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MSS 143 - A. C. Priestley Collection: Inventory


(Mss 143)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

August 1982








locations:                 New Orleans, Louisiana


Inclusive dates:      1903-1924


Summary:                             Correspondence and minutes of Board of Directors, Leland College, Baker, Louisiana; hand-colored tintype of [William G. Brown]; 2 volumes of enrollment records for McDonogh 24 School (New Orleans), 1903/4 and 1913/4.



collections:                          Orleans Parish School Board Collection (Mss 147)


Source:                     Purchase, 1982


Access:                                 No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    A. C. Priestley Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans


Historical Note


            Nothing but a few crumbling walls and an entry marker remain of the original buildings at Leland College, but it has the distinction of being one of the permanent sites of America's first college for African-Americans.  The college, first located in New Orleans, was moved to Baker, Louisiana, on November 1, 1923, after its original buildings were destroyed by a hurricane in 1915.  The school provided education from first grade through university level for black students.  After it closed its doors to students seeking higher education, the school continued as a public school for black students in the Baker area until segregation was finally abolished.  Leland closed in May 1960.


Source:  Baker, the First Two Hundred Years, 1776-1976 (Baker, La.: The City of Baker, 1976), p. 93-96

Preliminary Inventory


Correspondence.  February 8, 1923 - March 29, 1924, May 10, 1949.


Leland University.  March 4, 1922, March 13, 1923.


Minutes, Board of Trustees annual meeting.  Attachment, calling card of Rev. Avery A. Shaw.  March 4, 1922.


Minutes, Board of Trustees annual meeting.  Enclosures, Treasurer's Report for year ending February 1, 1923, notes taken at annual meeting by A. C. Priestley [?].  March 13, 1923.




Calling card of Dr. T. A. Walker.  n.d.


Unidentified list of names.  n.d.


McDonogh Booth 24 School, 1903 - 1907, 1913 - 1914, 1915.


Annual Register.  1903 - 1904; 1904 - 1905; 1905 - 1906; 1906 - 1907.


Annual Register.  1913 - 1914.  Enclosure, Form 62-A Official stationery of New Orleans Public Schools.  January 17, 1915.


Photograph.  Tintype possibly depicting William G. Brown, Superintend­ent of Public Education for Louisiana, 1872 - 1876.


Correspondence.  1886-1969, n.d.


Handbills.  1886-1888, n.d.


Charles S. Gerth for U.S. Senator, n.d.


Straight University.  Annual concert and exhibition, May 27, 1886.


Texas State Farmers' Alliance, September 22, 1888.


Invitations and Programs.  1881 - 1967.


Dillard University.  Annual program of Christmas music, December 18, 1960, December 16, 1967.


First Free Mission Baptist Church.  Services, March 8, 1959.


In Memoriam; John R. Patterson, Sr., August 11, 1966.


Leland University.  Annual exhibition of The Ciceronian Literary Society, May 24, 1881.


Leland University.  Anniversary exercises.  May 25 - May 28, 1884.


Matriculation Book.  Leland University.

School enrollment 1872 - 1902; student grades, 1889 - 1892, and biographical sketch of Holbrook Chamberlain, founder of the University.


Map.  New York, N.Y.  n.d.


Miscellany.  August 2, 1884; n.d.


Admission ticket to Wilson Hall, August 2, 1884.

Purchased from Chartres Antiques.


Trade cards

J. & P. Coats.  n.d.  2 items

Jacobs Bros. Walkover Shoes.  n.d.  1 item

Tarrant's Seltzer Aperient.  n.d.  1 item


Business cards

New Orleans Naturopathic Establishment

Triangle Radio Service


Calling card (signed) J. W. E. Bowen


Newspaper Clippings, ca. 1922, 1923, 1970, n.d.


New Orleans newspapers, 9 items.


Notes (personal).  n.d.  12 items.


Notes (school assignments).  1916, 1924.  7 items.




Morgan, T. J.  Man or Baboon?  New York: American Baptist Home Mission Society, n.d.

This Is One of the World's Most Unusual Cities.  [S.l.: s.n., n.d.]


Personal Papers of A. C. and L. E. Priestley


Civil War Pension application form, n.d.


Poll Tax receipt, 1935.


Pullman Company card for Lucullus E. Priestley as car porter


State of Louisiana, Juvenile Court probation report.  March 16, 1920 [?]


Xavier University, High School Department report card of Sherman Priestley.  1918-1919.




Album containing 39 photographs.  ca. 1926.


4 x 6 photograph with inscription “From Alice to Professor Priestley."  n.d.




"Picture History of the American Negro."  Pepsi Cola.  1966.


School Catalog and Directory


New Orleans Public Schools.  1929-1930 directory.


Straight University, New Orleans, La.  1903-1904 catalog.




Le Petit Journal, vol. 5 (1924) 85.


The Louisiana Education Association Journal, vol. 48 (1971) 4.


Sheet Music


Guida, Frank J., and Joseph F. Royster.  “New Orleans.”  Norfolk, Va.: Pepe Music Co., 1960.


Morris, Kenneth.  “Go Tell It on the Mountain.”  Chicago: Martin and Morris Music Studio, 1951.


William's Methodist Church.

Men's Day minutes and treasury report book.  1971-1972.




The Lighthouse.  New Orleans: Xavier University, 1931.


The Spotlight.  New Orleans: Xavier University, 1927.

Index Terms


Brown, William G.

Leland University

McDonogh 24 School (New Orleans, La.)

Straight University