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How Do I...?

How Do I...?

How do I get a textbook for my class?

The UNO Library does not usually buy textbooks. There are several reasons for this:

  1. They are inordinately expensive, as you will see by visiting the bookstore;
  2. We cannot keep up with the variety of textbooks used by all of the different UNO instructors;
  3. Textbooks quickly go out of date and change year to year and we cannot afford to continually buy them;
  4. We cannot buy enough textbooks to satisfy the need of the entire UNO student population.

We may still have some textbooks and older editions of others. Students often donate textbooks after they are finished with them or we may have purchased certain books that are not typically used as textbooks. To check to see if we have textbooks, use the Library's Online Catalog to search for the title or author (You will need to get this information yourself, because we are not given a list of textbooks used in all of the different classes). Some instructors will also place a personal copy a textbook on Reserve for students to use.

If you have questions or need help, please stop by, email or call the Reference Desk, (504) 280-6549.