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MSS 163 - Nancy R. Zito Collection: Inventory

NANCY R. ZITO Collection

(Mss 163)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

May 1984




Size:                           10 linear feet



locations:                 Vicenza, Italy; New Orleans, Louisiana


Inclusive dates:      n.d., 1870s, September 25, 1873 - March 19, 1983


Summary:                 Personal and medical records, largely pertaining to the life and career of Dr. Joseph Anthony Danna.  Included are certificates, diplomas, clippings, correspondence, hospital records of United States Army Base Hospital No. 102 and Charity Hospital, ledgers, manuscripts of medical articles and papers written by Danna, records of the New Orleans Post-Graduate School of Medicine, medical notes and notebooks, memorabilia, miscellany, Municipal Auditorium Commission minutes, photographs, house plans, publications, and a scrapbook with attachments.


Source:                     Gift, May 1984


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Nancy R. Zito Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

Biographical Note


Joseph Anthony Danna was born July 8, 1877 at Bisacquino, Sicily.  He received a doctor of medicine degree from Tulane University on May 1, 1901.  That same year he joined the staff of Charity Hospital, where he would eventually serve as chief surgeon and superintendent between 1909 and 1913.  In 1914 he organized the New Orleans Post-Graduate School of Medicine, which was affiliated with Loyola University.  During the First World War, Danna, along with several other Italian-Americans, served in Vicenza, Italy, with the United States Army Base Hospital No. 102, a unit which was attached to the Italian army.  Thereafter he enjoyed a lengthy, successful medical practice in New Orleans.

In 1949 Danna was created a Knight of St. Gregory the Great by Pope Pius XII.  He was a member of the Municipal Auditorium Commission, the Knights of Columbus, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, International House, the Pickwick Club, and the Round Table Club.  He died at New Orleans on December 15, 1954.  Also included in the collection are some clippings and publications assembled by the Zito family after Danna's death.

Container List



163-25            Certificates and diplomas.  Arranged chronologically.


                                                            Gorgas Memorial Institute of Tropical and Preventative Medicine, membership certificate.  n.d.


                                                            Nelson Surgery and consulting Bureau, membership certificate.  n.d.


                                                            Physician's Prayer, certificate issued to Dr. Joseph A. Danna by the Ursuline nuns.  n.d.


                                                            Tulane University, Laboratory of Microscopy, diploma.  April 1, 1898.


                                                            Charity Hospital, Out-door Clinic Department, one-year medical and surgical certificate.  April 4, 1898.


                                                            Charity Hospital, ambulance surgeon certificate.  April, 1900.


                                                            Charity Hospital, Medical and Surgical Wards, one-year certificate.  April 1, 1900.


                                                            Charity Hospital, ambulance surgeon certificate.  April, 1901.


                                                            Charity Hospital, Medical and Surgical Wards, two-year certificate.  April 1, 1901.


                                                            Tulane University, Doctor of Medicine diploma.  May 1, 1901.


                                                            Tulane University, Laboratory of Operative Surgery diploma.  May 1, 1901.


                                                            Certificate issued by Pope Leo XIII awarding the Lateran Cross to Dr. Joseph A. Danna.  September 2, 1910.


                                                            Loyola University Doctor of Philosophy diploma.  June 1, 1917.


                                                            Local Board No. 6 [draft board], City of New Orleans, certificate of appointment.  June 20, 1917.


                                                            Italian Red Cross, certificate awarded to Dr. Joseph A. Danna.  August 1, 1917.


                                                            United States Army Reserve, Medical Section, appointment to major.  March 26, 1918.


                                                            United States Army Medical Corps, appointment to lieutenant colonel.  August 22, 1918.


                                                            Grand Order of the Italian Crown certificate awarded to Dr. Joseph A. Danna by King Victor Emmanuel III in recognition of his service to the Italian army in the First World War.  September 10, 1920.


                                                            American College of Surgeons, certificate admitting Dr. Joseph A. Danna as a fellow.  October 27, 1922.


                                                            Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, certificate declaring Dr. Joseph A. Danna has been a member since March 5, 1903.  ca. March 5, 1934.


                                                            United States Public Health Service Reserve, appointment to senior surgeon, September 4, 1943.


                                                            Certificate issued by Pope Pius XII creating Dr. Joseph A. Danna a Knight of St. Gregory the Greta.  October 11, 1949.


163-1              Clippings.  n.d., November 29, 1912 - March 19, 1983.


                        Correspondence.  See also 163-4 and 163-21.


163-2                    n.d., September 28, 1914 - March 16, 1919.


