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Claims Returned Policy

Each week the library sends out notices on overdue material. If you get a notice for an item you have already returned, or see other materials on your account you returned or did not check out, contact the Circulation desk in person, by phone at 504-280-6355, or by email at Library staff will mark the material as claims returned in our system. You may still receive overdue notices for this material.

Materials that are claims returned have suspended overdue fines - your overdue fines won’t grow while you and the library try to sort it all out. You should still be able to check out library materials during this time, as long as there is nothing else blocking your account. Circulation staff will search the library for the item for 60 days. You should check your home, car, etc. during this time.

If the library finds the material, we will take it off your account, and your fines will be canceled. If you find the item and bring it in, you will only be responsible for overdue fines up until you made the returned claim. After 60 days, you are responsible for the replacement cost of the material. The replacement cost of the materials varies based on the item type, and includes a $15 processing fee.

If the material is found in the library, and it has not been marked as returned in any way (stamped, resensitized, etc.), you are still responsible for overdue fines.

If you have more than 5 items claims returned on your account during the course of the academic year, your borrowing privileges may be suspended. You will need to talk to the Circulation Manager or the Chair of the Services Department about your library account at that time.