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MSS 184 - Bureau of Governmental Research Collection

Series, Subseries, and Descriptions



Series I.         Clippings, ca. 1962-1985


Series II.        Correspondence, n.d. and 1929-1977


            Subseries II.1:  General Correspondence


            Subseries II.2:  Form letters, 1939-1954


            Subseries II.3:  Notices to Board of Directors and Executive Committee


            Subseries II.4:  New Member Solicitation Letters


            Subseries II.5:  Vieux Carre Study Correspondence


Series III.       Financial Records, 1938-1985


            Subseries III.1: Annual audit reports, 1938-1969


            Subseries III.2: Banking records, 1961-1985

                        Includes statements, cancelled and voided checks, check carbons, deposit slips.


            Subseries III.3: Miscellaneous financial records, 1942-1970


Series IV.      Founding and early organizational records, n.d. and 1931-1933


Series V.       Membership Records, n.d. and 1930-1986


            Subseries V.1: Files on individual and corporate memberships, 1933-1986

                        Mainly concerns dues payments; includes related correspondence.


            Subseries V.2: Inactive members in armed forces


            Subseries V.3: File on membership development


            Subseries V.4: Membership lists and proposals for membership


            Subseries V.5: Membership Solicitations


Series VI.      Memoranda and Special Reports, 1946

            Studies prepared by or for the Bureau of Governmental Research but not included in the series entitled "Studies, 1933-1977"; series contains a total of 30 memoranda and four Special Reports.


Series VII.     Minutes

            Minutes with attachments, Board of Directors and Executive Committee, 1932-1974.


Series VIII.    Miscellany

            Miscellany of memoranda, reports, studies, and pamphlets, n.d. and 1932; 1934; 1936-1940; 1942; 1944; 1946-1963; 1968-1979.


Series IX.      Publications, 1933-1950


            Subseries IX.1: City Problems

                        Began September 15, 1933, as an untitled monthly bulletin; with issue of June 10, 1935, it retitled What Every Citizen Should Know; with issue of January 20, 1938, it was renamed City Problems.


            Subseries IX.2: State Problems


            Subseries IX.3: Miscellaneous


            Subseries IX.4: Studies, 1933-1977

                        The primary activity of the Bureau of Governmental Research was the preparation of studies (called jobs by the Bureau) on city, parish, and state governmental activities in Louisiana.  The data compiled in the production of these studies, together with its analysis and any resulting reports, was filed in consecutively numbered folders bearing titles descriptive of the studies therein.


Series X.       Television file, 1953-1959

            Clippings, correspondence, dictaphone belts, memoranda, and scripts, 1953-1959.  During this period the Bureau of Governmental Research, in cooperation first with WDSU-TV and later WYES-TV, produced a series of television programs entitled "Dateline: New Orleans" and "A City in Action" which examined economic, political, and social issues mainly relevant to the city, the metropolitan area, and the state, but occasionally including topics of national and international import.


Series XI.      Topical File, 1918-1982