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Chemistry: Books

Selected E-Books

Print Reference Books

For some research, books are still the way to go. For example, handbooks for reliable physical data. A few books from the Reference section are listed below; contact a librarian, check the online catalog, or browse the Reference section (try call numbers starting with Q or T) for more.


Call Number


ACS Style Guide

QD 8.5 .A25

The official reference to the American Chemical Society style of preparing manuscripts and citing information.

Basic Laboratory and Industrial Chemicals

QD 64 .L53 1993

A CRC Quick Reference Handbook to over 1,000 common chemicals, including data on properties such as physical constants, thermodynamic properties, molecular properties and transport properties.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

QD 65 .H3

The classic science reference, claiming to "provide broad coverage of all types of data commonly encountered by physical scientists and engineers, with as much depth as can be accommodated in a one-volume format" (preface to the 85th edition).

Aldrich Library of Infrared Spectra and NMR Spectra

QD 96 .I5 P67 1981
QD 96 .N8 P68 1983

Infrared and NMR spectra for substances ranging from Abietic acid to Zingerone.

Names, Synonyms and Structures of Organic Compounds

QD 291 .N36 1995

A CRC Reference Handbook that provides names, synonyms and structures for thousands of organic compounds including pesticides, alternative refrigerants, priority pollutants and more.

Table of Isotopes

QD 601.2 .F57 1996

Contains nuclear structure and decay data for thousands of isotopes and isomers, organized by mass number.