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Using the Supreme Court of Louisiana Historical Archives: Requesting Reproductions

The Supreme Court of Louisiana Historical Archives contains thousands of cases from between the years 1813 and 1921. These dates include the court's founding in 1813, the Civil War, and the post-war Reconstruction era.

Need more help with reproductions?

How to Request Reproductions

Should you require reproductions, please consult a staff member about identifying the pages or cases you wish to have duplicated. Yellow photocopy request slips are available on the front counter of the Louisiana Collection Reading Room.  Inquiries may also be e-mailed to

The existing order and arrangement of the Louisiana Supreme Court cases must be preserved, so please do not remove individual items from their boxes or folders when requesting reproductions. Instead, indicate in the "notes" area of the photocopy order form which items and folders you wish to have copied. Additional request slips may also be used to "bookmark" a desired item's location.

When requesting original scans from cases that have not been digitized, consider ahead of time what level of detail and file format you desire. Scanned images are often too cumbersome to be emailed, so it should be noted that there is an additional charge to have scanned items burned to CD or DVD, if blank CDs and DVDs are available. Patrons are free to provide their own storage media.

Reproduction orders cannot be fulfilled within the same day, and that larger orders may require several weeks.

If reproduction orders are to be mailed, the patron requesting the reproductions is responsible for all applicable postage costs, in addition to any fees related to providing storage media.

Due to their age, some cases may contain extremely brittle or fragile items. Others may be too large to be scanned on in-house equipment without physically harming the materials. If the possibility of causing irreversible damage to fragile, brittle, or large-format items exists, then reproduction of any kind may be prohibited, at the discretion of the Louisiana and Special Collections Department. For materials that are unlikely to be damaged by the scanning process, but cannot be reproduced in-house, reproductions must be done by a vetted professional reprographic studio or organization experienced in the handling of archival materials. Patrons are responsible for all applicable reproduction costs, including fees related to transporting the materials.