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Physics: Books

Resources for the study of Physics



E-books offer 24/7 access to topics in physics, engineering, and the sciences. UNO has over 200,000 e-books available to you via the 

EBSCO E-Book Collection

Once in the database, search for your discipline or subfield ("physics" or "high energy particle physics") in one of  two ways--either use  the search box to find a title, an author, or a general topic ('astrophysics') or use the facets on the left side to drill down into subject areas to browse titles in your discipline.  In some cases, the text is HTML--displayed natively on your webpage or it's a PDF--open it, search, and/or download a local copy. For questions or problems with access to e-books, please call/email Hannah White at or 504-280-6548. 

Print Resources

For some research, books are still the way to go; for example, handbooks for reliable information about physical data. A few books from the Reference section are listed below; contact a librarian, check iLink, the UNO Library's online catalog, or browse the Reference section (try call numbers starting with QB or QC) for more.

Burnham's Celestial Handbook
QB 65 .B85 1978 
Subtitled "An Observer's Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System", this book provides descriptions of stars, constellations and other celestial objects visible through common telescopes.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

QD65 .H3 85TH ED.
 The classic science reference, claiming to "provide broad coverage of all types of data commonly encountered by physical scientists and engineers, with as much depth as can be accommodated in a one-volume format".

Handbook of Physical Quantities
QC 61 .H36 1997 
Specific numerical information from the density of oak wood to the pressure of water vapor at 10 degrees to the second harmonic coefficient of Lead titanate, and more.