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MSS 287 - Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection, Addendum 2: Inventory


(Mss 187)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

August 1997




Size:                          13 linear feet



locations:                 Southern Louisiana


Inclusive dates:     


Bulk dates:             


Summary:                Source materials collected by National Park Service to document historical and cultural aspects of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park.



collections:              Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection (Mss 144); Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection, Addendum 1 (Mss 171); Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection, Addendum 3 (Mss 294)


Source:                     Deposit, 1986


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Jean Lafitte National Historical Park Collection, Addendum 2, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans

List of Series


Series I..        Materials pertaining to the film Zydeco (1980-1984).


Series II.        Audiocassettes


Series III.       Microfilms


Series IV.      Publications


Series V.       Photocopies of resource materials


Series VI.      General files

Container List


Series I.  Materials pertaining to the film Zydeco (1980-1984).


            Subseries I.1: 35mm videotapes.


287-1              Zydeco: Creole Music and Culture in Rural Louisiana.  Segments I, II, III; master tape Segment I: "Zydeco Clubs and Creole Culture Today" (18:30).


287-2              Zydeco.  A roll video transfer #1. Contents not specified.


287-3              Zydeco.  B roll video transfer #1. Contents not specified.


287-4              Zydeco.  A roll video transfer #2. Contents not specified.


287-5              Zydeco.  B roll video transfer #2. Contents not specified.


287-6              Zydeco.  Master Safe Copy.  Contents not specified.


            Subseries I.2: U-matic (3/4") videotapes.


287-7              Zydeco: Creole Music and Culture in Rural Louisiana (56:00).


287-9              Zydeco.  Segment I: "Zydeco Clubs and Creole Culture Today" (18:30).  2 copies.


287-11            Zydeco.  Segment II: "Old Time Creole Culture: Work, Religion and Music" (15:30).  2 copies.


287-13            Zydeco.  Segment III: "Inseparable Friends: A Creole Social Club's Rituals and Festivals" (16:53).  2 copies.


            Subseries I.3: 35mm films.

287-14 -

287-16            Zydeco.  Unused footage.  3 reels.


287-18            Zydeco.  Sound master rolls C I, C II.


            Subseries I.4: Slides and Photographs.

287-19            Color slides.

                             "Scenes from the Premieres of the film Zydeco."  Eunice, Louisiana, June 17, 1983 (7 slides); Houston, Texas, December 6, 1984 (7 slides).

                            "Scences from the making of the film Zydeco (10 slides).  All photos: N. Spitzer.


                        Contact sheets, black and white photographs, (4 sheets); photograph, black and white (1).


            Subseries I.5: Videocassettes, Thom Wolf Film and Video, June 17, 1983.


287-20            Video from Eunice Premiere, raw footage #1.

287-21            Video from Eunice Premiere, raw footage #2.

287-22            Video from Eunice Premiere, raw footage #3.


            Subseries I.6: Reel-to-Reel Audiotapes, 7½ IPS x TAL


287-23            Zydeco Narrative.

287-24            Zydeco Sound Roll #7.


                        Zydeco Sound Rolls.


287-25                "Roll 1, Tails, Steve Duplantier 'Zodico'; scenes 1-6, Delten at Factory Punching In, Catfishing, Tattooing, 13 Barbershop."

287-26                "Roll 2, Tail, 2/17/80."

287-27                "Zodico Sound Roll 3, Delafore Interview."

287-28                "Roll 4, Tail out, Dim interview."

287-29                "Roll 5, Tail, 2/18/80."

287-30                "Zodico Sound Roll II, Barbershop, Trucks (?) on Square."

287-31                "Zodico Sound Roll 5, Steve Duplantier, Mrs. Delafouse, Inseperable [sic] Friends Picnic."

287-32                #4  "Wild Ambiance (Inseperable [sic] Friends), BeBe Carriere, Winter Interview."

287-33                #6  "Zodico, Interview Leon Puillory and Norbert Auzenne," Tails, Mono 7 1/2 IPS x TAL.

287-34                #7  "Zodico, Continuation Interview With Leon and Norbert Auzenne, truck, church bells."

287-35                #8  "Slim's."

287-36                #10  "Music at BeBe Carriere's" Mono heads.

287-37                #12  "Interview BeBe Carriere, Ambiance Birds, Wild Truck at Country Church."

