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MSS 305 - New Orleans Geological Society Collection: :

New Orleans Geological Society COLLECTION

(Mss 305)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

October 2002





Size:                          9 linear feet


locations:                 New Orleans, La.; also Texas, Mississippi, Alabama

Inclusive dates:      1948-1986

Bulk dates:              1960-1985

Summary:                Records and files of the New Orleans Geological Society.  Consists of correspondence, publications, memoranda, financial records, and other materials.

Source:                     Gift

Access:                     No restrictions

Copyright:                Physical rights are retained by the Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans.

Citation:                    New Orleans Geological Society Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans


Historical Note


The New Orleans Geological Society was founded in 1941 by a group of geologists who felt the need for a professional organization to represent the working geologist, and who foresaw the coming expansion of the petroleum industry in Louisiana.  The collection’s materials show not only the growth of the field of geology, but also its pivotal role in relation to the oil industry in New Orleans and the Gulf South region.  Once founded, the group expanded rapidly through the postwar years.  By 1954 the Society was publishing geological reference material, had formed a Ladies’ Auxiliary (for the wives of Society members) and hosted numerous social events.


By the early 1970s, the Society had begun to take a more active role in advocating a vigorous oil industry in Louisiana in the form of lobbying, public relations and letter writing through the Society’s Public Affairs and Environmental Committees.  The archives for those years contain correspondence with leaders (senators, congressmen, and Mayor Moon Landrieu), letters to the editor of the Times-Picayune and other publications, and various pamphlets and white papers produced by the Society and by companies such as Shell Oil.  Other areas on which the Society focused its efforts were federal and state attempts to regulate the field of geology (through requiring geologists to be registered or certified) and against television and newspaper coverage of the energy crisis of the early 1970s that was felt by the Society to be unfavorable to the energy industry.  The Geological Society also took a stand on government deregulation of the energy industry, and the issue of pollution in Lake Pontchartrain, encouraging the state and federal governments to open up the lake and other Louisiana coastal areas to further oil exploration.


The collection is arranged by year, with a typical year’s files containing minutes, a member directory, the monthly Society publication the N.O.G.S. Log, and correspondence and annual reports arranged by committee.  In later years the Directory was only published every few years, but there are generally annual lists of new members.  The Finding Aid lists folder numbers where information of particular categories is contained. In addition to these items, there are publications produced by the Society; an index of these is also provided.


Container List



Box 1


305–1             N.O.G.S. Minutes 1950-1955.  Summaries of Society business followed by a speaker on a topic of geologic interest.


305–2             Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings, including planning for 1965.  N.O.G.S. Constitution (draft).


  1. Membership Rosters 1951, 1953, 1954, 1955.


305-4              Bills, checks, bank statements, invoices, miscellaneous financial paperwork, 1951.


305-5              Miscellaneous financial records, receipts, and correspondence, 1950.  Correspondence deals with Fred B. Phleger.


  1. Miscellaneous financial records, bank statements, and correspondence, 1950.


305-7              Proposal for an Association of Geological Societies for the Gulf Coast (G.C.A.G.S.) (undated).  The Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies was incorporated in 1951.


305-8              Check stubs and list of Christmas Dance contributors, December 1951.


305-9              List of members (undated), ca. 1951-52.  Miscellaneous correspondence and financial records, 1950-1951.  Correspondence concerning bills and Society expenses, 1951.  Notes on Executive Committee meetings, November 29, 1950.


305-10            Files and correspondence, N.O.G.S., September 1952-September 1953.  State­ment of expenditures, correspondence regarding N.O.G.S.’s “Business and Technical Session” of June 1953.


305-11            Miscellaneous financial documents, receipts and correspondence, 1953-1954; contract for Lloyd Alexander’s Orchestra dated March 26, 1954


305-12            Miscellaneous financial records, receipts; ballots results from 1951 officers’ election (hand tally and list of all candidates)


305-13            N.O.G.S. and Southeastern Geophysical Society directories, 1956, 1957, 1958-59.




305-14            Treasurer’s file, October 1954-October 1955, containing receipts and correspondence to printers, businesses, guest speakers, etc.


305-15            Financial statements, correspondence, invoices, December 1955-September 1956.


305-16            Financial records, invoices, check stubs, 1956.


305-17            Checkbook, June 1951-March 1956.


305-18            Petty cash receipts, 1957.


305-19            Regular Meeting Minutes 1955-1959.  Executive Meeting Minutes, 1959.  List of officers, 1959-1960


305-20            “Earth Science Long Range Calendar of Meetings of Interest to Earth Scientists,” Fall 1957


305-21            Correspondence, newsletters, T. Phillpott, President, July 1959-December 1960


305-22            Miscellaneous correspondence September 1956 – June 1959; includes newsletters and lists of officers; membership list dated July 1, 1957; American Association of Petroleum Geologists’ distinguished lecture committee press release for Dr. H. A. Ireland; list of business and professional organizations of Louisiana, February 1958


BOX  3


305-23            Library Committee  1960, 1961, 1962, 1963.  Correspondence


305-24            N.O.G.S. and Southeastern Geophysical Society directories, 1961, 1963.  Membership roster, undated.


305-25            Lists of honorary life members, committee members, officers, GCAGS officers, 1961


305-26            Minutes of N.O.G.S. Executive Committee meetings, March 1960-November


305-27            Minutes of regular N.O.G.S. meetings, February 1960- January 1961


305-28            Minutes of regular N.O.G.S. meetings. January–December 1961, including correspondence about committee membership


305- 29           Minutes of Executive Committee meetings, 1962


305-30            Minutes of N.O.G.S. meetings, January – November 1962


305-31            Advertising/Directory Committee - miscellaneous correspondence


305-32            Advertising/Directory Committee – correspondence about advertising in N.O.G.S. directory and newsletter


305-33            General correspondence, 1961-1963; “Optional Use of A.A.P.G. Convention Fund,” “Federal Tax Liability of Convention Exhibits,” “Statement of Policy Regarding A.A.P.G. Convention Financing,” “Duties of the Secretary,” and other papers


305-34            N.O.G.S. Log Newsletter Vol. 1 November 1960 – October 1961


305-35            N.O.G.S. Log Newsletter Vol. 2 November 1961 – October 1962


305-36            N.O.G.S. Log Newsletter Vol. 3 November 1962 – October 1963


305-37            N.O.G.S. Minutes of General (Regular) Monthly Meetings 1963


305-38            N.O.G.S. Minutes of Regular Monthly Meetings 1964


305-39            N.O.G.S. officers And Committee Chairmen (list) 1962-1963


305-40            Secretary’s Correspondence – D. L. McCray 1963-1964; mostly concerning membership directory; Proposed Amendment to the Constitution of N.O.G.S. (concerning election of officers)


