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MSS 132 - Dr. Joseph G. Tregle Collection: Inventory

Joseph G. Tregle, Jr. COLLECTION

(Mss 132)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

May 2005






Size:                           8.5 linear feet



locations:                 Mainly Louisiana but also including other areas of the United States


Inclusive dates:      1948-1979


Bulk dates:               1960-1978


Summary:                 Personal and academic papers of Joseph G. Tregle, Jr. (1919-2005), a founding faculty member of Louisiana State University in New Orleans (now the University of New Orleans).  Includes correspondence with repre­sentatives of universities, civic organizations, and professional associations; memoranda to and from departments of the University of New Orleans; clippings; articles; journals; book reviews; speeches; mementoes; and photographs.



collections:              Archives of the University of New Orleans (Mss 159)


Source:                     Gift, May 1979


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Joseph G. Tregle, Jr. Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans


Biographical Note


            Joseph G. Tregle, Jr. was born in New Orleans on December 22, 1919, and was a lifelong resident of the city.  Tregle graduated from Alcee Fortier High School and Loyola University (1939), where he taught history from 1945 to 1958.  In 1954, he earned a doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania with a dissertation on Louisiana in the age of Andrew Jackson. Articles drawn from it helped give him a solid reputation among American historians.  The dissertation eventually was published as Louisiana in the Age of Jackson: A Clash of Cultures and Personalities (Louisiana State University Press, 1999.

            During Dr. Tregle’s years at Loyola, he was regarded by many students and alumni as “the best professor they ever had.”  When he accepted an invitation in 1958 to help create the University of New Orleans, originally known as Louisiana State University in New Orleans, the headline on a newspaper column about the move read, “LSUNO Landed Big Leaguer When It Got Joe Tregle From Loyola.”  Dr. Tregle served as Dean of Academic Affairs from 1959 to 1964, when he returned to teaching full-time.  He retired in 1979 but remained deeply interested in UNO.

            Dr. Tregle was a former president of the Louisiana Historical Association and the Louisiana Historical Society and editor of the Louisiana Historical Quarterly.  He wrote a biography of Jackson for the Encyclopedia Americana and was co-author of the World Book Encyclopedia’s article on Louisiana.  In 2000, he was named Humanist of the Year by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities for his scholarly contributions and his roles in the founding of UNO and WWNO.  A lifelong bachelor, Dr. Tregle died on February 2, 2005.



“Joseph Tregle Jr., Louisiana Historian.”  New Orleans Times-Picayune, February 6, 2005.

Tregle, Joseph G., Jr.  Interview, 1979.

List of Series and Subseries



Series I.         Correspondence


Series II.        Papers Authored by Dr. Tregle


                        Subseries I.1      Article Typescripts


                        Subseries I.2      Book Review Typescripts


                        Subseries I.3      Miscellaneous Typescripts


                        Subseries I.4      Speech Typescripts


Series III.       Photographs


Series IV.      Printed Materials


                        Subseries IV.1   Clippings


                        Subseries IV.2   Government Publications


                        Subseries IV.3   Handbill


                        Subseries IV.4   Pamphlets


                        Subseries IV.5   Programs


                        Subseries IV.6   Serial Publications


V.                    Subject Files


VI.                   Tape Recordings


VII.                  University of New Orleans Files


VIII.                 Artifacts

Container List



BOX 1 – BOX 9


Series I.      Correspondence


                        Includes internal memoranda of the University of New Orleans.  Concentration of correspondence between Dr. Tregle and civic and historical organizations is reflected as follows: Civil War Centennial Commission, 1962; Friends of the Cabildo, 1963; Louisiana Historical Association, 1963-1966; Louisiana Historical Society, 1962-1969; New Orleans Cultural Center Commission, 1959.  Concentra­tion of correspond­ence between Dr. Tregle and educational institutions is reflected as follows: Berea College (Berea, Kentucky), 1973-1974; Consultant in Higher Education to the Goals for Louisiana Program, 1969; Evaluation Committee of St. Leo’s College, 1966; Evaluation Committee of the Seminary of St. Pius X, 1968; Louisiana History Facsimile Reprint Board, 1974; Resolution Committee on the Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities, 1966; St. Joseph’s Seminary Advisory Committee, 1965-1966.  Correspondence pertaining to Dr. Tregle’s appointment to the faculty of Louisiana State University in New Orleans dates from March 1958.


