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MSS 288 - Weiblen Memorials Collection, Addendum 1: Inventory

Weiblen Memorials COLLECTION, Addendum 1

(Mss 288)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

August 1997




Size:                          0.75 linear foot (44 items)



locations:                 New Orleans, La.


Inclusive dates:      ca. 1900-1972


Summary:                Records of a marble and granite business, consisting mainly of advertising catalogues.



collections:              Weiblen Memorials Collection (Mss 33)


Source:                     Gift, August 1982


Access:                     No restrictions


Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.


Citation:                    Weiblen Memorials Collection, Addendum 1, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans


Historical Note


            Weiblen Memorials (originally incorporated as Albert Weiblen Marble and Granite Company) was founded at New Orleans in 1887 by Albert Weiblen (Nov. 9, 1857 - May 1, 1957), a native of Mezingen, Germany, who settled in the Crescent City in 1885.  Soards’ New Orleans City Directory for 1888 lists Weiblen as foreman of Kursheedt and Bienvenu marble works, a company later absorbed by Albert Weiblen Marble and Granite Company.


            The Weiblen firm, which operated its own quarries in Georgia and fabricating plants in New Orleans, was also an importer of foreign marble and granite.  In addition to the numerous New Orleans tombs and monuments which it produced, the firm supplied marble and granite for such building as the capitol in Havana; the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C.; and in New Orleans, the Whitney National Bank, the Canal Bank, the Civil Courts (on Royal Street), and the former Post Office (on Lafayette Square).


            In 1969 the company was sold to Stewart Enterprises (the holding company of Acme Marble and Granite Company), which maintained the Weiblen Memorials name until 1971.  At that time, the company’s offices at 116 City Park Avenue were closed, and all operations were merged with those of Acme Marble and Granite Company.  This merger accounts for the Acme records found in the collection.  It also accounts for the damaged condition of many of the documents, a condition which resulted when they were disposed of in an outdoor trash container prior to their discovery and retrieval by the donor.


            Because of such handling, very little of the original order could be ascertained.  The series which follow were chosen as the most practical and useful means of organization.  In general, they reflect the activities which produced the records.


            The foregoing synopsis is based on a Times-Picayune article of May 2, 1957; conversations with Henry Gandolfo, an employee of the company since 1915; and evidence in the collection.

Series and Descriptions


Series I.         Advertising and Sales Literature, ca. 1900-1972 (40 items).


                        Catalogues, pamphlets, handbills, printed illustrations, and miscellaneous papers; arranged alphabetically by name of issuing company and then by title.


Series II.        Samples of stone, [n.d.] (4 items).


                        Samples of stone used in funerary monuments.

Container List


Series I.  Advertising and Sales Literature, ca. 1900-1972 (40 items).

                        Catalogues, pamphlets, handbills, printed illustrations, and miscellaneous papers; arranged alphabetically by name of issuing company and then by title.


Folder 1          Andreani (Socta. Fedele) & Flli.  Marmi.  Carrara: The Firm, 1948.


Folder 2          Art Bronze Studio.  [Untitled pamphlet depicting statuary].  New Orleans, La.: The Studio, [19--].


Folder 3          Carove (Ing. R. Luigi).  Il Castello di Musso e le sue Cave di Marmo.  Como: Arti grafiche Pietro Cairoli, 1928.


Folder 4          Georgia Marble Company.  Color Plates of Marble and Limestone.  Atlanta, Ga.: The Firm, [19--].


Folder 5          Harmony Blue Granite Company, Inc.  Mausoleums for Beauty Everlasting.  Elberton, Ga.: The Firm, [ca. 1970].


Folder 6          Heyward Granite Company.  Missouri Red Granite Memorials.  Graniteville, Mo.: [1971?]  With enclosure.


Folder 7          Illyrian Roman Marble and Stone Company, Ltd.  Cave Illirico Romane.  Trieste: The Firm, [ca. 1900].


Folder 8          Meierjohan Wengler.  Bronze Mausleum Doors and Fittings.  Cincinnati, Oh.: The Firm, [19--].  With 2 enclosures.


Folder 9          Meierjohan Wengler, Metalcraftsmen.  Everlasting Bronze.  Cincinnati, Oh.: The Firm, [ca. 1950].  With 3 enclosures.


Folder 10       Meierjohan Wengler, Metalcraftmen.  Memorial Urns.  Cincinnati, Oh.: The Firm, [19--].


Folder 11       Newman Brothers.  Better Bronze Plaques by Newman.  Cincinnati, Oh.: Newman, [ca. 1947].  With enclosure.


Folder 12       Newman Brothers.  Bronze by Newman for Mausoleums of Character.  Cincinnati, Oh.: Newman, 1946.  With enclosures: “64th Anniversary” leaflet, “Net Prices to Jobbers” leaflet, “Hand Crafted Bronze Plaques.”


Folder 13       Newman Brothers.  Everlasting Memorial Markers in Bronze, the Eternal Metal.  Cincinnati, Oh.: Newman, [ca. 1947].


Folder 14       Newman Brothers.  Newman Hand-Chased Cast Bronze Cemetery and Memorial Bronzes.  Price list.  Cincinnati, Oh.: Newman, 1952.


Folder 15       Newman Brothers.  Newman Memorials of Majestic Beauty.  Cincinnati, Oh.: Newman, [ca. 1950].


Folder 16       Newman Brothers.  Pre-Need Markers.  Cincinnati, Oh.: Newman, [19--].  2 copies.


Folder 17       Pettini (G.) & Fils.  [Unyitled pamphlet].  Pisa, Italy: The Firm, 1927.  Enclosure: price list.


Folder 18       Rabun Bronze Foundry.  Rabun Bronze Grave Memorials, Price List No. 111.  Huntington Park, Calif.: The Foundry, 1950.  With 8 enclosures.


Folder 19       Stone Eternal.  [Untitled album containing advertising.  S.l.: The Firm, 19--].


Folder 20       Texas Architectural Aggregate.  Royalty in Stone.  San Saba, Tex.: The group, [19--].



Series II.  Samples of stone, [n.d.] (4 items).

                             Samples of stone used in funerary monuments.


Folder 21       Unpolished sample #1.  Color: gray flecked with black.  Size: 4” x 6” x 1/2”.


Folder 22       Polished sample #2.  Color: rust and black.  Size: 2” x 3” x ¼”.


Folder 23       Polished sample #3.  Color: black with gray.  Size: approximately 2” x 3” x approximately ¾”.


Folder 24       Polished sample #4.  Color: green flecked with black.  Size: 2½” x 4” x approximately ¾”.


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Acme Marble and Granite Company

Cemeteries—Louisiana—New Orleans

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