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MSS 254 - Eads Poitevent Collection

Series, Subseries, and Descriptions



Series I.         Journals of Vessels


            Subseries I.1:          Journals of Individual Steamers

                        Chiefly contain charges for cargo and passengers.


            Subseries I.2:          Journals of Multiple Steamers, Schooners, and Barges

                        Including cash and journal transactions; freight charges; shipping destinations, quantities, sizes, grades, and prices of lumber orders.


            Subseries I.3:          Journals Recording Lumber Sizes under the Names of Vessels


            Subseries I.4:          Journals Recording Lumber Orders for Various Customers

                        Listings include species, quantities, sizes, grades, and means of transporting same.


            Subseries I.5:          Journals of Logs Purchased and/or Processed


            Subseries I.6:          Miscellaneous


Series II.        Payroll Journals


            Subseries II.1:         General


            Subseries II.2:         Payroll Journals for Boat Crews


            Subseries II.3:         Miscellaneous


Series III.       Miscellaneous

                        Including memorabilia of business and social life in the South, Civil War era and ca. 1900.


Series IV.      Debit and Credit Journals


Series V.       Maps

                        Maps depicting portions of Louisiana and Mississippi.


Series VI.      Other Publications

                        Books, pamphlets, and articles pertaining chiefly to lumbering and/or to Louisiana.


Series VII.     Miscellaneous Documents

                        Miscellaneous documents, original and copies, including an abstract of title; bank statements; bills of sale for land and other property; cancelled checks; Confederate States of America money and clothing inventory; contracts; credit records on real estate purchases; deeds; division of property record; essays on historical topics; genealogical compilations; a handbill on lumber grading; income tax returns; insurance advertise­ments; insurance policy; inventories of timber holdings, stock shares, and native Ameri­can artifacts; leases; marriage certificates; membership cards; memoranda; profit and loss statements; promissory notes; quit claims; receipts; reports; speeches; stock certificates; timber appraisals; wills; miscellanea.


Series VIII.    Mexican Business Operations


            Subseries VIII.1:      Journals of Debits and Credits


            Subseries VIII.2:      Manuscript

                        Manuscript in unknown hand of a novel set in Mexico during the early years of the twentieth century.


            Subseries VIII.3:      Correspondence, Business and Personal, 1888-1984


            Subseries VIII.4:      Correspondence, Letterpress Copies


            Subseries VIII.5:      Checking Account Entries and Balances


Series IX.      Photographs

                        Mainly prints but including a few negatives and one halftone, [ca.


            Subseries IX.1:        Identified Persons


            Subseries IX.2:        Unidentified Persons


            Subseries IX.3:        Views


Series X.       Miscellaneous

                        Including memorabilia of business and social life in the South, Civil War era and ca. 1900.