132-1              [1946-1958]   n.d., July 1, 1946 – July 21, 1958.


132-2              [1958-1959]   July 22, 1958 – December 30, 1959.


132-3              [1960-1962]   January 4, 1960 – December 31, 1962.


132-4              [1963-1966]   January 7, 1963 – December 21, 1966.


132-5              [1967-1972]   January 3, 1967 – November 23, 1972.


132-6              [1973-1975]   January 1, 1973 – December 17, 1975.


132-7              [1976-1977]   January 6, 1976 – August 16, 1977.


132-8              [1977-1979]   June 7, 1977 – February 13, 1979.


132-9              [1979-1980]   February 20, 1979 – October 24, 1980.



BOX 10


Series II.        Papers Authored by Dr. Tregle


            Subseries II.1. Article Typescripts


132-10                   “Books, Libraries, and Civilization.”  “The Myth of Early National Political Purity: Corruption in Jacksonian Louisiana, 1829-1845.”

“Observations on Comments of Various Deans of the Baton Rouge Campus Relative to the LSU in New Orleans.”  Made at the Council Meeting of January 21, 1965.

“Observations on Memorandum by Daniel Borth to President Troy Middleton.”  April 24, 1961.

“The Antebellum Sugar Bowl.”

“The Political Apprenticeship of John Slidell.”

“Some Thoughts [about LSUNO] Fifteen Years Later.”  [ca. 1974].

“Wendell’s Hegel, Feurbach, and Wagner’s Ring: A Commentary.”


            Subseries II.2.  Book Review Typescripts


132-11            Jefferson Davis: Confederate President, by Hudson Strode.  New York, 1959.

The Siege of New Orleans, by Charles S. Brooks.  Seattle, Wash., 1961.

Robert John Walker: A Politician from Jackson to Lincoln, by James P. Shenton.  New York, 1961.

Enduring Lincoln, edited by Norman A. Graebner.  Urbana, Ill., 1959.  With clipping.

Politics and Punishment: The History of the Louisiana State Penal System, by Mark T. Carleton.  Baton Rouge, 1971.

The Urbanization of America, 1860-1915, by Blake McKelvey.  New Brunswick, N.J., 1963.

The Irish in New Orleans, 1800-1860, by Earl F. Niehaus.  Baton Rouge, 1965.


            Subseries II.3. Miscellaneous Typescripts


132-12                           Includes incomplete drafts of handwritten articles, contracts with the University of Florida and Forum Press, a list of Dr. Tregle’s publications, a list of the rivers and bayous of Louisiana, a typescript fragment from The Future of the Creoles, and reprint design information for Journal of Travels.


            Subseries II.4. Speech Transcripts


132-13            “Action in Education by Bissonet School Boosters Club, Metairie, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana,” [n.d.]

“Bissonet Plaza School Dedication.”  September 16, 1961.

“Commencement Address,” Ridgeway School, [n.d.]

“Commentary,” McNeese State University, March 5, 1974.

“Commencement Address,” University of New Orleans, Friday, December 22, 1978.

“Holy Cross Commencement Address,” June 2, 1963.

“The Public Image of the University,” Loyola Kappa Delta Pi, March 22, 1961.

“Toward Quality Education in Louisiana,” [n.d.]

“The Unchanging Times,” Spring Hill Honors Convocation, February 27, 1963.



Series III.       Photographs


132-14                   Nine (9) prints of Dr. Tregle, ten (10) group prints (some with identification), and seven (7) snapshots (some with identification).



Series IV.      Printed Materials


            Subseries IV.1.        Clippings


132-15                   Clippings, [n.d.] and 1945 – December 15, 1978.


            Subseries IV.2.        Government Publications – United States


132-16                   National Historical Publications and Records Commission Records Program Guidelines and Procedures: Applications and Grants.  Washington, D.C., 1979.

National Historical Publications and Records Commission, 1978 Annual Report.  Washington, D.C., [1979?]

Supplement to the Federal Population Census, 1790-1890.  National Archives and Records Service, General Services Administration.  Washington, D.C., 1968.


            Subseries IV.3.        Government Publications - Louisiana


32-16              Amending the U.S. Constitution—How?  Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission.

Can America Recapture Americanism.  Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission.

The Plaquemine Story: A Question of Law and Order.  Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission.

Legislative Reappointment Is Strictly Business.  Louisiana State Sovereignty Commission.

Report of the Biennium, 1964-1966.  Baton Rouge, 1966.


