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MSS 008 Hermann B. Deutsch Collection: Inventory

Hermann B. Deutsch COLLECTION

(Mss 8)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

May 2000





Approximately 4.5 linear feet.

Geographic Locations:

Arkansas and Louisiana.

Inclusive Dates:

ca. 1920 to 1945.

Bulk Dates:

1930 to 1940.


Papers and memorabilia, mainly on Louisiana politics, produced and/or accumulated by Deutsch while working as a reporter for the New Orleans Item.  Includes much material on Huey P. Long, and some material on Arkansas politics of the same era, including an autograph poem by Hattie W. Caraway.

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Gift, 1969.


No Restrictions.


Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Hermann B. Deutsch Collection (MSS 8), Louisiana and Special Collections Department, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

Biographical Note

            Hermann Bacher Deutsch (1889-1970), a native of Brüx, Austria-Hungary, moved with his parents to Cincinnati, Ohio, at the age of two.  He earned bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees at the University of Chicago.  Although his doctorate was in botany, it was in the field of journalism that Deutsch is remembered.  He began working on the Chicago Journal in 1915 but soon moved to New Orleans, where he was employed by the Times-Picayune (1916), the States (1918), and the Item and its successor, the States-Item (1918-1970), serving between 1949 and 1970 as associate editor, chief editorial writer, and daily columnist.  Deutsch was the author of two novels, The Wedge (1935) and Louisiana (1939), as well as several works of nonfiction: The Incredible Yanqui (1931), The Huey Long Murder Case (1963), Brennan's New Orleans Cookbook (1964), and Jungle Gardens of Avery Island (ca. 1930s).

            Deutsch's interest in Louisiana politics, especially in Huey P. Long, evident in his publications, also is obvious in the materials he collected.  Long, the flamboyant former governor (1928-1932) and then U.S. senator, was born in Winnfield, Louisiana, in 1893.  He studied law at Tulane University and was admitted to the Louisiana bar in 1915.  Long first practiced law in Winnfield, specializing in Workmen's Compensation cases, land titles, timber sales, and oil and gas, and later in Shreve­port.  In 1919 he was elected to the Louisiana Railroad Commission (later the Public Service Commission), serving from 1918 to 1928 and chairing the commission for the last seven years of his tenure.  After an unsuccessful bid for the office of governor in 1924, Long was elected to that position in 1928.  During his four years in office, Louisiana dramatically increased spending for public education at all levels, reformed and improved prisons, and built bridges and highways.  Meanwhile, political opposition gathered strength amid allegations of usurpation of authority and other misconduct.  After impeachment charges failed in 1929, Long won election to the U.S. Senate the following year, but continued to govern Louisiana until 1932, after ensuring that candidates he favored had won Louisiana offices, including O. K. Allen, his successor as governor.

            A major force in national politics, Long opposed President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, advocating, rather, his own Share-the-Wealth Program, which would have eliminated personal fortunes in excess of three million dollars; given each family five thousand dollars with which purchase a house, a car, and a radio; and provided pensions for the elderly, minimum an­nual incomes, bonuses for veterans, and college educations.  Although Long's national strength died with him on September 8, 1935, in Louisiana his political influence endured for decades.

List of Series and Subseries

Series I:

Books and Pamphlets.

Series II:

Broadsides and Handbills.

Series III:


Series IV:


Series V:


Series VI:

Government Documents.

Series VII:


Series VIII:


Container List

Series I.  Books and Pamphlets.

8-1                          Flynn, Denis.  Why?? Huey P. Long Was Murdered; The True Story Told; Gruesome Facts Detailed; The "Inside" Story; Expose of Senator Long's Tragic Assassination                                Gathered and Welded Together.  New Orleans, [19--].

                               Gamble, Harry.  Address to the Legislature Convening May 9, 1932; The Strange Case of Louisiana and Huey P. Long.  [New Orleans, 1932].  2 copies, one inscribed by the author.

                               Long, Huey P.  Share Our Wealth, Every Man A King ... Containing authorities, laws, statistics and published comments of Leaders of all times.  Washington, D.C., [19--].


                               Long's Pratt.  "Bought and Paid For in New Orleans 1935."  [New Orleans, 1935].

                               Maines, George H.  Huey P. Long.  [S.l.: s.n., 19--].

                               Portes Gil, Emilio.  The Conflict Between the Civil Power and the Clergy; Historical and Legal Essay.  Mexico, 1935.  2 copies.

                               Program, Inaugural Ceremonies of Governor Oscar K. Allen and Lieutenant- Governor John B. Fournet and Dedication of Louisiana's New State Capital, Monday, May 16, 1932.  Baton Rouge, [1932].

Series II.  Broadsides and Handbills.

Primarily concerned with Louisiana and Arkansas politics.

8-19                ca. 1930-1940.

Series III.  Clippings.

8-6                              n.d., January 9, 1923 - March 13, 1941.

