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ENGL 1157--Simons Fall 2022: CRAAP Test Criteria--Free Web Info

What is this CRAAP Test?!

I know what you're about to say....'What is this CRAAP Test, anyway?!

Internet sources don't deserve your trust. They deserve a chance to earn your trust.  You will have to be picky consumer of information and put it through a process in order to believe it. 

The acronym stands for: 






It's a simple memorable way to remind you to look at the information you find (all of it, but especially what you find for free on the internet) with a critical eye.

This means looking at the info you find and asking it questions--Where did you come from? Who made you? Why did your writer share this online? When? And who is this information intended for? Can I find any other sources that verify this?


There is an old Russian saying, "Trust, but verify!" 

Tools You Can Use to Evaluate Your Sources