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How do I find Book Reviews?: Home

Use this guide to help you find academic reviews of books on subjects you might be interested in.

Print Resources

For these print indices, you will generally search the volume for the year in which the book was originally published as well as the following year. Look under the author's name.

Book Review Digest

This source lists reviews in major newspapers and popular journals. Excerpts from some reviews are included.

Years covered: 1905 - 1999

Call Number: Z1219.C95

Current Location: Third Floor, Aisle 3


Book Review Index

This source lists reviews in major newspapers, popular magazines, and some scholarly journals. More titles are indexed here than in Book Review Digest, but no excerpts are included.

Years covered: 1965 - 2004

Call Number: Z1035.A1B6

Current Location: Third Floor, Aisle 3


Combined Retrospective Index to Bk. Reviews in Humanities Journals, 1802 - 1974

This index focuses on reviews from scholarly journals.

Years Covered: 1802 - 1974

Call Number: Z1035.A1C63

Current Location: Third Floor, Aisle 3


Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

This source includes reviews from popular magazines. The reviews are listed separately at the back of each volume and are arranged alphabetically by author.

Years covered: 1900 - 2000

Call Number: A13.R4V.54

Current Location: Third Floor, Aisle 3

Electronic Resources -- General

Electronic Sources -- Specific Disciplines

These more specialized databases also allow you to do a search limited to "review" or "book review" as a type of document.

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