Series IV.  Correspondence.

Various correspondents.

8-7                n.d., August 26, 1930 - August 5, 1939.

Series V.  Drawing.

8-8                Charcoal and pencil sketch depicting Huey P. Long and other persons; handwritten notations, n.d.

Series VI.  Government Documents.

8-4                Louisiana.  Laws, Statutes, etc.  Constitution of the State of Louisiana.  June 18, 1921 as amended through the election of November 6, 1934.  [S.l.: s.n., 1934?] (2 copies).

8-4                Louisiana.  Legislature.  House.  Official Journal of the Proceedings.  "Fifth Day's Proceedings.  Fifth extra session of the Legislature....  Baton Rouge, La., March 26, 1929."  Proof sheet.  [S.l.: s.n., 1929?].



8-4                Louisiana.  Legislature.  Senate.  Official Journal of the Proceedings of the Senate of the State of Louisiana at the fifth extra session of the Legislature ... Begun and held in the City of Baton Rouge, March 20, 1929.  And the official journal of the proceedings of the Senate of the State of Louisiana sitting as a court of impeachment for the trial of Huey P. Long ...beginning Saturday, April 6, 1929.  Baton Rouge, 1929.

8-4                U.S.  Congress.  Congressional Record: Containing the Proceedings and Debates ... Vol. 76, nos. 23-25, 28-32, 34, 35, 64 (1933); Vol. 77, no. 24 (1933); Vol. 79, no. 105 (1935).

8-5                U.S. Congress. Senate. Special Committee to Investigate Campaign Expenditures.  Senatorial Campaign Expenditures, 1932 (Louisiana).  Hearing before the Special Committee on Investigation of Campaign Expenditures, United States Senate, Seventy-second Congress, Second Session - Seventy-third Congress, Second Session, Pursuant to S. Res. 174, a Resolution for an Investi­ga­tion of Campaign Expend­itures of Presidential, Vice Presidential and Senatorial Candidates, 1932.  Washington, D.C., 1933-1934.  (2 copies of volume 2).

                     See also Speeches, Overton, John H.  Huey P. Long. Speech ... (8-16).

Series VII.  Miscellany.

8-9                Anonymous typescript and handwritten notes.  n.d.

8-10              Caraway, Hattie W.  Autograph poem.  n.d.

8-11              Deutsch, Hermann B.  Bank statement and cancelled checks.  March 31 - April 30, 1948, Whitney National Bank, New Orleans.

8-12              Deutsch, Hermann B.  "Extra Legislative Session Just Closed Furnishes a New 'Follies of 1921.'"  Newspaper proof, 1921.

8-18              Deutsch, Hermann B.  "The Kingdom of the Kingfish."  New Orleans Item, July 19 - September 20, 1939.  Newspaper clippings and proofs.

8-13              [Drezinski, Herman].  Manuscript article on speech in U.S. Senate by Senator Huey P. Long [March 1932].

8-14              Invitation.  "Governor and Mrs. O. K. Allen ½ invite you to ½ A Holiday Party ½ honoring ½ Senator and Mrs. Huey P. Long ½ Senator-Elect and Mrs. J. H. Overton ½ Miss Alice Lee Grasjean ½ and ½ Miss Lucille Mae Grace ½ Thursday evening, December twenty-ninth ½ eight o'clock ½ at the Executive Mansion."

8-15              Long, Huey P.  "Share Our Wealth Plan."  2-page typescript, n.d.



Series VIII.  Newspapers.

8-20              Alcatraz (Shreveport, La.).  Vol. 1, no. 1 (December 10, 1935); Vol. 2, no. 1

                        (January 1, 1936).

8-20              Anti-Taxer (New Orleans, La.).  Vol. 1, no. 1 (n.d.).

8-20              Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Ark.).  Vol. 113, no. 325 (October 12, 1932).

8-20              Banner-News (Magnolia, Ark.).  Vol. 54, no. 44 (August 4, 1932).

8-20              Bunkie Record (Bunkie, La.).  Vol. 47, nos. 8, 27 (May 10, September 20, 1935).

8-20              Camden News (Camden, Ark.).  Vol. 13, no. 85 (August 1, 1932).

8-20              Daily Advertiser (Lafayette, La.).  Vol. 22, no. 148 (October 16, 1935).

8-20              Daily Courier (Hammond, La.).  Vol. 2, nos. 125, 126, 127, 128 (September 10-14, 1933); 191 (November 27, 1933) 2 copies, 197 (December 6, 1933); Vol. 3, no. 236 (January 28, 1935); Vol. 5, no. 30 (May 29, 1936).

Note: Vol. 2, nos. 125 and 126 are dated September 10 "Monday" and September 12 "Tuesday" respectively.

Index Terms

Arkansas—Politics and government

Carraway, Hattie W.

Deutsch, Hermann B.

Long, Huey P.

Louisiana—Politics and government