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Library Reserved Carrels


All library study carrel spaces are available through the application form on the library’s website, on a first come, first served basis.

Please read through the carrel policy and information carefully - failure to abide by library policy will result in the loss of the space.

Carrel Policy

  1. Any graduate student may apply for a carrel space, the location determined by the status of the student. Their status will be verified by library staff. Individual Carrels (up to 2 users per room) - Graduate students working on their Thesis or Dissertation (enrolled in a 7000-level course) or with an email from their advising faculty (sent directly to, Visiting Scholars, Retired Faculty.
  2. All applicants must be currently enrolled at the time of their application and during the semester they wish to occupy the space.
  3. Visiting scholars must have the head of the department overseeing their visit send an email to verifying their connection and length of stay.
  4. Library carrels are for research and study.
  5. Library materials must be checked out to the carrel user before being left in a carrel.
  6. The library reserves the right to have its personnel enter carrels to search for missing library items not properly checked out. Unchecked out items will be returned to the collection. Repeated incidents may result in loss of your carrel space.
  7. Two users may be assigned to each individual carrel.
  8. The graduate study room is not a group study space - please ask at the Services Desk if you need help finding a space for your group.
  9. Do not leave anything of value in your carrel. The library assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.
  10. Windows cannot be blocked by any material.
  11. Food is not allowed on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the library, and no food, food wrappers or containers should be left in the room.
  12. Problems with the room (lights out, cleaning, etc.) should be reported to the Services Desk.
  13. Library staff are not able to let users into any of the carrel spaces - you must have your carrel key in order to get into the room.
  14. Renewal messages will be sent to the UNO email address of record for each carrel user. All carrel users must renew their space in the library each semester with the Services desk. Failure to respond to renewal messages promptly may result in your items being removed and discarded, and your carrel space reassigned.

Getting your carrel key

  1. Once you fill out the carrel application form, library staff will review your information and verify your status. They will then assign a library carrel space, or deny your application due to the inability to verify your status or lack of available space.
  2. Completed and confirmed requests will be sent to the University’s Access Control office for a key request.
  3. Once the key is available, Access Control will contact you to come and pick up your key.
  4. Keys will be returned to the Access Control Office when your carrel use is done.

Key Policy:

Once a key is assigned by the library, it becomes the responsibility of the key holder. This key
assignment complies with the university’s Access Control Policy, AP-AA-28.2.

  1. It will be the key holder’s responsibility to return the key to the Access Control office. Keys must be returned before graduating, or when the carrel is not renewed by the library.
  2. If the key is lost, the key holder must follow the Access Control Policy by filing a report with Campus Police and the Access Control office.
  3. The replacement cost for a lost key is $50 payable to the Bursar.
  4. Failure to comply with the Access Control Policy will prevent any further carrel access and the cost of replacing the key will be deducted from the key holder’s account.


If you have any questions, please contact the Services Desk, either by email ( or phone (280-6355).

Please fill out the online form to make a carrel request: