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MSS 084 - Newlin Rock and Roll Collection: Inventory

Newlin Rock and Roll COLLECTION

(Mss 84)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

August 1997



Size:                           388 45-rpm phonograph records

                 United States

Inclusive dates:      ca. 1956-1965

Summary:                 Recordings of rock and roll music, including some compositions composed and/or played by New Orleans area musicians.

Source:                     Purchase, 1970

Access:                     Access limited by availability of playing equipment

Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.

Citation:                    Newlin Rock and Roll Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

Container List



84-273            The Ad Libs                                                                          Blue Cat Records Inc.

                                    Kicked Around

                                    The Boy from New York City


84-274            Akens, Jewel                                                                                       Era Records

                                    The Birds & the Bees

                                    Tic Tac Toe


84-240            Alaimo, Steve                                                                                             Checker

                                    I Told You So

                                    Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying


84-251            Alpert, Herb, and the Tijuana Brass                                             A & M Records

                                    Spanish Flea

                                    What Now My Love


84-94              Andrews, Lee, and the Hearts                                                        Lana Records

                                    Tear Drops

                                    The Girl Around the Corner


84-249            The Angels                                                                                                    Smash

                                    I Adore Him

                                    Thank You and Goodnight


84-245            Anka, Paul                                                                                     ABC-Paramount


                                    Don't Gamble With Love


84-241            Anka, Paul                                                                                              RCA Victor

                                    I Never Knew Your Name

                                    A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine


84-244            Anka, Paul                                                                                     ABC-Paramount

                                    My Home Town

                                    Something Happened


84-242            Anka, Paul                                                                                     ABC-Paramount

                                    Put Your Head on my Shoulder

                                    Don't Ever Leave Me


84-243            Anka, Paul                                                                                     ABC-Paramount

                                    Your Love

                                    Lonely Boy


84-246            Annette with the Afterbeats                                                                             Vista

                                    My Heart Became of Age

                                    First Name Initial


84-247            Avalon, Frankie                                                                                       Chancellor

                                    Ginger Bread

                                    [second label missing]


84-248            Avalon, Frankie                                                                                       Chancellor


                                    I'm Broke


84-255            Baker, LaVern, & the Gliders                                                                      Atlantic

                                    Jim Dandy

                                    Tra La La


84-254            Baker, LaVern, & the Gliders                                                                      Atlantic

                                    Tweedlee Dee

                                    Tomorrow Night


84-250            The Bachelors                                                                                              London


                                    You Can Tell


84-35              Ballard, Hank                                                                                                     King


                                    Do You Know How to Twist


84-26              Barry, Joe                                                                                                             JIN

                                    I'm a Fool to Care

                                    Got a Feeling


84-36              Barry, Len                                                                                                       Decca




84-43              The Beau-Marks                                                                                              Shad

                                    Daddy Said

                                    Clap Your Hands


84-38              The Beatles                                                                                   Capitol Records

                                    Hello Goodbye

                                    I Am the Walrus


84-37              The Beatles                                                                                   Capitol Records

                                    Lady Madonna

                                    The Inner Light


84-356            Bennett, Joe, and the Sparkletones                                           ABC-Paramount

                                    Boppin' Rock Boogie

                                    Black Slacks


84-47              Benton, Brook                                                                              Mercury Records

                                    Hit Record

                                    Thanks to the Fool


84-46              Benton, Brook                                                                              Mercury Records

                                    Two Tickets to Paradise

                                    Don't Hate Me


84-52              Berry, Chuck                                                                                                   Chess

                                    "Hey Pedro"



84-53              Berry, Chuck                                                                                                   Chess

                                    You Never Can Tell

                                    Brenda Lee


84-56              The Big Bopper                                                                           Mercury Records

                                    Chantilly Lace

                                    Purple People Eater Meets Witch Doctor


84-236            Bland, Bobby                                                                                                    Duke

                                    Share Your Love With Me

                                    After It's Too Late


84-237            Blane, Marcie                                                                         Seville Records, Inc.

                                    Bobby's Girl

                                    A Time to Dream


84-238            The Blue-Belles                                                                         Newtown Records

                                    Itty Bitty Twist

                                    I Sold My Heart to the Junkman


84-7                Bonds, Gary (U.S.)                                                                     Legrand Records

                                    Dear Lady Twist

                                    Havin' So Much Fun


84-239            Bonds, Gary (U.S.)                                            Legrand Records (second copy)

                                    Dear Lady

                                    Havin' So Much Fun


84-8                Booker T. & the M.G.'s                                                                                     Stax

                                    My Sweet Potato



84-32              Boone, Pat                                                                                                          Dot

                                    Fools Hall of Fame

                                    Brightest Wishing Star


84-12              Boone, Pat                                                                                                          Dot

                                    Friendly Persuasion

                                    Chains of Love


84-20              Boone, Pat                                                                                                          Dot

                                    Love Letters in the Sand



84-65              Boone, Pat                                                                                                          Dot

                                    (Welcome) New Lovers



84-66              Boone, Pat                                                                                                          Dot

                                    Remember You're Mine

                                    There's a Gold Mine in the Sky


84-67              Boone, Pat                                                                                                          Dot

                                    I'll Be Home

                                    Tutti' Frutti


84-31              Boone, Pat                                                                                                          Dot

                                    With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair

                                    Good Rockin' Tonight


84-76              Brenda and the Tabulations                                                           Dionn Records

                                    The Wash

                                    Dry Your Eyes


84-68              Brown, James, and the Famous Flames                                                       King

                                    I'll Go Crazy

                                    Lost Someone


84-24              Brown, James, with the Famous Flames                                                  Federal

                                    Please, Please, Please

                                    Why Do You Do Me

84-30              Buchanan Brothers                                                                   Event Records Inc.