305-41            N.O.G.S. officers & Board of Directors, Committee Chairmen (list) 1964


305-42            Minutes of the Executive Committee, March 1963 – December 1963




305-43            N.O.G.S. Directory 1964


305-44            N.O.G.S. Constitution 1964


305-45            Minutes of Regular Monthly Meetings January 1965-September 1966


305-46            Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings January 1964 – December 1964


305-47            N.O.G.S. Correspondence 1964-1965 B.E. Van Arsdale, Secretary and others; Treasurer’s Report, Eh La Bas! (Scout newsletter) July 1965, “Geology of Sand And Sandstone” symposium at Indiana University, 1965; Program for A.A.P.G. Semi-Centennial Convention, 1966; N.O.G.S. Directory Supplemental List (names left out of the 1965 Directory);” “The Employment Counselor” (news­letter), February 1965; “How to Handle Well Logs Runs in Nonconductive Mud” article; correspondence with the printer regarding the addressograph plates of the Society


305-48            N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 4 November 1963- October 1964


305-49            N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 5 November 1964-October 1965


305-50            Correspondence of E.F. Tingley, Secretary, and other N.O.G.S. executives 1965-1966.  Treasurer’s reports; Louisiana Petroleum Council Organizational Roster – State Executive Staff (listing); Proposed Amendments to Articles of Incorporation, 1966; correspondence with the printer regarding the addressograph plates of the Society; Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 1965-66; List of New Members


305-51            Minutes of officers/Board of Directors Meetings February – November 1964, also correspondence on issues discussed at the meetings


305-52            N.O.G.S. Directory 1965


305-53            N.O.G.S. Log [newsletter] Vol. 6 November 1965-October 1966


BOX  5


305-54            Treasurer’s Report 1966-1967, Minutes of Monthly Meetings September 1966-August 1967


305-55            Amended Articles of Incorporation “Work Copy”; N.O.G.S. white paper “Shall G.C.A.G.S. Now Become a Section of A.A.P.G.”; “Organizing the A.A. P.G. to Meet Future Needs”; “Report of the Chairman of the Constitutional Revision Committee”; A.A.P.G. Constitution, 1964


305-56            Miscellaneous Correspondence February 1967-September 1967


305-57            Miscellaneous Correspondence September 1966-January 1967


305-58            Minutes of Executive Board Meetings December 1965-July 1966


305-59            White Paper: “Why and Whither G.C.A.G.S.” by Leslie Bowling, 1967; N.O.G.S. White Paper: “Shall G.C.A.G.S. Now Become A Section of A.A.P.G.?”


305-60            N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 7 November 1966-October 1967


305-61            N.O.G.S. Directory 1966


BOX  6


305-62            N.O.G.S. Directory 1968


305-63            Library Committee 1968 – Correspondence and Memoranda


305-64            N.O.G.S. Log 1969 Correspondence; Report of the Historian 1968, Listing of N.O.G.S. Committee Chairmen dated November 14 1969; Manuscript “Highlights of the Period Covered by the N.O.G.S. Log,” including list of authors, editors, etc.


305-65            Minutes of the Monthly Meetings / Minutes of Board of Directors’ Meetings 1967-1968


305-66            List of New Members, 1967; Treasurer’s Report 1967-68; Budget; Miscellaneous Correspondence notifying various parties of the new N.O.G.S. officers; “Why and Whither G.C.A.G.S” supplement November 1967


305-67            N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 8 November 1967-October 1968


305-68            Papers and Publications: “Field Trip: The Deltaic Coastal Plain Guidebook,” 1965; “Guidebook for Field Trips, G.C.A.G.S,” 1966; “Field Trip of the 17th Annual Meeting,” 1967; “Guidebook of Field Trip to British Honduras,” 1967; “Field Trip Guide” 1968, 1972, 1975, 1979; “Readings in Gulf Coast Geology, Volumes 1-3,” 1980.


BOX  7


305-69            Library Committee Correspondence [1968-1969]


305-70            N.O.G.S. List of officers 1969-1970; N.O.G.S. Directory


305-71            Miscellaneous Correspondence 1968-1969, concerning election of Society presi­dent; 1969 N.O.G.S. Directory; G.C.A.G.S. Committees; A.A.P.G. District Representatives, N.O.G.S. 1968-1969 Budget, list of Committee Chairmen, officers and Directors, notes on committee volunteers, etc.


305-72            N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 9 November 1968-October 1969


305-73            Minutes of Regular Monthly Meetings October 1968-September 1969


305-74            Correspondence and Memoranda concerning the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and N.O.G.S. September 1968- March 1969


305-75            Minutes of Executive Committee and Board of Directors Meetings Sep. 1968-September 1969


305-76            Committee Reports, August 1969


305-77            Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings/Directors Meetings September 1968-September 1969 (secretary’s copy); N.O.G.S. Budget and officers List 1968-1969


305-78            Minutes of Monthly Meetings October 1968-September 1969



BOX 8 


305-79            N.O.G.S. Publicity and Public Relations Committee 1969-1970 – correspondence regarding this committee


305-80            N.O.G.S. Entertainment Committee 1969-1970; Correspondence and materials regarding this committee and N.O.G.S. entertainment functions.  Most of the correspondence deals with soliciting donations for the N.O.G.S. entertainment budget.  List of Contributors dated January 1971


305-81            Historian’s Correspondence, 1969-1970.  Includes material for a “25 Years Ago This Month” column for the N.O.G.S. Log.


305-82            Correspondence of William C. Krueger, Secretary, 1969-1970, much of it concerning Directory advertising


305-83            Other Miscellaneous Correspondence of William C. Krueger, Secretary 1969-1970


305-84            Minutes of Director’s Meeting; Executive Committee Meetings; officer’s Meetings, October 1969-Aug 1970; Treasurer’s Report, 1969-70


305-85            Minutes of the Regular Monthly Meeting, September 1969-August 1970


305-86            Composite List of N.O.G.S. Members, Committee Preference Cards, September 1970


305-87            N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 10 November 1969-October 1970


BOX  9


305-88            N.O.G.S. Library Committee 1970. Correspondence and memoranda


305-89            1970 Committee Members (two lists); Treasurer’s Report


305-90            Correspondence, “General Information Regarding Conduct And Procedures of Hearing – United States Department of The Interior Bureau of Land Management,” Memorandum dealing with federal income tax; list of A.A.P.G. publications; University of Tulsa “Short Course In Advanced Petroleum Geology” pamphlet; List of Members; Treasurer’s Report (full version)


305-91            Salt Domes Revision Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-92            Awards Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-93            Miscellaneous Correspondence 1971; includes schedule of N.O.G.S. speakers 1971-72; Secretary’s Report; List of Membership


305-94            Cross Section Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-95            Correspondence 1970-1971 - Miscellaneous topics and authors


305-96            Environmental Committee 1970-1971 - correspondence regarding this committee,


305-97            N.O.G.S. Directory 1970 -- correspondence regarding the N.O.G.S. directory, including budgetary information


305-98            Publications Committee -- correspondence regarding this committee


305-99            Field Trip Committee -- correspondence regarding this committee and various N.O.G.S. field trips for 1970-1971


305-100         Library Committee 1970-1972 - correspondence regarding this committee


305-101         School Information Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-102         Membership Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-103         Entertainment Committee – correspondence, receipts, invoices, etc.


