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Business: Company Research

Introductory research guide for all disciplines in the College of Business.

Finding Company Profiles

Starting questions: Under what names is this company known? Who owns them? Is it private or public?

Private Companies

Since private companies are not required to file reports with the SEC, inforamtion is not always available on these companies.

One strategy is to see what a company will provide you directly. Some private companies do produce annual reports and sometimes post them on company websites. Keep in mind that there are no regulations or guidelines on this information. It is provided for promotional reasons as a courtesy by the company.

Another strategy is simply to look up articles about the company. Sometimes these will include financial information and more general information that can help you evaluate a company.

The following resources can help you find what information is available:

Government Filings

Some major types of reports filed with the SEC:

  • 10 K Reports - Annual reports
  • 10 Q Reports - Quarterly reports
  • Proxy Statements - Issued to stockholders prior to important votes and often includes ownership and executive salary information.

These reports and more can be found using the following tools: