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Creating Academic Posters: Home

This guide provides helpful tips, technical guidance, and links to sample posters to help you create an effective academic poster.

Finding Images


Recommended Settings

Title Font:  72-92 pt
Headings:  36-54 pt (use a san serif font such as Ariel or Helvetica)
Body Text:  24-36 pt (use serif font such as Times New Roman).  Avoid long strings of text and use bullet points instead
Captions – 18-20 pt
No more than 2-3 font types
Your poster should be easily visible from 6 feet away!
no more than 5 colors (if you have a striking central image, make it the basis of your color scheme)
minimum figure/image size:  5 x 7 and all images should have captions
White background - 40% white space