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Education: Encyclopedias

Resources available at the Earl K. Long Library for the study of education.

Encyclopedias/Historical Materials

  • Encyclopedia of Education. (2003) 8 vols.
    Articles deal with "history, theory, research, and philosophy, as well as with the structure and fabric of education." Emphasis is on American education, but some attention is given to comparative education, exchange programs, and the educational systems of more than 100 countries.
    LB 15.E47 2003 Book Shelves
  • Encyclopedia of Educational Research. (1992) 4 vols.
    Presents a "critical synthesis and interpretation of reported educational research." Contains signed articles with fairly extensive bibliographies.
    LB 15.E48 1992 Book Shelves
  • Encyclopedia of Higher Education. (1992) 4 vols.
    Volume 1 gives extensive articles on higher education in various countries; vols. 2 & 3 contain analytical perspectives; vol. 4 contains background information on the various academic disciplines.
    LB 15.E49  Book Shelves
  • International Encyclopedia of Education. (1985) 10 vols & 2 Supplements.
    Surveys state of the art in the various branches of education and the types of further research needed. Country articles review the system of education in individual nations.
    LB 15.I569 1985 Book Shelves
  • World Education Encyclopedia. 3 vols. 2d.ed.
    Divided by country--gives basic data, history & overview of educational system, preprimary and primary education, secondary ed., higher ed., administration, finance and educational research.
    LB 15.K79 2002 Book Shelves
  • Encyclopedia of Special Education. 3 vols. 2d edition
    Addresses such topics as clinical disorders and syndromes; legislation and case law; psychological, educational, and medical interventions; common drugs used with handicapped children; tests used in special education; biographies, professional organizations, and journals, etc.
    LC 4007.E53 2000 Book Shelves
  • Encyclopedia of Early Childhood Education (1992) 1 vol.
    Gives historical and philosophical roots of early childhood practice; sociocultural, political, and economic contexts of child care; early childhood curricula and programs.
    LB 1139.25.E53 Book Shelves
  • Education in the United States : a Documentary History. Ed. by Sol Cohen. (1974) 5 vols.
    "Attempts to bring together the most significant documents in the field of American education, extending from the 16th and 17th century English and European background to the earliest colonial beginnings to the present, and to locate them in their historical context." The documents are organized according to chronological periods within topical chapters.
    LA 205.C53 Book Shelves