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Geography: Indexes, Databases, and Reference Books

Indexes and Databases

Indexes and Databases - See the list of current UNO Library Indexes and Databases in Geography

The American Geographical Society's Current Geographical Publications includes the tables of contents of current geographical journals.

GeoRef is essentially an index of the literature in the field of geology, but it is of some use in the study of physical geography.

Print Sources

Print Sources:

Atlases and Gazetteers
  • The Times Atlas of the World
    G 1019.T5 Oversize Shelving
  • Goode's World Atlas
    G 1021.G6 1990 Book Shelves
  • Oxford Atlas of the World
    REF G 1021.A7545 2004
  • Oxford Concise Atlas of the World
    G 1021.C74 1996 Oversize Shelving
  • Oxford Encyclopedic World Atlas
    G 1021.G417 2000 Oversize Shelving
  • Times Atlas of World History
     G 1030.T54 1978 Book Shelves
  • Rand McNally Road Atlas
    G 1019.R23 2001 Oversize Shelving
  • Rand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide
    REF G G 1019. R22
  • Columbia Gazetteer of the World
    REF G103.5 .C65 1998
  • Cambridge World Gazetteer: A Geographical Dictionary
    G 103.5.C44 1990 Book Shelves

The library also owns many other general and specialized atlases.

Guides to the Literature

Guides to the Literature

  • The Literature of Geography: A Guide to its Organisation and Use, J. Gordon Brewer
    G 112.Z99B74  Book Shelves
  • Aids to Geographical research: Bibliographies, Periodicals, Atlases, Gazetteers and Other Reference Works, John Kirtland Wright and Elizabeth T. Platt
    G 112.Z99W9 1947 Book Shelves
  • Bibliographies and Reference Works for Research In Geography, Chauncey Dennison Harris
    G 112.Z99H28 Book Shelves
The following three items are issued under the auspices of the Association of American Geographers, each one essentially updating the previous edition:
  • A Basic Geographical Library:A Selected and Annotated Book List for American Colleges, Martha Church, Robert E. Huke, and Wilbur Zelinsky
     G 112. Z99C48  Book Shelves
  • A Geographical Bibliography for American College Libraries, revised by Gordon R. Lewthwaite, Edward T. Price, Jr., and Harold A. Winters
    G 112.Z99L49 1970 Book Shelves
  • A Geographical Bibliography for American Libraries, Chauncey D. Harris, editor-in-chief
    G 112.Z99H29 1985 Book Shelves

  • U.S. Government Publications for Research and Teaching in Geography and Related Social and Natural Sciences, C.L. Vinge and A.G. Vinge
    G 112.Z99V5 1967 Book Shelves
  • A Bibliography of Geographic Thought, Catherine L. Brown and James O. Wheeler
    G 112. Z99B5814 1989  Book Shelves
  • The History of Modern Geography: An Annotated Bibliography of Selected Works, Gary S. Dunbar
    G 112.Z99D86 1985  Book Shelves



  • World Geographical Encyclopedia
    v. 1. Africa
    v. 2. Americas
    v. 3. Asia
    v. 4. Europe
    v. 5. Oceania, polar regions, general geography
    REF G63 .E5213 1995
  • Companion Encyclopedia of Geography: The Environment and Humankind, Ian Douglas, Richard Huggett, and Mike Robinson
    REF G 116.C645 1996
  • The Illustrated Encyclopedia of World Geography
    v. 1 Earth's natural forces
    v. 2 World government
    v. 3 Nature's last stronghold
    v. 4 Plant life
    v. 5 Animal life
    v. 6 Farming and food
    v. 7 Peoples and culture
    v. 8 Resources and industry
    v. 9 Human settlement
    v. 10 Planet management
    v. 11 World economy
    G 116.I45 1990  Book Shelves
  • Larousse Encyclopedia of World Geography
    G 115.G55343  Book Shelves
  • Conservation and Environmentalism: An Encyclopedia, Robert Paehlke
    GE 10.C68 1995  Book Shelves



  • General
    • New Penguin Dictionary of Geography
      G 63.C562 1990 Book Shelves
    • Webster's New Geographical Dictionary
      REF G 103.5.W42 1988
    • Longman Dictionary of Geography
      REF G 63.C56 1985
    • A Dictionary of Basic Geography
      G 108.A2D5 Book Shelves
  • Specialized
      • Dictionary of Human Geography
        REF GF4 .D52 2000
      • Dictionary of Concepts in Human Geography
        G 4.L37 1983  Book Shelves
      • Dictionary of Ecology and the Environment
        GE 10 .C65 2001 Book Shelves

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