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Historical Archives of the Supreme Court of Louisiana: Transkribus

This guide focuses on the digitized documents of the Supreme Court of Louisiana and how to locate and access them.

Transkribus Software

Transkribus is a software for the text recognition, image analysis and structure recognition of historical documents. It was developed at the University of Innsbruck and funded by the EU funding program Horizon 2020. After you have created an Transkribus account, you can download either the desktop version or use the browser version of the program (Transkribus lite).

Using Transkribus

Transkribus can help you transcribing handwritten historical documents. You can upload your documents (PDFs, images, etc.) to the software. Run the pattern recognition in order to segment the document into text areas and lines. You can use all of the main program functions both in the desktop and browser version (Transkribus lite).

Next to (or below) the segmented document lines, you will find a text display, in which you can write down your transcriptions. You can also use the text recognition function. Please note: you need to have credits in order to purchase the text recognition (per page). Look up the box "Credits & Pricing" for further information.

Please note that the quality of the text recognition depends on the quality of the scanned document, as well as the chosen recognition mode. The automatic transcription can, however, help you with deciphering different letters or words. You can edit all transcriptions in the text box next to the image of the document.

After completing a transcription you can download the text. Please note that you have more download options with the desktop version than with Transkribus lite.

Find a simple 10-step guide on how to use Transkribus for your digitization project under the link: Find more Transkribus guides on the homepage.

Credits & Pricing

You can use all Transkribus functions free of charge (e.g. text structure recognition, creating transcriptions manually, downloading the transcriptions, training your own text recognition model, etc.) with the exception of the text recognition function. For this function you have to use credits. You get 500 free credits upon signup, which pay for the automatic transcription of about 500 handwritten pages. If your credits are used up, you can buy new credits on the Transkribus website.

Students and scholars can apply for the Transkribus Scholarship Programme. The Scholarships are granted based on projects and encompass free credit packages. Students can apply for the Scholarship Programme for their thesis (Bachelor, Master, PhD). Teachers (regardless of the kind of school, university or event) can apply for the programme for courses, webinars and workshops.