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MSS 303 - Karen Harris Collection of Printed Ephemera: :

MSS 303


(Mss 303)

Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

March 2002




Size:                          .5 linear foot


locations:                 New Orleans, Franklin, Houma, and Thibodaux, La.; Melbourne, Australia


dates:                        ca. 1890-1913

Summary:                Ephemera accumulated by Karen H. Harris, Professor Emerita of Library Science.  The collection includes apothecary labels collected by Mrs. Harris’s uncle, a New Orleans pharmacist.


collections:              K & B Archives (Mss 310); K & B Archives, Addendum 1 (Mss 313); K & B Archives, Addendum 2 (Mss 314); K & B Archives, Addendum 3 (Mss 315)

Source:                     Gift, March 2002

Access:                     No restrictions

Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.

Citation:                    Karen Harris Collection of Printed Ephemera, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans




List of Series and Subseries



Series I.         Materials associated with pharmacy


Subseries I.1    Product labels


Subseries I.2    Periodicals


Series II.        Performing arts programs and periodicals




Container List



Series I.  Materials associated with pharmacy


                        Subseries I.1.  Product labels


303-1        Albert’s Pharmacy (New Orleans, La.).  2 items.

                        French Looch for Cough



303-2        Ames Laboratory (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.

                        Eureka Hair Tonic


303-3        Belanger (H. F.) Co. (Houma, La.).  1 item.

                        Flax Seed Meal


303-4        Bradburn (W. P.), Pharmacist (New Orleans, La.).  8 items.


                        Gum Arabic

                        Hoffman’s Drops

                        Orange Flower Water

                        Perfumed Castor Oil (2 copies)

                        Sabadilla Seeds

                        Tinct. [Tincture of] Iron


303-5        Delahoussaye (A. J.), Pharmacist (Franklin, La.).  2 items.

                        Sweet Spirits Nitre (2 copies)


303-6        Domestic Remedy Co. (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.

                        Universal Headache Tablets


303-7        Earbern Laboratories (New Orleans, La.).  2 items.




303-8        Fourment (John), Druggist and Apothecary (New Orleans, La.).  14 items.

                        Aqua Ammonia


                        Baume Tranquille (2 copies)


                        Cod-Liver Oil

                        Dewee’s Carminative

                        Hair Oil


                        Powdered Alum

                        Sedative Water (2 copies)

                        Sugar Lead (2 copies)


303-9        Galle (Joseph E.), Pharmacist (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.



303-10      Hart (E. J.) & Co., Ltd., Manufacturing Chemists (New Orleans, La.).  7 items.


                        Lac-Bismo (6 labels, all different)


303-11      Hébert (C. C.) Pharmacy (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.

                        Benedict’s Solution


303-12      Herpesine Co. (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.

                        Arabian Toothache Drops


303-13      Hills (S. W.), Pharmacist and Chemist (New Orleans, La.).  2 items.

                        Ess. [Essence of] Peppermint



303-14      Hood & Co., Chemists (Melbourne).  3 items.

                        Dr. Marshall’s Pile Ointment (2)

                        Menthol, Eucalyptus & Cinnamon Pastilles


303-15      Javelet (Albert), Druggist (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.

                        Black Diamond Powder


303-16      Larrieu (E. A.), Apothecary (New Orleans, La.).  28 items.

                        [Generic label for “E. A. Larrieu, Pharmacien-Droguiste”]

                        Aromatic Spts. [Spirits of] Ammonia

                        Balsam Capaiva

                        Baume de Vie (2 copies)

                        Brown Mixture

                        Chlorate of Potash

                        Cholera Drops

                        Citrate of Magnesia

                        Eau-de-vie de Gayac (2 copies)

                        Elder Flowers

                        Elixir de Viande Nutritif

                        Elixir of Calisaya Bark, with Iron

                        Epsom Salts

                        Extract of Lemon

                        Fleurs de Tilleul

                        Oil Cloves

                        Oil Sweet Almonds


                        Pure Newfoundland Cod Liver Oil

                        Rose Honey

                        Sure Cure No. 26

                        Tinct. [Tincture of] Assafoetina

                        Tinct. [Tincture of] Iodine

                        Vin de Quinquina

                        Zaze et Lise Cologne (2 copies)


303-17      Legendre’s Drug Store (New Orleans, La.).  10 items.

                        Ant Poison (4 copies)

                        Bay Rum


      Eau de Cologne (2 copies)

                        Soap Liniment

                        Tincture Myrrh


303-18      Lyons (I. L.) & Co., Ltd. (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.

                        Comp. Spirit Ether


303-19      Mainegra’s Pharmacy (New Orleans, La.).  3 items.

                        Brown Mixture (no list of ingredients)

                        Brown Mixture (with list of ingredients, 2 copies)


303-20      Meyer Drug Store (Thibodaux, La.).  34 items.