                                    Medicine Man (Part I)

                                    Medicine Man (Part II)


84-85              Bull & the Matadors                                                           Toddlin' Town Records

                                    The Funky Judge (Side 1)

                                    The Funky Judge (Side 2)


84-93              Bunker Hill                                                                                                         Mala

                                    Hide & Go Seek (Part I)

                                    Hide & Go Seek (Part II)


84-203            Burks, Gene                                                                                     Arock Records

                                    Can't Stand Your Fooling Around

                                    Monkey Man


84-201            Burke, Solomon                                                                                            Atlantic


                                    Got to Get You Off My Mind


84-204            Burnette, Johnny                                                                                            Liberty

                                    I Beg Your Pardon

                                    You're Sixteen


84-206            Byrnes, Edd                                                                                        Warner Bros.

                                    Kookie's Mod Pad

                                    Like I Love You


84-18              The Cadets                                                                                   Modern Records

                                    I Want You

                                    Stranded In the Jungle


84-207            Cannibal & the Headhunters                                                                     Rampart

                                    Land of 1000 Dances

                                    I'll Show You How to Love Me


84-208            Carr, Wynona                                                                                           Speciality

                                    What Do You Know About Love?

                                    Heartbreak Melody


                                    Chad & Jeremy


                        Stuart, Chad, & Jeremy Clyde


84-212            The Champs                                                                                            Challenge


                                    El Rancho Rock


84-213            Chandler, Gene                                                                                           Vee Jay

                                    Duke of Earl

                                    Kissin' in the Kitchen


84-214            The Chantels                                                                                                      End


                                    Come My Little Baby


84-217            Charles, Ray                                                                                                 Atlantic

                                    Drown in My Own Tears

                                    Mary Ann


84-216            Charles, Ray                                                                                                 Atlantic

                                    What'd I Say (Part I)

                                    What'd I Say (Part II)


84-215            The Charms                                                                                                 DeLuxe

                                    Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)

                                    Whadaya Want?


84-220            Checker, Chubby                                                                       Parkway Records

                                    Popeye, the Hitchhiker

                                    Limbo Rock


84-219            Checker, Chubby                                                                       Parkway Records

                                    Slow Twistin'

                                    La Paloma Twist


84-218            Checker, Chubby                                                                       Parkway Records

                                    Twistin' U.S.A.

                                    The Twist


84-221            Christie, Lou                                                                                                Roulette

                                    All that Glitters Isn't Gold

                                    Two Faces Have I


84-222            Clark, Dave, Five                                                                                              Epic

                                    All Night Long

                                    Try Too Hard


84-223            Clark, Petula                                                                       Warner Bros. Records

                                    Jack and John

                                    I Know a Place


84-224            Clark, Petula                                                                       Warner Bros. Records

                                    Where Am I Going?

                                    My Love


84-225            The Classics                                                                            Musicnote Records

                                    Enie Minie Mo

                                    Till Then


84-227            Cline, Patsy                                                                                                    Decca


                                    Who Can I Count On


84-229            The Clovers                                                                                                   Atlantic

                                    Devil or Angel

                                    Hey, Doll Baby


84-226            The Clovers                                                                                        United Artists

                                    Love Potion No. 9

                                    Stay Awhile


84-230            The Coasters                                                                                     Atco Records


                                    One Kiss Led to Another


84-231            The Coasters                                                                                     Atco Records

                                    That Is Rock & Roll

                                    Along Came Jones


84-233            Cochran, Eddie                                                                                             Liberty

                                    Hallelujah, I Love Her So

                                    Little Angel


84-232            Cochran, Eddie                                                                                             Liberty

                                    Somethin' Else

                                    Boll Weevil Song


84-257            Comstock, Bobby                                                                                           Ascot

                                    "Out of Sight"

                                    "Can't Judge a Book"


84-258            Coniff, Ray, His Orchestra and Chorus                                                  Columbia

                                    Somewhere, My Love

                                    Midsummer in Sweden


84-260            The Contours                                                                                                  Gordy

                                    Do You Love Me

                                    Move Mr. Man


84-264            Convay, Don, & the Goodtimers                                                                 Atlantic

                                    Watching the Late, Late Show

                                    Sookie Sookie

84-262            Cooke, Sam                                                                                          RCA Victor

                                    One More Time

                                    Twistin' the Night Away


84-261            Cooke, Sam                                                                                                     Keen

                                    You Send Me



84-137            Crawford, Johnny                                                                     Del-Fi Promotional


                                    Lonesome Town


84-141            The Crests                                                                                                       Coed

                                    I Do

                                    Six Nights a Week


84-143            The Crickets                                                                                            Brunswick

                                    Not Fade Away

                                    Oh, Boy!


84-142            The Crickets                                                                                            Brunswick

                                    Tell Me How

                                    Maybe Baby


84-144            The Crystals                                                                 Philles Records (2 copies)

                                    Da Doo Ron Ron

                                    Git' It


84-145            The Cyrckle                                                                                               Columbia

                                    Turn-Down Day

                                    Big, Little Woman


84-146            Danny & the Juniors                                                                     ABC-Paramount

                                    "Sometimes" (When I'm All Alone)

                                    "At the Hop"


84-161            Darren, James                                                                                               Colpix

                                    If I Could Only Tell You

                                    Her Royal Majesty


84-163            Darren, James                                                                                               Colpix

                                    Goodbye Cruel World



84-162            Darren, James                                                                                               Colpix

                                    "Mary's Little Lamb"

                                    "The Life of the Party"


                                    Dave Clark Five


                        Clark, Dave, Five


84-164            Davis, Skeeter                                                                                       RCA Victor

                                    It Was Only a Heart

                                    I Can't Stay Mad at You


84-165            Day, Bobby                                                                                                      Class

                                    Rock-in Robin

                                    Over & Over


84-166            Dee, Joey, & the Starlighters                                                                    Roulette

                                    Peppermint Twist (Part I)

                                    Peppermint Twist (Part II)


84-168            Dee, Joey, & the Starlighters                                                                    Roulette

                                    Shout (Part I)

                                    Shout (Part II)


84-167            Dee, Joey, and the Starlighters                                                                 Roulette


                                    What Kind of Love is This


84-169            DeShannon, Jackie                                                                                    Imperial

                                    The Weight

                                    Splendor in the Grass


84-175            Diamond, Neil                                                                                  Bang Records

                                    I'll Come Running

                                    Cherry, Cherry


84-173            The Diamonds                                                                                             Mercury

                                    Little Darlin'

                                    Faithful & True


84-170            Dick & DeeDee                                                                                 Warner Bros.