287-38                #1  "Wild Sound Church and Cemetary [sic], Sync, Mill Sync" Heads, November 12, 1982.

287-39                #2  "Wild Cane and Weeds, Sync I.F.B.S. Lodge"  Heads November 12, 1982.

287-40                #3  "Interviews, Inseparable Friends" Heads.

287-41                #6  "BeBe Carriere Voice Over, Luke Collins Sync."


Series II.  Audiocasettes.


                        "Black Creole," Spitzer


287-42                #1. "Founders Day August 13, 1983, Inseperable Friends Benevolent Society."

287-43                #2. Continuation of #1

287-44                #3. "Zydeco Fest (9-1-84), Award to Clifton Chenier; Interview with Sheriff Jr. Frilot- Plaisance, Louisiana."

287-45                #4. "Discussion prior to Duralde Mardi Gras 1980."

287-46                #5. "More Pre-Mardi Gras Interviews, Duralde 1980."

287-47                #6. "Discussion at Mardi Gras, Duralde, 1982."

287-48                #7. "Pre-Mardi Gras Duralde 1977 (2-21), Ms. Fontenot, Ms. Ardoin, Bois Sec Ardoin, Paul Thomas, Marceline Ardoin talks about women's roles and spiritual life, costume making."

287-49                #8. "Post Mardi Gras Interview with Russell and Delpin Ardoin, Duralde, 2-23-77, Mardi Gras music and house visit 2-22-77."

287-50                #9. "Eva Fontenot and men in Soileau react to slide                     of Mardi Gras (not an interv) 2-6-78."

287-51                #10. "Traiteur Armand Jean Guillory, 2-3-78, Oberlin, Louisiana; Mrs. 'B' Fontenot of Basile, 2-8-78, on voodoo, language use, ethnicity."

287-52                #11. "Alscious 'B-5' Fontenot lead; Clown in Mardi Gras Duralde 1978; Commentary on slides and kinfolk."

287-53                #12. "Int. with Club Owner Morris Ardoin; Interview with Delphin Ardoin, Duralde, 2-4-78; Alscious Fontenot and Family React to Slides, Talk about Marriage, Duralde 2-4-78."

287-54                #13. "Mardi Gras in Duralde, 2-7-78; Wilfred Latour Int. Lake Charles; Zydeco Musician 2-8-78."

287-55                #14. "Int. with Alphonse 'Bois Sec' Ardoin and Canray Fontenot in Atlanta, GA for Blues Fest, 1-21-84."

287-56                #15. "Int. with Edwin Victorian and Lucious Cezar, Soileau (11-17-84); Hist. of Local Creoles; Int. with Denus McGee (4-9-83)."

287-57                #16. "Panel on Zydeco Music, Houston, TX (12-2-84) Lorenzo Thomas (Mod.), Bud Jackson, Lonnie Mitchell, Nick Spitzer, Rockin' Sidney."

287-58                #17. "Int. with Delton Broussard, Creole Musician, Frilot Cove, 12-29-76 on Religion, Life, History, Music."

287-59                #18. "Int. with Musicians Walter Polite and Delton Harris in New Iberia 9-76, Language, Tales, Riddles; Bouki and Lapin Tales."

287-60                #19. "Musician Freman Fontenot Basile (11-29-76) Life, History, Music, etc."

287-61                #20. "Int. with Eddie Poullard Creole Musician Living in San Francisco (also Dewey Balfa) S.F. CA, 9-29-84."

287-62                #21. "Int. with Inez Catalon, Kaplan, 12-1-76 on Women's Singing and Color Classifications, Family History."

287-63                #22. "BeBe and Eraste Carriere, Lawtell, 11-13-76 Life, History, Music, etc."

287-64                #23. "Int. with Urban Creole Musician Hiram 'Lune' Sampy, Carencro, 11-18-76, Life, History, Music, Language, etc."

287-65 -

287-70                  Six audiocassetttes, not labeled in any way.  Possibly part of "black creole" series.

287-71 -

287-76            Zydeco 1/4" Dub rolls, (6 audiocassettes).

