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MSS 297 - Edgar Hull Papers, Addendum 1: Inventory

Edgar Hull Papers, ADDENDUM 1

(Mss 297)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

May 2000




Size:                          1 bound volume: “Papers Presented by Edgar Hull, M.D.”  Edited by Joe E. Holoubek, M.D., and Alice Baker Holoubek, M.D.



locations:                 New Orleans, La.; Shreveport, La.


Inclusive dates:      1934-1983


Bulk dates:              1940-1960


Summary:                Compilation of professional papers presented by Edgar Hull (1904-1984), a physician who resided and practiced in New Orleans and Shreveport, LA, for most of his career; edited by Joe E. Holoubek, M.D., and Alice Baker Holoubek, M.D.  Hull served the Department of Medicine at Louisiana State University School of Medicine as acting head (1939), head (1940-1954 and 1960-1964), and associate dean (1954-1966).  His primary hospital appointments were Charity Hospital of Louisiana in New Or­leans, Hotel Dieu, and Mercy Hospital, and as a consultant at Touro Infirmary and Baptist Hospital.



collections:              Charity Hospital School of Nursing Collection (Mss 220);  Edgar Hull Papers (Mss 291)


Source:                     Gift, 2000


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Edgar Hull Papers, Addendum 1, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

Biographical Note


            Edgar Hull (1904-1984), a physician, was a native of Pascagoula, Mississippi.  He pursued pre-medical studies in New Orleans at Louisiana State University (1920-1921, 1922-1923) and earned his M.D. degree from Tulane University in 1923.  After interning at Highland Sanitarium (hospital) in Shreveport, Hull remained briefly on the hospital’s staff before setting up a practice in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, in 1929.  In 1931 he returned to New Orleans to become a founding member of the staff and faculty of the new Louisiana State University Medical Center, through its affiliation with Charity Hospital.  Hull was married twice, first in 1930 to Louise Parham of Shreveport, who died in 1937, and in 1937 to Mallory Page Warren, with whom he had one son.


            Hull served the Department of Medicine at Louisiana State University School of Medicine as acting head (1939), head (1940-1954 and 1960-1964), and associate dean (1954-1966).  His primary hospital appointments were Charity Hospital of Louisiana in New Or­leans, Hotel Dieu, and Mercy Hospital, and as a consultant at Touro Infirmary and Baptist Hospital.  In 1944 Hull was a Markle Fellow to Costa Rica and Guatemala; in 1950-1951, a Fulbright Professor to the University of Bologna; and in 1958, a consultant to Taiwan.  A local pioneer in electrocardiography, Hull was a master, American College of Physicians, and a member of the American College of Gastroenterology, the American College of Cardiology, and the Catholic Physicians Guild.


            In 1966 Hull moved to Shreveport to head the new Louisiana State University School of Medicine at Shreveport, where he worked with George R. Meneely, M.D., and others to achieve the difficult goal of accreditation by the AAMC.  Hull served as dean until his retirement in 1973 to Pascagoula, Mississippi.  He died in 1984.  During his last years, he refuted the generally accepted scholarship concerning the circumstances of Huey P. Long’s death, claiming that medical treatment probably could not have saved Long and that his death did not result from medical incompetence.  He also criticized his own failure to insist on an autopsy.



Source:         A Dictionary of Louisiana Biography, ed. Glenn R. Conrad (2 vols.; New Orleans, La.: Louisiana Historical Association, 1988), pp. 416-417.




Note: Numbers in Column 1 refer to these papers in the present volume; numbers in Column 2 refer to them in the Edgar Hull Papers (Mss 291).


1          2


180                 “The Sanctity of Life.”  Lecture delivered to Sophomore Classes; LSUMC/ Shreve­port, 1969-1973.


181     185     “Errors in Diagnostic Philosophy.”  8th District Medical Society, Alexandria, LA, June 4, 1945; Lake Charles, LA, February 14, 1946; Pascagoula, MS, June 6, 1945; Montgomery County Medical Society, [?], September 5, 1945.


182     186     “Medical Education for the Laity.”  Mississippi State Public Health Associa­tion, Jackson, MS, December 11, 1945; published in The Mississippi Doctor (January 1946): 525-528; review essay published in Medical Annals of Dis­trict of Columbia 15 (April 1946): 171-172.


