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Library Room 407 Reservation Policy

The Library conference room is available for use by CAMPUS GROUPS whenever the event does not interfere with normal library operations. AP-AA-04.2 excludes the library from the class room pool, so this room may not be used for instruction or for externally funded special academic program activities, which must be approved and scheduled through the Registrar’s Office, ext. 6996. The conference room is also restricted to events sponsored by the University.

Reservations can be made by calling Library Administration at ext. 6556, during regular working hours or by submitting the form posted below. All reservations will be confirmed in advance by email.

Up to 196 people can be accommodated comfortably in the lecture-type seating arrangement, and approximately 30 can be seated at tables for workshops. The Library has on hand approximately 70 chairs and 12 tables. If this is insufficient, the sponsoring organization can request additional tables and chairs by faxing a work order to Facilities Services ext. 5582. Also, arrangements for room set-up must be done through Facilities Services at least 3 days in advance. Arrangement must also be made to have the room vacuumed and furniture put back in its original position after the event.

A projection screen is built into the ceiling. A podium is available and can be equipped with a microphone and amplification system upon request through Media Resources. The event’s sponsor is responsible for ordering all audio-visual equipment from Media Resources, making arrangements in advance with that office. Visual aids may not be scotch-taped, tacked, or otherwise attached to walls, doors, window shades, or windows.

The sponsoring organization may arrange to have refreshments provided by University Catering at ext. 6079.

The library is a smoke-free building. Smoking is not permitted in the conference room, lobbies, restrooms, or anywhere else in the building.

It is recommended that the sponsoring organization provide signs for display in the lobby area on the first and fourth floors prior to and during the event. Signs may not be posted on the exterior doors, walls, windows, or pillars of the building. Signs may also not be posted anywhere in the building unless approved by Library Administration. Contact Library Administration at ext. 6556 if you would like to have a sign posted.