to Armstrong Elementary,Tad Jones; 2-20-97, The Life and Music of Louis Armstrong - symposium at SUNO - Roger Dickerson/ Eddie Edwards/ Tad Jones/ Ellis Marsalis/ Antoinette Handy/ Jay Wiegel; 8-8-99, Louis Armstrong Birthday, Acadian Beer Garden, Tad Jones; 1999 photo of Tad Jones with Pat Jolly – photographer unknown.

Folder 0760

Jones, Valena C., Elementary School. Correspondence.

Folder 0761

Jones, Valerie Ann. News clipping.

Folder 0762

Jones, Wilbert Frederick. Death notice.

Folder 0763

Jones, Willie “Bill”. Death notice.

Folder 0764

Jordan, Edward “Kidd”. News clippings; performance announcements; award brochure; notes from conversation from 2-3-03; Photos: 9-12-92, Creative Music Festival, Coker Room, Municipal Auditorium, Edward Kidd Jordan with young students; Marlon Jordan with New Orleans Symphony -84-85 school year – NOPS photo.

Folder 0765

Jordan, Kent. News clipping; Program for “The Music Never Stops – A Musical Tribute to the 280th Birthday of the city of New Orleans; performing with students in the Board Room of the New Orleans Public schools Administrative Center, 4100 Tour Street; publicity photo.

Folder 0766

Jordan, Louis. News clipping;

Folder 0767

Jordan, Marlon. Bio.

Folder 0768

Joseph, Brian. Contact information.

Folder 0769

Joseph, “Frog.” Waldren “Frog” Joseph. News clippings; death notice; New Orleans Music, incorporating Footnote, p. 21;

Folder 0770

Juneteenth. News clippings.

Folder 0771

Juvenile (also D.J. Jubilee, Harold Battiste).  News clippings.

Folder 0772

Kaminsky, Max. Death notice.

Folder 0773

Kanda Bongo Man. 5-1-89, Kanda Bongo Man performing at Gregory Junior High.

Folder 0774

Karr Magnet Junior Senior High School. News clipping.

Folder 0775

Katrina. Hurricane Katrina. News clippings, correspondence, political-action material, rebuilding, correspondence, notices from church bulletins, healing services, emergency phone numbers, death notices from people killed in storm: Margarita Romero, Manuel Romero, John Robicheaux and family, and pre-Katrina photos of Yvonne Busch with Smoky Johnson and her trophy table; photos of Harrison home after federal floods; photos of Peter “Chuck” Badie’s home after Katrina.

Folder 0776

Kaufman, Bob. News clipping.

Folder 0777

K-DOE, Ernie. Tickets and program for “Burn K-Doe Burn” play, 2004; articles; death notice; news clippings; Photos: 1-18-99 -  MLK Parade - St. Claude and Touro - in long shot of March, Ernie K-doe in wig and blue suit, marches near Mayor Morial; 11-23-94 National Black Music Hall of Fame  - Groundbreaking, Marc Morial, Ernie K-Doe; Copy of “Emperor of the Universe” poster on a fence; 5-26-92, Ernie K-Doe at WWOZ; 6-14-93, WWOZ, Ernie K-Doe, Ready Teddy, DJ Tootie Tutti; Jazz Fest performance.

Folder 0778

Kee, Margie Dickerson. Death notice and funeral program.

Folder 0779

Keener, Eliott. Death notice,

Folder 0780

Kein, Sybil. News clippings; promotional material; correspondence;

Folder 0781

Keiner, Leon. Death notice.

Folder 0782

Kemp, “Pappy.” Dorn “Pappy” Kemp. Death notice.

Folder 0783

Kemp, Frederic Donald. Death notice, funeral program.

Folder 0784

Kerr, Clyde Kerr, Sr., News Clippings. News articles from through the life and career of Clyde Kerr Sr.

Folder 0785

Kerr, Clyde Sr., and Jr., Photos. Photos of father and son and some news clippings.

Box 34 Folders 0786 - 0817

Folder 0786

Kerr, Clyde, Jr. 1 of 2. Interview transcript, news clippings, photos, performance information.

Folder 0787

Kerr, Clyde, Jr. 2 of 2. Death notice, performance programs and information, photos, interview transcripts.

Folder 0788

Kershaw, Doug.  Performance at Audubon Zoo, 1988.

Folder 0789

Kid Bastien’s Happy Pals. Performance at Café Brasil, 4-9-99, New Orleans Jazz Centennial Celebration.

