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Open Access: Author Rights

This guide describes the Open Access model for scholarly communication and offers additional resources for exploring this concept.

Author Rights

Control Your Intellectual Property!  Don’t Give Away your Copyright!

As an author you can opt to retain all rights but transfer to the publisher the single right of first publication, rather than completely transferring the copyright bundle as scholarly journal publishers often request.

 This will allow you to:

  • Maintain the right to disseminate your work
  • Maintain the right to use your work in your classes
  • Maintain the right to post your work on your own website
  • Maintain the right to post and archive your work in an institutional or disciplinary repository
  • Reserve the right to post the pre-refereed or even post-refereed version of your paper
  • Allow for the largest possible audience


·         SPARC Author Rights Resources

·         SPARC Author Addendum (to retain rights)