                                    Don't Leave Me

                                    Turn Around


84-191            Dick & DeeDee                                                                                 Warner Bros.

                                    Say to Me

                                    Young and in Love


84-192            Dick & DeeDee                                                                                             Liberty

                                    Will You Always Love Me

                                    Tell Me


84-193            Dick & DeeDee                                                                                 Warner Bros.

                                    Just 'Round the River Bend

                                    Thou Shalt Not Steal


84-195            Dinning, Mark                                                                                                   MGM

                                    Bye Now Baby

                                    Teen Angel


84-271            Dion                                                                                                           Columbia

                                    He'll Only Hurt You

                                    Ruby Baby


84-267            Dion                                                                                          Laurie Records Inc.

                                    (I Was) Born to Cry

                                    Lovers Who Wander


84-268            Dion                                                                                          Laurie Records Inc.

                                    Little Girl

                                    Love Came to Me


84-269            Dion                                                                                          Laurie Records Inc.




84-270            Dion & the Belmonts                                                               Laurie Records Inc.

                                    That's My Desire

                                    Where or When


84-202            Dion (Di Mucci)                                                                                        Columbia

                                    You're Mine

                                    Donna the Prima Donna


84-196            Domino, Fats                                                                                               Imperial

                                    All By Myself

                                    Troubles of My Own


84-197            Domino, Fats                                                                                               Imperial

                                    Don't Blame It On Me

                                    Bo Weevil


84-198            Domino, Fats                                                                                               Imperial

                                    I Want to Walk You Home

                                    I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday


84-194            Domino, Fats                                                                                               Imperial

                                    Country Boy

                                    If You Need Me


84-200            Don & Dewey                                                                                           Speciality

                                    A Little Love

                                    Jungle Hop


84-199            Dorsey, Lee                                                                                        Fury Records

                                    Ya Ya

                                    Give Me You


84-205            Dove, Ronnie                                                                      Diamond Records Inc.

                                    One Kiss for Old Times' Sake

                                    No Greater Love


84-209            The Dovells                                                                          Parkway Records Inc.

                                    Do the New Continental

                                    Mope-itty Mope Stomp


84-210            The Dovells                                                                          Parkway Records Inc.

                                    You Can't Sit Down

                                    Stompin' Everywhere


84-211            The Du-ettes                                                                                                Mar-Lus

                                    Every Beat of My Heart

                                    Sugar Daddy


84-362            The Echoes                                                                               Seg-Way Records

                                    Baby Blue



84-359            Eddy, Duane, His Twangy Guitar, & the Rebels                                         Jamie

                                    Some Kind-A Earthquake

                                    First Love, First Tears


84-363            Elledge, Jimmy                                                                                      RCA Victor

                                    Funny How Time Slips Away

                                    Hey Jimmy Joe John Jim Jack


84-358            Ellis, Shirley                                                                                              Congress

                                    The Clapping Song

                                    This Is Beautiful


84-361            The Esquires                                                                            Bunky Records Inc.

                                    Get On Up

                                    Listen to Me


84-360            The Essex                                                                                                    Roulette

                                    Easier Said Than Done

                                    Are You Going My Way


84-280            The Everly Brothers                                                                                  Cadence

                                    Bird Dog

                                    Devoted to You


84-283            The Everly Brothers                                                                                  Cadence

                                    Brand New Heartache

                                    Like Strangers


84-278            The Everly Brothers                                                                                  Cadence

                                    All I Have to Do Is Dream



84-284            The Everly Brothers                                                                           Warner Bros.

                                    How Can I Meet Her

                                    That's Old Fashioned


84-285            The Everly Brothers                                                                           Warner Bros.

                                    I'm Not Angry

                                    Crying in the Rain


84-286            The Everly Brothers                                                                                  Cadence

                                    I Wonder If I Care As Much

                                    Bye, Bye, Love


84-279            The Everly Brothers                                                                                  Cadence

                                    Poor Jenny

                                    Take a Message to Mary


84-281            The Everly Brothers                                                                                  Cadence


                                    Love of My Life

84-282            The Everly Brothers                                                                                  Cadence

                                    ('Til) I Kissed You

                                    Oh, What a Feeling


84-357            Everett, Betty                                                                                               Vee Jay

                                    The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)

                                    Hands Off


84-277            Fabian                                                                                                     Chancellor

                                    Hound Dog Man

                                    This Friendly World


84-276            Fabian                                                                                                     Chancellor


                                    Mighty Cold (To a Warm Warm Heart)


84-86              Faith, Adam                                                                                                        Cub

                                    The Reason

                                    Poor Me


84-100            The Five Satins                                                                                             Ember

                                    In the Still of the Nite

                                    The Jones Girl


84-101            The Flamingos                                                                                                   End

                                    Lovers Never Say Goodbye

                                    That Love Is You


84-102            The Fleetwoods                                                                                           Dolphin

                                    "Come Softly to Me"

                                    I Care So Much


84-115            Ford, "Tennessee" Ernie                                                                             Capitol

                                    Sixteen Tons

                                    You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry


84-235            Ford, Billy, & the Thunderbirds                                                                      Swan

                                    The Monster

                                    La Dee Dah


84-118            Ford, Frankie                                                                                               Imperial

                                    A Man Only Does (What a Woman Makes Him Do)

                                    They Said It Couldn't Be Done


84-119            The 4 Seasons                                                                                              Philips

                                    Funny Face

                                    Save It For Me


84-120            The 4 Seasons                                                                                            Vee Jay


                                    I've Cried Before


84-140            The 4 Seasons                                                                                            Vee Jay

                                    Soon (I'll Be Home Again)

                                    Ain't That a Shame!