183     187     “Bacterial Endocarditis.”  With illustrations.  Co-author: Louis Levy II, M.D.  Sym­posium on the Heart and Vascular Disease, New Orleans, October 30, 1944.


184     188     “Bacterial Endocarditis.”  Regional meeting, American College of Physicians, Memphis, TN, January 25, 1945.


185     189     “The Spatial Relationship of Mean Electrocardiographic Axes.”  With Richard Ashman.  [19--].


186     190     “Some Medical Aspects of Chemical Warfare Agents.”  Opelousas, September 1942.  Excerpts used for paper of same title, Orleans Parish, March 8, 1943.


187     191     “The Threat of Tropical Diseases.”  Delta Medical Society, Greenville, MS, April 12, 1944; Fifth District Medical Society, Monroe, June 22, 1944; East Mississippi Medical Society, Meridian, MS, June 29, 1944.


188     192     “Cutaneous Leishmaniasis.”  New Orleans Graduate Medical Assembly Clinic, March 1944.


189     193     “[Opposition to the Wagner-Murray Bill].”  Orleans Parish meeting, 1944.


190     194     “Standard versus Unipolar Extremity Leads in Clinical Electrocardiography.”  Submitted to the Annals of Internal Medicine, September 18, 1948; submitted to the American Heart Journal, March 17, 1949.


191     195     “The Output of the Heart.”

                        “Valvular Disease of the Heart.”

                        “Hypertrophy and Dilatation of the Heart.”

                                    Sodeman’s manuscript [19--].


192     196     “The Effect of Dicumarol Upon the Morbidity and Incidence of Thrombo­embolic Complications in Congestive Heart Failure.”  With George M. Ander­son, M.D., [19--].  Apparently submitted to the American Heart Journal.


193     197     “An Evaluation of the Use of Electrocardiography in Clinical Medicine.”  Jefferson County (Birmingham, AL) Medical Society, June 17, 1946.


194     198     “Recent Advances in the Treatment of Heart Disease” and “Diagnosis and Treat­ment of Obscure Fevers.”  North Texas and Southern Oklahoma Fall Post­graduate Conference, Wichita Falls, TX, October 14, 1947.  Sponsored by Wichita County Medical Society.


195     199     “Cardiovascular Manifestations of Syphilis.”  [19--].


196     200     “[Peptic Ulcer].”  [19--].


197     201     “Evaluation of Anesthetic Risk.”  Institute of Nurse Anesthetists, New Orleans, May 29, 1947.


198     202     “[Electrocardiography].” [19--].


199     203     “The Cause and Effect of Flow Through Defects of the Atrial Septum.”  Submitted to Archives of Internal Medicine, April 15, 1948; submitted to American Journal of Medical Science, June 14, 1948; submitted to American Heart Journal, July 8, 1948 (accepted); copy-edited version with illustrations, American Heart Journal 38 (September 1949): 350-360.


200     204     “Impact of General Ethical and Social Trends Upon Medical Care and Upon Medical Education.”  Chairman’s address to Section on Medical Edu­ca­tion, Southern Medical Association, Miami, October 1948.  Published in Southern Medical Journal 41 (December 1948): 1103-1105.


201     205     “False Abnormality of Precordial Electrocardiograms Due to the Effects of Changes of Potential at the Remote Electrode.”  With Herbert deNelle Tucker and J. W. Weilbaecher, Jr.  Published in American Heart Journal 26 (July 1948): 135-140.


202     206     “Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Hyperthyroidism.”  Rapides Parish, April 1, 1946.


203     207     “Differential Diagnosis of Asthma.”  New Orleans Graduate Assembly, Spring 1946.


204     208     “The Choice of Leads in Clinical ECG [Electrocardiography].”  Louisiana Heart Association, September 10, 1950.


205     209     “Nontraumatic Causes of Back Pain.”  Outline, [19--].


206     210     “[Categories of Medical-Dermatologic Problems].”  LSU Dermatology Day, February 14, 1955.


