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MSS 269 - Eloise Aultman Collection

Container List


Series I: McMain Magnet Secondary School


Box 1:


269-1:             Administrative documents.  Includes administrative charts, memos, policies, requirements, and admission application materials.  ca. 1974-1975.


269-2:             McMain Temporary Task Force documents.  Includes memos, correspondence, meeting minutes, and agendas.  ca. 1974.


269-3:             Tulane Middle Management Center documents.  Includes training handouts, questionaires, and questionaire results for the McMain Magnet Secondary School.




Series II: University Area Public Schools Development Association


Box 1:


269-5              Administrative documents.  Includes memos, meeting minutes, agendas, bylaws and drafts of bylaws.  ca. 1973-1975.


269-6              Emergency School Aid Act documents.  Includes a copy of the ESAA application and proposal submitted to the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare by the UAPSDA. 


269-7              Other projects and proposals.  Includes correspondence, proposal and project descriptions, and attached data in support of the proposals.


Series III: League of Women Voters


Box 1:


269-8              Documents related to the “Financing Public Education in Orleans Parish”

                        study.   Includes memos, proposal descriptions, report summaries,

                        supporting data, and League recommendations.


269-9              Analyses and reports.  Includes papers on collective bargaining, cost

                        efficiency analysis, and a report detailing the history of the Orleans Parish

                        School Board.


269-10            Young, Lea.  Meeting minutes and correspondence of Lea Young,

                        member of the League of Women Voters.


Series IV: Orleans Parish Schools


Box 1:


269-11            Accountability workshop.  Includes questionnaire, workshop curriculum,

                        and papers presented at the workshop by various figures involved in New

                        Orleans Education. 


269-12            Orleans Parish Schools asbestos abatements program documents. 

                        Includes a lease/purchase proposal submitted on behalf of the First

                        Commonwealth Securities Corporation.


269-13            Community advisory groups.  Materials related to various community

                        advisory organizations, including the      Community Advisory Board

                        (CAB), the McMain Community Advisory Council, the Advisory Committee

                        of the Orleans Parish School Finance Study, and the Citizen’s Advisory

                        Council.  Includes minutes, statements of purpose, reports, and



Box 2:           


269-14            Public Education in a Democratic Society.  Materials related to the

                        Louisiana Committee for the Humanities sponsored workshops.  Includes

                        correspondence, memos, accouncements, and application form.


269-15            Parent-teacher association documents.  Includes a worksheet packet,

                        handwritten notes, memos, statements, proposals, and bylaws.


269-16            Neighborhood school board documents.  Includes recommendations for

                        establishing local neighborhood school boards, using the Louisville Board

                        of Education as a model.  Also includes bylaws from the Benjamin

                        Franklin Education Council, Theodore Roosevelt Community School

                        Neighborhood School Board, the Jessie R. Carter School, and the School

                        District of the City of Louisville Department of Community Development.


269-17            World of Work Project documents.  Includes correspondence,

                        recommendations, reports, and proposals related to the World of Work

                        Project that intended to provide students with real-world vocational job

                        skills and information.


Series V: Publications


Box 2:


269-18            League of Women Voters publications: “Choosing the President” and

                        “Financing Education in Orleans Parish – September, 1977”.


269-19            League of Women Voters publications: “Lobbying the Louisiana

                        Legislature”, “School Survey Guide”, “What’s What in New Orleans

                        Government – 1969”, and “What’s What in New Orleans Government –



269-20            Public Affairs Research Council (PAR) publications: “Louisiana’s Election

                        System: A Time for Change, October 1974”, “Collective Bargaining in the

                        Public Sector, April 1975”, and “Resolving Louisiana’s Financial Dilemma,

                        March 1977”.


269-21            Other publications: “Framework for the Future: A Citizen Task Force

                        Report on Education”, “The Cost of Neglect, The Value of Equity”, and

                        “Louisiana: Priorities for the Future”.


269-22            Photocopied reports: “An Analysis of the Louisiana State Program for

                        Financing the Public Schools” and “Public Schools of Choice.”


269-23            Photocopied periodicals.  Photocopies of articles from various periodicals

                        covering the subjects of humanist approaches to managing schools, the

                        NASSP Model, and urban education.


269-24            Newspaper clippings.  1970s news clippings from the Times-Picayune, the

                        States-Item, and the Christian Science Monitor related to financing

                        education and urban education.


269-25            Pamphlets, newsletters, and ephemera.  Education newsletters and

                        pamphlets, academic calendars, and mail-in voter registration cards.


269-26            Thesis.  “The Knowledge Dimension of Occupational Socialization: Role

                        Models and Their Social Influence”, by Shirley Bradway Laska of Dillard