163-3                    March 21, 1919 - December 6, 1948.


                        Medical Records.




163-4                                            Base Hospital No. 102.  See also 163-2 -- 163-3 and 163-21.

                                                            Bills.  n.d.  May 10, 1918 - July 31, 1918.

                                                            Calling cards.  ca. 1918 - 1919.

                                                                                                            Joseph A. Danna records concerning personal finances while serving in Italy.  n.d., June 13, 1918 - October 10, 1918.

                                                                                                            Miscellaneous records.  n.d., March 2, 1918 - March 10, 1919.

                                                                                                            Passenger List of Organizations and Casuals.  This list consists principally of a list of the officers and men of the hospital.  Xerographic copy. ca. 1918 - 1919.


163-5                                      Charity Hospital.

                                                                                                            Record book of patients, unidentified but almost certainly from Charity Hospital, showing name, age, race, sex, illness, treatment of illness, result of treatment, and anesthetic used.  n.d., November 4, 1902 - May 31, 1905.

                                                                                                            Ward 39 record book.  (Ward 39 was an obstetrics ward.)  October 2, 1899.


163-7                          Manuscripts of medical articles and paper.

                                                Manuscripts by Joseph A. Danna.

                                                                                                            "Some Principles Involved in the Pathology and Treatment of Empyema Thoracis."  Includes manuscript of English version, manuscript of an Italian translation, and a reprint of the published article in Surgery, Gynecology, and Obstetrics, February 15, 1933.  n.d., February 1933.

                                                            Untitled manuscripts.  n.d.

                                                Manuscripts by others.

                                                                                                            Charles R. Bradean, "Present Ideals of the Physical Plant in Medical Education."  n.d.

                                                                                                            Irving S. Cutte, "The Art of Medicine."  n.d.

                                                                                                            Charles P. Emerson, "The Danger of the Stereotyped Curriculum."  n.d.

                                                                                                            G. Canby Robinson, "Present Ideals of the Physical Plant in Medical Education."  n.d.


163-8                                                  New Orleans Post-Graduate School of Medicine records.  1914 - 1916.


163-9                                                  Notes, notebooks, and miscellany.  n.d., September 6, 1918 - February 1947.


163-6                                                  Private practice.  Ledgers re:  Joseph A. Danna's private patients.

                                                November 1, 1913 - June 22, 1918.

                                                July 6, 1915 - June 14, 1918.




163-22                        American flag.  n.d.


163-23                        Medical instruments in case.  n.d.




163-10                                    The American Bank & Trust Co., statement of condition with attachments.  n.d., June 30, 1931.

                                                            Biographical sketches of Augusto Tosso, Italian ambassador to the United States.  ca.  1935.

                                                            Invitations and programs.  n.d., June 15, 1894 - June 14, 1947.

                                                            Louisiana State University Diamond Jubilee materials.  n.d.

                                                            Oddments.  n.d., September 25, 1873 - September 25, 1949.


163-11                  Municipal Auditorium Commission minutes with attachments.  n.d., December 31, 1930 - May 4, 1943.




163-28                                    Handtinted, framed portrait of Dr. Joseph A. Danna.  Displayed in Room 410.  n.d., See also 163-71.

                                                            Portraits of Dr. Joseph A. Danna, Portraits of others, and group portraits.  n.d., December 15, 1914 - ca. 1919.  See also 163-71.


163-13                              Plans for Danna residence at Cadiz St. and Claiborne Ave.  October 1, 1926, and September 1, 1933.




                                    Books and reprints.


163-14                                                            Address Delivered at the Presentation of the Anniversary Vol­ume to Professor Rudolph Matas.  December 17, 1931.

                                                                                    “Alcoholic Inebriety.”  Reprinted from Pan America Medical and Surgical Journal of New Orleans.  August, 1917.

                                                                                    Autografos de Cristobal Colon y Papeles de America.  Madrid, 1892.


163-15                                                            Calling All Christians: The Three Phases of Salvation.  1979.

                                                                                    The Catholic Church in Algiers, Louisiana (1848 - 1948): The Marist Fathers and Holy Name of Mary Church.  1949.

                                                                                    Current Correspondence.  May 1931.

                                                                                    De Equestri Ordine S. Gregorii Magni pro Equitibus Classis Civilis.  1947.

                                                                                    Europe Cannot Die: The Foreign Policy of Mussolini.  n.d.

                                                                                    Fascismo e Massoneria.  n.d.

                                                                                    “Higher Education, The Fortune

Survey.”  Supplement to Fortune.  September 1949.