            Subseries IV.4.        Handbill


132-17                   “The Spirit and Purpose of Huey Long, Shall Never Die.”  The McAuley Lectures, 1957.  Gerald L. K. Smith, Organizer, Share—Our—Wealth Society, [n.d.]


            Subseries IV.5.        Pamphlets


132-17                   Christian, Marcus Bruce.  High Ground.  Inscribed by the author.

Fiswick, Marshall W.  Sunny Thoughts on the Icy Attitude.  Amherst, Mass., 1963.

Hofstadter, Richard, William Miller, and Daniel Aaron.  Chapter One: “The Discovery of the Europeans.”

History As a Career, to Undergraduates Choosing a Profession.  Washington, D.C.: American Historical Association.

Morgan City, Berwick, Patterson, Louisiana.  Morgan City—Berwick—Patterson Chamber of Commerce, [n.d.]


BOX 11


            Subseries IV.6.        Programs


132-18                   Programs for lectures and banquets, [n.d.], 1960-1977.


            Subseries IV.7.        Serial Publications


                        Includes publishers’ reprints and book reviews by Dr. Tregle.  Listed alpha­betically by serial title, when known.  Materials from unknown sources are listed first.


132-19            Floan, Howard R.  “The South in Northern Eyes, 1831 to 1861.”  Source not identified.

Strode, Hudson.  “Jefferson Davis, Confederate President.”  Source not identified.

Taylor, William R.  “Cavalier and Yankee: The Old South and American National Character.”  Source not identified.

Tregle, Joseph G.  “Political Reinforcement of Ethnic Dominance on Louisiana, 1812-1845.”  Source not identified,

America.  December 13, 1958.  “Teaching ‘Dirty’ Books in College.”  Robert Boyle, S.J.

American Association for State and Local History 11.2 (October 1962).  “A Look at Ourselves.”  Clement M. Silvestro and Richmond D. Williams.

A.H.A. Newsletter 1.1 (December 1962) – 1.11 (April 1964).


132-20            American Historical Review 72.2 (January 1967).  “History in a Self-Governing Culture.”  Roy F. Nichols.

The American Scholar 27.3 (Summer 1978).  “Reappraisals, James Thurber: The Primitive, the Innocent and the Individual.”  Robert H. Elias.

The American Scholar 43.2 (Spring 1974.  “History: Experience and the Soul of Time.”  Robert H. Elias.

Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (May 1961).  “Recent Developments in the Field of History.”  Lynn M. Case.  Autographed.

American Studies 5.2 (July 1961) – 7.1 (February 1964).

American Studies Association, Circular letters and reports.  November 1, 1961 - December 27, 1962.

American Studies News (August 1962 - August 1965).


132-21            American Studies Association of the Lower Mississippi Newsletter ([n.d.] and Spring 1962).

The Bulletin (Bohn, Germany) 12.26 (July 7, 1964) – 12.27 (July 14, 1964).

Bulletin of the Louisiana Historical Society 6.5 (December 1965).

The Business History Review 35.4 (Winter 1961).  “J. B. Moussier and the Property Bank of Louisiana.”  Irene D. Neu.

Central European History 9.1 (March 1976).  “Hegel, Feurbach, and Wagner’s Ring.”  George G. Windell.

The Cea Critic 24.1 (January 1962).

East Texas Historical Journal 9.11 (1973).

Florida Historical Quarterly ([n.d.]).  “Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction: The Louisiana Experience.”  Peyton McCrary.

Florida Historical Quarterly (October 1975).  “A facsimile of the 1774 edition of The History of Louisiana.  Joseph G. Tregle, ed.

Florida Historical Quarterly ([n.d.]).  “Negro Troops of Antebellum Louisiana: A History of the Battalion of Free Men of Color.”  Roland C. McConnell.


132-22            For Your Information 16.1 (September 20, 1965 – 1967).

The Historian 11.1 (November 1958).  “Napoleon: Patron of Science.”  Raymond J. Maras.

The Historian 23.4 ([n.d.]).  “Teaching History in the Colleges.”  John L. Snell.

History Department News (Fall 1962 – Fall 1964).


132-23            History News 17.4 (February 1962) – 18.12 (October 1963).


132-24            Humanities in the South 23 (Fall 1955) – 24 (Spring 1966).

Journal of the Central Mississippi Valley American Studies Association 2.1.  “History in the Liberal Arts: A Theory of Knowledge.”  C. Stanley Urban.