287-77 -

287-78            Cox Family Louisiana Folklife Festival, 6-26-84 (2 audiocassettes)

287-79 -

287-81            Robert Shaw and Bill Neely, 8-10-84 (3 audiocassettes)

287-82            Sonny Bourg and the Bayou Blues Band (1 audiocassette)

287-83            Chuck Nations and Deep River Boys (1 audiocassette)

287-84            La Bottine Souriante, samples from Y a ben du changement; Les espousailles (1 audiocassette).

287-85            Louis Joubert and the Cajun Cousin Band (1 audiocassette)

287-86            Accordian Music by Ursula Hodge, 9-8-94 (1 audiocassette)

287-87            James R. Masefield, tenor banjo (1 audiocassette)

287-88            Dewey Balfa and Friends, workshop 6-8-84

287-89            North Louisiana Folk Music Sampler collected by Susan Roach and John Ford, field recordings (1 audiocassette)

287-90            Demo for N.O. (New Orleans), (1 audiocassette)

287-91            Lesa Cormier, Homer LeJeune and the Sundown Playboys, recorded live 8-9-84 V.F.W. Sulphur, LA (1 audiocassette)

287-92            Terry Cormier & The Louisiana Aces [?] (1 audiocassette)

287-93            Jimmy Ball, Jane Ball, Bubby (?) Ball, Houck Family, Beavers, Rabon Tyler (1 audiocassette)

287-94            Daniel K. Womach (1 audiocassette and paper with notes)

287-95            Selected Commercial Recordings of Black American Religious Quartets 1926-1953 (1 audiocassette, not labeled with typewritten notes- 2 pages, Lynn Abbott, 8-27-83)

287-96            Dale Adams, I WAS THERE (1 audiocassette).

287-97            Ceili Creek (1 audiocassette).


Series III.  Microfilm.


287-98            Derr, Lucille E.  "The Administration of Estevan Miro in Louisiana, 1784-1791. . . ."  (M.A. thesis)

287-99            Goodykoontz, Colin B.  "Spanish Exploration of Louisiana and the Adjacent Borders of New Spain."  (M.A. thesis)

287-100         Johnson, Roxana G.  "Spanish Activities in the Louisiana Territory."  (M.A. thesis, 1928, XCU 668)

287-101         McGlashan, Marian L.  "Manuel Gayoso DeLemos, Govenor of Louisiana, 1797-1799."  (M.A. thesis)

287-102         Yerxa, Dorothy I.  "The Administration of Carondelet in Louisiana, with an Appendix of Original Documents."  (M.A. thesis)

287-103         "Boas Collection of American Indian Linguistics: G 64; G6.6 Freeman Guide #734."

287-104         "Boas Collection of American Indian Linguistics: A7.2, G6.3, Freeman Guide #735."

287-105         "Boas Collection of American Indian Linguistics: G6.3, Freeman Guide #735 Continued."

287-106         "Michael G. Schene, Solicited Num. 800197."


Series IV.  Publications and Photocopies of Publications.


287-107         Abel, Annie Heloise.  "The History of Events Resulting in Indian Consolida­tion West of the Mississippi."  In Annual Report of the American Historical Association for the Year 1906.  Washington: Government Printing Office, 1908, p. 233-237.  Photocopy.

287-108         Alden, John Richard.  John Stuart and the Southern Colonial Frontier.  New York: Gordian Press, 1966, p. 357-369.  Photocopy.

287-109         Alvord, Clarence Walworth.  "Eighteenth Century French Records in the Archives of Illinois."  In Annual Report of the American Historical Association for the Year 1905, vol. 1, p. 353-366.  Washington: Government Printing Office, 1906.  Photocopy.

287-110         The American Indian: Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publica­tions.  Washington: National Archives and Records Service, 1972.  2 copies.

287-111         Andreassen, John C. L.  "Check List of Historical Records Survey and Survey of Federal Archives Publications for Louisiana."  Louisiana Historical Quarterly 27 (1944).  Photocopy.

287-112         Baillargeon, Noël.  "The Seminary of Quebec: Resources for the History of the French in the Mississippi Valley."  In The French in the Mississippi Valley, ed. John Francis McDermott.  Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1965, p. 197-207.  Photocopy.

287-113         Baker, Steven G.  "Cofitachique: Fair Province of Carolina History and Archaeology of the Carolina Indians."  M.A. thesis, University of South Carolina, 1974.

