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Louisiana City Directories: City Directories

A listing of the city directories housed in our Louisiana Collection that pertain to New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

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New Orleans and Surrounding Areas

Our Louisiana city directories date from the nineteenth century and are great sources for gathering information about individuals. They are generally arranged alphabetically by surname and can provide an individual's residence, occupation, and employer. Those from 1938 on are Polk Cross-Reference directories, which allow users to look for persons by name, address, or phone number. Our collection covers the New Orleans Area , and a few other cities in the state. These directories are located in two places, depending upon age and format: Microfilm copies are in the library's Multimedia Collection (3rd floor); printed copies are in the Louisiana & Special Collections Reading Room (4th floor). The Louisiana Collection also has a number of telephone books for various cities in the state dating from 1962.

New Orleans Area Directories

Since 1805, directories for the City of New Orleans have been produced by various publishers and do not exist for all years. None were published during the Civil War years 1862-1865. Those from the nineteenth century sometimes included the surrounding communities, some of which eventually became part of the city (e.g. Algiers, Carrollton) and others which did not (e.g. Metairie, Gretna). Those from 1938 on are Polk Cross-Reference directories.

Polk directories for the suburban areas of New Orleans date from the 1950s. While all cover Jefferson Parish, the following parishes are included intermittently: Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, and St. Tammany.


Decade New Orleans 1 Suburban
1800-09 1805;1807;1809  
1810-19 1811  
1820-29> 1822-24  
1830-39 1832;1834;1838  
1840-49 1841-43;1846;1849  
1850-59 1850-59  
1860-69 1860; 1861; 1866; 1867-1869  
1870-79 1870-71; 1872-1879  
1880-89 1880; 1881-1885;1886; 1887-1889  
1890-99 1890-1895; 1896; 1897-1899  
1900-09 1900-09  
1910-19 1910-19  
1920-29 1920-29  
1930-39 1930-33;1935;1938  
1940-49 1940;1942;1945-47;1949  
1950-59 1952-56;1958 1955; 1957; 1959
1960-69 1960-1962; 1964-1969 1961-63;1965-1966; 1968-1969
1970-79 1971-79 1970-1979
1980-89 1980-83; 1986; 1988 1980; 1982-1987; 1989
1990-99 1990-1991;1993-1994 1996-97;1999 1990-1992;1994; 1996-1997;1999
2000- 2000-Present 2000-Present


1All city directories issued before 1961 are available on microfilm in the Louisiana & Special Collections Reading Room. Dates in bold on the table are available at the UNO Library and only on microfilm.

Other Louisiana Directories

We have more recent Polk directories for a few other cities in the state. All of them are located in the Louisiana & Special Collections Reading Room.


City Years
Abbeville 1993
Baton Rouge 1986;1989-91
Covington 1991;1993
Hammond/Ponchatoula 1995
Lafayette 1988;1993