Folder 0790

Kimball, Narvin. News clippings; death notices for Marguerite Elizabeth Kimball Wright, Dr. Maude A. Sanders Caldwell, Jeanette S. Kimball, Narvin Kimball; interview 1994; Notes from conversation with Dr. Maude Sanders (Narvin Kimball is her nephew); correspondence; Photos: Narvin plays piano at Preservation Hall 12-28-94; Mr. & Mrs. Narvin Kimball in their home on Calhoun 1-23-95; 4-18-95 - Jazz Federation Concert, Gayarre Elementary, Gregg Stafford, Narvin Kimball, Shannon Powell, Richard Payne,  Mari Watanabe.

Folder 0791

King Albert. News clippings, death notice, photos from Po Boy Blues Fest 11-3-90; announcement of Kin’s performance in Pine Bluff, AR. 12-30-1976.

Folder 0792

King, B.B. Photos: B.B. King at Fortier, April 1985 – Photos by Rick Olivier; article in Guitar Player; Photo at Jazz Fest by Al Kennedy, 4-27-91 or 4/29/94.

Folder 0793

King, Earl. News clippings, performance announcements, death notice, funeral program; Photos: 10-23-91, Jazz Awareness at McMain (music)  Earl King portrait and performing; walking at Jazz Fest 1993;

Folder 0794

King, Eddie. Brief research note.

Folder 0795

King, Dr. Martin Luther, Elementary School. Piano celebration, 2-31-97, flyer and program, Dedication of the “Educate the Children Foundation” Piano Laboratory in honor of Mr. Ellis Marsalis.

Folder 0796

King, “Little Freddie.” Freddie Martin. 1992 news clipping.

Folder 0797

Kingsway Studio. News clipping.

Folder 0798

Kirst, Mittie. Death notice.

Folder 0799

Kmen, Audrey J. Correspondence regarding Henry Kmen.

Folder 0800

Knight Recording Studio. News clipping.

Folder 0801

Koeller, Reginald. Death notice.

Folder 0802

Koenig, Karl. Promotional brochure, and catalog for Basin Street Press.

Folder 0803

Kolb, Eric. Death notice.

Folder 0804

Kole, Ronnie. Bio, notes from conversation.

Folder 0805

Kruttschnitt, E. B., School. 1949 news clipping about closing the school rather than “converting the building to Negro use.”

Folder 0806

Kuti, Femi. Undated Jazz Fest Performance, distant images.

Folder 0807

LTV. News clipping.

Folder 0808

Labat, Dr. Joe. Notes from 1994 conversation.

Folder 0809

Lacen, Anthony “Tuba Fats.” Death notice and funeral information. Also Linda Lacen, death notice.  Photo: performing at the Louisiana Music Factory on 1-23-93, Jennie Kennedy in background.

Folder 0810

Lacey, Dr. Henry. Bio in Second Lines, 1997.

Folder 0811

Lacoume, “Stalebread.” Reference in New Orleans Architecture.

Folder 0812

Lady B.J. Performance at McDonogh 15 Elementary School with students, January 1985 – photo by Rick Olivier.

Folder 0813

Lafayette Notes. Notes from conversations at Lafayette Music Festival with Steven “Coolbone” Johnson, Emille Hall, Paul Batiste, Brian Joseph, Roslyn Rogers.

Folder 0814

Lafayette Elementary 1 of 2. Covers of three photo books for Gospel & Jazz on Carrollton Avenue, Lafayette Elementary School, 1992, 1993, 1994; Death notices for Ann Whyte Bashful and Roslyn Porche Rogers; Photos include: Danny barker Sam Henry, Dr. John, Lionel Ferbos, Pud Brown, Kerry Brown, James “Sugarboy” Crawford, Little Richard, George Porter, Peter “Chuck” Badie, Lucien Barbarin, Sue Hall, and more.

Folder 0815

Lafayette Elementary 2 of 2. Flyers for “Gospel & Jazz on Carrollton Avenue, press releases, news clippings, schedules, and photos of Lafayette students in the Palm Court Jazz Café, Percy Humphrey performing.

Folder 0816

Lafayette, Louisiana - Festival International De Louisiane. Schedules for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

Folder 0817

Lafon Elementary School. Thomy Lafon. News clippings from 1920s about overcrowding at the school, editorial in 1928, and copy of Paddio photo copied from New Orleans Jazz, A Family Album, by Al Rose and Edmond Souchon. P., 204. – Used for New Orleans Public Schools display.

BOX 35 Folders 0818 – 0884

Folder 0818

Lambert, Bob. News clipping about Piney Woods Opry in Abita Springs.