84-130            Francis, Connie                                                                                               MGM

                                    Breakin' In a Brand New Broken Heart

                                    Someone Else's Boy


84-131            Francis, Connie                                                                                               MGM

                                    Everybody's Somebody's Fool

                                    Jealous of You


84-132            Francis, Connie                                                                                               MGM

                                    Too Many Rules



84-128            Francis, Connie                                                                                               MGM

                                    Who's Sorry Now

                                    You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In Love)


84-129            Francis, Connie                                                                                               MGM


                                    The Biggest Sin of All


84-139            Franklin, Aretha                                                                                            Atlantic

                                    You Send Me



84-138            Franklin, Erma                                                                                                 Shout

                                    Baby, What You Want Me to Do

                                    Piece of My Heart


84-125            Fred, John, & His Playboy Band                                                   Paula Records

                                    Hey Hey Bunny

                                    No Letter Today


84-147            Gardner, Don & Dee Dee Ford                                                              Oldies 45

                                    I Need Your Loving

                                    Happy Till the Letter


84-160            Garnett, Gale                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    We'll Sing in the Sunshine

                                    Prism Song


                                    Gene Vincent & His Blue Cops


                        Vincent, Gene, & His Blue Cops


84-171            George, Barbara                                                                                              Lana

                                    I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)

                                    Love (Is Just a Chance You Take)


84-172            The Gladiolas                                                                                Excello Records

                                    Sweetheart Please Don't Go

                                    Little Darlin'


84-174            Goldsboro, Bobby                                                                             United Artists

                                    Hello Losers

                                    See the Funny Little Clown


84-177            Gore, Lesley                                                                                                Mercury

                                    Look of Love

                                    Little Girl, Go Home


84-176            Gore, Lesley                                                                                                Mercury

                                    That's the Way Boys Are

                                    That's the Way the Ball Bounces


84-178            The Greek Fountains                                                                                    Philips

                                    Countin' the Steps

                                    Blue Jean


84-180            Hall, Larry                                                                                                       Strand

                                    A Girl Like You



84-87              Hall, Reginald                                                                                                      Rip

                                    The Joke

                                    You Can Think What You Want


84-179            Halley, Bill & His Comets                                                                              Decca

                                    Happy Babby

                                    Dim, Dim the Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere)


84-88              Hamilton, George, IV                                                                            RCA Victor


                                    Oh So Many Years


84-89              The Happenings                                                                     B.T. Puppy Records

                                    You're In a Bad Way

                                    I Got Rhythm


84-90              Wilbert, Harrison                                                                                                Fury

                                    Kansas City

                                    Listen, My Darling


84-91              Hawkins, Dale                                                                                            Checker


                                    Don't Treat Me This Way


84-98              Helms, Bobby                                                                                                Decca

                                    Jingle Bell Rock

                                    Captain Santa Clara (And His Reindeer Space Patrol)


84-99              Henry, Clarence "Frogman"                                                                            Argo

                                    Lonely Tramp

                                    I'm a Country Boy


                                    Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass


                        Alpert, Herb, & the Tijuana Brass


84-289            Hodges, Eddie                                                                                          Cadence

                                    Make Believe It's You

                                    (Girls, Girls, Girls) Made to Love


84-92              The Hollies                                                                                                   Imperial

                                    Just One Look

                                    Running Through the Night


84-84              Holly, Buddy                                                                                                     Coral

                                    Peggy Sue

                                    Every Day


84-287            Hollywood Argyles                                                                             Lute Records


                                    Sho Know a Lot About Love


84-288            The Honeycombs                                                                      Interphon Records

                                    Please Don't Pretend Again

                                    Have I the Right?


84-311            Hyland, Brian                                                                                                    Kapp

                                    Don't Dilly Dally, Sally

                                    Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini


84-290            Hyland, Brian                                                                                ABC-Paramount

                                    I Should Be Gettin' Better

                                    Ginny Come Lately


84-297            The Ikettes                                                                                          Atco Records

                                    Zizzy Zee Zum Zum

                                    Heavenly Love


84-310            Jackson, Chuck                                                                               Wand Records

                                    The Same Old Story

                                    (It Never Happens) In Real Life


                                    Jackson, Stonewall


                        Stonewall Jackson


84-308            James, Etta                                                                                                     Cadet

                                    Tell Mama

                                    I'd Rather Go Blind


84-307            The Jamies                                                                                                        Epic

                                    Summertime, Summertime

                                    Searching For You


84-305            Jan & Dean                                                                                                    Liberty

                                    Dead Man's Curve

                                    The New Girl In School

84-304            Jan & Dean                                                                                                    Liberty

                                    Sidewalk Surfin'

                                    When It's Over


84-306            Jan & Dean                                                                                                    Liberty

                                    When I Learn How to Cry



84-300            The Jarmels                                                                            Laurie Records, Inc.

                                    A Little Bit of Soap

                                    The Way You Look Tonight


84-291            Jefferson Airplane                                                                                 RCA Victor

                                    We Can Be Together



84-292            The Jelly Beans                                                                                         Red Bird

                                    I Wanna Love Him So Bad

                                    So Long


                                    Joe Bennett & the Sparkeltones


                        Bennett, Joe, & the Sparkeltones


                                    Joey Dee & the Starlighters


                        Dee, Joey, & the Starlighters


                                    John Fred & His Playboy Band


                        Fred, John, & His Playboy Band


84-293            Johnson, Lou                                                                         Big Top Records Inc.

