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MSS 179 - Spanish Heritage and Cultural Society Collection: Inventory


(Mss 179)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

June 2000






Size:                           2.1 linear feet



locations:                 St. Bernard Parish, La.


Inclusive dates:      1984-1985


Bulk dates:               1984


Summary:                 Sixteen videocassettes (3/4” U-matic, color, 20 minutes) and photocopy of log book summarizing content of these and other videocassettes not present.  All contain interviews with and demonstrations by St. Bernard Parish residents of Spanish descent, mainly of Isleños ancestry.  Materials were duplicated by University of New Orleans Audio-Visual Department from originals owned by Spanish Heritage and Cultural Society.



collections:              Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection (Mss 144); Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection, Addendum 3 (Mss 294)


Source:                     Gift, 1985


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Spanish Heritage and Cultural Society Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans




Container List


Box 1


179-1              February 8, 1984 (Tape 1)

                                    Narration (Historian Frank Fernandez).

                                    Cooking Caldo by Melita Guerra, Park Service (Antonia Gonzales Martinez), Yscloskey.

                                    Interviewing--Julia Schiel (Melerine), Lilita Melerine (Sisters), Marie Martinez (Molero) cousins to Julia and Lilita, Irvan Perez (Decima singer and duck carver).


                                    Marie taking sun out of Irvan.


179-2              February 8, 1984 (Tape 2)

                                    Narrated by Frank Fernandez.

                                    N.P.S. Antonia Gonzales (Martinez).

                                    The continuation of Irvan Perez having the sun taken out by Marie Martinez.

                        February 15, 1984

                                    Victoria (Vickie) Molero, Carmelita (Bebe) Alfonso, Encanicion (Shaum) Morales, Leontinia (Tina) Robin, Marie Martinez, Antonia Gonzales, Irvan Perez.



Box 2


179-3              February 29, 1984 (Tape 15)

                                    Father and son, Martin and Jerry Alfonso, playing harmonica; Jerry learned from his father.  Mr. Martin sings a decima that was composed by his father-in-law, Paul Perez.

                                    Irvan Perez and Frank Fernandez in conversation with Mr. Martin and Jerry about the hardships of their livelihood in all kinds of weather, even the mating of rats.


179-4              February 29, 1984 (Tape 16)

                                    Dennis Treitler skinning muskrat, coon, and nutria.  His friend Casimere Gonzales taught him hunting, fishing, and trapping.  Jerry Alfonso or Casimere Gonzales demonstrates the opening of traps.


Box 3


179-5              February 29, 1984 (Tape 17)

                                    Arnold Rodriguez grading pelts, Dennis Treitler placing them on categories.  Looking on are owners of pelts: John Lopez, Rojelio Lopez, Richard (Cayo) Gonzales, Casimere Gonzales, Frank Fernandez.


179-6              March 7, 1984 (Tape 23)

                                    Outside: Irvan Perez carving ducks.  Looking on are Martin Molero, Joseph (Shine) Alfonso, Frank (Neeko) Melerine, Anthony (Tony) Melerine, Glen Menesses, Frank Fernandez.



Box 4


179-7              March 14, 1984 (Tape 27)

                                    Henry Martinez demonstrates the hanging of a trawl.  Present are Frank Fernandez, Rojelio Lopez, Irvan Perrez, Wink Nunez, Joseph (Shine) Alfonso; joining later, Frank (Neeko) Melerine.  Conversation pertains to fishing and trawling.


179-8              March 21, 1984 (Tape 28)

                                    Present are Amelia (Melita) Guerra, Carmelita (Bebé) Alfonso, Cecilia Guerra, Frank Fernandez; joining later are Amelia's two daughters, Mary Proctor (Guerra) from Detroit and Anne Borden (Guerra), residing in Yscloskey.

                                    Discussion of how they feel like family because they live in a small community.  Cecilia Guerra sings “Ojos Negros” and plays “Cielito Lindo” and “Spinning Wheel” on the harmonica.



Box 5


179-9              March 21, 1984 (Tape 29)

                                    Thomas and Lazarus Gonzales demonstrate the making of a crab trap.  Present are Irvan Perez and Frank Fernandez.  Conversation centers of crabbing and fishing.


179-10            April 19, 1984 (Tape 48)

                                    Rojelio Lonez and Frank Fernandez discuss family, boats used by Isleños long ago, characteristics of crabs and fish.


Box 6


179-11            May 9, 1984 (Tape 52)

                                    Frank Melerine, Marcial (Michel) Nunez (86 years old), Frank Fernandez, and Martin Molero discuss hunting in “old days.”


179-12            May 23, 1984 (Tape 58)

                                    Manuel Perez, Herman (Duts) Alfonso, and Frank Fernandez discuss fishing, shrimping, and Perez's boyhood home in Galicia, Spain, in the town of Sada, which he left at the age of 15, 71 years before.



Box 7


179-13            May 23, 1984 (Tape 61)

                                    Manuel Perez, Herman (Duts) Alfonso, and Frank Fernandez discuss fishing, shrimping, and Perez's boyhood home in Galicia, Spain, in the town of Sada, which he left at the age of 15, 71 years before.


179-14            August 19, 1984 (Tape 73)

                                    Luncheon at San Pedro Church after the celebration of a Mass honoring the feast day of St. Bernard.



Box 8            



179-16            January 11, 1985 (Tape 83, Parts I and II)

                                    Skinning nutria in Delacroix Island.  Part II: Ann and James Evans and Arnold Rodriguez, a fur buyer, are present.  Arnold buys the animals, hires cousins to help him skin them and prepare the pelts for market.


179-17            Photocopy of log.

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St. Bernard Parish, La.