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Library E-Books Assigned in Courses: Summer 2024 E-books Assigned in Courses (available free through the Library)

This guide lists e-book versions of required titles assigned in courses that students may use at no cost. Questions? Email

Please note: The UNO library's e-texbook program is not part of the Follett Access program, for which students are automatically billed $29/credit hour for books for the semester. 

NOTE: You have until 5/30/24 to opt out of the Follett ACCESS Program for Summer 2024 and until 6/7/24 to opt back in.  You can opt out or back in by clicking here.  Reminder – you are opting out or back in for your entire semester schedule.  You cannot opt out and opt in of individual courses.


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ANTH-1010-O001 (Tooher-Thompson)

ECON-4306-O001 (Naka)

EDAD-6684-O001 (Broadhurst)

EDCI-6423-8O01 (Pelafigue)

EDFR-6731-W601 (Jeffers)

EDGC-6330-H001 (Watson)

EDHS-5111-O001 and EDHS-4111-O001 (Mendez)

ENGL-2041-O001 (Franklin)

ENGL-2238-O001 (Pettaway)

FIN-4306-O001 and FIN-5306-O001 (Naka)

MURP-4145-H001 and MURP-5145-H001 (Birch)

URBN-4002-O001, URBN-5002-O001 (Gladstone)