207     211     “Emergency Use of Corticoids and Corticotropin.” Memphis Academy of Internal Medicine, October 22, 1954; Chattanooga, October 1955; revised version, Fall Clinical Conference, Kansas City Southwest Clinical Society, Kansas City, MO, September 24, 1956; abstract in Kansas City Medical Journal.


208     212     “Malemedicosis Gravis and Mites: Personal Observations and Reports of Cases.”  Read to meeting for induction of members into AOA, May 24, 1944; Under­graduate Surgical Society, February 4, 1947.


209     213     “After Care and Outlook of Persons with Myocardial Infarction.”  Medical Association of Georgia, May 1954; Louisiana State Medical Society, May 1954; Gulf Coast Medical Society, June 1954.  Also includes letter about “The Business Man and His Heart,” presented at the Executive Club, April 1954.


210     214     “Substernal Pain.”  For ACP [American College of Physicians] course in gastro­enterology at LSU, [19--].


211     215     “[‘Toxic’ Talk].”  University of Mississippi, February 1954.


212     216     “[Talk on Coagulation Time].”  Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine [?], June 1953.


213     217     “Decline and Fall of Physical Diagnosis.”  [19--].


214     218     “Chronic Non Tuberculosis Pulmonary Disease [?].”  Note cards; Lake Charles, November 21, 1952.


215     219     “[Misconceptions Regarding the Usual or Common Clinical Pictures of Pulmonary Conditions].”  Oklahoma City Clinical Society, Annual Fall Clinic and Conference, November 1951.


216     220     “[Problem of Too Few Interns].”  Roundtable discussion of the Council on Medical Education at Southern Medical Association Meeting, Miami, November 12, 1952.


217     221     “How to Keep Patients from Dying of Heart Disease.”  Louisiana Academy of General Practitioners, New Orleans, September 11 (or 12), 1952; notes for speech.


218     222     “Forward versus Backward Failure of the Heart.”  Kennedy V.A., Hospital, October 6, 1951.


219     223     “[Observations on the Use of Quinidine for Myocardial Disturbances].”  Oklahoma City, June 1950.


220     224     “Pitfalls in the Use of Precision Methods in the Management of Cardio­vascular Diseases.”  Oklahoma State [?], June 1950; Fifth District [LA?], September 15, 1950.


221     225     “Experiences with a New Anticoagulant.”  With George W. Allen, M.D.  An­nual Meeting, Louisiana Heart Association, Baton Rouge, April 26, 1950.


222     226     “The Coagulation Time, Its Sensitivity, and What It Measures.”  With George W. Allen, M.D.  [19--].


223     227     “Electrocardiographic Changes in Cardiovascular Abnormalities Concomitant with Gastrointestinal Disease.”  ACP [American College of Physicians] Course for Doctors, March 1960.


224     228     “Proper Concern for One’s Health.”  Industrial Supervisors, Shreveport, February 20, 1962.


225     229     “Internships and Louisiana and LSU.”  For The Tiger Rag, January 25, 1962.


226     230     “Present Status of the Problems of Diseases of the Heart and Blood Vessels.”  Outline.  Cardiac Workshop, Pineville, LA, October 11, 1961.


227     231     “The Teleology of Heart Failure.”  Little Rock Academy of Medicine, April 27, 1960; earlier version with same title presented as Phi Chi Lecture at the Medical College of Alabama, Birmingham, March 6, 1954.


228     232     “The Case for Emphasis on Practical and Encyclopedic.”  Report of the First Insti­­tute on Clinical Teaching, Association of American Medical Colleges, 1958.


229     233     “[Presentation as Part of Panel on Arrhythmias].”  College of Cardiology, Cincinnati, December 6, 1957.


230     234     “Etiology and Pathogenesis of Anemias.”  Outline, [19--].


231     235     “[Interpretation of EKGs by general practitioners].”  Presented as part of review course in Cardiology, University of Mississippi, February 8-12, 1954.


232     236     “[Remarks to Twenty-Fifth Graduating Class of LSU School of Medicine].”


233     237     “Emphysema and Emphysemic Heart.”  Outline and notes for remarks on Founders Day, Alexandria, LA, January 12, 1957.


234     238     “Evils of ECG (Electrocardiography).”  Orleans Parish [Medical Society], December 13, 1948; also at Minden, Natchitoches, Bastrop, and Ruston, LA, January 1949.


