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MSS 127 - Peter Joseph Collection: Inventory


(Mss 127)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

January 1980





Size:                           2/3 linear foot



locations:                 New Orleans, La.; Louisville, Ky.; Chatawa, Miss.



dates:                        1874 - 1978


Summary:                 Papers from 1726 North Dorgenois Street, New Orleans, La. a residence occupied by descendants of Peter Joseph (b. [New Orleans, 1843] -- d. Denver, Colo., July 15, 1905), a black New Orleanian.  Includes bills, receipts, statements, forms, memoranda, school certificates, fraternal society minutes and bank book, pamphlets, periodicals, photographs, and militia commission.



collections:              Peter Joseph Collection, Addendum 1 (Mss 131)


Source:                     Purchase, January 1980


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Peter Joseph Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans


Biographical Note

            The collection is named for Peter Joseph, whose Louisiana State Militia commission (1874) is the earliest document in the collection, and who, according to articles in the New Orleans Times-Democrat (July 16, 1905, p. 9, col. 2) and Daily Picayune (July 19, 1905, p. 8, col. 7), was a Union army veteran, member of the Metropolitan Police, and Louisiana Republican elector in the Hayes-Tilden election.  Except for Joseph's commission and a few early photographs, documents in the collection reflect the activities of Joseph's descendants.


Container List


127-4              Bills, receipts, statements, forms, memoranda; mainly for routine personal and household expenses, real estate taxes, and insurance.  19[36], 1958 - 1978.


127-24                  Commission, Louisiana State Militia, of Peter Joseph, "First Lieutenant Co 'G' Third Infantry...from the Thirty First day of July, eighteen hundred and Seventy Four."  Signed by W. P. Kellogg and Henry Street, August 10, 1874.


                        Fraternal society records


127-1                          Arts Et Metier B.M.A.A.  Deposit book, National Bank of Commerce in New Orleans.  December 27, 1937 - August 9, 1943.


                                    Societe Prosperite.  New Orleans. 


127-3                                      Minutes, bound volume with entries in English and French.  various dates 1927 - 1937.


127-2                                      Minutes, bound volume with entries in English.  January 24, 1938 - March 25, 1946.


127-23                  New Orleans Public School certificates for attendance and graduation of Evelyn Maurice.  1922, 1923.


127-5              Oddments (religious pamphlets, greeting cards, school catalogue), n.d.




127-6                          The Courier (New Orleans), vol. 2, no. 5 (April 4, 1924).


127-7                          The Crisis, A Record of the Darker Races, vol. 16, no. 4 (August 1918); vol. 25, no. 4 (February 1923).


127-8                          Gravure Weekly, December 17, 1932; March 4, August 5, October 7, October 14, 1933.


127-9                          Kingdom News, vol. 1, no. 5 (October 1939).


127-10                        The Lakeview Eye (New Orleans), vol. II, no. 8 (November 15, 1935).


127-11                        The Louisiana Historical Quarterly.  Reprint of "The Relations Between New Orleans and Latin America, 1810-1824" by Alfred Toledano Wellborn from Vol. 22, no. 3 (July 1939).


127-12                        The Louisiana Weekly (New Orleans), gravure section only, July 15, 1933.


127-13                        Nation Wide Review, vol. II, no. 2 (March 1928).


127-14                        The National Geographic Magazine, vol. XL, no. 3 (September 1921).


127-15                        The Negro South (New Orleans), vol IX, no. 10 (September 1946).


127-16                        The Negro World, Pictorial Section only, vol. XI, no. 18 (December 17, 1921).


127-17                        Parish Courier Journal (New Roads, La.) vol. XIV, no. 37 (September 14, 1935).


127-18                        The Warrington Messenger (New Orleans), vol. 10, no. 4 (September 1931).


127-19                        The Wide World Magazine, vol. LIV, no. 319 (November 1924).


                        Photographs (negatives and prints of individuals and places;  some prints stamped on reverse with names of photographers or processors in Jackson or McComb, Mississippi and New Orleans, La.), ca. 1880 - 1950.


127-20                                    Negatives (unidentified) Accompanying prints made by UNO Library.


127-22                        Prints (identified)

                                                Casa Calvo, E. R.

                                                Chatawa, Mississippi

                                                Chatawa, Mississippi (St. Mary of the Pine Chapel)

                                                Fitch, Olga

                                                Hudson, Marion V.

                                                Joseph, Stephen

                                                Maurice, Stephen

                                                Maurice, Evelyn

                                                Maurice, Firmin

                                                Maurice, Louis

                                                Norey, Vivian

                                                Rousseve, Maurice L.

                                                Smith, V.A.

                                                Supreme Orchestra

                                                Troy, Thomas O., June 4, 1911, Louisville, Ky.

                                                                                    Troy, [W.T.] home, Louisville, Ky. on reverse of postcard dated October 21, 1908.


127-21                        Prints (unidentified)

Index Terms


African Americans in Louisiana

Casa Calvo, E. R.

Chatawa, Miss.

Fitch, Olga

Hudson, Marion V.

Joseph family

Joseph, Peter

Joseph, Stephen

Maurice, Evelyn

Maurice, Firmin

Maurice, Louis

Maurice, Stephen

Norey, Vivian

Rousseve, Maurice L.

Smith, V.A.

St. Mary of the Pine Chapel (Chatawa, Miss.)

Supreme Orchestra

Troy, Thomas O.

Troy, W. T.