                        Alimentary Elixir

                        Aromatic Syrup Rhubarb (3 copies)


                        Balsam Copaiba

                        Bay Rum

                        Camphor Grease

                        Canary Seeds (2 copies)



                        Cologne Water

                        Epsom Salts

                        Ess. [Essence of] Banana

                        Ess. [Essence of] Jamaica Ginger

                        Ess. [Essence] of Lemon

                        Ess. [Essence of] Strawberry

                        Florida Water


                        Insect Powd’r [Powder]

                        Iron Rust

                        Meyer’s Itch Ointment (2 copies)

                        Powd. [Powder of] Mustard

                        Prepared Chalk


                        Rochelle Salts (2 copies)

                        Spts. [Spirits of] Turpentine (2 copies)

                        Syrup Tolu

                        Tinct. [Tincture of] Arnica

                        Zinc Oxide Ointment


303-21      Mucoseptin Chemical Co. (New Orleans, La.).  2 items.

                        [Generic label attesting to the authenticity of the product]

                        Mucoseptin Antiseptic


303-22      Purity Pharmacy (New Orleans, La.).  20 items.

                        Carbolic Acid (4 copies)

                        Comp. Licorice Powder (2 copies)


                        Javelle Water (5 copies)


                        Muriatic Acid

                        Sideritis (2 copies)

                        Sweet Spirit of Nitre (2 copies)

                        Syr. [Syrup] of Ipecac

                        Tinct. [Tincture of] Larkspur


303-23      Ramos (H. C.), (New Orleans, La.).  1 item.

                        “Imperial Cabinet” [aluminum card; on verso: calendar for 1902]


303-24      Samson (Max), Inc., Pharmacists (New Orleans, La.).  12 items.

                        Cold Cream

                        Compound Extract of Sasparilla and Stillingia with Iodide Potassium

                        Crescent Hair Tonic
      English Lavender Water (2 copies)


                        Neroli Cologne


                        Samson’s Fruit Laxative

                        Tuma’s Diarrhoea Cordial (3 copies)


303-25      Schapire (J.), Pharmacien (New Orleans, La.).  4 items.

                        Eau de Sedlitz

                        Eau Sedative


                        Vin de Quinquina


303-26      Washington Ave. Pharmacy (New Orleans, La.).  9 items.

                        Aromatic Cascara

                        Dewee’s Carminative


                        Milk Asafoetida (2 copies)

                        Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil (3 copies)

                        Toothache Drops


303-27      Miscellaneous labels.  2 items.


                        Superior Bay Rum


                  Subseries I.2.  Periodicals


303-28      The Druggists Circular and Chemical Gazette 39 (November 1895).


303-29      The National Druggist 30 (April 1900).


303-30      The Pharmaceutical Era 16 (August 6, 1896).



Series II.  Performing arts programs and periodicals


303-31         Brooke and His Famous Chicago Marine Band.  “Saturday, July 10, 1897.”


303-32         The Grand (New Orleans, La.).  “L’Ami Fritz, Comedy in 3 acts by M. Erckmann-Chatrain.”  [ca. February-March  1894].


303-33         The Grand (New Orleans, La.).  “Frou-Frou, Comedy in 5 acts by Meilhac and Halevy.”  [ca. February-March  1894].


303-34         New Orleans Theatre Gazette.  “Bidwell’s New St. Charles Theatre. . . . Commencing Sunday, Oct. 18th . . . The Mikado!”  [1886?].


303-35         New Orleans Theatre Gazette.  “Grand Opera House . . . Sunday Evening, Nov. 8.   . . . Edward E. Kidder’s Romantic Drama, Niagara, The Adventuress.”  [1886?].


303-36         New Orleans Theatre Gazette.  “Grand Opera House . . . A Short Season of Grand Italian Opera by the Milan Opera Company . . . Commencing Sunday, Nov. 15.”  On p. [2]: La Traviata.


303-37         New Orleans Theatre Gazette.  “Grand Opera House . . . A Short Season of Grand Italian Opera by the Milan Opera Company . . . Commencing Sunday, Nov. 15.”  On p. [2]: Il Trovatore.  [1886?].


303-38         New Orleans.  World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, 1884-1885.  Music Hall.  “Souvenir and Musical Programme of Music Hall, World’s Exposition, 1885.  [New Orleans] (12 Union St., [New Orleans]): Patterson & Co., Printers, 1885.  Program for “German Day,” Sunday, March 15th, 1885.


303-39         Original Fabacher’s Restaurant.  “Program, F. Ramos’ Orchestra.”  Printed on p. [4] of dinner menu, Monday, June 2, 1913.


303-40         West End.  “Programme.  Paoletti’s Concert Band.  Saturday, July 11, 1896.”  With sheet music for “They All Love Jack,” lyrics by F. E. Weatherly, music by Stephen Adams.


  1. Grand Opera House ticket.




Index Terms



New Orleans.  World’s Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition, 1884-1885

Opera—Louisiana—New Orleans

Performing Arts—Louisiana—New Orleans

Pharmacy—Louisiana—New Orleans

Theater—Louisiana—New Orleans