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MSS 152 - Alker-Bobet Collection: Inventory


(Mss 152)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

April 1983




Size:                           5 linear feet



locations:                 France; New York City; New Orleans, Louisiana


Inclusive dates:      n.d., Dec. 16, 1778 - June 18, 1970


Summary:                 Personal papers and business records relating to the Alker and Bobet families and the stave business of Bobet Brothers of New Orleans.  City directories list Bobet Brothers at the following locations:

Staves, 1874, South Peters St. and St. James St.

Staves, 1907 and 1922, 1705/07 South Peters St.

Staves and Coal, 1923 and 1930, 409 Ninth St.


The collection include a cash book; a day book; a purchase book; correspondence; act of sale; article of incorporation; baptismal and marriage certificates; clippings; tax and license receipts; a map of Bobet Brothers real estate holdings; photographs, biographical, genealogical, and literary manuscripts; letters patent; passports and visas; admissions to bar; philatelic items; and miscellany.


Source:                     Gift, April 1983


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Alker-Bobet Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans


Container List


                        Business Records


152-9                    Cash book (1 bd. vol.) of Bobet Brothers.  July 1, 1859 - November 30, 1861.


152-10                  Day book (1 bd. vol.) includes inventory of Bobet Brothers assets, April 1, 1866, and records of payments and receipts.  April 3, 1866 - October 3, 1869.


                              Miscellany, includes acts of sale, articles of incorporation, business correspondence, reports, maps of Bobet Brothers real estate holdings, and certificate of ownership of barkentine "J. M. Griffith."


152-1                    October 7, 1865 - Dec. 31, 1941.


152-14                  Oversized. February 25, 1868 and February 14, 1919.


152-11                  Purchase book (1 bd. vol.) of Bobet Brothers.  July 5, 1859 - July 12, 1861; April 10, 1866 - May 28, 1867.


                              Tax and license receipts with related documents.  Mainly issued by the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana but including St. Tammany Parish receipts, 1874, 1875, 1878, and Internal Revenue receipts, 1866/1867, 1868.  The receipts are primarily for real estate, personal property, and occupational taxes but also include some drainage and school taxes and an 1870 Board of Education for Freedom receipt.  Series arranged chronologically by tax year.


152-2                    n.d. 1864 - 1889.


152-3                    1890 - 1911.


152-4                    1912 - 1947.


                              For photographs of Bobet Brothers stave yards see Family Records.  Photographs.



                              Family Records of Alker, Bobet, Crane (sometimes spelled Crean), and Buckner families.


152-7                    Clippings (1  bd. vol. and 1 folder of loose clippings).  New York and New Orleans newspapers.  Includes principally obituaries of family members and an account of the Huey Long Sands Point incident.  n.d., July 1, 1883 - March 27, 1920.


                              Miscellaneous family records.  Includes correspondence, notes, literary man­uscripts, wills, baptismal certificates, deed to Metairie Cemetery plot, suc­cessions, acts of sale, passports, visas, biographical and genealogical man­uscripts, letters patent, a marriage certificate, and admissions to the bar.


152-5                    n.d.


152-6                    Dec. 16, 1778 - June 18, 1970.


152-13                  Oversized.  n.d., April 29, 1778 (Florial 10, VII) - May 22, 1845.




152-12                  Negatives.  26 snapshots of individuals and scenes, including stave yards of Bobet Brothers.  n.d., ca. 1924.


                              Prints.  88 snapshots of formal photographs of individuals and scenes.  ca. 1860 - 1960.


                              For personal property tax records see tax and license receipts under Business Records.  Tax and License Receipts.


152-8                    Philatelic items, first covers.  July 4, 1968 - March 13, 1970.

Index Terms


Alker family.

Bobet Brothers (New Orleans, La.)

Bobet family.

Buckner family.

Businesses—Louisiana—New Orleans

Coal trade—Louisiana.

Crane family.

Crean family.

Real property--Louisiana.