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Student Technical Assistant- Student Worker Training LibGuide: Technical Skills

Routine Technical Duties

Printing Routines and Duties

  • Sorting printouts:  Printouts can be handed to the patron, if the patron is present, or filed alphabetically by first initial on the rack adjacent to the printers. Example:  Blue sheet reads ypringle, file on U-Z column.
  • Refilling paper:  Tray 2 should be filled with blue paper, tray 3 with white.  Boxes of both colors of paper can be found under the reference desk.   Tray three should only be filled to the second to last arrow, marked with black on both sides.  Take care when filling paper, uneven paper often leads to jams (see Loading Paper into Printers).
  • Replacing toner cartridges as need be:  The printer will begin displaying low ink notifications at 3500 pages remaining.  The cartridge does not need to be replaced until the notifications read under 800 pages remaining, or if documents are printing poorly.
  • Addressing paper jams and other problems:  The printer will specify the location of the jam.  Do not forget to open and close the top cover after removing a jam.
  • Assisting patrons with printing problems:  This can include directing them to either the hanging files or to the printers, assistance with GoPrint (See: Student Printing FAQs , Printing for Visitors , Wireless PrintingAdding Value to GoPrint and GoPrint Weirdness)
  • Assist users in filling out the refund requests form for lost or damaged prints.  You may print documents to the bulk printer in the circulation area or to the printer in the reference office (room 132) if the patron does not have available funds because a refund request has not been processed or if they are having persistent printing problems.  Use discretion when offering this favor.
  • Troubleshoot printing problems: (See:  LC Sharepoint page for print troubleshooting)

Technical Support Duties

  • Student workers are expected to have, and be able to demonstrate basic computer and Microsoft Office skills, such as saving a document, adjusting margins, copy and pasting, using CTRL+F to find text on a page, taking a screenshot (Print Screen Key, then CTRL+V in Microsoft Paint) and sending a document to the printer.
  • Student workers should also be able to effectively use university email, in particular to attach/download documents and to search for UNO email addresses.
  • If you need help with or would like to be refreshed on these skills, please speak with your supervisor.
  • Refer users to instructions on connecting to the WiFi at the Reference Desk.
  • Place 'out of order' or 'not printing' signs on computers when patrons report problems, report problems to
  • Refer password problems to the UCC Help Desk 504-280-4357 (HELP)


  • KIC scanner troubleshooting:
    If the file is too big, patrons can send their scans as muliple files by selecting portions of the document in the Save/Send tab.  Saving to a flash drive is another option.
    When scanning a single page, both red laser guide lines should be on the document.  If the scan automatically splits, there is an option to Unsplit on the Modify tab.
    Dark materials may not be detected by the scanner.  Putting a piece of scratch paper under the corners can help.

  • Instructions for using the flatbed scanners with MS Word and Paint

Troubleshooting 'My Library Record' Patron Account

You will receive calls and chats from patrons who need to access their UNO Library account. Often patrons will contact the Reference Desk because they've had difficulty accessing the library's databases remotely. If patrons do not know their PIN to access their account they will need to have it emailed to them. When patrons indicate that they are having trouble getting their PIN:

  • Verify that patron is currenty registered or employed at UNO
  • Verify that patron is entering the two zeros after their user ID
  • Verify that the email address the system is sending the PIN to is one that the student uses
  • If after verifying the above you cannot locate the problem, refer the patron to the Circulation Desk (280-6355 or If the patron indicates that there is a block on his or her account you should also refer the patron directly to the Circulation Desk.


What you should be able to do. . .

  • Perform designated printing routines and duties.
  • Report or refer printing or computing issues to Learning Commons staff or the UCC Help Desk as defined in the Student Training LibGuide.
  • Address or appropriately refer multimedia and technical issues to Library Technology staff and/or Learning Commons staff as defined in the Student Training LibGuide.
  • Navigate the catalog to address questions concerning patron accounts (My Library Record, Renew My Materials, Email My PIN)