Folder 0819

Lambert, Lloyd Sr. Death notice.

Folder 0820

Lambert, Phamous. Death notice.

Folder 0821

Landry, Lord Beaconsfield. Bio and image in April 1989 Etches of Ebony calendar. Includes other profiles. Also, 1934 article in The Louisiana Weekly about death of Dr. L. B. Landry.

Folder 0822

Langs, Walter. Death notice.

Folder 0823

Last Straws. News clipping.

Folder 0824

Lastie, Frank, Jr. Contact information, death notice.

Folder 0825

La. Philharmonic Orchestra. Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. News clipping about Gail Gilmore performing with the orchestra 1996, and 1997 program for “Unity Through Harmony” concert featuring Kermit Ruffins, Leah Chase, Phillip Manuel, and others.

Folder 0826

LaPrise, Larry “The Hokey Pokey Man”. Death notice.

Folder 0827

Laughlin, Tim. Performance photo.

Folder 0828

Laveau, Marie. News clippings, journal articles, book review.

Folder 0829

Lavigne, Carey. Bio.

Folder 0830

Lawrence, Morris J., Jr. Death notice.

Folder 0831

Leafer, Woody. Death notice.

Folder 0832

Ledbetter, Huddie “Leadbelly”. News clippings.

Folder 0833

Ledet, Rosie. News clippings, OffBeat article, 2000 Jazz Fest performance.

Folder 0834

Ledoux, Fr. Jerome. News clipping.

Folder 0835

Lee, Bryan. OffBeat article.

Folder 0836

Lee, Robert “Joe” Louis. Death notice.

Folder 0837

Lees, Randolph Spencer. Death notice.

Folder 0838

Letters, Music & the Arts. Letter to the editor by Renee Lapeyrolere, and packet of letters and addresses from Shirley Corey in support of the arts.

Folder 0839

Leonard, Herman. Prime 1997 cover article.

Folder 0840

Lewis, Alfred “Father Al”. Death notice; memorial service program; Photos from memorial, 1992: Richard Allen (Dick Allen), Percy Humphrey, Lars Edegran, Richard Payne, and personal items in Stronger Hope Baptist Church.

Folder 0841

Lewis, George. Gravesite, 5/22/92 - McDonoghville Cemetery - Grave of clarinet great George Lewis

Folder 0842

Lewis, Jerry Lee. News clippings, and photo performing at Boom Town Casino, 7-3-98.

Folder 0843

Lewis, Ricardo. Interview in Second Lines 2000; performance photos.

Folder 0844

Lewis, Richard. Correspondence.

Folder 0846

Lewis, Theron. News clippings, interview notes, performance photos from Jazz Fest and private events – with Sullivan Dabney and others.

Folder 0847

Lewis, Walter. Interview, death notice, and photo performing at McMain 10-16-91 in Jazz Awareness concert.

Folder 0848

Liberto, Roy. Death notice.

Folder 0849

Lil’ Wayne. News clippings.

Folder 0850

Lincoln Center. Newspaper column.

Folder 0851

Little Ol’ Opry. Photos of performers at Little Ol’ Opry in West Fork, Arkansas, 11-23-91. Includes Doyle Faubus (Darrow Doyle Faubus), performer and brother of Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus.

Folder 0852

Little Queenie. Jazz Fest Tent, April 1988.

Folder 0853

Little Rascals. Performance at Jeff Fest, 10-18-92, Lafreniere Park.

Folder 0854

Little Richard. News clippings, photo at Lafayette Elementary School 4-22-94, and Jazz Fest 4-22-94 – while Little Richard performs, Ready Teddy does handstands on the edge of the stage, and publicity photo.

Folder 0855

Litwin, Sharon. Photo, Crescent City Farmers’ Market – Green Market, 9-27-97.

Folder 0856

Live music. News clipping of issue of live music.

Folder 0857

Llado, Warren. Death notice; interview notes from 1994; notes from conversations;

Folder 0858

Lokumbe, Hannibal. Program and notes for “Water Too High, Bones Too Low – A Commentary on Hurricane Katrina, Dedicated to the Life of Ashley Qualls,” world premiere, August 24, 2013.”

Folder 0859

Longe, George. News clipping from 1936: “The Study of the Negro – The Negro History Project in the Colored Public Schools of New Orleans” by George Longe.

Folder 0860

Lonzo, Freddy. News clipping and performance at Nickel-A-Dance at Café Brasil.

Folder 0861

Louapre, Rene. News clippings. Copy of copies. Dates of articles missing. Also includes death notice for Anthony J. Costa.

Folder 0862 <