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Late Night Access Policy: .

Late Night Access Policy

Late Night Access Policy – Security of Library Users

UNO Community

The Earl K. Long Library is open 24 hours Sunday-Thursday during the regular fall and spring semesters. UNO students, faculty, and staff (the Library’s primary users) are welcome and encouraged to find a perfect spot to sit down and do serious research and study any time of the day or night.

Beginning fall 2018, access to the building “after hours” Sunday through Thursday will require a UNO ID and PIN.

All Library Users

All library users are expected to follow all Library policies including the Library Code of Conduct UNO students must also follow the Student Code of Conduct.


The UNO Library offers access to the general public as part of our commitment to lifelong learning. Members of the public are welcome to access the Library during regular library hours. During the regular semesters, when the library is open for 24-hour periods, access to the building during late night hours (11 pm-8 am) is restricted to currently enrolled UNO students and active faculty and staff. The Library reserves the right to check the UNO IDs of all library users in the building. Anyone without a current UNO ID in the library during late night hours will be asked to leave and will not be allowed re-entry until regular hours resume. There will be no admission to the Library after 11:00 p.m. without a valid UNO ID.


FDLP Collection Access

The Earl K. Long Library is a Federal Depository library and is open to the public to research government information in all its formats. All users may access federal public information during the Library’s extensive regular hours.

Access to the federal depository collection is limited to the Library’s primary patrons during late night hours when the library is short-staffed.

(See FDLP Security of Library Users and Collections)


Policy effective 5/2/2019