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MSS 330 - The Times-Picayune Huey P. Long Assassination Editions Collection: Inventory

The Times-Picayune Huey P. long assassination editions COLLECTION

(Mss 330)


Earl K. Long Library

University of New Orleans

August 2006





Size:                          3 linear feet (1 bound volume containing 10 newspapers)


locations:                 Baton Rouge, La.


dates:                        September 9, 1935 – September 13, 1935

Summary:                Issues of the New Orleans Times-Picayune published September 9 through September 13, 1935, covering Huey P. Long’s shooting by Carl A. Weiss, death, and burial.  Ten issues, including extras.


collections:              Hermann B. Deutsch Collection (Mss 8); Gladys McGuffey Rogers Collection (Mss 19)

Source:                     Found in library, July 2006

Citation:                    The Times-Picayune Huey P. Long Assassination Editions Collection, Earl K. Long Library, University of New Orleans


Historical/Biographical Note


            Following a stint as railroad commissioner (now public services commissioner), Huey Pierce Long (1893-1935) became governor of Louisiana in May 1928.  Elected to the U.S. Senate in 1932, he ensured that his hand-picked successors continued his program for the state.  Some of those programs, however, notably the taxes he imposed, raised violent opposition, as did the questionable ethics of his conduct.  His announcement in August 1935 that he planned to oppose Franklin D. Roosevelt’s reelection to the U.S. Presidency.


            Long was a man of national prominence when he returned to Louisiana in September 1935 for a special session of the Legislature.  He was at the Capitol on the night of Sunday, September 8, 1935, when he was approached by Dr. Carl A. Weiss and injured in a hail of gunfire from Weiss’s weapon and those of the bodyguards who had failed to protect him.  Long died early in the morning of Tuesday, September 10.


            New Orleans Times-Picayune coverage of the shooting and Long’s deteriorating condition occasioned five editions on Monday, September 9.  Together with subsequent Long-related issues published over a five-day period, they are gathered together in the bound volume that constitutes this collection.


For additional information about Huey P. Long and the ongoing questions that surround his assassination, see Biography Resource Center and other online databases, and books listed in the library’s online catalog including but not limited to the following:


Brinkley; Alan, ed.  Huey at 100: Centennial Essays on Huey P. Long.  Ruston, La.: McGinty Publications, 1995.  E748.L86 H84 1995

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Hair, William Ivy.  The Kingfish and His Realm: The Life and Times of Huey P. Long.  Baton Rouge, La.: Louisiana State University Press, 1991.  E748.L86 H25 1991

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Williams, T. Harry.  Huey Long.  New York: Knopf, 1969.  E748.L86 W54



Container List


330-1              Bound volume containing issues of the New Orleans Times-Picayune pertaining to the shooting, death, and burial of Huey P. Long:


                                    Monday, September 9, 1935.  Extra.  Headline: “Long Shot and Wounded, Unidentified Man Is Killed.”

                                    Monday, September 9, 1935.  Extra.  Headline: “Long Shot, Assailant Slain.”

                                    Monday, September 9, 1935.  Extra.  Headline: “Long Shot, Assailant Slain.”  Another version.

                                    Monday, September 9, 1935.  Extra.  Headline: “Long Is Shot; Operated On.”  Includes “Highlights in Career of Senator Huey P. Long; Man Who Shot Him.”

                                    Monday, September 9, 1935.  Extra.  Headline: “Crisis for Long in 72 Hours.”

                                    Tuesday, September 10, 1935.  Headline: “Long Undergoes 3rd Transfusion; Grows Delirious Early This Morning.”

                                    Tuesday, September 10, 1935.  Extra.  Headline: “Senator Dies at 4:10 A.M.”

                                    Wednesday, September 11, 1935.  Headline: “Senator Long Will Rest under Shadow of State’s Capitol.”

                                    Thursday, September 12, 1935.  Headline: “Body of Long Lies in State in Capitol, Public Files Past.”

                                    Friday, September 13, 1935.  Headline: “Throngs See Long’s Burial on Lawn of Louisiana Capitol.”



Index Terms


Long, Huey P.—Assassination

Louisiana—Politics and government—1865-1950


Weiss, Carl A.