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Philosophy Research Guide: Find Background Information

Use this guide to find books and articles on philosophy topics.


Philosophy:  A Guide to the Reference Literature  (print copy also available at B48.Z99 B97 1997)

Biographical Information

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries



  • Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (10 vols) - Available in Reference Collection (Room 304 at B51 .R68 1998)






  • Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy (2nd ed, rev, 2008) - Book Shelves - B41 .B53 2008

Historical Overviews

Routledge History of Philosophy (Available in Reference Collection (Room 304 at B51 .R68 1998))

Vol. 1 From the Beginning to Plato, C.C.W. Taylor, ed.
Vol. 2 From Aristotle to Augustine, David J. Furley, ed.
Vol. 3. Medieval Philosophy, John Marenbon, ed.
Vol. 4 The Renaissance and Seventeenth Century Rationalism, G.H.R. Parkinson, ed.
Vol. 5 British Philosophy and the Age of Enlightenment, Stuart C. Brown, ed.
Vol. 6 The Age of German Idealism, Robert C. Solomon & Kathleen Higgins, eds.(alternate electronic version
Vol. 7 The Nineteenth Century, C.L. Ten, ed.
Vol. 8 Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy, Richard Kearney, ed.
Vol. 9 Philosophy of Science, Logic, and Mathematics in the Twentieth Century, Stuart Shanker, ed.
Vol. 10 Philosophy of Meaning, Knowledge, and Value in the Twentieth Century, John V. Canfield, ed

Subject Guide

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