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Cell Phone Use Policy

Students and community members come to the library in order to conduct research, consult with library staff, and work in a collaborative and comfortable environment. The Library asks cell phone users to respect others and help us limit disruptions by observing the following guidelines in regard to cell phone usage:

  • Cell phone ringers must be turned off when entering the library.
  • Cell phone conversations are allowed in the first-floor lobby and the elevator lobbies. Cell phone conversations are prohibited in all other public areas.
  • Even in allowed areas, cell phone conversations should be conducted in a low voice.
  • Text messaging and other quiet cell phone use are permitted.
  • Cell phone cameras should not be used without permission from the photograph or video subjects.
  • The Library reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the building if he/she is using a cell phone in a prohibited area or disturbing others in any area of the library.