305-104         Constitution, List of officers and Committee Chairmen, Treasurer’s Report, Society Position Paper On Federal offshore Lease Sale of December 1971


305-105         Minutes of Director’s Meetings, Executive Meetings and Special Committees


305-106         Minutes of Regular Meetings


305-107         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 11 November 1970 -October 1971


BOX  10


305-108         Miscellaneous Correspondence 1971-1972, includes correspondence relating to N.O.G.S. 1972 photo directory, “Notes on the Publication of a Photo Directory;” List of Committees and Chairmen; Correspondence regarding various committees 1970-1971


305-109         Entertainment Committee: correspondence, invitations, receipts, paperwork, lists of contributors


305-110         Publications Committee / Public Relations Committee / Continuing Education Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-111         Membership Committee – correspondence, memoranda, etc. regarding this committee


305-112         School Information Committee – correspondence, etc.


305-113         N.O.G.S./G.C.A.G.S. correspondence, proposed constitutional changes


305-114         Library Committee – reports and correspondence


305-115         Environmental Committee – includes considerable material dealing with Lake Pontchartrain and lease of land activities in the early 1970s. Also contains newspaper editorials, and various responses; clipping from Vieux Carre Courier December 10-16, 1971 (“Lake Pontchartrain: It’s Oil Over Now!”) various letters to the editors of New Orleans States-Item, and correspondence with Louisiana Congressman Patrick Caffery, Speedy O. Long, Senator F. W. Hebert, and others. etc.


305-116         Field Trip Committee, 1972. Correspondence and other memoranda; Guidebook: A Walking Tour of Downtown New Orleans (booklet)


305-117         Computer Applications Committee / Cross Section Committee / Auditing Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-118         Awards Committee / Offshore Louisiana Oil & Gas Fields Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-119         Charities and Memorial Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-120         Ballot Committee – includes list of trade organizations compiled by New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, 1972


305-121         President’s Incoming Correspondence 1971-1972 [Letters to president from others].  Letter regarding Oklahoma City Geological Society’s tax fight with the Internal Revenue Service; Farewell comments of outgoing A.A.P.G. president James E. Wilson; list of officers of the Corpus Christi Geological Society 1973-74; Memo regarding “Junior Membership” category in N.O.G.S.; List of N.O.G.S.  Committee Chairmen 1974; Memo regarding geologic registration and a survey conducted by the Oklahoma section of the A.I.P.G.; Letter from Harry Anisgard regarding alleged racial discrimination at the Metairie Country Club


305-122         President’s Correspondence 1971-1972 Frank Crawford, President; includes original copies of “President’s Corner” columns from the N.O.G.S.  Log publication; handwritten operations budget, July 1972; Materials regarding Lifetime Membership awards given to “Boots” Bremer and  Jules Braunstein (including brief biographies of both men); correspondence from Frank Constant regarding Geologist certification; correspondence regarding the release of electrical logs for the state of Louisiana; Minutes of Directors’ Meeting, May 10, 1972; clipping from the Times Picayune February 22, 1972 “Courts Go Too Far – Bellmon: Cancellation of offshore Lease Sale Cited”; Correspondence from Frank Crawford to Senator Henry Bellmon, Mayor Moon Landrieu and others; correspondence regarding “Decision Methods For Petroleum Exploration: A short course of special interest to Gulf Coast geologists, engineers, and managers;” correspondence regarding the delegates to the A.A.P.G. Convention; press release offering N.O.G.S. assistance to the city of New Orleans in forming a policy position regarding oil/gas exploration and pollution; miscellaneous correspondence regarding the George C. Matson Award


305-123         Secretary’s File, Committee Preference List; blank N.O.G.S. letterhead


305-124         Minutes of Monthly Regular Meetings October 71- December 72


305-125         Minutes of Director’s Meetings September 71 – November 72; List of Committee Chairmen 1971-1972


305-126         General Statement (Financial) 1971-1972; Treasurer’s Reports


305-127         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 12 November 1972-October 1973


305-128         N.O.G.S. Directory 1971


BOX  11


305-129         Publicity and Public Relations Committee / Public Affairs Committee. “The Na­tional Energy Outlook” pamphlet published by Shell, March 1973; “A Response to Issues in the Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Oil and Gas Production on the Outer Continental Shelf” pamphlet published by Public Issues Study Group of the N.O.G.S., August 1974; miscellaneous correspondence concerning Public Affairs Committee and increasing the visibility of the N.O.G.S. as a lobbying/consultation force in matters of public energy policy; Environmental Action Committee Prepared Speeches and Supplemental Information” listing


305-130         Publications Committee – includes 1973 inventory of N.O.G.S. publications, lists and catalogs from other geological organizations


305-131         Field Trip Committee – Correspondence, notes, and fliers advertising field trips by other Geological Societies and University Departments (Shreveport Geological Society, LSUNO Geology Department)


305-132         Geologic Registration Committee, including. forms for registering as a geologist in Delaware


305-133         G.C.A.G.S. Correspondence regarding various G.C.A.G.S. business; Treasurer’s Report for 1972; Minutes of G.C.A.G.S. Executive Meeting, March 27, 1973; Gulf Coast Section (G.C.A.G.S.) Report, 1972


305-134         Library Committee 1973: Correspondence, report to N.O.G.S. president


305-135         School Information Committee correspondence, report to N.O.G.S. president


305-136         Insurance Committee / Historian Committee – miscellaneous correspondence, reports to N.O.G.S. president, 1973


305-137         Membership Committee – correspondence, report to President, 1973 committee membership lists


305-138         Entertainment Committee 1973 – miscellaneous Correspondence regarding various N.O.G.S. functions (cocktail parties, Crawfish boil, Christmas dance, etc.), also receipts and advertising fliers.