132-24            Journal of Southern History ([n.d.]).  “Andrew Jackson: Symbol for an Age.”  John Ward.

Journal of Southern History 31.3 (August 1965).  “Jacksonian Democracy and the Historians.”  Alfred A. Cave.

Journal of Southern History (August 1959).  “The Jacksonian Era, 1828-1845.”  Glyndon G. Van Deusen.  “The Jacksonian Heritage: Pennsylvania Politics, 1833-1848.”  Charles McCool Snyder.

Journal of Southern History 32.4 (November 1966).  “The Irish in New Orleans, 1800-1860.”  Earl F. Niehaus.

Journal of Southern History 29.4 (November 1963).  “The Papers of John C. Calhoun.”  W. Edwin Hemphill, ed.

Journal of Southern History 26.1 (February 1960).  “The Political Apprenticeship of John Slidell.”  Joseph G. Tregle.

Journal of Southern History 35.4 (November 1969).  “Politics and Reality in an American City!: The New Orleans School Crisis of 1960.”  Morton Inger.

Journal of Southern History 45.4 (November 1979).  “Thomas J. Durant, Utopian Socialism, and the Failure of Presidential Reconstruction in Louisiana.”  Joseph G. Tregle, Jr.

Journal of Southern History 44.2 (May 1978).  “Tories, Dons, and Rebels: The American Revolution in British West Florida.”  J. Barton Starr.

Journal of Southern History (August 1951).  “Travels in America, 1815-1817.”  Edouard de Montule.

LSU Alumni News (May 1967)

The LSU Researcher 1.1 (October 1965) – 2.1 (October 1966).


132-25            Louisiana Historical Quarterly 38.4 (October 1955).  “The Confirmation of Foreign Land Titles in Louisiana.”  Harry Coles, Jr.  “Landholding and Power in Spanish Louisiana.”  C. Richard Arena.  “Difficulties of Civil War Sugar Planting in Louisiana.”  Charles P. Roland.  “Jefferson College: The Early Years.”  Earl F. Niehaus.

Louisiana Historical Quarterly 25.1 (January 1942).  “Louisiana and the Tariff, 1816-1846.”  Joseph G. Tregle.

Louisiana History 13.3 (Summer 1972).  “Emblem of Liberty: The Image of Lafa­yette in the American Mind.”  Anne C. Loveland.

Louisiana History ([n.d.]).  “George Eustis, Jr.: Non-Mythic Southerner.”  Joseph G. Tregle.

Louisiana History 17.3.  “The Life of Andrew Jackson.”  Frank L. Owsley, Jr., ed.

Louisiana History 12.1 (Winter 1971).  “Theodore Roosevelt’s Visit to New Orleans and the Progressive Campaign of 1914.”  Richard H. Collin.

Louisiana History ([n.d.]).  “Through Friends and Foes with Alexander Porter.”  Joseph G. Tregle.

Louisiana History Newsletter 5.3 (May 1979).

Louisiana Studies 1.1 (Spring 1962).


132-26            Mid-America 29.4 n.s.  “The Louisiana American Party and the Catholic Church.”  Robert C. Reinders.

Midstream (Summer 1961).  “The Eichmann Case—Reactions in West Germany.”  Joel Carmichael.

The Mississippi Valley Historical Review (September 1962).  “Robert John Walker: A Politician from Jackson to Lincoln.”  James P. Skenton.

Newsletter of the Marine Corps Historical Program 8.1 (Summer 1978).  “Father of the Corps?”

News from the German Embassy (August 9, 1962-July 17, 1964).

News Letter of the Louisiana Historical Association (November 1, 1958-January 1, 1960).

132-27   Newsletter, National Conference of Christians and Jews (February, March 1963).

Newsletter, North Louisiana Historical Association (March 1960).

The New Orleans Restaurant Guide Newsletter and The New Orleans Restaurant Guide, 1978-1979.

The North Carolina Historical Review (Winter 1963).

Northwestern University Law Review 52.3 (July-August 1957).  “Judicial Enforcement of Desegregation: Its Problems and Limitations.”  A. E. Papale.

Pennsylvania Magazine and Biography ([n.d.]).  “Colonial South Carolina: A Political History, 1663-1763.”  M. Eugene Sirmans.

Regional Action 11.2 (June 1960).

