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Upward Bound--Summer 2022: What is Information?

Introduction to Research sources for Upward Bound '22


Welcome! In our session today, we are going to explore some ideas about information, doing research, and make friends with the library website. I will guide you through and am happy to answer questions now and in the future. Find me at or 504-280-6548. 

The Tip of the Iceberg

Information Has a Purpose for You--Do You Have a Purpose for It?

The world of information is enormous!                                             

The bigger it gets, the better you have to learn to search for, find, and use it. 

Our goals today are to practice: 

--identifying what information is

--learning what  criteria make a source of information reliable and beneficial 

--learning new  places to find reliable information at the UNO library 

--asking questions about what you find to determine the reliability and benefits of that information

--using that information ethically in your work

A Last Word

Should you have questions, the library has answers for you! You can contact me at my coordinates above, you can call the Services desk at 504-280-6355  or chat with librarians online here:

Help is available. Don't waste your time being frustrated about not finding what you need or want in the library. We can help answer questions and get  you going in the right direction! 

Please take my Class Survey. Much appreciated! 

Information Literacy Librarian

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Hannah White
Earl K. Long Library
Room 432

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