305-139         Citizen’s Advisory committee / Charities and Memorials Committee miscellaneous correspondence, 1973.


305-140         Well Data Committee – contains materials pertaining to the government release of oil well data, 1973-1974


305-141         Miscellaneous Correspondence 1973-1974; Geological Auxiliary, correspondence to and from Dr. M. W. Haas, President of the A.A.P.G.; President’s Corner column, 9/14/74; list of nominees for officers’ elections 1974-1975; announcement of officers (election winners) 1974-1975;


305-142         A.A.P.G. – correspondence, publications, notes, lists of delegates to the 1973 A.A.P.G. convention; A.A.P.G. Honors And Awards (pamphlet); A.A.P.G. Constitution and Bylaws; A.A.P.G. press release regarding award winners, including N.O.G.S. members Gordon Atwater, winner of the Sidney Powers Memorial Medal, and Leslie Bowling, Distinguished Service Plaque; correspondence regarding a discussion of disciplinary action against a member at national A.A.P.G. and local (N.O.G.S.) level


305-143         Continuing Education Committee -- committee membership list; correspondence regarding committee activities


305-144         Employment Counseling / Cross Section Committee – Report to president regarding activities of the Employment Counseling committee; correspondence regarding Environmental Committee, stating that said committee should become more active in public relations; report to president regarding activities of Cross Section Committee


305-145         Treasurer’s Reports 1973 (financial data) and related financial correspondence


305-146         Miscellaneous Correspondence – regarding N.O.G.S. Log, inventory of projection equipment, schedule of speakers 1972-1973, list of committee members


305-147         Membership committee 1973 – correspondence, reports, etc.  Biography of Leslie Bowling, Gordon Frey, Jules Braunstein, and other prominent members of the N.O.G.S.; correspondence regarding delegates to A.A.P.G. and ballot results of A.A.P.G. Delegate elections; results of a questionnaire analysis done by A.A.P.G. regarding the Sloss Report concerning the registration of geologists; President’s Corner column, February 13, 1973; Notice to Society delegates concerning Proposed Amendments To Constitution & Bylaws of the A.A.P.G., 1972; Minutes of A.A.P.G. House of Delegates Meeting, April 16, 1972; Program announcement for  “A Symposium On Underground Waste Management and Artificial Recharge,” September 26-29, 1973


305-148         Auditing Committee / Computer Committee / Offshore Louisiana Oil and Gas Committee – correspondence regarding activities of these committees


305-149         Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings / Minutes of officers’ And Directors’ Meetings


305-150         Miscellaneous Files – includes Entertainment Fund contributors’ list, correspondence regarding the N.O.G.S. directory


305-151         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 13 November 1972-October 1973


BOX 12


305-152         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 14 November 1973-October 1974 / Directory 1974


305-153         Library Committee / Continuing Education Committee / Employment Counseling Committee. Correspondence regarding the activities of these various committees, 1973-1974


305-154         Environmental Committee – includes statements from N.O.G.S. members at Louisiana Senate hearings regarding oil exploration and its effects on the environment, 1974


305-155         Miscellaneous Correspondence – correspondence regarding N.O.G.S. Women’s Auxiliary and its directory; correspondence regarding N.O.G.S. Log newsletter; list of officers for the South Texas Geological Society 1975-1976;results of Kansas Geological society survey regarding licensing of geologists; undated press release/article “Oil Search In Gulf Coast Area Up Sharply;” biographic sketches of N.O.G.S. members Lee Meltzer and Frank Crawford, supplied when both ran for Vice Presidency of A.A.P.G.


305-156         Treasurer’s Reports / Membership Committee / Auditing Committee / Charity Committee / Tax Forms, returns, financial statements, etc.


305-157         Minutes From Executive Committee Meetings / Minutes From officers’ And Directors Meetings


305-158         Minutes of N.O.G.S. Board of Directors Meetings October 74 – November 75


305-159         Public Affairs Committee – 1974 – Minutes of AAPG Public Information Committee Meeting, March 31, 1974; Memorandum entitled “Future Activities of the Public Affairs Committee of the New Orleans Geological Society; Testimony By New Orleans Geological Society for Department of Interior Public Hearing, July 15 and 16, 1974, regarding Proposed New Rules For Submission And Disclosure of Geological and Geophysical Data on Outer Continental Shelf Tracts (draft version); Summary of Proposed Testimony by New Orleans Geological Society and Southeastern Geophysical Society at U.S.G.S. Public Hearing, July 15, 1974; Statement presented at the hearing on G&G Data Disclosure on July 15, 1974, by Joe B. Foster; information and files regarding tax-exempt status of non-profit organizations with respect to political lobbying; Testimony by New Orleans Geological Society for Department of Interior Public Hearing, July 15 and 16, 1974, regarding Proposed New Rules for Submission and Disclosure of Geological and Geophysical Data on Outer Continental Shelf Tracts (final version); memorandum regarding Energy Conservation, December 14, 1973; Letter to Walter Cronkite, December 7, 1973 from Kenneth A. Schwarz (N.O.G.S. member); A.A.P.G. memo regarding a slide presentation “Energy Crisis: Real Or Contrived?” being offered to affiliated societies; correspondence from Raymond Stevens, President of N.O.G.S. to various civic leaders regarding efforts to postpone action on House Bill 8, House Bill 9 and Senate Bill 9,  “which will be detrimental to the exploration efforts of the oil and gas industry of this state”; correspondence regarding “OCS Oil and Gas – An Environmental Assessment” by the Review Committee of the National Research Council, released by the National Academy of Sciences in 1974


305-160         Publications Committee / Field Trip Committee / GCAGS Awards Committee / Nominating Committee / Library Committee – correspondence and memoranda regarding these committees


305-161         Program Committee / School Information / Insurance Committee / Historian / Membership Committee / Entertainment Committee – memoranda and correspondence regarding these committees; Report from Program Chairman Peter Gray, September 16, 1974; Schedule of N.O.G.S. guest speakers 1973-1974; School information committee report; list of N.O.G.S. officers, 1974-1975; Membership Committee annual report; list of entertainment fund contributors, 1974; list of N.O.G.S. Entertainment Committee members, 1974; summary of expenses for N.O.G.S. Christmas Dance, 1974


BOX  13


305-162         Library Committee [1974-1975] correspondence and memoranda, including a list of items donated to the New Orleans Public Library during the year 1975


305-163         Publicity and Public Relations Committee: President’s Letters; Tulsa Geological society newsletter, June 1975; miscellaneous correspondence concerning committee matters; correspondence concerning Dr. Abdulrahman al-Zamil’s visit to the United States to speak at a N.O.G.S. function, 1974; miscellaneous correspondence; announcement of election of officers for 1975-1975; announcements sent to various media regarding new N.O.G.S. officers; Memo regarding suggestions for public relations for N.O.G.S., June 1975


305-164         IRS File, including tax documents 1974-1975.


