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Using the UNO Film Archives: Locating Footage

The Earl K. Long Library Louisiana and Special Collections Department is home to a significant amount of news footage from two local television stations, WVUE and WDSU, primarily from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.

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How to Place a Research Request for the UNO Film Archives

It should be noted that these collections are not of news broadcasts or WVUE/WDSU programming, but rather of raw news footage from the appropriate time periods.

Patrons are free to submit specific research requests for footage, but due to the labor-intensive nature of searching through these collections, the fulfillment of such requests in a timely manner cannot be guaranteed. The library also cannot guarantee the availability of viewing equipment or facilities on which the films can be examined.

Research requests should be as specific as possible and include names, dates, and events. Requests that are too broad in scope may be rejected.

In some cases the film or tapes have begun to deteriorate over time, and now require professional care to prevent further damage to the materials. Films may be professionally restored and duplicated at the patron's request, and also at the patron's expense.

Researchers may also be interested in the Louisiana State Archives WWL-TV collection, portions of which have been indexed and digitized.  These holdings can be searched via the Louisiana State Archives Multimedia Archives Database.