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MSS 271 - Thiberge Collection

Container List


271-1              Graduation book, dated June 13, 1922, of Emma Thiberge from St. Joseph's Academy, 2116 Ursulines Ave., N. O., La.  Contents include clippings, commencement invitation and program, congratulatory cards and notes, dried flowers, inscriptions by schoolmates and teachers, list of gifts with donors' names, party invitations, photographs of Sacred Heart Academy, schoolmates, and St. Michael's Convent in Convent, La.  Inclusive dates: April 29, 1922-July 10, 1923.


271-2              Holographic workbook in French on classifications of animal kingdom; inscription "Marie Thiberge | English" on inside of front cover; undated but probably early 1880s.


271-3              Holographic workbook in French on Religion; inscribed "Marie Thiberge  1880  Psychology."


271-4              Holographic workbook in French on  religion, philosophy, and geometry; inscribed "Convent du Sacré Coeur | Le 26 Mai 1882."  Holograph appears to be same as in workbook inscribed "Marie Thiberge | English."


271-5              Holographic workbook in French on composition by Marie Thiberge, 1882.


271-6              Holographic workbook in French on  botany by Marie Thiberge; includes notations in English and clippings; undated but probably early 1880s.


271-7              Volume of autographed inscriptions and  poetry by friends and relatives of Marie Thiberge.  1885-1894.


271-8            Volume of lecture notes and  miscellaneous notations by Marie Thiberge.  1886.


271-9              Loose clippings and notations; one item dated May 3, 1923, others undated but ca. 1923.


271-10            Holographic workbook in French of detailed instructions for education of a young person; signed Gilberte Lelong; undated but probably nineteenth century.