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Information Literacy Instruction Program

First-Year Writing Program Essentials

Requests are taken on a "first-come, first-served" basis.  Classes can be scheduled at any time during the semester.  Contacting us at least 2 weeks in advance will help us prepare the most effective presentation and will greatly improve your scheduling options.


***Due to COVID-19 precautions, we may not be able to provide in person instruction at this time. If you require in-person instruction, please specify that in the instruction request form. Brandon Adler will be in touch with you to confirm your preferred format shortly after instruction request submission.***

Giving adequate notice that you need library instruction for your class will ensure that:

1. A library classroom is available.

2. The subject-specialist librarian is available to teach.

3. The librarian has time to prepare and tailor the session to your class and/or assignment.

Instruction Request Form


When you request information literacy instruction for your students you can expect your information literacy librarian to use scaffolding and flipped learning models. Particularly, our scaffolded approach is a three-step model which consists of the following:

Step 1. Pre-Information Literacy Class

  • During the class(es) prior to information literacy instruction, the writing instructor will have given an introduction to basic research processes, citation, and plagiarism. 
  • When you are certain that you will be scheduling an information literacy instruction session, the information literacy librarian requires that the instructor assign their students the information literacy tutorial and quiz for homework.  The Instructor MUST have their students complete the Information Literacy tutorial and pre-test. IMPORTANT: Your class will not be added to the instruction calendar until a minimum of 75% of the class has completed this pre-class homework. A copy of the pre-test is emailed to the instruction librarian, if you would also like a copy of the pre-test, please email to request your copy. 

Step 2. The Information Literacy Class

  • Students will attend the IL session in the library. The session will 

(1) reinforce the pre-class material in the tutorial and the quiz;

(2) introduce new advanced research skills and strategies; and

(3) provide a small amount of time for hands-on IL activities and conducting research. 

Step 3. The Post-Information Literacy Class

  • Students will be provided with a few links to short video tutorials that will reinforce the more complex material that was introduced in the IL session.  
  • Before the students leave, they will receive an open-notes quiz on the topics covered during the IL session. 
  • Students will continue with their independent research and writing assignments, applying the skills have learned. 
  • Students will have a librarian that they know and feel comfortable contacting should they need individualized instruction or assistance. 


Your students (and the librarian) will appreciate your being there for the library instruction session. The students need to hear from you about the assignment, the resources, and your experiences with finding and using information in the context of your course and discipline. They are likely to have questions about the assignment that only you can answer. Your attitude towards the session will greatly influence your students’ attitudes.

As much information as possible that you can give us about the assignment—

  • syllabus
  • description of assignment
  • number and types of sources required
  • previous experience with this assignment, etc.

–will help us with our presentation.  Please send a copy of your assignment to the librarian prior to the instruction session and plan to spend some time discussing your course and assignment goals.