The Review of Politics 23.2 (April 1961).  “Shirer’s History of Nazi Germany.”  Klaus Epstein.

The Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter 45.6 (June 1964).  “The Hungry World.”

Southern Biography Series.  “Hoke Smith and the Politics of the New South.”  Dewey W. Grantham, Jr.

Southwestern Social Science Quarterly 44.4 (March 1964).  “Blake McKelvey, The Urbanization of America, 1860-1915.”  Joseph G. Tregle.

The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography 78.4 (October 1970).  “The Causes of Bacon’s Rebellion: Some Suggestions.”  Warren M. Billings.

World Book Encyclopedia.  “Louisiana History.”  Joseph G. Tregle.



BOX 12


Series V.       Subject Files


132-28                   American Studies Association of the Lower Mississippi

Includes correspondence ([n.d.]), program and listings for Seventh and Eighth Annual meetings (1961-1962), announcements (1961-1967).


132-28                   Baptist College at Charleston, S.C.

                                Includes report to the Committee on Admissions to Membership for Senior Colleges of the Commission on Colleges ([n.d.]).


                        Berea College, Berea, Ky.

                                Includes report of Evaluation Committee on Reaccreditation (November 4-7, 1973), professors’ vitae, schedules, vouchers, and notes ([n.d.], 1973).


                        Bethel College, McKenzie, Tenn.

                                Includes vouchers and roster of the visiting accreditation committee (1974).


                        Bicentennial Reprint Series

                                Includes publisher’s contract, handwritten notes, photocopy of manuscript of The Manhattaner in New Orleans, and related miscellany.


BOX 18


132-34                   Diplomas and Certificates

132-35                           Includes Dr. Tregle’s personal academic diplomas and certificates.


BOX 13


132-29                   Friends of the Cabildo, Inc.

                                Includes roster of administrative officers and members of the Board, minutes of the Board of Directors’ meeting of March 17, 1964, and background information on the organization ([n.d.], 1963, 1964).


                        Gardner-Webb College, Boiling Springs, N.C.

                                Includes report of Evaluation Committee visit and summary report forms.


                        Gatell, Frank Otto

                                A mimeographed transcript with corrections.


                        Grant Request for Historical Photographs

                                Application made for same on April 27, 1979.


                        Inter-American Institute for Cultural Affairs

                                Includes a copy of the Articles of Incorporation with cover memorandum (August 14, 1961).


                        Louisiana Historical Association and Louisiana History

                                Includes financial reports, membership lists, minutes, schedules, miscellany (1958-1979).


132-29                   Louisiana School Boards Association

                                Includes address by Honorable Shelby M. Jackson, New Orleans (January 17, 1960).




                        New Orleans Cultural Centre Commission

                                Includes minutes and financial statements (1959-1963), biography of Leonard V. Huber, and miscellany.


BOX 14


132-30                   St. Joseph’s Seminary, St. Benedict, La.

                                Includes minutes of the Seminary Advisory Committee (November 17, 1965), reports, and listing of Advisory Committee members.


                        Southern Historical Association

                                Includes the article, “The Irksome Duty of Appointment: Jefferson, Jackson and Edward Livingston” ([n.d.]), 2 clippings ([n.d.]), 1 letter ([n.d.]), and a listing of officers and committee chairmen (1935-[n.d.]).


                        Southern University of New Orleans

                                Includes a listing of its faculty for 1971-1972.



                                 “The Cost of Freedom.”  Frederick L. Rath, Jr.  22nd Annual Meeting of American Association for State and Local History, Buffalo, N.Y., August 23, 1962.

                                 “The Future of Louisiana History.”  Joseph G. Tregle.  Louisiana Tech Uni­versity, Ruston, La., May 17, 1977.

                                 “Human Talent: The Great Investment.”  M. J. Rathbone.  Marshall Univer­sity, Huntington, W.V., February 25, 1964.

                                 “The Role of the Federal Judiciary.”  The Honorable Frank Volther, Jr.  1962 Special Session, Florida Legislature.

                                 “Theological Considerations of Relations between Church and State.”  Rev. Gustave Weigle, S.J.  Woodstock College, Woodstock, Md., September 27, 1960.


                        Spruiole, Dr. Van

                                       Includes a second draft of a proposal concerning Latin America’s image of New Orleans ([n.d.])


132-30                     Joseph Tregle’s Family Papers

                                       Includes miscellaneous personal documents and forms.