287-114         Baker, Steven G.  "The Working Draft of The Historic Catawba Peoples: Exporatory Perspectives in Ethnohistory and Archaeology."  Columbia, S.C.: S. G. Baker, 1975.

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287-127         Bureau of Governmental Research.  Legal and Administrative Report.  New Orleans: The Bureau, 1968.  Photocopy.

287-128         Bureau of Governmental Research.  New Orleans Central Business District Traffic Study.  New Orleans: The Bureau, 1968.  Photocopy.

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                        Ethnohistory.  American Society for Ethnnohistory.

287-150         Vol. 27, Number 1, Winter 1980.

                                    Vol. 27, Number 2, Spring 1980.

                                    Vol. 27, Number 3, Summer 1980.

                                    Vol. 27, Number 4, Fall 1980.

287-151        Vol. 28, Number 1, Winter 1981.

                                    Vol. 28, Number 2, Spring 1981.

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                                    Vol. 28, Number 4, Fall 1981.


287-152         Vol. 31, Number 1, 1984.

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                                    Vol. 31, Number 3, 1984.

                                    Vol. 31, Number 4, 1984.


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287-232         Excerpts from unidentified publications.

287-233         Promotional materials for Louisiana folklife film and music events (10 pieces).



Series V.  Photocopies of Resource Materials.


287-234         Index cards containing bibliographic citations.

287-235         Photocopies of documents at the Archives of the Seminary of Quebec (38 items).

287-236         Translations of materials pertaining to Indian tribes of Louisiana found in the Papeles Procedentes de Cuba (11 items).

287-237         Photocopies of #2915, 14th District Court, Avoyelles Parish, LA Court Case; typescript of letter Father Francois le Maire, 1714-1717; correspondence from Museum of the American Indian (3 items).

287-238         Photocopies of documents at the Archives of the Seminary of Quebec (48 items); ms. translations of materials from the Archives of the Seminary of Quebec (4 pages).

287-239         Photocopies of documents relating to David Billiot and Houma Indians (letters, photographs) from the American Philosophical Society Library (53 pieces).

287-240         Microfilm printout of document from the Public Records Office, London.

287-241         Microfilm printout of documents from the Public Records Office, London (18 items).

287-242         Ms. excerpt from A Dictionary of the Biloxi and Ofo Languages by James Dorsey.

287-243         Microfilm printouts of documents from "Colonial Office 5: American and West Indies," Public Records Office, London (10 items).

287-244         Microfilm printouts from unknown source (8 items).

287-245         "Pamphlet Accompanying Microcopy No. 348.  Report Books of the Office of Indian Affairs 1838-1885."  Photocopy.

287-246         Photocopies of miscellaneous materials from the Archives, Houma Nation (typescripts of oral histories, town meeting notes; 17 items).

287-247         Magnaghi, Russell M. "Indian Slavery in French Louisiana, 1766-1769" and "Abolition of Indian Slavery in Spanish Louisiana, 1769-1803."  Rough drafts and correspondence.

287-248         "Supplement 1 to Section 1: Education."  In ms.: "For use in petition for federal recognition by United Houma Nation, Golden Meadows, LA."  Draft copy, 29 pages; revised copy 33 pages.  Photocopies.

287-249         Schlesinger, Roger.  "Andre Thevet's Views of Americans of New France."  12 pages.  Photocopy of typescript.

287-250         Gordon, Amy Glassner.  "Levy Laudonniere and the Amerindians."  20 pages.  Photocopy of typescript.

287-251         "Raudot, Charlevoix et les Amerindians."  13 pages.  Photocopy of typescript.

287-252         Letter.  Michael G. Schene, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, to the Archivist of the Archives of the Seminary of Canada requesting materials on specifically noted correspondences.  June 5, 1980.  2 pages.  Photocopy.


Series VI.  General Files.


287-253         Newspaper clippings pertaining to the film "Zydeco," 1983-1984 (3 items).

287-254         "Zydeco: Commentaries Letters of Thanks," 1981, 1983-1985 (8 items).

287-255         "Zydeco: Scripts, Shooting Logs, Plans, Edit Instructions," [ca. 1984] (24 items).

287-256         "Zydeco: Grant Files and Sponsor Letters," 1978-1985 (25 items).

287-257         "Zydeco: Items from Showings and Promotional Materials," 1984-1985 (14 items).

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