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M. Goldberg
M.Lowenstein & Sons
M.S.Rau Antiques
Maceira, Jose
Macrobiotic Workshops
MAC Together.
MAC'S Crescent City Cravings
Madewood Arts Festival
Madewood Arts Festival, Madewood Plantation
Madison Parish
Madisonville, Louisiana
Maduell, Lola Legier
Maestri, Robert Sidney
Magazine Art Association
Magazine Cuisine
Magazine Place, The, the Rotunda, Gallery Row, the Woodward, St. Mary's Market
Magazine Review, The
Magazine Street Business Association
Magazine Street Merchants' Association
Magic Seasoning Mail Order
Magnetite of New Orleans
Magnolia Mound
Magnolia Mound Plantation
Magnolia Ridge Plantation
Magnolia School
Maher, J.C.
Mahorner Clinic
Maier, Emile A.
Maison Blanche
Maison Blanche
Maison Blanche, 1991.
Malarcher Cottage
Malta Perk
Mamerican Association of University Women
Mamou, Louisiana
Mandeville Louisiana
Mandich, Ivan
Mangham, Louisiana
Manheim Galleries
Manresa Retreat House,1987
Manresa, Louisiana
Manressa Retreat House
Mansfield, Louisiana 
Mansura, Louisiana
Manuscript Society
Many, Louisiana
Map Cabinet - Uncatalogued Materials
Maple Area Residents
Maple Leaf Bar
March of Dimes, Gourmet Gala International
March on Washington
Marcus, Walter F. Jr.
Mardi Gras Chorus
Margaret Haughery School
Marhs & McLennan
Marian Manor
Marianites of Holy Cross
Marine Model Testing Facility
Marine Shale Processors
Marine Shale Producers
Marine Support Group of New Orleans
Mariners Club
Marine Club of New Orleans
Maringouin, Louisiana
Marksville, Louisiana
Mark Twain Club, Inc.
Marquis Investment
Marrero, Louisiana
Marriott Corp.
Marriot Louisiana
Marsh & McLennan
Martin, Edward F.
Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration
Martin Marietta
Martin Marietta Corporation
Martinez, Raymond J.
Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center
Mary Landrieu
Mary Plantation
Mary's Helpers
Marullo, Frank A.Jr.
Mason, Ruffner & the Blues Rockers
Masons, Royal Arch
Metairie Health & P.E.
Matteson Associates
Matteson Association
Matthew, Stan
Matthews, Bunny
Maurice, Louisiana
Max J. Derbes Realtors
Mayoral Inauguration Celebrations, Ray Nagin
Mayor's Criminal Justice Coordinating Council
McBride Galleries
McClelland Engineers
McCloskey, Langenstein & Stoller
McColloster, Lee S.
McDermott & Company
McDermott Ranch 
McDonogh, John
McGehee School
McGloin, Frank
McGovern, George
McIlhenny Company
McKeon, Charles P.
McMoRan Exploration Co.
McMoRan Oil & Gas
McMoRan Oil & Gas Company
McNeese State University
McNeese University
Meade, George P.
Meadowerest Hospital.
Meals on Wheels
Medallic Monthly
Media Translation Corp.
Medic One
Medical Benevolence Foundation
Medical Benevolence Foundation" Mission Connection".
Medical Center of East New Orleans
Medical Library Association
Megginson, Leon C.