                        U.S. 4-Cent Stamps Commemorating Louisiana Statehood (April 30, 1962)

                                       One sheet (50 stamps) presented to the Earl K. Long Library by the Louisiana Historical Society.


                        Sidney Louis Villere

                                       Includes Louisiana source material in library of same (1945).


BOX 15


Series VI.      Tape Recordings


132-31                     Dr. Tregle’s final Louisiana History course, Spring 1979; Reels 1-12, January 23-May 8, 1979.

Reel   1       January 23, January 25

Reel   2       January 30, February 1

Reel   3       February 6, February 8

Reel   4       February 13, February 15

Reel   5       February 20, March 1

Reel   6       March 8, March 15

Reel   7(a)   March 20

Reel   7(b)   March 27

Reel   8       March 29, April 5

Reel   9       April 17, April 19

Reel 10       April 24, April 26

Reel 11       May 1, May 3

Reel 12       May 8



BOX 16


Series VII.     University of New Orleans Files


132-32                     Book Requests

                                       Includes copies of book orders and request forms.  [n.d.], 1963-1967.


                        Budget Committee

                                       Includes policy statement, 1967-1968 faculty salary study, schedules of committee meetings, budget studies (1965-1967).


132-32                     College of Liberal Arts

                                       Includes notes in connection with the Committee for Selection of a Dean, curriculum vitae, the pamphlet An Educator’s Dilemma, Homer L. Hitt.  Jour­nal of Higher Education, vol. 36, no. 9 (December 1965).  Minutes of faculty meetings (1965-1967), personnel changes, 1964-1965 faculty directory, Honors Program proposal ([n.d.]), “Notes for New Students” (1959-1960).


                        Committee on Studies


                        Committee on Grading, Teaching, Enrollment, and Retention of Students

                                       Includes minutes of meetings (1966-1967) and reports.


                        Curricula Committee

                                       Includes minutes of meetings for 1967.


                        Decennial Celebration, 1967

                                       Includes minutes of meetings, reports, a listing of planned student events, and miscellaneous pamphlets.


                        Faculty Council

                                       Includes minutes of meetings (1965-1966), listings, and reports.


                        Graduate School

                                       Includes material on graduate program in history, forms, and pamphlets on student loans.


                        Group Insurance Program of State of Louisiana

                                       Includes Dr. Tregle’s health insurance claims and forms.


                        History Department

                                       Includes objectives of department, various course proposal changes, a History Majors’ Study Guide, a handout on a major program in history, a detailed study of Historiography, minutes of departmental meetings, teaching schedules, policy memoranda, placement lists, and forms.



                                       Includes personal salary changes, lists of important dates (1966-1967), class schedule (1965-1966), course offerings for 1973-1974, LSUNO minority faculty list (1973), a brief on LSUNO, a policy committee report for 1967, and an article on auditory discrimination learning.



BOX 17


132-33                     Dr. Tregle’s Teaching Assignments

                                       Includes rolls for 1966-1968, 1976-1977, 1977-1978, and 1979; specific material pertaining to History 71, and final examinations for History 4504 (Spring 1979, [n.d.]), History 186 ([n.d.]), History 2501 (March 6, 1975), History 2601 ([n.d.]), History 71 (Louisiana history) ([n.d.]).  Also includes three student term papers, a 1971 student examination, and class notes.


                        Printed Serial Material

                                 College of Liberal Arts Newsletter 1.2 (November 1, 1974).

                                 Computer Information Bulletin 1.1 (January 1966) – 2.1 (September 1967).

                                 Faculty News Bulletin 7.1 (September 24, 1965) – 8.7 (October 21, 1966).

                                 Louisiana State University in New Orleans Library Newsletter, 8 (May 22, 1967).

                                 UNO Newsletter 5.4 (October 11, 1974).


                        Research Council

                                       Includes minutes of meetings for 1965, policy statements, and forms.


                        Speakers Committee

                                       Includes statement of policy, pamphlet, and handbills announcing speakers ([n.d.], 1977).


                        WWNO Radio Station

                                       Includes minutes of same for meetings held during 1970.



BOX 14


Series VIII.    Artifacts


132-30                                    Includes one plaque commemorating Joseph Tregle, Jr. as president of the Conference of Louisiana Colleges and Universities, an artifact from the Library staff to Dean Tregle of the (LS)UNO Library Classroom Building (1963-1964).

Index Terms


Tregle, Joseph G., Jr.

University of New Orleans