                                                                                    History of the Louisiana State Seminary 1864.  1935.

                                                                                    Holmes, Festival della Piazza d'Italia.  October 12-18, 1975.

                                                                                    Italy, Great Britain and the League in the Italo-Ethiopian Conflict:  Italian Point of View as Set Forth...n.d.

                                                                                    Missionhurst:  Immaculate Heart Missions.  n.d.

                                                                                    A Modern Catholic Laymen: A Tribute to the Life of the Late Joseph P. Buckley.  1940.  2 copies.

                                                                                    The National Institute of Health: Experts in Chemistry, Med­icine, Bacteriology and Allied Sciences to Be Brought Together in Coordinated Research: A Clearing House for Information Relative to the Alleviation of Human Suffer­ing: Under the Direction of the United States Public Health Service: Intimately Related to the Health and Prosperity of the American People.  n.d.

                                                                                    New and Nonofficial Remedies, 1946, Containing Descrip­tions of the Articles which Stand Accepted by the Council of Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Association as of January 1, 1946.  1946.

                                                                                    The Nutritive Value of the Banana.  1933.

                                                                                    “Observations Drawn from an Experience of Eleven Thousand Anaestheses.”  Reprinted from the New York Medical Journal and Philadelphia Medical Journal.  November 12, 1904.


163-16                                                            The Parish Conference: Its Organization, Administration and Activities.  ca. 1927.

                                                                                    Popular Talks on Vincentianism.  1940.

                                                                                    Report of the Board of Administrators of the Charity Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana, to the General Assembly of the State of Louisiana.  1931.

                                                                                    The Rescue of Germany and As Noble Lenders.  1931.

                                                                                    Sainte Germaine Cousim:  Virge de Pibrac.  ca.  1927.

                                                                                    “Some of the Accomplishments of the Italian Medical Men in the War.”  Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association.  January 5, 1918.

                                                                                    Souvenir du Restaurant Antoine.  n.d.

                                                                                    A Souvenir of Saint Mary's Hospital Founded in Eighteen Hundred and Eight Nine.  1922.

                                                                                    Souvenir Volume of the Golden Jubilee:  Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament for Indians and Colored People, 1891 - 1941.  ca. 1941.

                                                                                    “Standards for the Protection of Blood Doners:  Red Cross Reduces Errors to a Minimum.”  Reprinted from Hospitals, November 1943.

                                                                                    The Story of Fatima: A New Historical and Devotional Resume of Fatima.  n.d.

                                                                                    “Sulla Therapia dell'Empiema Plerico Acuto.”  Reprinted from Bolletino deel Secieta Medico-Chirurgica di Pavia.  1925.

                                                                                    They Shall Live Again: The Story of the National Catholic War Council Overseas After World War I.  1945.

                                                                                    The Times Challenge Us.  n.d.

                                                                                    Tycos Blood Pressure Manual.  1915.

                                                                                    What Crime Statistics Show About the Italians.  n.d.

                                                                                    Youth Progress Program, Archdiocese of New Orleans.  n.d.




163-17                                                            AARP News Bulletin.  Vol. XX, no. 5, May, 1979.

                                                                                    [Bulletin of the] American College of Surgeons.  Vol. XVI, no. 4.

                                                                                    American College of Surgeons, Conference on Industrial Medicine and Traumatic Surgery.  October 21, 1932.

                                                                                    American College of Surgeons, Convocation.  October 21, 1932.

                                                                                    American College of Surgeons, Convocation, 1932.  Candidates for Fellowship.  1932.

                                                                                    American College of Surgeons, Daily Bulletin, Clinical Congress, Twenty-Second Annual Session

                                                      October 17, 1932.

                                                      October 18, 1932.

                                                      October 19, 1932.

                                                      October 20, 1932.

                                                      October 21, 1932.

                                                                                    American College of Surgeons, Hospital Standardization Report for the Year 1932.  1932.

                                                                                    American College of Surgeons, Program, Fifteenth Annual Hospital Standardization Conference.  October 17-20, 1932.

                                                                                    Annual Report, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, New Orleans.

                                                                                                            Seventieth Annual Report.  October, 1938 - September, 1939.

                                                                                                            Seventy-Seventh Annual Report.  October, 1945 - September, 1946.

                                                                                    L'Araldo di S. Antonio with Attachments.  September 1949.


163-18                                                            The CDL Report.  January/ February, 1980.

The CGA Newsletter.  Vol. III, no. 2, April - May, 1979.

                                                                                    CGA World.  Vol. II, no. 6, September/October, 1982.