Melamine Chemicals
Mellon Financial Services
Melville, Louisiana
Memory Market Business Men's Association
Men of Color
Menkin, Adah Isaacs
Men's Amaryllis Club of Greater New Orleans
Men's Camellia Club of Greater New Orleans
Mental Health Assoc. of Greater New Orleans
Mental Health Association of Greater New Orleans
Menu With Calendar of Events New Orleans Entertainment
Mer Rouge, Louisiana
Merchant Money Review
Merchant Seamen Fire Training Center
Mercy Health Care Center
Mercy Hospital
Mercy-Baptist Medical Center
Merill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, & Smith
Merrill B. Domas: American Indian Art
Merrill Lynch Realty
Messenger Dennis Bergeron Council
Metaire Entertainment
Metaire Garden Club of Old Metairie
Metaire Restaurants
Metairie Art Galleries Rivet Galleries
Metairie Art Galleries Rivet Galleries Louisiana Arts & Science Center
Metairie Bank & Trust
Metairie Bars
Metairie Bars New Orleans Popular Musicians Tupelo
Metairie Bookstores
Metairie Business Supply
Metairie Celebration
Metairie Cemeteries
Metairie Demographics
Metairie Entertainment
Metairie Fashions
Metairie Foods
Metairie Health & Physical Education
Metairie Hotels
Metairie Job Service
Metairie La Highway Railroad Project 1976
Metairie La Highway Railroad Project 1976 MAPS Tables & Attachments
Metairie Legal Services
Metairie Louisiana
Metairie Louisiana
Metairie Louisiana - Florists Shops
Metairie Louisiana Fashions
Metairie Louisiana Foods
Metairie Louisiana Gateway Hotel
Metairie Louisiana Health & Physical Education
Metairie Neighborhood Conservation District
Metairie Park Country Day School
Metairie Private Schools
Metairie Real Estate
Metairie Redecorating
Metairie Remodeling
Metairie Rental Services
Metairie Repair Services
Metairie Restaurants
Metairie Restaurants Menus
Metairie Retail Stores
Metairie Retail Stores New Orleans Rental Services
Metairie Services
Metairie Travel Agencies
Metairie Warehouses
Metairie Woman's Club
Metairie Women's Medical Center
Metairie Foods 
Meteor Mania Spreads
Methodist Children's Home
Methodist Churches - Harahan St Paul's Bulletins
Methodist Churches - Harahan St Paul's. Contacts.
Methodist Churches - Harahan St Paul's The Journey
Methodist Churches -Metairie.Munholland.
Methodist Churches - New Orleans
Methodist Churches - New Orleans Cornerstone.
Methodist Churches - New Orleans Felicity Methodist.
Methodist Churches New Orleans First
Methodist Churches, New Orleans: Rayne Memorial
Methodist Churches, New Orleans.St.Luke's.
Methodist Hospital
Metairie Art Galleries. Rivet Galleries
Metropolitan A.C.C.E.S.S. Consortium
Metropolitan Area Committee
Metropolitan Area Committee Education Fund
Metropolitan Area Community
MAC Board Report.
Metropolitan Arts Fund
Metropolitan Battered Women's Program
Metropolitan Community Church - New Orleans: Vieux Carre
Metropolitan Crime Commission
Metropolitan Educational Media Organization
Metropolitan Leadership Forum
Metropolitan Neighbors
Metropolitan New Orleans Area Square & Round Dance Association
Metropolitan New Orleans Mental Health Institutes (Advisory Committee)
Metropolitan New Orleans Safety Council
Metropolitan New Orleans Square & Round Dance Association
Metropolitan Opera in New Orleans
Metropolitan Safety Council
Metropolitan Safety Council.1987
Metropolitan Transit Authority Task Force
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Program
Metrovision Partnership
Metrovision Partnership Foundation
MetroVision Partnership Foundation
Metrovision partnership Foundation, New Orleans Chamber Metrovision
Mew Orleans Restaurants Menus
Michael Ginsberg Books
Michael Wilkinson et al vs. Emile J. LaFranz et al
Michoud Assembly Center
Michoud Assembly Center, Martin Marietta
Michoud Assembly Facility
Michoud Industrial Center
Microforms, Standards
Mid Continent Oil & Gas Association
Mid-City Green Project
Mid-City Green Project, Incorporated
Mid City Home Improvement Show
Mid City, Krewe of
Mid-City Monthly
Mid-City Neighborhood Association
Mid-City Vive La Vie
Mid-Continent Oil & Gas
Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association
Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Accounting Association
Mid-Gulf Sailing
Middle South Electric System
Middle South News
Middle South Services
Middle South Utilities
Middle South Utilities, Louisiana Power & Light
Mid-South Delta Initiative Delta Link
Mid-South Sociological Association: 1980 Program
Mignong Faget
Migrant Education
Military Advisory Commission
Military Commands in the New Orleans Area
Milken Institute
Milne Asylum
Mimsical Theatre
Minden, Louisiana
Minden, Louisiana: Webster Parish Louisiana
Minority Business Enterprise Program.