                                    If I Never Get to Love You

                                    Thank You Anyway


84-295            Jones, Jimmy                                                                                                     Cub

                                    Handy Man

                                    The Search Is Over


84-10              King, Earl                                                                                                     Imperial

                                    Trick Bag

                                    Always a First Time


84-11              The Kinks                                                      Reprise: Warner Bros. Records Inc.

                                    A Well Respected Man

                                    Such a Shame


84-15              Knight, Gladys, and the Pips                                                                            Soul

                                    Don't Let Her Take Your Love From Me

                                    The End of Our Road


84-14              Knight, Gladys, and the Pips                                                                            Soul

                                    I Heard It Through the Grapevine

                                    It's Time to Go Now


84-16              Kramer, Billy J., With the Dakotas                                                             Imperial

                                    Back to Me

                                    Little Children


84-149            Krammer, Billy J., With the Dakotas                                Imperial (second copy)

                                    Bad to Me

                                    Little Children


84-17              Kuban, Bob, and the In-Men                                                       Musicland U.S.A.

                                    The Cheater

                                    Try Me Baby


84-19              Lauren, Rod                                                                                            Chancellor

                                    Let Me Tell You 'Bout Mary

                                    I Can't Get You Out of My Heart


                                    La Vern Baker & the Gliders


                        Baker, La Vern & the Gliders


                                    Lee Andrews & the Hearts


                        Andrews, Lee, & the Hearts


84-22              Lee, Brenda                                                                                                   Decca

                                    Break It to Me Gently

                                    So Deep


84-29              Lee, Dickey                                                                                                   Smash

                                    The Girl I Can't Forget

                                    I Saw Linda Yesterday


84-40              Lewis, Barbara                                                                                             Atlantic

                                    Straighten Up Your Heart

                                    If You Love Me


84-54              Lewis, Bobby                                                                                               Beltone

                                    Cry No More

                                    What a Walk


84-70              Lewis, Gary, and the Playboys                                                                    Liberty

                                    Green Grass

                                    I Can Read Between the Lines


84-69              Lewis, Gary, and the Playboys                                                                    Liberty

                                    She's Just My Style

                                    I Won't Make That Mistake Again


84-75              Linden, Kathy                                                                                                Felsted


                                    If I Could Hold You In My Arms


84-78              Little Anthony & the Imperials                                                                           End

                                    Shimmy, Shimmy, Ko-Ko-Bop

                                    I'm Still In Love With You


84-77              Little Anthony & the Imperials                                                                           End

                                    Two People In the World

                                    Tears On My Pillow


84-79              Little Caesar & the Romans                                                                          Del-Fi

                                    Those Oldies But Goodies

                                    She Don't Wanna Dance (No More)


84-80              Little Milton                                                                                                  Checker

                                    Can't Hold Back the Tears

                                    We're Gonna Make It


84-81              Little Richard                                                                                            Speciality

                                    Good Golly, Miss Molly



84-82              Little Richard                                                                                            Speciality

                                    Miss Ann

                                    Jenny, Jenny


                                    Little Stevie Wonder


                        Wonder, Little Stevie


84-95              London, Laurie                                                                                              Capitol

                                    He's Got the Whole World (In His Hands)

                                    Handed Dawn


84-83              Lopez, Trini                                                   Reprise: Warner Bros. Records Inc.

                                    Unchain My Heart

                                    If I Had a Hammer

84-34              Love                                                                                                               Electra

                                    My Little Red Book

                                    A Message to Pretty


84-96              The Lovin' Spoonful                                                                              Kama Sutra

                                    Summer In the City

                                    Butchie's Tune


84-97              Lutcher, Nellie                                                                                               Capitol

                                    Keepin' Out of Mischief Now

                                    That's How It Goes


84-103            McDaniels, Gene                                                                                          Liberty

                                    Tower of Strength

                                    The Secret


84-104            McPhatter, Clyde                                                                                         Mercury

                                    Let's Forget About the Past

                                    Lover Please


84-105            Maharis, George                                                                                               Epic

                                    Alright, Okay, You Win

                                    Don't Fence Me In


84-116            The Majors                                                                                                   Imperial

                                    Time Will Tell

                                    A Wonderful Dream


84-112            The Marcels                                                                                                     Copix

                                    Blue Moon

                                    Goodbye to Love


84-106            Martha & the Vandells                                                                                    Gordy

                                    A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Every Day)

                                    Heat Wave


84-108            Martha & the Vandells                                                                                    Gordy

                                    Dancing In the Streets

                                    There He Is (At My Door)


84-107            Martha & the Vandells                                                                                    Gordy

                                    "I Can't Dance to That Music You're Playing"

                                    "I Tried"


84-117            Marvin & Johnny                                                                                                Kent

                                    Cherry Pie

                                    Ain't That Right


84-114            The Mamas & the Papas                                                                              Dunhill

                                    Even If I Could

                                    I Saw Her Again


84-113            Mann, Manfred                                                                             Mercury Records

                                    There Is a Man

                                    My Name Is Jack


84-111            Maresca, Ernie                                                                                              Seville

                                    Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out)

                                    Crying Like a Baby Over You


84-110            The Mar-Kets                                                                                                 Liberty

                                    Surfer's Stomp



84-109            The Marvelettes                                                                                              Tamla

                                    A Need For Love

                                    Too Many Fish In the Sea


84-121            Matthews, Tobin                                                                                 Warner Bros.