305-165         Public Affairs Committee 1974-1975 – Miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda regarding attempts to defeat S.692 Gas Regulation Bill (1975),  a bill which attempted to place limitations on the prices energy companies could charge and exert more regulatory control over the energy industry; letters to Phil Johnson of WWL-TV and a response to his editorial broadcast of June 17, 1975; article “Gas Producer’s Records Subpoenaed” from the Times-Picayune June 17, 1975; “U.S. Gas Picture Darkens While SNG And LNG Lag,” The Oil and Gas Journal June 16, 1975; letter to Senator Warren Magnuson, Chairman Senate Committee on Commerce, June 17, 1975; Draft of “Comments on HR 6218,” presented to House Select Committee on the Outer Continental Shelf hearing in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 7, 1975; copy of H.R. 6218; “Comments On HR 6218 (final version); various materials regarding exploration risks in finding oil and gas, and government regulation of the process; papers and materials concerning the drilling of “wildcat” oil rigs; Agenda, House Select Committee on the Outer Continental Shelf, April 30, 1975; List of Potential Witnesses for Hearings of the Ad Hoc Select Committee on the Outer Continental Shelf, April 30, 1975; Testimony of R. M. Jemison, Jr. at the Louisiana Energy Commission Hearing, April 18, 1975, List of Members of Public Affairs Committee 1974-1975; Press release concern­ing Senate Finance Committee Report titled “Profitability of Selected Major Oil Company Operations,” released January 13, 1975; List of “Important Senate Committees;” “Background Paper #2, Independent/Major Roles in the Explor­ation for Oil and Gas,” paper by Strategic Committee on Public Affairs, A.A.P.G.


305-166         Publications Committee – correspondence regarding N.O.G.S. Publications. Includes Publications Inventory dated February 22, [1975]


305-167         Field Trip Committee / Geologic Registration: correspondence and memoranda regarding these committees. Georgia Registration of Geologists Act of 1975; “Registration Revisited,” an article from Geotimes magazine, July 1972; copies of various legislation concerning the registration of geologists; “The Professional Geologist” newsletter, May & June, 1971; undated paper entitled “Registration in Louisiana 1946-1973,” a “very rough draft” of “A Bill Relating to Professional Geologists” regarding registration (sample bill dated March 1975); State of Idaho Senate Bill No. 1007, As Amended by State Affairs Committee” (undated); “Assembly Bill No. 600” (California legislature, undated); miscellaneous correspondence regarding the issue of Geologic registration


305-168         G.C.A.G.S. 1974-1975 Correspondence, financial reports, etc.


305-169         Library Committee / Nominating / Program / School Information / Insurance / Continuing Education / Publications Committee – Correspondence, reports, memoranda regarding these committees. Copy of “The St. Paul Liability Policy” sent as a sample to N.O.G.S. by New Orleans insurance agent Frank Hoyt; miscellaneous receipts, bills, invoices and other paperwork; N.O.G.S. bank statements January – December 1974


305-170         Entertainment Committee – Miscellaneous correspondence; list of donors; various receipts for N.O.G.S. Entertainment Committee expenditures


305-171         Miscellaneous 1974 – 1975 receipts and financial records


305-172         Field Trip Committee / Awards Committee / Luncheon Committee – Miscel­laneous correspondence, receipts and other ephemera regarding these committees


305-173         I.R.S. File 1974 –1975 – includes, forms, tax returns, correspondence


305-174         Membership Committee – correspondence


305-175         President’s Correspondence – Peter Gray, President 1974-1975.  Information regarding Gordon Atwater, Sydney Powers Memorial Medalist for 1973 (A.A.P.G. award); correspondence regarding the naming of OCS Protraction Diagrams (to be named in memory of prominent deceased geologists); miscel­laneous correspondence from Peter Gray; article: “Michel Halbouty’s Oil Genius Recognized by Yount,” (Beaumont Sunday Enterprise-Journal, July 4, 1976); Brief biography of Michel T. Halibouty; miscellaneous correspondence; “First Call for Papers: offshore Technology Conference, May 2-5, Houston, Texas”; Minutes of Executive Committee Meetings, November 1975- September, 1976; Minutes of Meetings of The Board of Directors, December 1975-August 1976


305-176         A.A.P.G. correspondence, brochures, etc.; Program for A.A.P.G. Awards Banquet, 1975; “Take the A.A.P.G. Route to Professionalism” (pamphlet), miscellaneous correspondence, list of scheduled future A.A.P.G. conventions 1975-1979; list of Speakers Bureau Chairmen for affiliated societies of A.A.P.G.


305-177         School Information / Awards Committee – correspondence . List of N.O.G.S. Committees and Chairmen 1974-1975; correspondence regarding Awards committee, 1974-1975; List of Committees and Chairmen, 1975-1976; Obituaries for Leslie Bowling and Harold O. Miller (Times-Picayune); List of members of School Information Committee


305-178         N.O.G.S. Log [newsletter] file: invoices, receipts correspondence 1974-1975


305-179         Directory / Publications / Cross Section Committee – correspondence regarding these committees


305-180         Treasurer’s Reports and Files 1974-1975


305-181         Miscellaneous Correspondence 1974-1975 – concerning membership, finances, etc. Contains a photocopy of portions of “The Mother Earth News, July 1975, issue no. 34”; Correspondence regarding N.O.G.S. board of directors meeting July 10, 1975; set of charts showing “Distribution of Advertising Rates Among Geological Societies;” miscellaneous correspondence and documents regarding N.O.G.S. budget and financial records;


305-182         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 15 November 1974-October 1975



BOX  14


305-183         N.O.G.S. Library Committee 1975-1976 – correspondence regarding this committee; committee report


305-184         Publicity And Public Relations – Correspondence, clippings, list of board of Directors 1975-1976;


305-185         I.R.S. Files – correspondence and paperwork regarding N.O.G.S. taxes and non-profit status


305-186         Public Affairs Committee 1975-76 – correspondence; Rough Draft of Statement By N.O.G.S. Submitted to Bureau of Land Management Concerning Mid-Atlantic Oil and Gas Lease Sale” dated February 11, 1976; series of letters to the editor and other correspondence regarding an article in the States-Item headlines “Offshore Oil Bonanza Dividends Staggering,” November 3, 1975;


305-187         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] file, correspondence contains “How to Edit the Log”


305-188         Publications Committee – correspondence and memoranda regarding N.O.G.S. publications, including budget papers


305-189         Geological Registration Committee / G.C.A.G.S. folder 1975-1976 – correspondence regarding these committees, the registration of geologists, etc.


