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Promotion File for Lindsey Reno: List of Publications

List of Publications

Refereed Articles

Out of the Shadows:  A Public Face for Acquisitions. Against the Grain 24:6 Dec. 2012-Jan. 2013.

Stemming the Tide: The Role of Subscription Agents and Consortia in Library Communications. Against the Grain 27:6 Dec. 2015-Jan. 2016.

Mistakes Were Made: Strict Curricular Focus and Student Retention in Academic Libraries. Codex 4:3. 2017.

A Librarian at Sea. Codex 5:4. 2020.

Refereed Book Chapters

Lowe, Megan, Michael Matthews, Lindsey Reno, Michael Sartori. “The LOUIS Consortium and Catastrophe.” Technology-Centered Academic Library Partnerships and Collaborations Ed. Brian Doherty. Hershey: IGI, 2016. 

Lowe, Megan, Lindsey Reno. “Into the Weeds: Emotions and Deselection in the Library.” Advances in Library Administration and Organization: Emotions in the Library Ed. Miriam Matteson. Emerald Publishing, 2017. 

“Purchasing Models for Streaming Film: Attitudes and Motivation.” Technical Services in the 21st Century Ed. Samantha Hines. Emerald Publishing, 2021.

Refereed Books

Lowe, Megan, and Lindsey M. Reno. Examining the Emotional Dimensions of Academic Librarianship: Emerging Research and Opportunities. IGI Global, 2017.

Book Reviews

[Review of the book: Contemporary Korean Art: Tansaekhwa and the Urgency of Method by Joan Kee] ARLIS/NA Reviews January, 2014.

[Review of the book: Our America: the Latino Presence in American Art ed. By E. Carmen Ramos] ARLIS/NA Reviews November, 2014.

[Review of the book: From San Juan to Paris and Back: Francisco Oller and Caribbean Art in the Era of Impressionism  By Edward J. Sullivan] ARLIS/NA Reviews May, 2015.

[Review of the book: Allegories of Time and Space: Japanese Identity in Photography and Architecture By Jonathan M. Reynolds] ARLIS/NA Reviews September, 2015.

[Review of the book: Thomas Hirschhorn: Gramsci Monument] ARLIS/NA Reviews November, 2015.

[Review of the book: Hanan al-Cinema: Affections for the Moving Image by Laura U. Marks] ARLIS/NA Reviews January, 2016.

[Review of the book: The Russian Passion for Dutch Painting of the Golden Age: The Collection of Pyotr Semenov and the Art-Market in St. Petersburg, 1860-1910 By Irina Sikolova] ARLIS/NA Reviews March, 2016.

[Review of the book: Revisions: Zen for Film By Hanna B. Hölling] ARLIS/NA Reviews May, 2016.

[Review of the book: The Logic of Disorder: The Art and Writing of Abraham Cruzvillegas ed by Robin Adele Greeley] ARLIS/NA Reviews January, 2017.

[Review of the book: The Truth is Always Grey: A History of Modernist Painting by Frances Guerin] ARLIS/NA Reviews January, 2018.

[Review of the book: Korean Art from the 19th Century to the Present by Charlotte Horlyck] ARLIS/NA Reviews March, 2018.

[Review of the book: Learning from Madness: Brazilian Modernism and Global Contemporary Art by Francis Guerin] ARLIS/NA Reviews March, 2019.

[Review of the book: The End: Artists’ Late and Last Works  by Carel Blotkamp] ARLIS/NA Reviews March, 2020.

[Review of the book: Taking Shape: Abstraction from the Arab World, 1950s-1980s ed. by Suheyla Takesh and Lynn Gumpert] ARLIS/NA Reviews November, 2020.

[Review of the book: Latinx Art: Artists, Markets, and Politics  by Arline Dávila] ARLIS/NA Reviews January, 2021.

[Review of the book: Still Life: Contemporary Painters by Amber Creswell Bell] ARLIS/NA Reviews September, 2021.


Emerging from the Dark(room): Tales of Adversity and Triumph in Collection Development. Against the Grain 28:4 Sept. 2016.

Associate Editor, International Journal of Library and Information Services, IGI Global. 2017-Present.

Pending Publications

“To Err is Human: Academic Librarians and the Fear of Making Mistakes.” Academic Librarian Burnout Ed. Christina Holm. Association of College and Research Libraries, 2022.