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Security of Library Materials: Home

Earl K. Long Library
University of New Orleans
September 22, 2014



To ensure that research material is available for use by the University of New Orleans faculty, students, and staff, and the community at large, it is the purpose of this policy to deal firmly with the unauthorized removal of library material from the premises of the library. This policy reflects an effort by the University of New Orleans to provide fair use of the library collection to all people by preserving the integrity of the collection.


  1. All library users entering and exiting the library are to use the main lobby entrance/exit in the center of the north lobby on the ground floor.
  2. Any library material taken out of the library must be properly checked out in accordance with established policy.
  3. Clear and definite notice is posted at the entrance and at all exits of the library warning library users of the necessity to have library material checked out before exiting as required by state law.
  4. The applicable laws are Louisiana R.S. 14:67 (theft), 14:56 (vandalism), and 14:63 (trespassing). Theft or vandalism of anything from $10 to $500 is considered a misdemeanor; from $500 and up is considered a felony.
  5. When the security system is activated at the main exit in the library lobby, or an attempt to circumvent the main exit takes place, or when an alarm indicates an emergency exit has been breached, or when an individual is trespassing, that person will be asked by library personnel to show what material he/she may be carrying. The library has the right to examine the contents of purses, briefcases, bags, or parcels for library material. If library material is found that is not checked out, proper identification from the individual is required, and action will be taken. Individuals without proper identification will be questioned by University Police.



  1. Library material: Any book, plate, picture, photograph, print, painting, drawing, map, newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, broadside, manuscript, document, letter, public record, microform, sound recording, audiovisual material in any format, magnetic or other tape, documentation of library ownership, artifact, or other documentary, written or printed material, or equipment, or furniture regardless of physical form or characteristics, belonging to, on loan to, or otherwise in the custody of the library.
  2. Categories of users: UNO student, UNO staff, UNO faculty/administrator, UNO alumnus, special borrower, juvenile (non-UNO), adult (non-UNO), area college student, non-identifiable.
  3. Proper identification: UNO faculty, staff, and students must have current UNO picture identification; UNO alumni must have alumni card and current picture identification; special borrowers must have current special borrower’s card and current picture identification; area college students must have current college identification and current picture identification; all library users who fall outside the above categories must have at least a current picture identification.
  4. Library personnel: Any faculty, staff, civil service employee, or student hired by the University of New Orleans to work in the library.
  5. Security system: An electronic device which allows properly checked out library material to pass out of the library unimpeded.
  6. Security violation: Any unauthorized removal of library material, vandalism of library material, unauthorized use of an emergency exit, or trespassing on library premises.
  7. Unauthorized removal of library material: The removal of any library material that has not been properly checked out in accordance with established policy.
  8. Theft. The misappropriation or taking of anything of value which belongs to another, either without the consent of the other . . . or by means of fraudulent conduct, practices, or representations. (LA R.S. 14:67)
  9. Vandalism: The intentional damaging of any property of another, without the consent of the owner. (LA R.S. 14:56)
  10. Trespass: The entering without authorization of any property owned by another. (LA R.S. 14:63)
  11. Main entrance/exit: The doors in the center of the north lobby of the ground floor.
  12. Emergency exits: Any exits other than the main and loading dock exits.


These actions are to be initiated when one or a combination of the following take place: there is a witness to theft and/or vandalism within the library; or when the security system is activated by an individual at the main exit point in the library lobby; or when an alarm indicates that an emergency exit has been breached by an individual; or when someone attempts to circumvent the security system or exit points; or when someone trespasses on library premises.

  1. Incident Report. The purpose of the Incident Report is to record any occurrence of unauthorized removal of library materials, and/or vandalism, and/or trespassing involving non-UNO patrons. An Incident Report may be filled out as documentation to record any unauthorized removal or vandalism of library materials and trespassing which involves UNO students, staff, and faculty members.
  2. Confiscation. Library material recovered from individuals which cannot be checked out will be confiscated and routed back to the appropriate department. Vandalized library material recovered from individuals will be confiscated.
  3. UNO Campus Police. The role of UNO Campus Police is to secure proper identification from an individual, to detain, ban, or arrest individuals based on the seriousness of the library security violations, to initiate court action, and in cases involving juveniles, to contact parents or guardians.
  4. Administrative Action. Disciplinary action through appropriate administrative channels will be taken for incidence of unauthorized removal or vandalism of library material, or trespassing, by UNO affiliated users, and by students at other educational institutions.
  5. Court Action. The University of New Orleans reserves the right to pursue legal action in cases of unauthorized removal or vandalism of library material. Court action, initiated by UNO Campus Police upon recommendation of library personnel, may be undertaken in instances of unauthorized removal or vandalism of library material.
  6. Banning. An individual may be banned from the UNO campus for a length of time through administrative channels.
  7. Replacement Charges. Replacement charges for vandalized library material may be charged varying according to type of library material, extent of damage, and cost of replacement. The University of New Orleans is entitled to pursue all legal means to recoup losses.


As a Louisiana educational institution, the Earl K. Long Library is empowered to take appropriate action to maintain the security of Library material. The authority for the issuance of this statement of policy and procedures rests with the Dean of Library Services, the Director of Student Accountability, Advocacy, & Disability Services, and the President. Library personnel, along with the UNO Campus Police, are authorized to enforce the policies and procedures herein.



Approved by Library Administration 9-22-2014