305-190         G.C.A.G.S. Convention file – correspondence regarding planning and preparation for the G.C.A.G.S. convention which took place in New Orleans, October 11-13, 1976


305-191         Historian Committee / Nominating Committee / Program Committee – correspondence regarding these committees


305-192         School Information / Technical Projects – correspondence regarding these committees


305-193         Entertainment Committee – correspondence regarding N.O.G.S. Entertainment Committee, including budgets, memoranda on particular events (Crawfish boil, Christmas party, etc.) and list of potential donors to entertainment fund 1974-1976


305-194         Membership Committee / Continuing Education / Directory Committee


305-195         Treasurer’s Reports 1976 / Various Committee Correspondence / Lists of Committees 1975-1976 and their chairmen


305-196-        N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 16 November 1975-October 1976


305-197         Miscellaneous correspondence/ past presidents & lifetime members / student paper awards


305-198         Constitutional committee includes constitutions and bylaws of other southern geological societies, including Shreveport Geological Society, Austin Geological Society, Houston Geological Society, South Texas Geological Society, Mississippi Geological Society, East Texas Geological Society; correspondence and memoranda regarding updates to N.O.G.S. constitution


305-199         A.A.P.G. Correspondence, delegates - Correspondence and memoranda regarding A.A.P.G. convention; also contains computer printout of N.O.G.S. membership list, dated November 1975


305-200         Secretary’s Correspondence 1975-1976 – Calvin A. Parker, N.O.G.S. secretary – list of N.O.G.S. officers 1976-1977; correspondence regarding recipients of N.O.G.S. scholarships 1975-1976; documents for a proposed revision of the N.O.G.S. constitution; pamphlet for “A Short Course in Unitization of Oil and Gas Properties, July 12-16, 1976; Treasurer’s Report, June 15, 1976; undated memo “N.O.G.S. Mulls Technical Bulletin;” miscellaneous correspondence; list of new members for 1975; correspondence regarding Student Paper Awards; other miscellaneous correspondence


305-201         President’s Correspondence 1976-77 – Charles Stuart, President – miscellaneous correspondence, including letters regarding the Second Annual Past President’s And Honorary Members Day, correspondence regarding honorary memberships, Committee Report dated February 5, 1976; Treasurer’s Report, December 31, 1976; Newspaper reports concerning Vince Perrin, a geologist and N.O.G.S. member indicted (and later convicted) on charges of conspiring to steal oil well data in order to exploit it; miscellaneous correspondence; operation budget June-August 1976 (handwritten copy); correspondence regarding Ladies’ Auxiliary


305-202         Minutes of the Board of Directors July 1976-September 1977


BOX  15


305-203         N.O.G.S. A.A.P.G. files, 1975-1976, miscellaneous correspondence and reports regarding N.O.G.S. and the A.A.P.G.


305-204         A.A.P.G. Convention in New Orleans May 24-26 1976 – materials concerning this convention – correspondence, memoranda, etc.


305-205         Library Committee / Continuing Education Committee / Treasurer’s Reports – correspondence regarding these committees


305-206         Awards Committee – correspondence and memoranda regarding this committee


305-207         A.A.P.G. Correspondence concerning elections, and other non-convention-related topics (items related to the A.A.P.G. convention are in folder 204).


305-208         Publicity And Public Relations Committee / I.R.S. / Newsletter correspondence/ Publications Committee – correspondence regarding these committees


305-209         Public Affairs Committee 1976-1977 – correspondence and memoranda regarding these committees


305-210         G.C.A.G.S. – correspondence and information about the G.C.A.G.S. convention


305-211         Entertainment Committee – correspondence regarding to the Entertainment Committee, 1976-77, including committee report and financial information regarding N.O.G.S. functions


305-212         Meetings of the Board of Directors (Minutes) August 1976- September 1977


305-213         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 17 November 1976-October 1977



BOX  16


305-214         Library Committee / Employment Counseling Committee / Continuing Education Committee – correspondence regarding these committees


305-215         Directory Committee / Cross Section Committee / Treasurer’s Reports and budgets 1977-78 / Publications -- Correspondence and Budget


305-216         Committees and Chairmen 1977-78 (list) / Miscellaneous Correspondence / Awards Committee / Honors and Awards for A.A.P.G., includes program of A.A.P.G. Honors And Awards winners, September 1977


305-217         Executive officers Meeting Minutes / Board of Directors’ Minutes 1977-1978 / G.C.A.G.S. Spring meeting minutes / List of New Members 1978 / Audit Com­mittee – correspondence and memoranda regarding these committees and events


305-218         A.A.P.G. Delegates Folder – correspondence and information regarding N.O.G.S. delegates to the A.A.P.G. convention


305-219         officers, Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 1977-78


305-220         Miscellaneous Correspondence 1977-78 – Letter to President Jimmy Carter, October 17, 1977; miscellaneous correspondence; A.A.P.G. General Statement, September 1977; A.A.P.G. List of Corporate Contributors by Category; miscellaneous correspondence; A.A.P.G. General Questionnaire, December 1974; 


305-221         Publicity and Public Relations / I.R.S. / Public Affairs Committee – correspond­ence and memoranda regarding these committees


305-222         N.O.G.S. Log / Publications Committee / Field Trip Committee – correspondence regarding these committees


305-223         G.C.A.G.S. and G.C.A.G.S. Convention 1978 (correspondence concerning upcoming convention)


305-224         History Committee -- “The History of the New Orleans Geological Society” compiled in 1978


305-225         Nominating Committee / School Information Committee –- correspondence regarding these committees from 1977-1978


305-226         Membership Committee / Entertainment Committee 1977-78


305-227         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 18 November 1977-October 1978



BOX  17


305-228         Library Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-229         Publicity and Public Relations Committee / I.R.S. file [includes tax return] correspondence and memoranda


305-230         Public Affairs Committee – correspondence regarding pre-lease, on-structure drilling on OCS (offshore) lands (N.O.G.S. was opposed to such drilling);


305-231         N.O.G.S. Log committee / Publications Committee / Field Trip committee / Geologic Registration Committee – correspondence regarding these committees


305-232         G.C.A.G.S.  Convention correspondence, treasurer’s reports, minutes of meetings 1978-1979, etc.