Minority Engineers of Louisiana
Mintmere Plantation
Mintmerere Plantation
Minyard, Frank
MIR Group
Miranne, Gregory Leslie
Miro, Estaban Rodriguez.
Miscellaneous Booklets
Mise en Scene
Miss Big & Beautiful of New Orleans
Missionary Sisters of the Most Holy Eucharest
Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Mississippi Aerial River Transit
Mississippi River Delta
Mississippi River
Mississippi River Bank
Mississippi River Bridge
Mississippi River Bridge Authority
Mississippi River Bridge Proposed
Mississippi River Bridge, New
Mississippi River Bridge, New: Wall-Parker Plan
Mississippi River Commission
Mississippi River Corridor Study Commission
Mississippi River Delta
Mississippi River Development Conference
Mississippi River Economic Council
Mississippi River Gulf Outlet
Mississippi River Industrial Pollution
Mississippi River Pollution
Mississippi River Tunnel
Mississippi River, Industries
Mississippi River: Industrial Pollution
Mississippi Valley
Mississippi Valley Oilseed Processors Association
Mississippi Valley World Trade Conference
Mississippi Valley World Trade Council
Missouri Pacific Lines
Mister Foods Menu
Mitchell 1-Automotive Professionals.
Mitchell Energy & Development
Mitchell, Randall Joseph
Mix,Richard J.
Mobil Corporation
Mobil Oil Corporation
Mobile Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
Modenbach, Gary.
Modern Language Association
Moe, Christine
Moler Beauty College
Monroe, Louisiana
Monroe, Louisiana - Hotels.
Monroe-Ouachita Regional Planning Commission
Montelepre Memorial Hospital
Montgomery, Louisiana
Montgomery Stire & Ehrhardt
Monument de Bienville
Moon Lake Farm house Breeders
Moore, A.G.T.
Moore, Donald
Moore, W. Henson
Morales, Doctor Ramon Villeda
Morality in Media of Louisiana
More Than a Card
Moreauville, Louisiana
Morehouse Parish
Morgan City
Morgan City, Louisiana
Morgan, Elemore, Jr.
Morgan Keegan & Company
Morganza, Louisiana
Morial, Ernest N.
Morial, Marc H.
Morning Alternative
Morphy-Voitier, Regina
Morrill, Charles B.
Morrison, de Lesseps Story "Chep"
Morrison's Cafeterias
Morton A. Aldrich
Morton's 1987 & before.
Morton's 1988-1990
Morton's Auction Exchange
Moslem Student Association
Mosley, Daniel Joseph
Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association
Mount Carmel Academy, New Orleans
Mount Hope Plantation
Mount Lebanon, Louisiana
Mouth Piece
Mrs. Francis D. Blake's
MSAH. Metirie Small Animal Hospital
MS of A Dent-All Plan.
MS Rau-Antiques
Mulberry Groove
Multibank Holding Companies
Multicultural Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans
Multilingua (Interpreters/Translators
Multiple Evaporation System
Multi-Purpose Cadastres.
Municipal Auditorium
Municipal Auditorium.Tito Guizarand his Pan-American Ensemble.
Municipal Market - New Orleans
Murphy Oil
Murphy Oil Corporation
Murphy, James T.
Muscular Dystrophy Association (N.O)
Musee Conti
Museo de los Islenos
Museum of Art
Mushroom, The
Music & Drama Foundation of New Orleans
Music & Entertainment Commission of New Orleans
Musical Arts Society of New Orleans
Music Business Institute
Music Carnival Dinner Club
Music Library Association
Music, Friends of
Musicians for Music
Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York
My House
My Word
Myrtles Plantation
Mystic Club
Mystick Krewe of Louisianians, Inc.
Mystik Knights of Apollo