                                    Can't Stop Talking About You

                                    When You Came Along


84-122            Mathis, Johnny                                                                                          Columbia

                                    What Will Mary Say

                                    Quiet Girl


84-123            The Mello Kings                                                                                                Lana

                                    Tonight, Tonight

                                    Chip, Chip


84-124            Mickey & Sylvia                                                                                            Groove

                                    Love Is Strange

                                    I'm Going Home

                                    Walking in the Rain

                                    No Good Lover


84-126            The Midnighters                                                                                           Federal

                                    Annie Had a Baby

                                    She's the One


84-127            Mineo, Sal                                                                                                          Epic

                                    The Words That I Whisper

                                    Blue-Eyed Baby

                                    Baby Face

                                    Too Young


                                    Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels


                        Ryder, Mitch, & the Detroit Wheels


84-134            Mitchell, Bobby                                                                                            Imperial

                                    I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Some Day

                                    You Better Go Home


84-133            Mitchell, Bobby & the Toppers                                                                   Imperial

                                    Nothing Sweet As You

                                    I Wish I Knew


84-135            The Monkees                                                                                             Colgems

                                    Last Train to Clarksville

                                    Take a Giant Step


84-136            Montez, Chris                                                                          Monogram Records

                                    Let's Dance

                                    You're the One


84-253            Nat King Cole                                                                                Capitol Records


                                    The Good Times


84-379            Nelson, Rick                                                                                                   Decca

                                    For You

                                    That's All She Wrote


84-386            Nelson, Rick                                                                                                 Imperial

                                    I'm In Love Again

                                    That's All


84-383 &        Nelson, Rick                                                                              Imperial (2 copies)

84-384                        I've Got My Eyes On You (And I Like What I See)

                                    Teen Age Idol


84-380            Nelson, Rick                                                                                                 Imperial

                                    Young World



                                    Nelson, Rick

                                                See also

                        Nelson, Ricky


84-377            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                                  Verve

                                    You're My One and Only Love

                                    Honey Rock


84-378            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                                  Verve

                                    A Teenager's Romance

                                    I'm Walking


84-152            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                               Imperial

                                    Be-Bop Baby

                                    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You


84-382            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                               Imperial

                                    Hello Mary Lou

                                    Travelin' Man


84-381            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                               Imperial

                                    I'm Not Afraid

                                    Yes Sir, That's My Baby


84-388            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                               Imperial

                                    I Wanna Be Loved

                                    Mighty Good


84-387            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                               Imperial

                                    Lonesome Town

                                    I Got a Feeling

84-385            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                               Imperial

                                    Right By My Side

                                    Young Emotions


84-151            Nelson, Ricky                                                                                               Imperial

                                    My Bucket's Got a Hole In It

                                    Believe What You Say


                                    Nelson, Ricky

                                                See also

                        Nelson, Rick


84-153            Nelson, Sandy                                                                                             Imperial

                                    Let There Be Drums

                                    Quite a Beat!


84-148            The Neon Philhamonic                                Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records

                                    Morning Girl

                                    Brillant Colors


84-154            Neville, Aaron                                                                                    Minit Records

                                    I'm Waiting at the Station

                                    How Many Times


84-155            Newton, Wayne                                                                             Capitol Records

                                    Danke Schoen

                                    Better Now Than Later


                                    Nino Tempo & April Stevens


                        Tempo, Nino, & April Stevens


84-156            The Olympics

                                    Western Movies



84-158            The Orlons                                                                                                    Cameo

                                    Heartbreak Hotel

                                    Ruler of Love


84-157            The Orlons                                                                                                    Cameo

                                    South Street

                                    Them Terrible Boots


84-159            The Outsiders                                                                                Capitol Records

                                    Yo Gotta Look

                                    Help Me Girl


84-181            Parsons, Bill                                                                              Fraternity Records

                                    Rubber Dolly

                                    The All American Boy


84-190            Patience & Prudence                                                                                   Liberty

                                    Tom Thumb's Tune

                                    Golly Oh Gee


84-272            Paul & Paula                                                                                                  Philips

                                    A Perfect Pair

                                    First Day Back At School


84-150            Paul & Paula                                                                               Philips (2 copies)

                                    Hey Paula

                                    Bobby Is the One


84-266            Pedrick, Bobby, Jr.                                                                                        Bigtop

                                    White Bucks & Saddle Shoes



84-263            Pickett, Bobby "Boris"                                                                                 Garpax

                                    Monsters' Mash Party

                                    Monster Mash


84-265            Pierce, Webb                                                                                                 Decca

                                    I Ain't Never



84-256            The Platters                                                                                                  Mercury

                                    On My Word of Honor

                                    One In a Million


84-259            The Playmates                                                                                            Roulette

                                    Your Love

                                    Beep Beep


84-275            The Poni-Tails                                                                              ABC-Paramount

                                    Born Too Late

                                    Come On Joey, Dance With Me


84-312            Powell, Bobby                                                                                                    Whit

                                    Thank You

                                    Why (Am I Treated So Bad)


84-364            Presley, Elvis, With the Jordanaires                                                   RCA Victor

                                    Crying In the Chapel

                                    I Believe in the Man in the Sky


84-372            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    Don't Be Cruel

                                    Hound Dog


84-368            Presley, Elvis, With the Jordanaires                                                   RCA Victor

                                    Doncha' Think It's Time

                                    Wear My Ring Around Your Neck


84-50              Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    Hard Headed Woman

                                    Don't Ask Me Why


84-370            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    Heartbreak Hotel

                                    I Was the One


84-371            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    Hound Dog

                                    My Baby Left Me

                                    Don't Be Cruel

                                    I Want You, I Need You, I Love You


84-373            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    I Got Stung

                                    One Night


84-366            Presley, Elvis, With the Jordanaires                                                   RCA Victor

                                    I Want to Be Free

                                    Don't Leave Me Now

                                    (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care

                                    Jailhouse Rock

                                    Young and Beautiful


84-374            Presley, Elvis, With the Jordanaires                                                   RCA Victor

                                    It's Now Or Never

                                    A Mess of Blues


84-369            Presley, Elvis                                                                       RCA Victor (2 copies)

                                    Jailhouse Rock

                                    Treat Me Nice


84-367            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    King Creole

                                    New Orleans

                                    As Long As I Have You

                                    Lover Doll


84-48              Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    Love Me Tender

                                    Anyway You Want Me


84-375            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    My Baby Left Me

                                    I Want You, I Need You, I Love You


84-49              Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    That's When Your Heartaches Begin