305-233         Miscellaneous Committee reports: Nomination / School Information / Insurance Technical Projects – correspondence and memoranda regarding these committees


305-234         Entertainment Committee – information regarding N.O.G.S. Entertainment activities 1978-1979, such as Golf Tournament, Christmas Dance, Crawfish Boil, etc.  Includes correspondence regarding these events, and Solicitation List (of potential sponsors)


305-235         Directory Committee Treasurer’s Reports / List of Committee Chairmen 1978-79 / Committee Preferences (membership volunteer responses)


305-236         Minutes: Board of Directors, Regular Monthly Meetings, Executive Officers Meetings 1978-1979. [Arranged in reverse chronological order (newest first)]


305-237         Awards Committee / Lifetime Membership Awards / A.A.P.G. delegates


305-238         Miscellaneous Correspondence 1979-1980 – correspondence regarding review of N.O.G.S. financial books, 1978-1979; Proposal for recognition of non-members who contribute to N.O.G.S. committees; miscellaneous N.O.G.S. correspondence; “Compiling Directory And Maintaining Membership File Recommended Time Table for N.O.G.S. Secretary; Directory and Membership Summary; Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting, G.C.A.G.S. April 25, 1980; other miscellaneous correspondence


305-239         List of Members 1979-80


305-240         A.A.P.G. Miscellaneous correspondence and memoranda


305-241         History of New Orleans Geological Society highlights, including list of lifetime members


305-242         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 19 November 1978-October 1979



BOX  18


305-243         Library Committee / Nominating Committee – correspondence regarding these committees


305-244         Miscellaneous Correspondence / A.A.P.G. Convention 1979-1980 correspond­ence


305-245         Publicity and Public Relations – includes “The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry: Exploration and Development” a position statement published by the American Institute of Professional Geologists, January 1980


305-246         A.A.P.G. Petroleum Information Package 1980


305-247         Public Affairs Committee – includes testimony of Rudolph Siegert, Geologist, before the House Subcommittee on Fisheries And Wildlife Conservation and the Environment, October 5, 1979, New Orleans, Louisiana, regarding the adverse effect of government delays placed upon exploratory drilling in Wetlands areas due to environmental regulations


305-248         Auditing Committee / Scouting Committee / Treasurer’s Report for Third Quarter, 1979-1980


305-249         Awards Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-250         Publications Committee – correspondence and memoranda regarding this committee


305-251         Committee Reports, I.R.S. (including tax correspondence)


305-252         School Information Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-253         Technical Projects / Geologic Registration Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-254         Board of Directors Meetings Minutes


305-255         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 20 November 1979-October 1980


BOX  19


305-256         Library Committee – correspondence regarding this committee, including budgets and memoranda


305-257         1982 Directory


305-258         Continuing Education / Scholarship Fund / Operating Budget 1980-1981 – correspondence regarding these committees


305-259         Public Relations Committee 1980-1981 – correspondence regarding this committee


305-260         Public Affairs Committee – Proposal for Geological Advisory Committee, June 23, 1981; February The Developing Energy Crisis: A Long Tradition; Forum Number One: Historical Perspectives On The Energy Crisis; Forum #2: Present Conditions, Ethical Concerns; Forum #3: Speculation On Future Trends; Resources And Discussion Questions


305-261         Scouting – Explorer Charter 1981 (Boy Scouts of America)


305-262         Publications Committee – Report of Publications Committee 1980; Inventory of Publications 1980


305-263         Field Trip Committee Report 1981


305-264         G.C.A.G.S. – miscellaneous correspondence, memoranda, etc.


305-265         G.C.A.G.S. Convention 1980-1981 folder – correspondence, etc. pertaining to 1980 Convention


305-266         Program Committee – committee report, correspondence


305-267         Technical Projects Committee – committee report, correspondence


305-268         A.A.P.G. Correspondence 1980-1981 – N.O.G.S. correspondence regarding the A.A.P.G.


305-269         Miscellaneous Correspondence to the N.O.G.S. President, 1980-1981 / Awards Committee report and correspondence


305-270         Treasurer Reports 1980-1981


305-271         Committee Memberships -- lists, correspondence, etc.


305-272         Minutes of Meetings Regular Monthly Meetings / Board Meetings 1980 – 1981


305-273         A.A.P.G. Student Chapter – notes and correspondence


305-274         1985 A.A.P.G. Convention – correspondence relating to the proposed A.A.P.G. Convention in New Orleans in 1985


305-275         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 21 November 1980-October 1981


BOX  20


305-276         Library Committee – correspondence and memoranda regarding this committee, including lists of books donated to various libraries


305-277         Publicity and Public Relations Committee – correspondence regarding this committee


305-278         Publications Committee - correspondence regarding this committee; list of publications and inventory in stock, dated August 1, 1981


305-279         N.O.G.S. Log Committee – correspondence, budget, etc. N.O.G.S.  Log publications for 1981-82 is in folder 292


305-280         Nominating A.A.P.G. Delegates 1982 – notes and correspondence regarding this committee


305-281         Luncheon and Speakers Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-282         Field Trip Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-283         Entertainment Committee - correspondence regarding this committee and N.O.G.S. social events, such as Christmas party, crawfish boil, etc.  List of potential donors to entertainment fund.


305-284         Continuing Education - correspondence regarding this committee


305-285         Budget, Treasurer’s Reports (1982)


305-286         Committee Budgets / Publications - correspondence regarding these committees


305-287         Technical Projects Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-288         Transportation Committee Report, and miscellaneous Correspondence and Papers, 1982 – Transportation Committee annual report, correspondence regarding A.A.P.G. Delegates, publications budget


305-289         1982 List of officers, Directors and Committeemen, and photo of 1982 officers


305-290         General President’s Correspondence (Charles Corona, President, 1981-1982) – miscellaneous correspondence, including letters inviting individuals to meetings, a copy of Grantors and Givers, University of New Orleans publication, Vol.1, No.1, July 13, 1982; correspondence involving meetings for 1982; correspondence regarding the N.O.G.S. efforts to lobby against proposed CWEL tax legislation; correspondence regarding to N.O.G.S. efforts to lobby against House Bill No. 1660, the Louisiana Wetlands Tax; correspondence regarding N.O.G.S. Log schedule; list of invitees to N.O.G.S. past present and honorary members meeting, June 7, 1982; miscellaneous correspondence


305-291         Minutes of Meetings Regular Meetings / Executive Board Meetings


305-292         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 22, November 1981-October 1982



BOX  21         1982- 1983


305-293         Library Committee1983


305-294         Technical Projects Committee – Minutes of Technical Projects Committee