235     239     “The First Days of Our School.”  About Hull’s first twenty-five years at the LSU School of Medicine.


236     240     “[Regarding a Law to Recognize and Regulate Chiropractic in Louisiana].”


237     241     “Peace to Whom?”  Christmas remarks to the students, [19--].


238     242     “Who Is Responsible for What?”  Written for “The Doctor” column in Louisiana Academy of General Practice, March 27, 1956.


239     243     “Medical Aspects of the Treatment and Prevention of Disability.”  [19--].


240     244     “Whom to Thank for What.”  Tiger Rag, November 1955.


241     245     “Manifestation and Treatment of Extra-Intestinal Amebiasis.”  Chattanooga, October 1955.


242     246     “Variations in the Clinical Picture of Amebic Abscess of the Liver.”  Norfolk, VA, April 1, 1951.


243     247a   MS on Coarctation of the Aorta.  Address delivered to the Houston Society of Internal Medicine, February 24, 1949.


244     247b   “The Pathologic Physiology of Coarctation of the Aorta.”  [19--].


245     247c   “Coarctation of the Aorta: Dynamics of the Circulation and Relationships between Pressures in the Arteries of the Upper and Lower Extremities.”  [19--].


246                 “Arterial Pressures in Coarctation of the Aorta and Analogous Conditions.”


247                 “On the Evidence for Generalized Arteriolar Constriction in Coarctation of the Aorta.”  American Heart Journal 35:6 (June 1948): 980-983.


248     248     “Postpartal Heart Failures.”  With Eleanor Hidden, M.S., [19--].


249     249     “Tuberculosis and Pregnancy.”  For joint meeting of Orleans Parish Medical Society and Obstetrics and Gynecology, May 24, 1943.  File also includes correspondence, research notes, research data, and illustrations.


250     250     “Practical Aspects of Water Balance.”  Presented to Staff Meeting, Soniat Memorial Mercy Hospital, November 5, 1941.


251     251     “[Mission of the Louisiana Heart Association].”  Address to the Louisiana Heart Association, Monroe, January 16, 1960.


252     252a   “The Future of Internal Medicine.”  Delivered in Alexandria, LA, April 4, 1959.


253     252b   “Impacts of General Ethical and Social Trends Upon Medical Care and Upon Medical Education.”  Southern Medical Journal 41.12 (December 1948): 1103-1105.  Notes and reprint.


254     253     “Hyponatremic Syndromes.”  [19--].


255     254     “Electrolyte Disturbances in Congestive Heart Failure.”  [19--].


256     255     “Medical Stock.”  [19--].


257     256     “Dyspnea.”  [19--].


258     257     “Diseases of the Heart and Great Vessels Amenable to Surgery.”  Presented at Cardiology Day, May 14, 1955.


259     258     “Congenital Heart Disease in Adults.”  [19--].


260     259     “Differentiation of Cardiac from Gastrointestinal Pain.”  [19--].


261     260     “The Prevention of Cardiac Emergencies.”  [19--].


262     261     “Drugs to Use and Things to Do in Cardiac Emergencies.”  Presented to Louisiana Academy of General Practitioners, October 1955.


263     262     “Angina Pectoris.”  [19--].


264     263     “Pain.”  [19--].


265     264     “Jaundice.”  [19--].


266     265     “Principles in the Management of Heart Failure and Myocardial Infarction, With Emphasis upon the Prevention of Dire Emergencies.”  [19--].


267     266     “Etiology and Pathogenesis of Anemias.”  [19--].


268     267     “[The Research Activities of the Department of Medicine].”  Address to Orleans Parish Medical Society, October 12, 1953.


269                 “Early Personality Development.”  Presented to the Tarshar Society, May 28, 1972.


270                 “Some Reflections of St. Thomas Aquinas on the Being of God.”  Presented to the Tarshar Society, September 1972.


271                 “Prejudice—Culpable and Laudable.”  A talk presented to the Tarshar Society, February 23, 1983.


272                 “Moral Objectivity in Medical Progress.”  Presented at the XII International Congress of Catholic Physicians, Washington, DC, October 11-14, 1970.

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Holoubek, Alice Baker

Holoubek, Joe E.

Hull, Edgar