                                                                                    The Catholic Charities Review.  Vol. XXXIV, no. 5, May, 1980.

                                                                                    The Catholic University of America Bulletin

                                                      Vol. XV, no. 3, November, 1947.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 1, July, 1948.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 3, November, 1948.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 4, January, 1949.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 5, March, 1949.

                                                      Vol. XVII, no. 4, January, 1950.

                                                      Vol. XVIII, no. 1, July, 1950.

                                                                                    Christian Vanguard.  Issue #98, February, 1980.

                                                                                    City News.  Vol. IX, no. 30, February 8, 1978.

                                                                                    Clarion Herald.

                                                      Vol. XIII, no. 34, October 16, 1975.

                                                      Vol. XV, no. 45, January 5, 1978.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 25, August 10, 1978.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 27, August 24, 1978.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 35, October 19, 1978.

                                                      Vol. XVII, no. 33, October 4, 1979.

                                                      Vol. XVII, no. 34, October 11, 1979.

                                                      Vol. XVII, no. 36, October 25, 1979.

                                                                                    The Daily Record.  October 16, 1975.

                                                                                    Finance: All the News of the Hire of the Dollar.  Vol. LIX, no. 2, August 15, 1950.

                                                                                    Italian-American Digest.

                                                      Vol. IV, no. 2, July, 1977.

                                                      Vol. VII, no. 3, Spring 1981.

                                                                                    Italy America Society Bulletin.  Vol. VI, no. 2, February 1932.

                                                                                    Lagniappe.  March 17, 1979.

                                                                                    Leaves from the Garden of S. Bernard.

                                                      Vol. XV, no. 2, March - April, 1949.

                                                      Vol. XV, no. 5, September - October, 1949.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 3, May - June, 1950.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 4, July - August, 1950.

                                                                                    Monthly Letter on Economic Conditions, Government Finance.

                                                      January, 1950.

                                                      June, 1950.

                                                      July, 1950.

                                                      August, 1950.

                                                      September, 1950.

                                                      October, 1950.

                                                                                    National Catholic Register.  Vol. LV, no. 20, May 20, 1979.

                                                                                    The New Orleans Gazette.  n.d.

                                                                                    New York News Magazine.  October 1979.

                                                                                    The New Yorker.  Vol. XXVI, no. 11, May 6, 1950.

                                                                                    The Oregon Jesuit.

                                                      Vol. XVII, no. 8, December, 1948.

                                                      Vol. XVIII, no. 2, April, 1948.

                                                                                    The Orleans Guide.

                                                      Vol. IV, no. 7, January 4, 1978.

                                                      Vol. IV, no. 17, March 15, 1978.

                                                                                    Our Sunday Visitor.  Vol. LXVIII, no. 39, January 27, 1980.


163-20                                                            The Southern Jesuit.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 1, October, 1948.

                                                      Vol. XVI, no. 2, December, 1948.

                                                      Vol. XVII, no. 1, October, 1949.

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                                                                                    La Stampa.  Vol. CLX, no. 160, July 15, 1975.

                                                                                    Sunday News Magazine.  November 25, 1979.

                                                                                    Tribune des Francophiles.  July, 1982.

                                                                                    Venereal Disease Information

                                                      Vol. IV, no. 1, n.d.

                                                      Index to Vol. III, n.d.

                                                                                    La Voce Coloniale.

                                                      Vol. V, no. 15, April 19, 1919.

                                                      Vol. V, no. 16, April 26, 1919.

                                                      Vol. V. no. 17, May 3, 1919.

                                                      Vol. VII, no. 4, January 22, 1921.

                                                                                    The Volunteers Gazette.  No. 2050.  December 1949.


163-21            Scrapbook, including loose materials from scrapbook.

                                                            Clippings.  n.d.

                                                            Correspondence with attachments.  January 28, 1913 - November 1, 1916.  See also 163-2 -- 163-4.

                                                            Medical Materials.  n.d., October 4, 1937.

                                                            Miscellany.  n.d., 1914, March 14, 1929 and November 7, 1933.

                                                            Photographs, including portraits of Dr. Joseph A Danna, portraits of unidentified persons, and group portraits sometimes including Danna.  n.d., January 18, 1932.  See also 163-12 and 163-28.

                                                            Scrapbook.  n.d.

Index Terms


Base Hospital No. 102

Charity Hospital—Louisiana—New Orleans

Danna, Joseph A.

Italians—Louisiana—New Orleans

Medicine—Louisiana—New Orleans

Zito, Nancy R.