305-295         Publicity and Public Relations Committee / Publications Committee – correspondence regarding these two committees, including lists of publications sold, publication notice for the book “A Tour Guide to the Building Stones of New Orleans,” correspondence discussing N.O.G.S. potentially forming a Mardi Gras krewe or truck float


305-296         Program Committee / Projection Committee / Photography Committee – notes and correspondence


305-297         Scholarship Fund – correspondence regarding this committee


305-298         Geologic Registration Committee - correspondence regarding this committee, concerned with government efforts to regulate geologists through registration and licensing


305-299         Entertainment – correspondence regarding this committee, including budgets and memoranda regarding various N.O.G.S. social functions, including crawfish boil and Christmas Dance


305-300         Employment Counseling / Directory Committee - correspondence regarding this committee


305-301         Continuing Education / Boy Scout Committee Awards Committee / Auditing Committee - correspondence regarding these committees


305-302         A.A.P.G. School Information Committee – notes and correspondence


305-303         A.A.P.G. Delegates – notes and correspondence regarding this committee, appointment of delegates to the A.A. P.G.


305-304         Miscellaneous Correspondence 1982-1983 Duncan Goldwaithe, President


305-305         A.A.P.G. Delegates Committee 1982-1983


305-306         “Follow Up on A.A.P.G. Day” paper and convention packet from 1982


305-307         Treasurer’s Report, Budget, Financial Papers


305-308         Minutes of the Regular Noon Meeting


305-309         Minutes of the Executive Board Meeting


305-310         Public Affairs Correspondence 1982-83


305-311         N.O.G.S. 1982-1983 Budget


BOX  22


305-312         Library Committee 1983-1984 – miscellaneous correspondence and papers regarding this committee; includes a geology course outline for the Non Technical Education Committee


305-313         Transportation Committee /Technical Projects Committee – correspondence and memoranda regarding these committees


305-314         Publicity & Public Information Committee/ Publications Sales Committee


305-315         Projection/Photography/Non-technical Education/Nominating/Membership Com­mittees – miscellaneous correspondence regarding these committees


305-316         N.O.G.S. Log Correspondence / N.O.G.S. Memorial Scholarship Committee


305-317         Ad Hoc Luncheon Site Committee – notes of temporary committee concerning the relocation of N.O.G.S. luncheons to another restaurant, circa 1983-1984


305-318         Historical / Field Trip / Women’s Auxiliary / Entertainment Committee


305-319         Boy and Girl Scouts/Continuing Education/Employment Counseling/Awards & Nominations Committees


305-320         Miscellaneous Committee and Budget Reports 1983-1984


305-321         A.A.P.G. Delegates / Miscellaneous N.O.G.S. Correspondence


305-322         N.O.G.S. Log Vol. 23 #3-12. Vol. 24 #1-12



BOX  23


305-323         N.O.G.S. Library Committee 1984-1985 – papers of the Library Committee


305-324         A.A.P.G. Convention Report – correspondence and reports concerning the A.A.P.G. convention (some correspondence as well)


305-325         A.A.P.G. Correspondence – Convention-related and other miscellaneous


305-326         Minutes of Executive Board Meetings 1984-1985 – minutes of executive board meetings, plus related correspondence, financial statements, etc.


305-327         N.O.G.S. Entertainment Committee 1984-1985 – correspondence regarding the N.O.G.S. Entertainment Committee and the Society’s social functions: crawfish boil, Christmas party, etc. etc.


305-328         N.O.G.S. Field Trip Committee 1984-1985 – correspondence regarding this committee


305-329         N.O.G.S. Committee Reports – for various committees; includes budget estimates and reports on various committee activities 1984-1985


305-330         A.A.P.G. Convention Field Trips – correspondence regarding A.A.P.G. field trips (Cancun and the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico; Jackson, Mississippi; Lake Charles, Louisiana, and others) and short courses offered at the A.A.P.G. convention in 1985


305-331         G.C.A.G.S. 1984-1985 Correspondence, Memoranda, etc.


305-332         N.O.G.S. Log Correspondence/Membership Committee/Directory Committee


305-333         Financial Records 1984-1985: Spread Sheets, Budgets, Quarterly Reports


305-334         N.O.G.S. Log [Newsletter] Vol. 25 November 1985-February 1985


305-335         Duties of N.O.G.S. officers, Budget Requests, officers’ List, Long Range Calendar, Etc.


305-336         Publications & Publications Sales Committee/Relocation Committee/Program Committee


305-337         Publicity and Public Relations Committee / Technical Projects Committee


305-338         Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1985-1986 – brief biography of George D. Severenson, winner of the A.A.P.G.’s Distinguished Service Award for 1986; various committee and activity reports; President’s Columns from the N.O.G.S. Log; correspondence regarding Scientific Creationism; correspondence regarding various members and the A.A.P.G.


305-339         General Correspondence and Other Committee Reports, 1984-1985 – correspond­ence regarding the Clay Minerals Society; list of G.C.A.G.S. past officers and presidents 1951 – 1983; handwritten draft of statement “Announced From the Podium December 5 ’83 Luncheon” regarding the sinking of the Glomar Java Sea in the South China Sea off the coast of Vietnam, October 25, 1983


BOX  24


305-340         N.O.G.S. Directory 1986


305-341         N.O.G.S. Operations: Checkbook and Bank Statements November 1981- September 1983


Missing issues of N.O.G.S. Log and issues from beyond February 1985 may be found in LA COL stacks under call number QE1 .N54.





With a few minor exceptions, the boxes are chronological as follows:


Box         Years            Folder #                               Box         Years            Folder #


Box 1:    1949-1955       1-13                                   Box 13:  1974-1975      162-182

Box 2:    1955-1959       14-22                                 Box 14:  1975-1976      183-202

Box 3:    1960-1963       23-42                                 Box 15:  1976-1977      203-213

Box 4:    1964-1965       43-53                                 Box 16:  1977-1978      214-227

Box 5:    1966-1967       54-61                                 Box 17:  1978-1979      228-242

Box 6:    1967-1968       62-68                                 Box 18:  1979-1980      243-255

Box 7:    1968-1969       69-78                                 Box 19:  1980-1981      256-275

Box 8:    1969-1970       79-87                                 Box 20:  1981-1982      276-292

Box 9:    1970-1971       88-107                              Box 21:  1982-1983      293-311

Box 10:  1971-1972      108-128                             Box 22:  1983-1984      312-322

Box 11:  1972-1973      129-151                             Box 23:  1984-1985      323-339

Box 12:  1973-1974      152-161                             Box 24:  1985-1986      340-341




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