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Collection Development

Collection Development Policies

Faculty Liaison Responsibilities

UNO Library: Faculty Liaison Job Description

To assist in communicating, when appropriate, library material order requests from the departmental faculty to the library.

To apprise the library of any changes in programmatic, curriculum or research emphases. Early warning is desirable, particularly for contemplated new degree programs or research institutes/centers.

To work with their library liaison librarian in analyzing collection strengths and weaknesses and needed action. For those departments subject to accreditation, to inform their library liaison librarian in a timely fashion of what library data is needed for the self-study report.

To act as a conduit to their department for information on changes in library policies and procedures, and the impact of changes in the library's budget.

To orient new faculty members coming into their department to library matters, e.g., who their library liaison librarian is, how to request that a book be ordered, how to get materials put on reserve for their classes, circulation policies, etc.