                                    All Shook Up


84-365            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    Too Much

                                    Playing For Keeps


84-51              Presley, Elvis, With the Jordanaires                                                   RCA Victor

                                    (You're The) Devil In Disguise

                                    Please Don't Drag That String Around


84-376            Presley, Elvis                                                                                         RCA Victor

                                    Viva Las Vegas

                                    What'd I Say


84-313            Price, Lloyd                                                                                               Speciality

                                    Lawdy Miss Clawdy

                                    Mailman Blues


84-314            Price, Lloyd                                                                                   ABC-Paramount

                                    Stagger Lee

                                    You Need Love


                                    Prima, Louis


                        Smith, Keely, & Louis Prima


84-317            Purify, James & Bobby                                                                      Bell Records

                                    Let Love Come Between Us

                                    I Don't Want to Have to Wait


84-318            The Raindrops                                                                                              Jubilee

                                    What a Guy

                                    It's So Wonderful


84-316            The Rascals                                                                                                  Atlantic

                                    Carry Me Back

                                    Real Thing


84-319            The Reflections                                                                                 Lana Records

                                    (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet

                                    Can't You Tell By the Look In My Eyes


84-320            Renay, Diane                                                               20th Century-Fox Records

                                    Waitin' For Joey

                                    Growin' Up Too Fast


84-321            Ridgely, Tommy                                                                                                  RIC

                                    My Ordinary Girl

                                    She's Got What It Takes


84-322            The Riveras                                                                                                    Rivera

                                    California Sun

                                    HB Goose Step


84-324            Roger & the Gypsies                                                                                 Seven B

                                    Pass the Hatchet (Part I)

                                    Pass the Hatchet (Part II)


84-326            The Rolling Stones                                                                                       London

                                    Get Off My Cloud

                                    I'm Free


84-323            The Ronettes                                                                                  Philles Records

                                    Be My Baby

                                    Tedesco and Pitman


84-325            Ronny & the Daytonas                                                                                     Mala

                                    Hot Rod Baby


84-334            Ruby & the Romantics                                                                                    Kapp

                                    Our Day Will Come

                                    Moonlight and Music


84-333            Ruffin, Jimmy                                                                                                     Soul

                                    What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

                                    "Baby I've Got It"


84-329            Ryder, Mitch                                                                                            New Voice


                                    I'd Rather Go to Jail


84-330            Ryder, Mitch, & the Detroit Wheels                                                      New Voice

                                    Too Many Fish In the Sea

                                    One Grain of Sand


84-332            Rydell, Bobby                                                                                               Cameo

                                    The Best Man Cried

                                    The Cha-Cha-Cha


84-331            Rydell, Bobby                                                                                               Cameo


                                    I'd Do It Again


84-328            Sakamoto, Kyu                                                                                             Capitol


                                    Anoko No Namaewa Nantenkana


84-299            Scott, Jack                                                                                                   Careton

                                    My True Love



84-327            The Searchers                                                        Winners Circle Series (Kapp)

                                    Love Potion Number Nine

                                    Hi-Heel Sneakers


84-339            Sedaka, Neil                                                                                          RCA Victor

                                    Alice in Wonderland



84-335            Sedaka, Neil                                                                                          RCA Victor

                                    Crying My Heart Out For You

                                    You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm and Blues


84-337            Sedaka, Neil                                                                                          RCA Victor

                                    Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen

                                    Don't Lead Me On


84-336            Sedaka, Neil                                                                                          RCA Victor

                                    Next Door to an Angel

                                    I Belong to You


84-338            Sedaka, Neil                                                                                          RCA Victor

                                    Oh! Carol

                                    One Way Ticket to the Blues


84-340            Sedaka, Neil                                                                                          RCA Victor

                                    Wait 'Til You See My Baby

                                    Bad Girl


84-343            The Shangri-Las                                                                                        Red Bird

                                    Remember (Walking In the Sand)

                                    It's Easier to Cry


84-341            Shannon, Del                                                                                                     Amy

                                    Handy Man

                                    Give Her Lots of Lovin'


84-342            Shannon, Del                                                                         Bip Top Records Inc.

                                    Hats Off to Larry

                                    Don't Gild the Lily, Lily


84-344            Sharp, Dee Dee                                                                                           Cameo

                                    Do the Bird

                                    Lover Boy


84-346            The Shirelles                                                                                Scepter Records

                                    Dedicated to the One I Love

                                    Look a Here, Baby


84-345            The Shirelles                                                                                Scepter Records

                                    Foolish Little Girl

                                    Not for All the Money in the World


84-347            Shirley & Lee                                                                                                Aladdin

                                    Feel So Good

                                    You'd be Thinking of Me


84-349            The Silhouettes                                                                                              Ember

                                    Get a Job

                                    I Am Loney


84-348            Simmons, Gene                                                                                                    Hi

                                    Haunted House

                                    Hey, Hey Little Girl


84-350            Simon & Garfunkel                                                                                   Columbia

                                    I Am a Rock

                                    Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall


84-351            Sinatra, Frank                                              Reprise: Warner Bros. Records Inc.

                                    Strangers in the Night

                                    Oh, You Crazy Moon


84-352            The Six Teens                                                                              Flip Records Inc.

                                    A Casual Look

                                    Teen Age Promise


84-315            Smith, Keely, & Louis Prima                                            The Star Line (Capitol)

                                    I Wish You Love

                                    That Old Black Magic


84-353            Small, Millie (The Blue Beat Girl)                                                                Smash

                                    My Boy Lollipop

                                    Something's Gotta Be Done


84-354            Sonny and Cher                                                                                 Atco Records


                                    Little Man


84-355            Soul Survivors                                                                            Crimsom Records

                                    Expressway to Your Heart

                                    "Hey Gyp"


84-294            Springfield, Dusty                                                                                          Philips

                                    Do Re Mi (Forget about the Do and Think about Me)

                                    Wishin' and Hopin'


84-296            Springfield, Dusty                                                                                          Philips

                                    Little By Little

                                    You Don't Have to Say You Love Me


84-6                Stevens, Dodie                                                                                       Crystalette

                                    Pink Shoe Laces

                                    Coming of Age


84-25              Stewart, Billy                                                                                                   Chess

                                    Secret Love

                                    Look Back and Smile


84-23              Stevens, Ray                                                                                Mercury Records

                                    Ahab, the Arab

                                    It's Been So Long


84-309            Stonewall Jackson                                                                                   Columbia

                                    Igmoo (The Pride of South Central High)

                                    Uncle Sam and Big John Bull


84-298            The Statler Brothers                                                                                 Columbia

                                    Flowers On the Wall

                                    Billy Christian


84-3                Storm, Gale                                                                                                         Dot

                                    I Hear You Knocking

                                    Never Leave Me


84-39              Storm, Gale                                                                                                         Dot

                                    Lucky Lips

                                    On Treasure Island


84-228            Stuart, Chad, & Jeremy Clyde                                                           World Artists

                                    A Summer Song

                                    No Tears For Johnnie


84-5                The Sunshine Company                                                                             Imperial

                                    I Just Want to Be Your Friend

                                    Back on the Street Again


84-4                The Supremes                                                                                             Motown

                                    He Means the World to Me

                                    Where Did Our Love Go


84-44              The Swampseeds                                                                                             Epic

                                    Coney Island Parade

                                    Can I Carry Your Balloon


84-55              Syndicate of Sound                                                                            Bell Records


                                    Little Girl


84-2                The Teddy Bears                                                                                              Dore

                                    Don't You Worry My Little Pet

                                    To Know Him, Is to Love Him


84-303            Tempo, Nino, & April Stevens                                       Atco Records (2 copies)

                                    Deep Purple

                                    I've Been Carrying a Torch For You So Long That I Burned a Great Big Hole in My Heart


84-301            Tempo, Nino, & April Stevens                                                         Atco Records




84-302            Tempo, Nino, & April Stevens                                                         Atco Records

                                    Sweet and Lovely

                                    True Love


84-1                Them                                                                                                                Parrot

                                    Here Comes the Night

                                    All For Myself


84-13              Thomas, B. J.                                                                                               Hickory

                                    Billy and Sue

                                    Never Tell

84-21              Thomas, Irma                                                                                     Minit Records

                                    Ruler of My Heart

                                    Hittin' On Nothing


84-234            Thompson, Sue                                                                            Hickory Records

                                    Mama, Don't Cry At My Wedding

                                    Paper Tiger


84-27              Thunder, Johnny                                                                        Diamond Records

                                    "Loop De Loop"

                                    Don't Be Ashamed


84-28              The Trashmen                                                                                               Garrett

                                    King of the Surf

                                    Surfin' Bird


84-33              The Troggs                                                                                                  Fontana

                                    Wild Thing

                                    From Home


84-41              Troy, Doris                                                                                                    Atlantic

                                    Bossa Nova Blues

                                    Just One Look


84-42              Troy, Doris                                                                                                    Atlantic

                                    Watcha Gonna Do About It

                                    Tomorrow Is Another Day


84-45              Turner, Ike & Tina                                                                                            Loma

                                    Tell Her I'm Not Home

                                    I'm Thru With Love


84-58              Vee, Bobby                                                                                                    Liberty

                                    The Night Has a Thousand Eyes

                                    Anonymous Phone Call


84-59              Vee, Bobby, with the Johnny Mann Singers                                               Liberty

                                    Punish Her

                                    Someday (When I'm Gone from You)


84-57              Vee, Bobby - Bobby Vee's Hits                                                                   Liberty

                                    Rubber Ball

                                    More Than I Can Say

                                    Staying' In

                                    Young Love


84-60              Valens, Ritchie                                                                                               Del-Fi


                                    La Bamba


84-64              Vincent, Gene & His Blue Cops                                                                 Capitol

                                    Crazy Legs

                                    Important Words


84-61              Vinton, Bobby                                                                                                    Epic

                                    Blue On Blue

                                    Those Little Things


84-62              Vinton, Bobby                                                                                                    Epic

                                    Over & Over

                                    Rain Rain Go Away


84-63              Vinton, Bobby                                                                                                    Epic

                                    Roses Are Red (My Love)

                                    You and I


84-71              The Vogues                                                                            Co and Ce Records

                                    Five O'Clock World

                                    Nothing to Offer You


84-72              Washington, Dinah                                                                                      Mercury

                                    Big Long Slidin' Think

                                    (No No No) You Can't Love Two


84-73              Washington, Dinah                                                                                      Mercury

                                    My Man's an Undertaker

                                    Since My Man Has Gone & Went


84-74              Washington, Dinah                                                                                      Mercury

                                    My Song

                                    Half As Much


84-182            Wells, Mary                                                                                                   Motown

                                    You Lost the Sweetest Boy

                                    What's Easy for Two Is So Hard for One


84-183            Wells, Mary                                                                                                   Motown

                                    What Love Has Joined Together

                                    Your Old Stand By


84-184            Wilson, J. Frank & the Cavaliers                                                                   Josie

                                    That's How Much I Love You

                                    Last Kiss


84-185            Wonder, Stevie Little                                                                                     Tamla

                                    Fingertips, Parts I & II


84-187            Wood, Brenton                                                                     Double Shot Records

                                    I Like the Way You Love Me

                                    The Ooogum Boogum Song


84-186            Woods, Donald, & the Vel-Aires                                                Flip Records Inc.

                                    Man From Utopia

                                    Death of an Angel



84-189            Wooley, Sheb                                                                                                  MGM

                                    The Purple People Eater

                                    I Can't Believe You're Mine


84-188            Young, Kathy                                                                                   Indigo Records

                                    Eddie My Darling

                                    A Thousand Stars


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